Sasha: Helped out a friend on their shift in a bar/restaurant with loto terminals and omg! the stuff she has to deal with! never again for me....crazy ppl out there. was a fight with the cook and a customer who was not happy with the food; they broke dishes and threw insults and punches at one another; 2 ppl at the loto terminals were upset with the losses and kept kicking and punching the machines....she handled them like a pro though. Definately not my line of work; I think I'm too sweet and innocent for that type of job. i think i'll stick to day shifts; night brings out a "different group of ppl". Did 11 to 7 am as her staff didn't show up....good friend that I am I went there all innocent....not so innocent after what I saw.

Lars: ic in that line of work... do not loose those wicked ways.

Sasha: LOL I served lasagna, eggs, steak that type of stuff. Not sexual that would have been interesting. Would you like a body rub with seaweed/palm oil with your coffee?

Lars: yes please does that come with a happy ending?

Sasha: Dressed also primly. Oh lord. Black pants, white shirt, hair up in clip. Tried to sleep this morning but my body has other ideas of when to nap. Getting tirez now.

Lars: yeah.. just came off 11 nights in a row.. I was up till 5 this morning.. i tired everything..

Sasha: well you can always just lie down on the table there Marc and strip down naked; cause those tables are big and sturdy made out of real thick oak and can handle along of shakin and bakin


Sasha: Can always come out with just an apron on and squeeze some of that silky stuff against your back, buttocks and legs and climb on top and let bodies slide against one another, up and down, up and down would you like sugar with that sir or would you like it easy over?

Lars: hot and spicey please....

Sasha; oops sorry thats a nipple sliding into the crack of your ass

Lars: is it a full service...howmuch for a prostate massage

Sasha: grabs onto your shoulders and slides pussy across your oily skin letting juices flow because it's always good to have pussy rubbed in so many ways tips honey tips makes you open your legs and slides hers between yours making certain that thigh rubs against you while you get served a good spank, but just hard enough to arouse you squeezes more lubricant in hand and slips between your legs rubbing slowly feeling you up with rubbing slowly just underneath your sensitive balls

Lars: a nice tight cock ring to make it last

Sasha; rubs your penis just firmly enough so that you get enough friction and get a good dose of the lubricant and slips on cock ring slowly over your erection. lets fingers go lower and slowly rotate around your anus to see if you will let tip of finger slide in slowly so you ccan have your gspot rubbed

Sasha: you like to have your gspot massaged? finger slips in easily cause its so lubricated.

Lars: now i am diying for a massage...alot of oil lubed all over...

Sasha: another cusotmer walks in and sees breakfast being served and sits just 4 tables away so i open up my legs and sit with pussy facing your feet while rubbing clit so that he sees this and sees you stroking your cock at same time you get more excited and beg to flip over so i stand on table and let you

Lars: ok wayyy to horny now; fucking hard.

Sasha: making a show of it i bend over and let you see shaved pussy and nice and pink and i fill palm with lubricant and slowly moisturize myself while inserting 2 fingers in letting it drip on your shoulders freely while your tongue flick sin an out and you cant help staring the other man makes a sign that he wants coffee but i shake my head no for now and invite him over with his glass of water and icecubes and ask him to rub them over my pussy and stomach he eagerly responds to that invitation and you watch while stroking yourself i then turn around and ask him to finger me while i lower myself onto you and rub my cold stomach over your slippery chest and stomach...he slides icecubes between our bodies which are warm and they melt quickly and he inserts to cubes in my wet liquidy pussy i get an idea of sitting on you with the cubes in and let you get this amazing sensation of hot and cold and with the cock ring it makes it even more fun i then realize that the other man is naked and he's also lubricating himself with oil and slides between your open legs to rub himself between the cheeks of my ass while i ride you

Lars: i need some warm lips warm and inviting

Sasha: his cock accidently rubs against your balls at the same time as he tries to slip it between the cheeks of my ass and you seem to quite like this; i know i do cause now he's pulled me closer to him as he took advantage of you sliding on the table; my hand grabs his immense phalus and i stroke him while riding you. you are getting into it as you sort of sit up and stroke my clit while i ride you

i lean over and kiss you tongue licking slowly inside taking the opportunity to nibble as i normally like to do

Lars: don"t you want one in your mouth and one in your pussy

Sasha: uhmmmmmmmm i want both inside me at same time

Sasha: his finger slides in to open me up slowly and i explode my juices all over your hard cock because it feels so damn good

Lars: or one in your ass and in your hot box ..

Sasha: you thrust harder your feet on the edge of the table. this gives the other the opportunity of climbing up on the bench and slipping himself in my ass so now i feel two cocks inside me, you slide in, he slides out and so on. you both feel the friction of each others cocks while i explode over and over with hiss hands cupping my breasts and you nibbling on my nipples; while moaning out loud i notice that we now have an audience of truck drivers all standing around with their pants down their ankles with cocks in hand all stroking and moaning.....guess this is more than the usual bacon and eggs being served.

Lars: driving deeper into your pussy.. you just want to recieve loads from every one..

Sasha: should have noticed the time you want inside my ass you i turn around and let you both change places you love the view and the audience and are really into the fucking i get spanked hard your handprint on my right cheek and you bend me over and push in real deep

Lars: where do you want these truck drivers to shoot...

Sasha: over all of us other customer slips in between my legs and makes me sit on him...he's really into feeling your cock against his also. and it doesnt take him long to shoot his load

Lars: soo bad.. a wicked.. where the fuck are you now?

Sasha: you pull gently on my nipples and gently bite on my shoulders making me cum again and still energized like the energizer bunny you pump harder from behind as he sucks on my clit...i can't help but loose myself into in and moan loudly from excitement secrets secrets i'm into this and only come out of it after you exploded and i realize that pictures where being taken

Lars: lol....

Sasha: they look good.....threesome :) hawt.....

Lars: i just feel like shooting my load all over your face and tits

Sasha: go for it

Lars: uhmmmm...

Sasha: i realize that you wanted just one more thing so i layed down across breakfast table and spread myself open to you and let you shoot your load.....squirting over my breasts while i rub your special cream all over them

the other guy likes it so much that he licks it all up..

Sasha: guess he doesn't need cream in his coffee today.....dessert was just served.

Lars: god soo hot...

Sasha: uhmmm i'll let you use your imagination now.....get naked.

Lars: uhmmm

Sasha: I'm gonna go to my room, get lubricant and rub myself now because i'm horny. really horny. somehow we seem to get into these conversations together....hope you liked it. gonna take care of myself cause i'm alone right now....

Lars: enjoy. I'd really like to see your toy sliding in and out of your kitty, maybe lick it too. will send you inspiration too..

Sasha: *blows kiss* have fun big boy....i know i will



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