After my last head shave nearly three months had gone and I thought it was time to have proper sex with shaving my head again. In the meantime I had had sex without my head being shaved which was never really satisfying.

In an internet forum I asked if there was someone interested to shave my head and having sex with me. I got a reply then from a guy who told me that he was a barber and that he shaved heads in private at his home as well. We agreed on an appointment in a cafe to get to know each other and to talk about my wishes.

The following week we then met for a coffee and the guy coming to my table was extraordinary. His head was shaved and he looked really sexy. He touched my hairy head and said:

'You really need a proper head shave. You will look very nice and I think I would love to do that for you.'

I ordered coffee for both of us and we talked about different things. Finally I asked him:

'How would you like to shave my head, what can you offer?'

'I can offer a very special treatment. I've got a barber chair in my bathroom and I can give you some orgasms during our session. I'm quite experienced with that.'

'Don't tell me details, I would like to be surprised.'

We then fixed our date for the following Sunday and I was very exited about what he would do with me when I rang his doorbell. He opened the door and there he stood nearly naked in the door. Some leather stripes crossed his chest and the leather belt around his waist held two other leather stripes going round his ass leaving full sight on his mighty penis and balls. Not only his head was shaved but also his full body from head to toe. Instead of his hand he reached his full erected penis and I shook it with my hand.

He guided me into his bathroom and it was marvellous. In the middle of the room was a big barber chair with a sink to wash hair at the back of the chair.

He was standing in front of me now and he pulled a condom over his big erected penis. Then he turned me round and standing behind me he opened the belt of my trousers and pulled them down. Now I was standing in underwear and t-shirt and he teared my t-shirt and then my slip to shreds and with my trousers being round my ankles I couldn't move.

Suddenly I felt his finger in my ass and it went deep inside. My hole opened and so I welcomed his penis inside me. My own penis was also highly erected now and while he was fucking me hard I started masturbating. I felt my own pre-cum in my hands and dried them by putting it on my head and working it through my hair. When I felt my orgasm coming I formed a bowl with my hands and I filled the bowl with my sperm screaming of fun. I emptied the bowl on my head and my barber styled my hair with his hands and my sperm.

Then he pulled his penis out of me and took his condom off. He took a glass bottle with a bottleneck fitting perfectly around his penis. He then started masturbating his penis with the bottle and finally filled it with his sperm.

He said: 'Sit down now in the chair, lay back and relax. We're coming to the good part now.' He gave me a hand mirror and told me to watch my head.

He emptied the bottle with his special shampoo on my head and worked all through my hair again. Then he made me sit upright and my hair was dripping wet from all the sperm. He took a hairdryer and dried my hair brushing it that it stood upright from my head. This made my penis standing upright as well and I took care of him with my hands.

As my hair got dry he took a clipper and very slowly he shaved a track all over my head leaving the top of my head unshaved. Then he did the same on the other side and I saw that he wanted to give me a Mohawk first. He shaved my head clean apart from a track one inch wide on top and at the back of my head. Shaving off my hair he made sure to catch all my hair and spreading it all over my naked body.

When only stubbles were left apart from my Mohawk he took a shaving cream brush and soaked my head with lots of shaving cream. Then he took a shaving knife and shaved my head clean. After that my Mohawk was styled with gel and he asked me to get up. I realised that our bodies were about the same size and he started to take off his leather dress. Then he put the leather around me and started to sing an old Marilyn Monroe song with a beautiful voice. He only changed one line in the song which then got: 'I wanna be fucked by you'.

When he had dressed me he stood naked in front of me and he took a new condom and pulled it over my erected penis. Then he turned round and put his middle finger into his ass. He pushed it inside and prepared his hole for my penis to get in. He was still singing his song when I entered him and I fucked him as hard as I could while touching my wonderful Mohawk and the shaved parts of my head with my hands. As I felt my orgasm coming I took the clipper and shaved my Mohawk off still fucking him. As my last hair was falling I shot my sperm into the condom.

Now I was standing in front of the sink bowing my head over it. My barber was standing behind me and I felt his penis finding its way into my hole again. His penis got big and hard inside me and I enjoyed him fucking me. When it got to full size he stopped fucking bur left his penis inside me. He put shaving cream on my head again and shaved it totally smooth and clean.

When that was done I was fucked again. He touched and caressed my shaved head with his hands and I masturbated my penis with both hands. We finished our session with big shots of sperm and screams of joy when we got our orgasms at the same time.



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