The bus rumbled along the rough country road, the kids laughing and talking loudly, nearly drowning out the rattling noise of the vehicle. I sat one seat from the back, waiting for the bus to slow down and pick up Randy Blake at the next top. I saw him standing at the end of the short lane, a couple of books slung at his hip, his other leg slung out like a young stallion standing at rest. It was still warm and he had on a snug-fitting white T-shirt that barely reached to the waist of his jeans, short enough that you could see the way his jeans fit so loose around his waist, beltless, because it was his high and tight butt that held them up. And when he walked, you got constant glimpses of a narrow band of his rock-hard abs, which when he moved a certain way and threw back his head and laughed you could see an entire stack of his six-pack. He cocked his baseball cap back on his buzzed handsome head as the bus slowed. It stopped and he climbed on and you could almost hear the sighs of hero worship and even the slosh of wet pussies as the girls squirmed in their seats. He took no notice of any of it. Sometimes I wondered if he had a clue about his physical presence.

He got on the bus and walked to the back, coming toward me, closer, closer, till he took the seat right in front of me. Randy never sat in the same part of the bus two days in a row. Nobody bothered saving him a seat, they just spoke and greeted him and ogled him and butted knuckles like the jocks do and secretly hoped that he would sit with them. He laid his right arm across the back of the seat for me to admire for the rest of the ride to school; his arm, and shoulder and his thick neck muscles and the sexy back of his head. I liked to have him sit on opposite side of the aisle when I could see more of him but I wouldn't complain about any view I had.

He turned his head, looking all around in a casual manner and the muscles in his neck bulged. He threw me a glance and I met it with my own and the connection was made. It was a split second glance that kept our secret safe.

Randy and I rode the same bus but we lived at opposite ends of the county. At school and on the bus were the only places we saw each other. We didn't exactly associate at school; he was a super jock, I was one of the ordinary guys. Not a jock but not a geek either; I just wasn't into organized sports. I ran a lot and messed around with the weights to try to keep in shape, but I would never measure up to the standard of physical perfection that Randy set. Few did. He was like the benchmark for a physical specimen, the epitome of a stud, but he treated everybody nice. So it drew no undue attention that he was friendly to me.

I was disappointed when he didn't invite me to his eighteenth birthday party but not surprised; it was jocks and other studs that hung around with him and cheerleaders and other known available pussy the boys could all depend on to satisfy their insatiable urges. I'd heard that the party was one virtual woodland orgy, everybody skinny-dipping after the sun went down and the guys generally fucking everything that opened up to them.

Randy had a reputation that he didn't have to work very had to live up to. It was likely well founded, certainly the physical attributes. I could personally attest to that. The guy was huge. I was sometimes in awe of the girls who could handle him.

The bus pulled up in front of the school and the kids started pouring out. I fumbled with my stuff like I was going to get out but stayed seated, as did Randy. I could see he was keeping a sharp eye out at the front, waiting to see if Mr. Grimes, the driver, got out. When he didn't at first, I began to get antsy. Finally, Randy stood up and stepped out into the aisle so I stood up behind him. Mr. Grimes saw us coming down the aisle so he got out and headed toward the janitor's entrance at the side of the school where Joe, the janitor, and some of the bus drivers congregated most mornings for coffee. Randy and I got out of the bus and walked a few yards in the direction of the school then Randy stopped.

'Dam, I think I dropped my pen on the bus. My Mom will kill me if I loose that pen,' he said, and turned to go back to the bus.

'I'll help you look for it,' I offered.

'Thanks, man,' he said.

We walked back, casual but quick, and got back on the bus. We headed straight to the back where we'd been sitting, and on to the last seat. Randy tossed his books on the seat, gave a cursory look all around as he undid his jeans. In one swift move, he had his jeans and briefs shoved down to his ankles and squatted down between the seats, then moved forward onto his haunches, his great cock and heavy balls swinging between his massive thighs. I scrambled to my hands and knees between his legs as he offered his manhood up to me, laid across his rough palm. It was like a gourmet tube steak on a silver platter. I wet my lips and sucked it into my mouth as he laid it on my tongue.

