It was a typical Friday afternoon for me. I was done with classes for the day and had headed to the store to pick up a few things before heading to the gym to lift weights.

Just to fill you in, i was 22, 5'7, 175 lbs, white, brown hair, brown eyes, with 6 in cut cock, and a great build. I was a sports but growing up, playing football, track, always staying fit. And I tried to keep that up in college as well.

Although I was young and good looking, and trying to work my way through college, I did have a dark side. I loved to party. I loved to drink, smoke pot, but most of all I loved to speed with meth or crank. Often staying up days at a time partying and picking up woman 24/7. Loved the feeling it gave me, making me so incredibly horny. And often it would take my mind to dark places where I wanted to explore parts of my sexuality that I had never thought about.

Well this Friday was no different. I had scored some very good uncut meth the day before and did a big line as soon as class was over and I got back to my apartment.

At the store I ran into Beth. Beth had worked for a short time at the same company I worked at and I also saw her at the gym often. She didnt work long, i had heard she had a lot of money and had only tried a job out of bordom. She was in her early 40's and very very good looking. She had obviously worked hard at taking care of her self over the years.

What was really wonderful about Beth was that she was very flirty and outgoing. She would always make little comments to me in a sexual way, and did not like to keep her hands to herself. She didn't mind slapping your butt when she walked by and giving you a wink when you turned around. I had never really thought of it as serious or something to pursue. But it always gave me an ego boost and was something I had master bated to many times.

When Beth came up to talk to me in the store I was a little Nervous. Anyone that has done meth knows that you will do some nervous "ticks" or habits, and I didn't want to let her see that. She came up and did the usual flirty comments and touching, and she asking me what I was doing that night. I commented that I was going to party "all night". She quickly mention "all night huh, do you usually stay up all night".

I was trying to laugh and look like a young stud without making too much eye contact and giving away that I was speeding my ass off. But to my somewhat small horror she had figured it out. She finally just blurted it out, " you're speeding your ass off aren't you" with a big grin across her face. I tried to play dumb and laugh it off but she knew better. She leaned up against me and put her mouth right against my ear and whispered " don't worry, so am I", and leaned back and gave me a wink.

Immediately my anxiety and mini panic attack err going away, but right in its place came pure lust. She was a hot, sexy older woman, and on top of that she liked to get spun. My mind was racing now. I had always wanted sex with her anyway, but the thiught of us fucking all night spun and high was system overload.

She told me how her and her husband loved to "Party and Play" all the time. And she asked if I knew what that was. When I told her I didn't a big grin came over her face, and immediately asked me if I wanted to come over and find out, of course making sure to run her hand down my chest and stop at my waist while giving the invite. I was pretty sure this was an invitation to a threesome and drugs, which was something I had always wanted to to, but I was still nervous and hesitant anyway.

She now had this evil sexy grin on her face as she told me she would not take no for an answer and that she would show me things I had only dreamed off. She gave me her address on a small sheet of paper and told me to come over in a couple hours.

As she started to turn and walk away, she stopped and looked and said "my husband is going to eat you up."

My mind began racing as to what that meant.

To be continued.........



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