I'm 20 years old. I go to a state university, which I won't name

because they might sue me. I have a steady girl friend. She's deeply in

lust and love with me. All I have to do is give a steady stare and she

is on her way to a nice quake in her pussy. Once we were at a table in

the dining hall and I asked her if she had to piss. 'No,' she said but

seemed a little uncomfortable. 'You know you do. You can feel a few

drops escaping.' I kept up with that a few more minutes and I heard a

splash under the table. What is this power I have over women....and

men. I say men, or boys, because Sue isn't always available for fucking

and I am super horny or the time. All I have to do is walk into the

library and six or eight gay guys eye me. I go down to the basement

crapper and in a minute or two one of them will be in the stall next to

me, his open mouth at the opening one of them has neatly drilled with a

circular saw.

I would be in a sexual frenzy myself if I looked at me. I'm sex

feet, blond red hair, glossy strawberry and cream skin, muscles and

piercing green eyes. In addition I am very handsome (and modest, but

hey, I just want to be honest.)

Now school was coming to and end for the junior year for me. I

had to find a job for the summer. I checked the bulletin board and there

was a two month job at a summer camp owned by one of the professors. Not

just any professor but Jules Guest. The famous mathematics genius. He

was pretty old now, about sixty and I understand in poor health. The

notice was signed by him and his wife Janet Guest.. I looked them up in

the facility biographies. She was an assistant professor of

anthropology. Maybe she got the job though her husband's fame. She was

about thirty years old. Wow. There must be a story there, the old

devil. Guest only taught one course a year and it consisted of only one

lecture. He was kept on because his name added glamor to the

university. Anyway the job was for a boat master and a life guard. I

decided to go for the boat master job. You could goof off better.

Lifeguard had to be life guarding all the time. The camp was described

as on an twelve acre lake in Connecticut. Exclusive boys camp...only 30

admitted.....individual cabins.

Now I found out that Guest had attended this camp himself and

later bought it. He had run it for about twenty years. I know he didn't

need the money. He was many times a millionaire from Dad, Wilmot Guest,

the oilman. I guess it was a way to relax in the summer. I suppose he

didn't actually run the camp.

It paid a very nice $3000 dollars for the two months. I really

needed that for tuition. I had a partial scholarship but it hardly

covered the high costs of getting a business degree. In any event, I

applied to Prof.Mrs.Guest. I knocked on her office door and---listen to

the music swell--she was quite beautiful, didn't look forty. She was in

her prime. I can't see how Dr.Guest and his formulas could satisfy her

sexually. Ho hum, she liked me and projected lots of sexual energy

during the interview. The job was mine. I was to report two weeks

before opening to get the boats and stuff in shape for the arrival of the

campers. As I was leaving, one of my blow job servicers was waiting

outside. I hope he got the job as life guard as he could do some work

for me this summer.

I spend the weeks before leaving throwing enough fucks into Sue

to last her the summer. I know it wouldn't last me. She cried and I

went down on her. She would stop crying long enough to have an orgasm


Finally the day came. I packed up my old Jeep and drove up to

Camp Winebesombac (at least it sounded like that.) As I parked my car,

Janet, as I mentally thought of her, came out of a very neat rambling

house on a hill overlooking the camp cabins. I greeted her and she said,

'Please call me Janet.' (there you go!) She took me on a tour of the

camp. This may be exclusive but it was old. The cabins had been painted

so many times that it was probably the paint holding them together. The

Lake was nice but the boats were in great disrepair. There were about a

dozen, needed paint scraped, re calking and painting. I know how to do

that, but it is hard work. This would not be a vacation for me...except

if Janet turns out to be more than my employer.

The waterfront crew, me and the other guy not yet met, shared a

small cabin right at the Lake. Nice view but it needed new screens and

repair of the flooring. Later that day, the future Life Guard arrived.

Yep, it was one of my cock servicers, named Jamie. I had to admit he was

cute and looked safe enough to entrust my seven inches to, when needed.

The next morning I got a sanding machine for me and for Jamie. I

hoped to get all the old peeling paint off the row boats in the next few

days then get on with the caulking and painting. I began to notice other

jobs such as repairing the boards on the desk surrounding the boat dock.

It turned out that Jamie was very unhandy and used tools the way he threw

a baseball. I mused on having him make curtains for our little home but

decided that was too mean. He did paint OK, so he started on the cabin

exterior. I nixed puse and violet for plain maroon and he pouted all day

but his lips in a pout made me horney so I tried to ignore him.

It was a hot day, I striped down to my undershorts while I ran

the sander. I had a dust mask on but the rest of me was covered with red

paint particles from the old paint on the boat. I was concentrating on

my work and didn't see Janet approach. I turned off the noisy sander,

she was standing right in front of me. 'I see it is going well . My,

you're covered with dust.' She began bushing my check and accidentally,

maybe, brushed lower enough to feel my cock, which began to pick up it's

head to see what's what. She invited me and Jamie to dinner and spoke

directly to my dick which didn't respond. I did and told her that I'd be

there and of course I'd shower.

So here I was. The house was very luxurious, in an old fashioned

way. The table was set with fine china and stuff and the dinner was

served by a housekeeper and her husband; the Dolans, I found out. Soon

the Professor arrived, he looked much fatter than his picture. He

mumbled something, Mrs. Dolan placed a large napkin in his neckline.

Jamie uttered not a word, he was in awe either of the professor or the

china. Probably he was already redecorating the room. The Misses looked

elegant in a silk robe and carried the host duties. Professor ignored

the table. At one point he touched a bell and Mr.Dolan came. He leaned

down, nodded and came back with a small chalk board. Holy crow, all

that mumbling didn't mean he was senile: he was working on an equation.

