Chapter 1


Jason had gone back to college as a mature student, still only twenty one he had taken some time out to go travelling.

Jason walked back and forth to college when the weather was good as parking was a real nightmare.

After a couple of months Jason found a short cut that took him through a small market square that contained all manner of shops selling just about everything one could want, however he was intrigued by one of the shops that was located in the corner of the square.

The shop had blacked out windows and Jason would wonder what type of shop this could be. He would tell himself he would go in there one day, but for now Jason was happy to imagine what lay behind the large black door.

Jason was a good looking lad, tall at six feet and hand a body that most woman would enjoy looking at and most guys would give their right arms for.

He had a shock of blonde hair still a little bleached from the sun from his travels and what was left of his golden tan.

Jason was popular with both the girls that he seemed to date one after the other and the guys that he played football with.

So everything should have been great in his life but there was something missing and he could not put his finger on it.

He had met a girl called Gail that he really liked and had been seeing this one for a while.

The sex was Ok but still like all the other girls he had dated up until now it was not great, he wondered if it was him, if he was doing anything wrong.

One night both had become very drunk and Gail had said that she would like to use a dildo on Jason, the thought of it at the time made Jason feel uncomfortable, however as he like Gail he started to warm to the idea.

Problem was Gail did not have a dildo and if Jason wanted Gail to perform he would have to buy one.

Jason had asked Gail where could he buy one, Gail told him from the sex shop in town, where is that asked Jason, she told him that there was one in the small market square that he past each day, the shop with the black windows that you often go on about.

Jason had wondered why the shop had blacked out windows but as there was no sign he did not know what the shop sold..

Gail had told him it was general knowledge in the town and that if he wanted to explore with her he would go in the next time he walked past and buy one.

Gail and Jason had sex often; each time Gail would slip her finger into Jason's love passage as she called it to help him shot a wonderful load of cum.

Jason found the effect so good that it seemed he could not cum anymore with out Gail's searching index finger.

For the next two weeks Jason would walk around the square pretending to browse the other shops wares, each time trying to pluck up the courage to go into the sex shop, each time he would walk towards the door he would walk past after loosing his nerve.

On the Saturday Gail had phoned him asking him to come round as usual, she happed to mention if he had brought the dildo, after Jason said no she went mad on the phone at him, telling him he was a silly little boy that she was loosing interest in.

Jason told her to get fucked and that was it, Gail had gone the same way as the rest of the girls in Jason's life, however little did Jason realize what an effect Gail had on his life from that day forward.

Chapter 2


With no girlfriend on the scene Jason had developed into a serial masturbator, he could not stop himself, however Jason had noted he found it hard to cum unless he stuck a finger into his hole, the pleasure that it gave him was better than he had shared with all of his girlfriends including Gail.

Each day Jason walked past the sex shop and each day he would walked round the square still too scared and embarrassed to walk into the shop.

Over a month had past and Jason had walked more miles round the shops than he cared to remember when he noted a sign on the shop that said please use the back door as front door under refurbishment.

This was it, Jason heart missed a beat, he started to find it hard to breathe, however he told himself to keep calm and follow the signs for the back of the shop and just walk in.

Sure enough, the ally at the back of the shop was deserted and with one quick look he disappeared into the ally and walked into the back door of the shop.

At last he thought, made it in as he shut the door behind him.

He followed the sign from the back and walked into the heart of the shop to see all manner of sex toys, magazines, videos and so much more, it was like an Aladdin's cave full of the worlds smut.

How can I help you a voice called from behind the counter? Jason turned round to see a guy of about sixty, smiling at him.

The guy was slim, bald, with gold stud earrings in each ear, tanned and one would say an attractive man for his age.

Sorry said Jason, I said how can I be of service to you? The guy walked towards Jason from behind the counter.

Well said Jason, as he noted the guy was dressed from head to tow in tight fitting leather with matching boots.

I am not sure just browsing said Jason in a silly shy voice.

Ok said the guy with a very warm smile, but correct me if I am wrong, but I have a feeling that you do know want you want and perhaps this is your first time in a sex shop and you feel a little unsure, am I right?

Yes said Jason, you are right of course, sorry? Why are you sorry said the guy, don't be, it was like that for me the first time, then I enjoyed what I found I brought my own shop and that was forty years ago, so come on, give me a clue, you will not shock me in any way.

Jason thought for a moment and said dildo, I would like a dildo, for her or for him said the guy? Well Jason said for him, Ok said the guy and would I be right in thinking him is you? Yes Jason said, it's for me.

Well you are in luck young man said the guy, even if I say it myself I have a great knowledge of dildos, are you in a hurry? Hurry Jason said; no not really I have the rest of the day off.