'Awwwww,' he moaned softly as I pulled the thick, rubbery cock into my mouth.

Randy's cock was always rubbery and thick, always hanging out in a wide arch in the locker room at half mast, always at the half ready. It pulsated and began to swell in my mouth and I whinnied like a colt with excitement from having his massive meat in my moth, knowing from experience what great proportions it would attain.

'Fuck, yeah, suck it,' he moaned as he rose up off his haunches to feed it to me. 'Aww, fuck, that's good...yeah, suck it, use your tongue. I love it when you wash my cock like that with your tongue.'

I washed it, I sucked it, I slobbered and drooled and whimpered with joy, leaving my drool dripping on the floor. Godd, he was wonderful. Judging from the way I could stack both my fists around it, I laid my fists on a ruler in class from time to time and adding mentally what stuck out, he was easily over nine inches long. I couldn't handle him very well when he was hard but I always managed to gulp him down to his balls as he was getting hard and milk his cock with my throat muscles before he got so big and stiff that he choked me. He straightened my throat with his cock, then he would do a sort of backward fucking of my throat while he pulled it out and I tried to keep from gagging. I was getting better at it but he never forced me. Then after he shot his load I always swallowed his deflating meat down to his balls. He liked that.

He was fucking my face now and I reached up to lift his shirt.

'Oh, yeah, you like to watch my abs, don't you,' he said as he pulled his T-shirt up and rolled it snugly over his pecks.

Fuck, I whinnied again from the pure pleasure of watching his beautiful abs ripple as he moved his hips back and forth. The scene was enhanced by the placement of his big rough hand spread across his stomach, rubbing his stomach sexily and moving on up to squeeze his thick pecs and tweak his own tits. He had just recently discovered the pleasure of his nipples, I thought, as I looked forward to a time when I could show him with my mouth and tongue.

'We don't have much time, the coach wanted to see me this morning,' he said huskily, laying his hand gently on top of my head.

I liked Randy's hand anywhere on me but he didn't have to hold my head in place; I wasn't going anywhere as long as he would feed my hungry mouth, no place till he gave me his incredible load. Randy shot off like a horse every time, some times more than others, depending of if he'd recently fucked a girl, but always a copious amount that threatened to drown me. Then he did one of my favorite things; he leaned over me and wrapped his big hand round the side of my butt, squeezing through the denim. I wished I'd shoved my shorts and jeans down so his hand would be on my bare butt. He did it one time when I was in my gym shorts and jockstrap and it felt wonderful, especially his, thick fingers around the curve of my inner butt, so close to my asshole.

'I'm still gonna fuck your tight butt before we graduate,' he said.

I cocked my head to one side to look up at him. He was smiling that pussy-dripping smile of his. He said it like he was joking but I knew he was serious if I would let him. I was terrified of the idea yet I wanted to let him so bad.

'I don't know if I could take you, Randy,' I said.

'We could try, couldn't we?' he asked.

'Yeah, sometime if we can find a place. Not here on the bus, though.'

'Fuck no, not on the bus, you might yell out and somebody would hear you.' Then he guided my head back to his cock. Not much time. It was the first interruption and it would be the last. Randy needed to get his rocks off and I needed my fix of his thick warm semen. Now my mind was racing ahead to a time, a place and an occasion when I could experience his magnificent cock invading my body, through another source.

'Getting close, buddy,' he said huskily, digging the talons of his fingers into my hair.

I sucked him harder, bracing myself for the flood

'Getting close...close...ohhh, fuck! it comes!' He reared his head and shoulders back against the side of the bus and grabbed the seats on either side of him to hang on. His hips lurched, bringing his butt up off the heels of his shoes as he fucked my mouth with irregular thrusts. His cock bolted in my mouth and exploded. I saw his knuckles turn white as the white heat of his come spurted into my mouth. Godd, so much of it! So wonderfully thick and hot! Geezuss, where did it all come from? I couldn't imagine anyone manufacturing so much cum. And fuck, he tasted good! I really hated the taste of come but not Randy's. I think simply because it was his. And he was so generous in sharing it with me. I started to count the spurts of cum but as usual, in the excitement, I lost count. There were at least eight or ten, though, coming at me so fast I had a hard time swallowing it without loosing some of it. Once I learned to eat his cum, Randy hated for me to waste any of it. He said if I wasn't going to swallow the stuff he might as well shoot it up in a girl's pussy. I drained him and rose up. I didn't want him to have to do that, and I promised I would never waste any of his precious nectar. He liked me calling his cum precious nectar. He shoved himself forward on his haunches then stood up, his huge cock swinging majestically over my head. He had to steady himself for a minute with his hands on the back of the seat.

