Sex in the Wilds

I was camping this past week and caught a guy masturbating in the bush off the beaten path. When I surprised him he started trying to pull up with his pants. But he stopped with them still around his ankles when I said, "its OK buddy. When you gotta pull, you gotta pull."

He chuckled and said, "The wife doesn't put out anymore, so I'm left to my own devices."

"Damn, how long has it been?” I asked sympathetically.

"Almost 5 years," he muttered.

So I said, "That sucks, man.” Then I looked him in the face and asked, “Do you want any help with that?”

Needless to say he looked a little surprised at my offer.

I said, "It’s up to you, but I'm a damn good cocksucker and I swallow."

He looked at me again and just kinda stared for what felt like an hour but in reality was only a few seconds. Then he took his hand off his cook and nodded.

Before he could change his mind, I stepped over quickly and went to my knees.

Taking him in my hand, I had to take a second to savor him. He punched all my buttons. He had a nice big thick bush and jutting out of it was a thick 7-inches uncut cock with a slight up curve and top it with a big mushroom head.

My hand still wrapped around his shaft, I started to slowly stroke it. I stroked it a few times and then leaned over and guided it into my mouth. Then I slipped the purple-red mushroom head passed my lips, running my tongue all around it in my mouth. I heard him moan, “Oh yes,” as my lips closed around his shaft

I looked up at him. Our eyes met. Suddenly I swallowed, not stopping until I felt his cock crashing into the back of my throat and my nose was buried in his coarse pubic hair.

He let out a moaned, “Uuuuuuugh,” and shuddered a little and said, "Holy fuck, I've never had anyone swallow my whole cock before."

I pulled off his cock and said, "I told you I'm good."

Taking him back in my mouth, I started sucking his hard cock with complete abandonment. My head was bobbing up and down, faster and faster, his throbbing cock moving in and out of my mouth so quickly I was afraid he was going to cum right away. I stop sucking, pausing to lick the underside of the head and shaft right where he was the most sensitive.

I felt his fingers lightly caressing my hair.

I once again lean over and took his hard cock in my mouth and started pumping my head up and down his hard cock he grabbed the sides of my head and fucking my mouth like it was a pussy. Moaning, “Uuuuuuuuuum,” he simply can't take it anymore. With one last thrust he shoved his cock deep into my mouth. It didn't take long for him to blow a big load down my throat. It tasted great.

Gasping for breath, he stammered, "That was the best blowjob I've ever had."

"I'm glad you liked it,” I said. “I guess this is a little late, but I’m Charles and I'm here for 2 weeks if you want more.”

His name was Curt and I sucked his cock for the next two nights, multiple times until finally one night, I told him, "We're going further into the bush tonight."

"What's up?" he asked.

Smiling, I told him, "I need you to fuck my ass."

"Sure, you got any condoms?" he asked.

I said, "Nope, I want you to cum in my ass. You ok with that?"

“You bet," he said, "Let's do it."

I quickly pulled my pants off and bent over.

Curt stuck a finger in my ass laughed, "Already lubed up, nice." Then he quickly dropped his pants, I turned around and sucked him hard, turned back around and bent over.

Smiling, he quickly took his cock and laid it between my butt cheeks. I could feel the head against my ass hole as he grabbed my hip. He hunched forward and I felt it pierce my sphincter and slid it into my ass. I was so lubed, that his cock slid into me like a hot knife through butter. It was still tight because Curt had a nice big cock he filled me up quickly.

Still holding my hips, Curt pushed all the way until I felt his balls against my ass.

"Mmmm, you are so hot and tight,” Curt muttered, “The wife never let me fuck her in the ass". Almost laughing, he started to fuck me nice and slow.

Soon I was moaning like whore, "Faster, fuck my pussy like I'm your wife, harder and faster, pound my ass, make me scream."

That did it, digging his fingers into my hips hard enough to leave bruises, Curt started to pound my ass into submission.

"Holy fuck, you're so tight,” he shouted, “I'm gonna pound your faggot ass and breed you good".

"Yes, fuck me. Fill me up with your cum. Breed me like a faggot whore."

Curt was soon pistoning his big cock in out of me fast and it felt so good. Suddenly, I hear, "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna fill your pussy with my cum."

"Yes, yes,” I moaned, “Fill my ass up, cum in me."

Four more strokes and suddenly, he shoved his cock into me one last time and moaned, "Oh shit, here it is,” and then I felt him spurt his cum into my ass. He had so much that it started to leak out of my ass and run down my crack onto my balls.

Spent Curt left his cock in me and slumped forward resting on my back, panting and breathing heavy.

“Wow that was the best fuck I've had in years," he stammered weakly.

Turning to look at him over my shoulder, I smiled and said, "I told you I was good."

“Indeed you did,” Curt panted. “And you didn’t exaggerate.”

I met with Curt every day for the rest of the two weeks. Usually several times a day to suck his cock and get fucked, whenever he could get away from his wife of course.



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