Good then come on through I was about to make some coffee, pull up a chair and tell uncle Dom all about it, that's Dom short for Dominic. Jason is my name and thanks, need to tell someone about it.

Jason started to tell Dom all about Gail and how she had wanted to use a dildo on him and by using her fingers he had found a pleasure that he never experience before.

Dom offered Jason the coffee then a large cigar, do you smoke Dom said, on occasion Jason said, good then because take it from me the day you buy your first dildo is an occasion fit for a good cigar.

Dom offered a light for Jason's cigar and soon they were both smoking and drinking their coffees.

Dom started to recount a story about when he purchased his first dildo, an older gentleman friend had been with him to help him and he had seen it as a right of passage, so if Jason wanted Dom would do the same for him.

Of course said Jason, thanks, not sure what to say, say nothing and enjoy that cigar, that's another pleasure my older gentleman friend gave me.

Jason watched as Dom rolled the smoke around his mouth into a large ball before inhaling deep into his lungs, it look fantastic almost hypnotic and Dom noticed that Jason was watching him.

Dom smiled and said, you like that open mouth inhale don't you, Jason replied yes it looks so cool, it is Jason have a go, smoke fetish guys the world over love to perform the open mouth inhale, or the French snap he said as he snapped a large ball of smoke from his mouth to his nose inhaling the instant the smoke reached the base of his nose.

That's good Jason you are a natural, took me a week to get that inhale off as good as that.

Jason thought for a moment, the guy called him a natural smoke fetish guy, unsure of exactly what that meant he smiled and took it as a complement.

Now then Jason, so I can get an idea of what sort of dildo you want please explain a bit more about the reason you want it.

Jason felt so relaxed with Dom that he spilled it all out, how since his split with Gail he could not stop playing with himself, however in order to gain the best orgasm he had to stick his finger in his back side.

Dom smiled and told Jason it had been the same for him and many guys that he had meet over the years so don't worry it is perfectly natural for a man to explore his love tunnel as Dom called it.

Right then Jason here are some magazines with all kinds of anal toys take a look and see if there is anything you fancy, I will go and get a selection of toys from the store room and hopefully we should be able to pick a good one to get you started with said Dom.

Jason flicked through the top magazine looking at anal toys of various sizes, Jason had to admit they all looked good and as he flicked through the pages he was both surprised to see some of the sizes and the names used like horse wonder, black member, which was modelled on a famous gay porn star or so the page said.

Dom came back with an arm full of toys and smiled when he could see the page that Jason was on, that's one of the best sellers in the market, but I would only sell that to an experienced arse man Dom said, that mother is 12 inches long by four inches wide, that is modelled on Julian seaman or the Black Dong as he is better know as.

Look here and with that Dom flashed in a video fast forward the tape then hit play. The video tape spring into life and there was the Black Dong pulling his huge cock about, Dom smiled and said now that would bring water to your eyes my boy, look at the size of that head, when he pulls that foreskin back, Jason sat there totally in grossed in the video, the guy had the biggest penis he had ever seen, seeing was believing.

Tell you what Jason keep watching I will fast forward it and you will see what sort of arse pussy you will need to take that mother all the way to the hilt.

With that Dom stop the tape and started the play again, the screen jumped in to life to see two guys in leather one white on all fours and the Black dong fucking him from behind, Jason could not take his eyes off the screen and soon the Black Dong had pulled out of the white guys arse showing his arse hole so stretched that Jason found it hard to imagine that it was possible.

Now that is what you call a fuck my boy, Dom said laughing out load.

So then Jason think you are ready for that mother up your love tunnel, I doubt it Dom Jason said, how can a guy take that he said, oh its takes time and lots of practice but I can assure you it is easy after a while, Dom said, really Jason said I find it hard to believe.

Let me prove it to you said Dom, turn the page of that magazine to the inflated latex anal toys.

Jason did as he was told and was surprised to see how big the toys could be inflated too, now then Jason I can tell you I have that mother inserted in me now and if you want I can prove it too you.

Jason thought about it and to be honest he was unsure, Dom said won't take me two seconds to slip out of this leather trousers, Ok then said Jason, he could not stop himself, the video and the toys were making him feel so horny.

There you go have a look at that said Dom as he bent over; give the air bag a squeeze, go on you will not hurt me. Jason grabbed the bag and squeezed, again said Dom his voice becoming husky, that's my boy again said Dom, that's the way, now you are getting it, give the bag one more for luck he said, Jason squeeze the bag and it felt good as he could see the pleasure on Dom's face through the mirror, now watch and marvel he said, slowly in a very controlled manner Dom pushed the inflatable but plug from his love hole, inch by inch, the size of the toy was mind boggling to Jason as it finally dropped onto the floor of the shop, god that was good said Dom, what did I tell you Jason, Jason was still transfixed by the size of both the toy and Dom's love passage.