'Shit, man, you make my legs shake,' he said, laughing.

'You make mine cramp,' I said as I struggled to get to my feet.

He pulled his shorts and jeans up and adjusted his clothes while I pushed my hardon down so it wouldn't be so obvious.

'You know, you ought to take that thing out and take care of it while you're sucking me,' he said. The bulge in his jeans was almost as prominent as mine.


We were getting out of the bus when Mr. Grimes came around the front of the vehicle.

'What're you boys doing back on the bus? I know I saw you get off.'

'Lost my pen. We found it,' Randy said. A little closer to the school he handed me another wonderful surprise.

'Hey, my folks are talking about going to South Carolina in about a month. I gotta take care of the place by myself. I could use some help with the chores if you wanta come over.'

'Sure,' I said, nonchalant as I could

'Don't tell anybody, okay? I don't want everybody knowing and have a bunch of guys hanging around.'

'Sure.' I couldn't believe he was tossing his jock buddies aside for me.

'Plan on staying overnight if you want to,' he said.

'Sure, that'd be great.'

'Be ready, for you know what,' he said with a sexy chuckle as he punched me in the shoulder. 'You know what I told you I was gonna do.'

I laughed nervously, for I knew what he was talking about. He intended to fuck me.

'Oh, one more thing; meet me in the locker room at noon, I've got something for you.'

Oh, Fuck! Now what? I could hardly wait till lunchtime. I skipped going to the cafeteria and rushed right down to the locker room. Randy was waiting on me. When he saw me he grinned and opened his locker. He dug around and brought out a jockstrap; a well-used, well-worn jockstrap. It had little rips and tears and pinholes in it. I recognized it as the only one I'd ever seen Randy wear. He tossed it to me. I snatched it out of the air, almost breathless with excitement.

'Are y-you...g-giving this to me?'

'I want you to wear it when you come over,' he said.

I was speechless. Didn't he know how long I had longed to just touch the sacred garment, and now he was giving it to me to wear!

'Wear it now,' he said with a glint in his eyes.

'Now?' I started to undo my belt to obey his command.

'No, around your neck,' he said. Then he stepped over to me and took the jock and put it over my head. 'I know you like the smell of a well-worn jockstrap, cause I saw you smelling this one once,' he said as he tucked it down inside my T-shirt. 'Now all you have to do is breath in,' he said, laughing.

I was embarrassed to death; I didn't know he'd seen me cop his jockstrap for a smell. I went around school for the rest of the afternoon with Randy's worn jockstrap right under my chin, able to simply breath in when I had the chance and get the total aroma of his sweaty crotch. Hard telling when it was washed last, if ever. I was almost hard the whole time.

I was so excited when Randy told me his folks had left for South Carolina and asked me if I could still come over and help him do chores and look after the place. Of course I could. I think I would have cancelled my deathbed to be alone with the big stud out there on his parents' farm. I rode the bus and got off with him at his place; he said he could bring me home in his dad's pickup if I needed to go home, but he wanted me to stay over. I had not thought about a bringing a change of clothes till we went up to his room where he changed out of his school clothes. That's when Randy noticed too that I was empty handed and I told him I didn't bring anything to change into. While he was stripping down he dug into his drawers and tossed me a pair of old gym shorts.

'It's gonna be hot out, this is all you'll need, except for some work boots. What size do you wear?'

'Ten,' I said.

'I wear eleven and a half, but you can wear a pair of mine anyway with a couple of pairs of socks. You don't want to tromp around in the barn in your good shoes. Hey, you did bring my jockstrap, didn't you?'