The wine was flowing freely. The professor had none,

Mrs.Professor had one but Jamie and I, particularly Jamie were getting

squiffed. At last dinner was over. We had to be up early so we took our

leave, I even remembered to thank the dolans for the excellent

dinner.Jamie and I walked to our cabin. I had to almost hold Jamie up

and that allowed him to feel my ass and other vital parts. I told him if

he didn't stop I'd let him fall on the ground. We got back and I plopped

him on his bed. I headed for the boat house. Why. I left that out.

Janet took me aside at the front door, Jamie was taking a leak, and she

said there was something she wanted to talk to me about. Yeah!

I lay down on some tarps. I could hear crickets. It was a still

beautiful night. I fell asleep. I am not sure how long I was asleep but

I woke up to someone kissing my chest. At first I thought it was Jamie,

but it was Janet. She was whispering,'my pretty boy-man, wake up.' I

stayed quiet a moment but when she got to licking my tits, I had to

acknowledge her presence.. I did it by taking her head and pressing my

lips against her, then the tip of my tongue and then the whole tongue.

She met me with her own ardor and was breathing hard. I undressed her

and began the old routine, caress the breasts, gently squeeze them flick

across the nipples, lick the nipples and so on until I had my finger in

her pussy, searching for her clit. She was an enthusiastic aide to all

of this and was moaning long before I even entered her. I came into her

with me on top. My bare ass going up and down in the moonlight. She

seemed to like my every move, and I counted three big orgasms and she was

flooding my dick with her juices. But folks, I couldn't come for the

life of me. Perhaps the wine or the fatigue of the day. I was getting

desperate when suddenly I realized that pretty boy Jamie was in the room,

wacking his noodle. I guess we did make a sexy sight.

I must tell you that Jamie, if I were gay, instead of a little Bi

was a very tasty dish. He was about five six, big dark, heavily lashed

eyes, dark curly hair--sort of a Greek boy look. He had taken off his

clothes. He was ready to party. His little boy, sleek, fine grained,

white skin glowed in the dark. Now remember I knew Jamie sexually, he had

seen all of me and was there when I had my cum, that's really being

intimate.SoI had no hesitation beckoning him to us (Janet was out of it

anyway) and whispered, get in here and lick my nuts. He scrambling over

and it I minute I felt his clever little cat tongue and hot breath on the

exposed back of my balls. I began to pump again, feeling that it

wouldn't be long. He got clever and began to lick my anus, then he make

his tongue into a little prick and began fucking my ass. That did it. I

roared in pleasure and unloaded. Janet came again.

I threw Jamie out, hard on and all, he had done his duty for the

night. 'What about me,' he complained. 'Use your hand but get it done

before I get to our cabin.' I said somewhat unkindly but I know Jamie

likes to be insulted It will get him off faster.

Janet and I got dressed and we sat by the water. 'When I married

Jules fifteen years ago, he was younger and still the brilliant

scientist. Now he has become distant, locked in his own head.' She

went on to tell me that she would be better off without him. 'He's very

rich you know. I would get rid of this old wreck of a camp and get a

nice house in the Hamptons.' She put her mouth near my ear and licked

it. I began to get hard again. 'Maybe we could live there...together.'

I began to feel like I was in a movie by Raymond Chandler. 'It wouldn't

take much to dispatch him. I little push or something.' It went on like

this for awhile and then we were both tired and she kissed me goodnight.

I went to the cabin. Jamie was sleeping and breathing heavily.

There was a slight odor of cum in the room. I will suggest to him that

he shoots into the lake next time. In a moment I was asleep.

The next day it was back to the boats. I saw nothing of Janet

that day and we were not invited to dinner. I guess that was just a

first night thing. Jamie and I went to a bar and grill in my Jeep. We

ate all the wrong things, hamburgers, french fries and ice cream. Then

we switched to vodka shoots and beer. We left about eleven o'clock,

drunk again, except this time it was me who was drunk and Jamie drove the


On the way from the parking lot to the cabin I was half out,

hanging heavily on Jamie. He probably loved it. Back in the cabin he

undressed me completely and I lay on my back completely defenceless. He

began kissed my chest, licking my nubs, working his way down to my cock.

I'm only human, drunk or sober, my cock began to rise and pretty soon it

was rigidly hard. He sucked me awhile then got undressed and straddled

my legs, lowering his quite handsome ass onto my dick. He reached down

and using me like a dildo he inserted my cock into his ass hole and began

an up and down motion, breathing hard and moaning. I was just a

spectator to this but soon I began to buzz in my balls, then my legs and

suddenly I let do a big cum. He felt it and he came to, splattering my

chest and chin. I passed out, evidentally he had wiped me off and tucked

me in. I greeted the morning with empty balls and a headache.

Jamie wasn't in the cabin. I got dressed and shakily went

outside. There were two police cars at the house. I headed up that

way. I saw Janet being led out in hand cuffs and Professor Guest on the

porch looking quite in charge of things, waving his cane around.

'Goodbye my dear, I may yet outlive you.'

I got the story from Jamie, who I found out was in the employ of

the Professor and had taped the conversation I had with Janet. 'You came

through as innocent as you agreed to nothing.'

The camp did open and Jamie and I practically ran the place. We

not only got our money but a bonus as well. Jamie said that I should

quit with those nasty women and stick to a nice boy like him. I don't

think so. I need it all.



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