Jason had a huge hard on and when Dom turned round Jason eyes nearly popped out of his head as he could see just how big Dom's cock was. That's twelve inches of pleasure my dear boy said Dom, like the rings? Dom had two ball rings and a large ring through his giant head, he gentle rubbed his cock along the whole shaft, Jason could not stop starring at it and Dom could see he had the young guy just where he wanted him.

Ok then Jason, time for your first toy, have selected this for you, not the biggest of course, but sure big enough to fill that pussy of your up.

Now be a good boy and take your clothes off, Uncle Dom is going to show you how men pleasure each other.

Jason said nothing as he took off his clothes, the whole thing had seemed like a dream a fantastic dream and he had to get a grip his cock was so hard he could not think of nothing more than feeling the butt plug deep inside him Dom held in his hand.

Chapter 3


Jason laid there on the black leather couch with both feet in stirrups and pushed to the side. A leather pillow had been placed under the small of his back so his arse was sticking up.

Jason cock was still rock hard when Dom said, now Jason I am going to lube your love hole, I want you to relax, totally relax and breath so deep breaths.

Jason did what he was told as Dom applied lube around the base of Jason anus, gentle at first Dom pushed one finger into Jason's backside causing Jason to tense up, but Dom keep on talking to Jason telling him to relax and how good the first time was.

This did the trick and soon Dom was probing with two fingers, each time pushing slightly further into Jason's love whole, the feeling was wonderful because Dom was so skilled.

After a short time, Dom said now lets try three, now relax and deep breaths, with more lube Jason was soon taking Dom's third finger, again the feeling was fantastic with Jason wanting to rub his cock, but Dom said not yet Jason, lets get the plug fitted first.

Jason this will hurt a little, but it will be worth it, when I say push I want you to push with your stomach muscles, Ok then Jason push said Dom's, that's good Jason push a little more, as Jason pushed Dom pushed the Plug into Jason's arse.

When the plug was nearly in, Jason gave a little cry of pain, but Dom told him to relax and pushed hard while the last inch slid into Jason's arse.

The plug was in tight and Jason was on cloud nine, he had never felt a feeling like it, his cock was so hard he was sure it had grown another inch.

Now then Jason, I am going to inflate the plug, remember it is only six inches long and one inch wide, however when we start to inflate it can go as big as three inches, just relax and lets see if we can pump it up all the way.

With that Dom started to pump the plug, a few quick pumps and Jason started to moan, a few more and Jason said please stop, its too much, relax said Dom, breath, look smoke one of these babies it will help you relax.

Dom produced another large cigar and held the lighter so Jason could fire the cigar into life, this seemed to help and Jason was soon inhaling like a man possessed.

See Jason, how good it feels when you relax? Yes said Jason it is wonderful, now be a good boy and pump the rest yourself, you only have one inch to go and you will have a three inch dildo in your arse, just like you always wanted hey?

Jason kept on pumping until the valve on the plug started to release air, that's it Jason, that's it fully inflated well done, god boy you are a natural.

Jason now was so hard it thought he might bust a blood vessel, Dom said keep smoking that cigar boy and I will sort this out for you.

Dom started to first rub Jason's cock all the way down the shaft, then he began to suck, the feeling was just fantastic as Dom told him between throat gagging sucks that only a man could suck a cock properly.

Dom worked Jason cock faster and faster until Jason cried out with a big lung full of cigar smoke, I am Cumming, I am Cumming.

Dom took all of the thick heavy cum down his more than willing throat, Jason could not stop Cumming and Dom just drank the lot until with a few flicks of Dom's tongue there was not a drop left to be had.

Jason face looked a picture, he was so happy and the feeling was so good right down to the pit of his stomach,

Dom smiled and said my turn now Jason, suck this monster.

Dom walked round to Jason and stuck his huge cock in his mouth, in between thick inhales of smoke; Jason sucked Dom like a real pro. It was not long before Dom's body started to shake and he climaxed with a cum shower that filled Jason's mouth, Jason did not have to be told to swallow it was a natural act from a natural lover, the sperm slid down Jason's throat and he loved every drop.

Dom kissed Jason right on the mouth and both of them held each other exchanging there hot salty tongues for what seemed an age.

Jason did not have to be told to push the dildo from his throbbing anus; it slipped out with very little effort even though it was still fully inflated.

Dom looked into Jason eyes and said you're my slut boy bitch, you do understand that, don't you, Jason looked into Dom's eyes and said fuck me Uncle Dom your slut boy needs his first real cock.

To be continued.



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