'Got it right here,' I said, pulling it out of my hip pocket.

'Put it on.'

He stood and watched me strip naked and pull on his jockstrap. I felt like it should've been sort of a ceremony, but he thought nothing of it. His shorts fit me okay, even though he was bigger, but his waist was so small and trim, he probably wore the same as me. Decked out in old gym shorts, work boots and caps, we headed for the barn to do the chores. I could barely stand looking at him, he was so hot. I knew there was going to be sex; probably he was going to fuck me like he said, but I didn't know how I was going to get through the chores without being all over him. I had come prepared for it if he decided to bust my cherry. I'd bought a Fleet at the drug store and used it in the restroom at school right after last period, finishing just in time to catch the bus.

We went up into the loft to bust open bales of hay and toss it down to the cattle in the pen below then threw down some bales of straw for fresh bedding in the horse stall and the two milk cows they had. The whole time, as I was watching Randy's muscles rippling and bulging, I was thinking the loft would be a great place to loose my cherry, but for the time being, Randy was all about getting the work done. Maybe he would wait till after we were finished, and back in the house, although I wanted dearly to have sex in the barn.

We climbed down from the loft and Randy picked up one of the bales of straw like it was nothing, and popped open the bale with a quick snap of his wrist and his knee in the side of the bale. We spread the straw in the cows' stalls then he showed me how to mix the feed for the cows. He said we would do the milking last.

'Hey, did you ever see a horse shoot his load?' he asked.


'Wanta see it? I can make Duke go off.'

'Yeah. Hell, yeah, I would like to see that.'

He laughed. 'You say I cum like a horse, I'll show you just how untrue that is,' he said.

'How're you gonna make him shoot?' I asked, suddenly so excited I could hardly talk.

'Same way I get myself off, same way you get off; by hand,' he said.

'You're going to jack your horse off?!! He's gonna stand still for that? Won't he kick?'

'He won't kick, but he won't exactly stand still either, just like you can't stand still when you're jacking off. He'll do a lot of prancing around and snorting.'

In the stall, he ran his hand across the horse's back and down over his rump while he patted the animal's neck with his other hand and then moved it down under his belly. He rubbed his belly a few times then moved his hand back and hefted the stallion's balls. The animal lurched, his ears back, but then he stood still. He turned his head, his eyes wide, trying to see what Randy was going to do. Randy began rubbing the sheath and his belly and gradually the horse's cock came out of the sheath. I was amazed at the size of the animal. He was at least two feet long, and growing as his cock lifted and extended further out of the sheath. It throbbed, bobbing up against its belly, and it was dripping precum.

'Damn, he's dripping more precum that I cum,' I said.

'Just wait,' Randy said. He caught a handful of the slick precum and rubbed it up and down the horse's cock. The horse groaned deep in its belly. Randy started jacking him off, using slow, very long strokes. 'You wanta try it?' he asked me.

'Yeah, I guess so.'

'Catch some of his precum in your hand for lube.'

I caught a good handful of the stuff that was pouring out and Randy held his cock out for me. I rubbed it on then began jacking the young stallion's cock. Randy let me do it for a moment then he put his hand next to mine and we jacked him together.

'When he gets close you wanta stand back so you don't get sprayed. Horse cum has a really strong odor, you don't wanta get it on your clothes.'

'How do we know when he's close?'

'Same way you know when you're close. Just watch. He won't last long.'

Within a few minutes the young stallion was prancing around and snorting and whinnying and his eyes were bulging and his nostrils flaring.

'I think he's getting close,' I said.

'Yeah, he's gonna blow any second now. Stand back a little, I'm gonna aim his cock in that direction, then I'm gonna let you take over and finish him off while I squeeze his balls.'

Suddenly the stallion planted all four feet and his muscular body began to tremble. Randy pulled his cock toward us, aiming at the side wall.

'You got him?'


'Bring him off, dude!'

I took over with my hand while Randy massaged and squeezed his massive balls. Suddenly a rope of cum shot out of the massive tool, literally a rope, and went sailing across the stall to splatter against the wall with a loud thud. Another followed, then another, and another.

'Holy Fuck!' I gasped.

Randy laughed.

I didn't think Duke was going to stop shooting. The wooden planks of the wall were streaked, the stuff clinging like glue. Finally, it hit a bucket with a loud 'pong,' then began to fall into the straw. After a moment, the horse stopped shaking and started prancing.

'Let go, he's gonna start kicking,' Randy said.

I let go and I thought his cock was going to hit the ground when it swung downward. Randy kept massaging his balls for a few minutes then pulled his hand back.

'Geezuss, that was like somebody turned on a hose,' I said.

Randy took my hand. 'Here, feel his balls, feel how they're quivering. Feel real gentle.'

I thrilled at the feel of the stallion's huge balls. Godd, it was wonderful to be so closely associated with such a fine specimen. Part of me wanted to squat down and kiss his balls as a reward for his magnificent performance.

'See why I told you to stand back,' Randy said, nodding to the wall.

'I think he would've knocked me on my ass with it if he'd hit me,' I said.

Randy patted the animal on the rump, said 'Good boy, Duke,' and opened the door.

'Hadn't we ought to clean off the wall?'

'Naw, leave it. It'll soak into the wood and evaporate.'

'It looks awfully thick,' I said.

'The flies will take care of what's left,' he said. 'Unless you wanta lick it off.'

'Geezuss, No!' I said.

Randy laughed all the way back to the house.

'He comes like you do,' I told him.

'Don't I wish,' he said.

Inside, we washed up and Randy set about making supper. I helped, doing what he told me to do. While we ate, we talked about school and sports, and girls.

'Do you like girls at all?' he asked me.


'But not enough to fuck em.'

'Not enough to devote a lot of time to pursuing them,' I said.

' would fuck a girl if she was spread out in there on the couch.'


'Want me to call Theresa Miller?' he asked with a sly grin.

'Not unless you wanta fuck her. Don't call her just for me.'

'We could both fuck her,' he said.

I must've looked disappointed. He reached over and punched my arm. 'Don't worry, I'm saving it for you. When we get done eating, we'll go up and shower then go back out to the barn. The moon's out nice and bright, I figured we could take some blankets and sleep up in the loft, right in front of the hay mow door.' He smiled a huge smile at his idea, then cocked his head with a little scowl. 'What's that funny look. You don't wantn to?'

'Oh, Yes. I want to. I was hoping you would say that.'

'You know I'm gonna fuck you when I get you up there all alone. Are you up for it?'

'I know. I'm here, aren't I?'

He smiled and stood up, shoving his chair back. We went upstairs to shower. I thought/hoped that we might shower together, but Randy took the shower first and didn't invite me to join him. When he was done he left the bathroom to me. When I was finished, he was right there with a towel; he was still naked.

'Grab your pants,' he said.

We went into his bedroom where we had undressed and I started to put my jeans on.

'Don't put 'em on, just take 'em with you,' Randy said.

'We're going out to the barn naked?'

'Sure, why not. Nobody's around but us.'

We were still at the top of the stairs when Randy stopped. 'Do you want me to use a condom? I'll have to get one out of my Dad's drawer.'

'No,' I replied, perhaps too quickly. 'I mean...unless you want to. No need to, I'm not gonna get pregnant. And everything's taken care of,' I added.

Randy smiled and nodded. 'Good. I was hoping you would say that. I hate using condoms. I do, but I hate 'em.'

Randy gathered up some blankets and a couple of towels, and we got out clothes and headed out to the barn. It was exciting, walking outdoors, naked, in the moonlight. Randy motioned for me to climb up first. He gave me a boost with his hand on my bare butt. He handed up the blankets and climbed up. The moon was shining in brightly through the huge hayloft door. He busted up some bales of straw and spread it around near the opening then we spread the blankets over the bed of straw. Randy lay down and beckoned me to join him. We lay on our bellies and looked out into the night.

'This is sort of a romantic setting,' I said. 'With the right girl, I mean.'

'Nothing wrong with a little romance between guys, is there?' he said, reaching over to lay his hand on the small of my back.

'No, I guess not.' But I was surprised he said that.

His hand moved down over my butt. He squeezed and massaged my butt muscles, digging his fingers into the crack. He pulled his hand back and reached for something on the other side of him. He uncapped the tube of lube and squeezed some on his fingertips then put his hand back on my butt. He worked his slick fingers between my buns and found my hole and began massaging all around it. I winced a little when he shoved his finger inside me but it didn't hurt.

'That hurt?' he asked.

'No. Just surprised me, I wasn't expecting it. I mean, I didn't know what to expect.'

'I guess neither one of knows what to expect till we do it,' he said.

He shoved his finger deep inside me as far as he could and moved it around. He touched something and I groaned.

'Did that hurt?'

'No! Fuck, no, it felt good. Ohhh....Ohhhh, yeahhh.'

'Sounds like it's feeling too good. I don't wanta get you off,' he said. He withdrew his finger and wiped it off on the towel, then turned over on, half way on his back. I glanced around to see his cock standing hard and throbbing up over his stomach. I thought he was going to fuck me but he just lay there, looking at me.

'Is something wrong?' I asked.

He just smiled. 'No, nothing's wrong. Everything's just right.' He reached over and put his hand on my butt and urged me onto my side, facing him, then he moved closer to me. 'You're not opposed to a little romance between two guys, are you?'

'No.' I didn't know exactly what he meant but I wouldn't be opposed to anything Randy wanted to do.

'Good. Cause this romantic setting has got me really turned on and I've got this terrible, awful urge that I wanta kiss you.'

I was shocked. I couldn't imagine such a thought could ever enter his mind, and he was saying it, right out loud. And he was moving closer, his face within a couple of inches of mine. I could feel his warm, sweet breath, and saw his full, strong lips moving.

'You don't have to kiss me back,' he whispered. His words were muffled by our lips touching, his brushing across mine in such a sensual way that it made me tingle all through. He applied gradual pressure till his mouth was smashed against mine, then I felt his tongue. Just the tip, but it was warm and wet and demanding. I obeyed the demand and parted my lips to let his tongue into my mouth.

'Oh, Godd!' I gasped softly before I was unable to speak, for his tongue had found mine. My cock was hard but the touch of our tongues made it buck and quiver, and I moved my hips to try to touch Randy's cock with my own.

The kiss was more passionate than any kiss I'd ever experienced. I had never had a guy kiss me before, but I assumed girls could kiss better than guys. I was so wrong. He pushed me onto my back as he brought his upper body up over mine, bearing down with his lips, our tongues sparring wildly. I felt his right hand on my stomach and move across to my hip and down my thigh. Finally, he broke away but his face hovered over mine.

'You tell anybody I did that, I'll break your face,' he said with a smile that made me all weak inside.

'I would never tell anything about us,' I said.

'Godd, you've got a great body,' he said in a husky tone, his hand still roaming over my body,

I laughed. 'Are you listening to yourself? You're the best built guy in school.'

'I know, but I'm used to my muscles. I never felt another guy's muscles before. It's kind of like your hand feels better on my cock than my own hand.' As he drew his hand back up my leg he brought it to my inner thigh and moved it up into my crotch, the heel of his hand pressing hard under my balls. His cock throbbed hotly against my hip 'I like being here like this with you,' he said.

'I could sorta tell,' I said.

He slipped his finger into my ass crack and easily found my slick hole. He shoved it inside me and wriggled it around.

'Ohhhh, fuck,' I gasped.

'I must've found it again. You got a certain spot in there...right there...feels like a spongy walnut. I can feel it moving, sort of throbbing.'

'Oh, fuck, Randy.....' I reached down and grabbed his wrist. 'Easy. I could go off with you doing that.'

He smiled then laughed. 'Am I going to be able to get my cock in you without you going off?'

'I don't know.'

'Well, let's find out.' He withdrew his finger and moved between my legs. He lifted them up and let them rest on his broad shoulders. 'I have no idea how this is gonna feel for you, but if it hurts, just stop me. I know I'm pretty big.'

'I don't know either, but I'm not gonna stop you,' I said.

'You're not even gonna tell me, are you, if it hurts.'


He leaned over me, bending me in half with my butt tilted up off the blanket. I felt the heat of his cock, then felt the head pressing against my hole. He twisted his hips around as he pushed and I felt my pliable ass muscles being stretched.

'So I don't impale you, you hunker your butt up to meet me and take it at your own pace,' he said.

'Oh, I have to do all the work,' I joked. I was nervous as hell and trying not to show it. I didn't know if I could voluntarily impale myself on his huge cock, or if I could take him at all. But I thought I would come near taking him if he shoved his cock in me.

'I'll meet you half way,' he said.

I let him meet me more than half way. I hunkered my asshole against his cock but I didn't use too much pressure. We worked together for a few minutes till I felt my asshole being spread apart then suddenly, in a split second thrust, I wasn't a virgin anymore.

'AAAaahhh!' I gasped out loud. I wish I hadn't but it just came out in a gush of air.

'I'm in. At least I'm through,' Randy said, checking his entry.

'Tell me about it. Geezusss!'

'You don't have to tell me, it's hurting like hell,' he said.

'So what?' I said bravely.

'So we don't have to do it,' he said.

'If you pull out, I'll break your face,' I said.

'Okay, but I'm not pushing in any farther. You gotta come and get it.'

I went and got it. I wanted this so bad, no amount of pain could have prevented me from pushing my butt up to receive his cock. I did more than just receive it; my ass swallowed it.

'Oh, Fuck!' he groaned as he pressed his loins hard against my butt to lodge his cock in deep and tight. 'Ohhh, I had no clue it would feel like this.'

'How does it feel?'

'Oh, Shit, I can't describe it. Your asshole is tight around my cock. Your ass inside is so hot and soft and alive. Godd, no pussy ever felt like this.'

'Careful, dude, that sounds like your gay gene talking,' I joked.

'I don't have any gay genes,' he said.

'Everybody's got gay genes,' I said.

'Then how come I'm not gay?'

'It just depends on whether they outnumber your straight genes,' I said. 'If they did, you would be gay.'

'You're just talking to keep me from noticing that you're hurting,' Randy said.

I forced a smile. 'It's not bad.'

'How about if I start moving?' he asked as he pulled his cock back through my hole several inches the eased it back in.

'Ohhhhhhh,' I whispered nervously.

'How about it?' he asked.

'You can use more of your cock.'

'I'll use all of it, and just go slow and easy,' he said.

He used every inch. He pulled out completely and looked down at my butt. 'Damn, you're gaping wide open. Your asshole is squeezing air.' He chuckled. 'I think its begging for my cock.'

'If it's not, I will,' I said.

'You want it again?'

'Oh, Yes. It was starting to feel good.'

He set the head against my hole and shoved back in, all the way, nice and slow and easy.

'Ohhhhhh,....ohhh, Godd...that didn't hurt at all,' I moaned.

'You know what that means.'


'That means you're officially not a virgin anymore,' Randy said with his killer smile.

'I don't know when I'm officially not a virgin, but I think it's only after you fuck my brains out and shoot your load in me,' I said.

Randy laughed. 'You really want it, don't you?'

'God, Yes. If I didn't, I wouldn't be lying here stuffed full of your big, hard cock.' He moved about that time and his cock slid over my prostate. 'Ohh, found that spot again...Aaawhh....oh, Godd!'

'There?' He shifted his position again, twisting his lean hips around.

'Ohhhh! Ohhh! Ohhh, Yess! Ohhh, fuck me....Fuck me, Randy!' My voice trailed off as he began fucking me, and I closed my eyes. I'd never felt anything like it in my life. I couldn't imagine that such pleasure existed. I didn't understand why it felt so wonderful; I was a guy, not built for fucking. Or was I? I guess I was, cause I had something akin to a clit, hidden inside my ass, and Randy had found it. Why didn't they teach us about that in sex ed class? They taught us about why sex felt good for a girl, because of her clit, and why it felt good for a guy because of the nerve endings in his cock, but they never mentioned that a guy had feelings in his ass.

I relished every gentle thrust of Randy's cock deep inside me. I opened my eyes to see him smiling down at me.

'How're you doing?'

'Ohh, I love the way you fuck,' I said.

'You make it easy,' he said. 'How long do you wanta go?' he asked.

'As long as you want.'

'I don't wanta wear it out,' he joked.

'Your cock or my ass?' I asked.

He slammed into me.

'HHHaaaahhh!' I gasped.

'It'll be your ass to go first,' he said. Then he leaned down closer 'I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that. No need to be so rough with you.'

'It took me by surprise, that's all. It didn't hurt.'

'Did you like it? Do you want me to get a little rougher?' He didn't wait for my answer. He started fucking me hard. I mean, really hard and rough. He fucked me like a pile driver. He brutalized my ass. Sweat broke out on his face and dripped down on me. Sweat glistened on his chest and I leaned up to lick it off. Just as I did he slammed into me again, throwing me back down. I loved watching his muscles ripple and bulge. His nostrils flared, like a stallion I once saw fucking a mare. After a while he slowed, then stopped. His chest heaved with his heavy breathing.

'Okay, you win,' he said, gasping.

'It's not over, your cock is still bone hard,' I said.

'My cock's not gonna give in, but I am,' he said. 'Fuck, it takes a lot more energy fucking a guy than it does a girl.'

I laughed. 'That's only because you're putting more into it.'

'Have I shattered your virginity yet?' he asked.

'I don't know when it goes. Science oughta study that,' I said.

'Yeah, let's make that our science project this year, we'll work on it together,' he said. He slowed to a gentle, steady pace. 'I've got this theory. When I cum and pull my cock out, that's when your virginity's going to come right out of you.'

'Like a spirit leaving my body?'

'Something like that. And I leave my spirit inside you, in the form of my cum.'

'An exorcism,' I said. I smiled and he leaned down and kissed me and ground his loins against my spread butt. I felt his cock bolt inside me. 'Exorcise me, harder,' I said. 'I liked the way you gave it to me, hard and tough.'

Randy gave it everything he had. If he had been a priest, there wouldn't have been an unclean spirit residing anywhere inside me. He fucked them all out of me. He left me in awe as he finished. I never felt so totally fulfilled as when I felt his cum spurting deep inside me. The heat of it warmed me all through. He made me complete. He defined who I was. He revealed who he truly was--the gentle giant of a boy that I wanted to be in love with--when he wrapped his hand around my cock and began to jack me off.

'After all that and I still didn't get you off. You're a tough nut to crack,' he said.

'It wasn't about getting me off. It was about ripping my virginity out of me and casting it into oblivion,' I said.

'Do you want it back?' he asked, grabbing at the air as if he'd snatched it from going.

'No,' I said.

He opened his hand. 'Then it's gone forever,' he said. 'And now it is about you.' He smashed his loins against my butt as he leaned down to kiss me again as he jacked my cock. He didn't stop doing either till he had extracted a huge, pent-up load that shot out in thick, warm ropes all over both of us.

We lay quietly side by side in the rays of the bright moonlight. After a few minutes of catching our breath, Randy rolled onto his side and shoved his arm under my head. His bicep didn't make a good pillow, but I didn't complain as he inched closer to me.

'I'm going to say something that's gonna surprise you, and its gotta stay between us.'

'All right.'

'Swear,' he said.

'I swear. You oughta know I would never tell anybody about us,' I said.

'It's gotta stay between us because it is between us, that is, if you accept what I'm gonna say. It's gonna sound dumb, but I hope you understand where I'm coming from.'

'I'm sure I will, if you ever tell me,' I chided him.

'I wanta love you,' he said. 'I mean, I wanta be in love with you, for times like this, when everything's so tight between us. I might not feel it other times, and I sure as hell can't show it, but I want it to be that way at times like now.' He paused. 'Did any of that make any sense?'

'Yes,' I said.


'Is it okay if I love you back?'


He moved against me and laid one thigh across mine. His leg was heavy. His cock and balls pressed against my hip. His arm came heavily across my chest as he nuzzled his face in the crook of my neck. And I was in heaven.

The End.



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