This was going to be the messy part of the day. Yea and the middle of the day in Africa is a crazy time to do roadside repairs unless you have to, which I didn't! Well not exactly because in the last month I had mastered the art of changing gear with no clutch.

Anyway there I was going into the spares shop at the nearest Peugeot agents which were 150 miles from home. But I had found an excuse to go to the Copper Belt for a couple of days.

Going up to the sales counter I noticed this European guy sitting on a high stool just to the right. I thought perhaps he had been waiting a long time and should go before me. 'Are you next?' I asked him.

'No! no such luck. Everything takes ages here! No you carry on I hope you get what you want' His arms were folded as he sat with his feet on a cross bar of the stool. It was almost like he was posing but who does that in a spare parts shop?!

What I mean is that his legs looked really terrific. They were long firm and mildly tanned. The way he was sitting emphasised his thighs which where well exposed by his very brief shorts and somewhat inflated as they were squeezed by the edge of the seat. His towelling T shirt hugged the contours of his chest and his bare biceps bulged from below the short sleeves.

'I think it's a clutch master cylinder I want because mine is the hydraulic model' I tried to explain to the African sales assistant.

'It comes as a complete kit sir. Will you be getting someone to fit it?' he asked.

'No I think I can manage myself thank you' I replied trying to sound competent.

I was about to leave with this little cardboard packet when the guy jumped down from the stool and came over. 'Look man, I'll give you a hand with that. I've had to fit any number of them. My name's Jan by the way. Come on where's your vehicle?' He spoke with a strong South African accent and that air of confidence you get with guys who have lived there all their lives.

He said he would lead the way back to his place. I started off in gear in the way I had got used to and got going in pursuit of his battered pickup truck. I often seemed to get into these situations where some big guy would come my rescue. It made me feel a bit of a pansy.

'Yea just stick her over there under the tree. I tell you what; why don't we get this fixed right away then I reckon a couple of cold beers wouldn't be too out of place. What do you reckon!' It wasn't a question and I would not have known how to refuse. And as for the 'e' bit, well .. the truth was that he had it all fixed in about five minutes.

'There you are there's plenty of pressure there now' he said pumping the pedal. 'She's nice and hard!' he slung some spanners in a box and lead the way round to a large patio overlooking a lawn and a big swimming pool..

'Yea take a seat and I'll, well er... actually better get a shower first' he said looking down at his shirt which now had some oil stains on it. 'What about yourself, it gets a bit sweaty this time of day!' Again he strode over in a very forthright way to this open-air shower not far from the pool. He obviously expected me to follow.

'Oh sorry' I felt I had to apologise 'I see you've got some oil on the back of your leg. It must have been when you had to go underneath. I'm afraid it's got a few leaks as it gets quite a rough time in the bush!' I was starting to feel annoyed with myself for wittering on. It made me feel even more of a pansy.

'Yea, I tell you what. You can do it. Here's a scrubbing brush.' By this time we were naked together in this shower. It was quite a primitive sort of concrete place but with plenty of room. I was almost swooning at this guy's naked body. He was just terrific in every way. To be honest I couldn't help but notice he was equipped with the most impressive and manly set of genitals you could ever imagine! They were just like his tool set. Looking ready and purposeful for any job in hand.

I couldn't bring myself to use such a hard brush on the back of his thigh so I gently rubbed in some shower gel and the stain just dissolved away. Jan acted like he didn't notice too much but the hard state of his cock definitely gave the game away!

'Fancy a dip right away?' Jan suggested as we came back out in the sun. Although nothing too much had happened in the shower both our cocks were rigid as we strode over to the pool. Jan looked at mine when he turned to me as we stood by edge. 'Ready?' he said giving me a broad grin.

Fortunately the water was quite warm and it was the first time I had ever gone swimming with another person in the nude. Just being in the water with him and feeling it against my bare skin made me feel so sexy. I was like he was touching me all over. And Jan, being a really sporty sort of guy had big coloured balls in the pool and he soon had us playing games like throwing it up and each trying catch it. Then we got on to a silly sort of tag game where you have the touch the other person in a certain place and try to prevent them touching you at the same time. Anyway it all lead to a lot of physical contact and sometimes we found ourselves hugging each other for no other reason. And every time we made contact the hardness of our cocks was getting more obvious.

'Hey let's go for that beer now eh?' Jan swam over ahead of me to some steps in the corner of the pool and going up ahead of me his bare bottom was just at my level. As soon as I started kissing his buttocks he stopped and without thinking I buried my face in his bum. His bottom was so firm, smooth and sexy. It was lightly tanned just like the rest of his naked body. I found myself licking the lower part of his buttocks where they meet and at close quarters I was loving the silky smooth hairs with dew-like water droplets clinging to them.

I was getting frantically excited to get so intimate with this fabulous man. He just stood there allowing me to pull his cheeks apart and lick ever deeper into his hairy cleft. My little cock was aching hard as the tip of my tongue touched his cherry. But suddenly he clasped his buttocks together. We both ran over to the patio, He produced two bottles of beer which were so cold they were frosted on the outside.

But all I could think of was having sex. I wanted to fuck him so much now I didn't care about the beer any more. But Jan had other ideas; he was certainly more of a man than I was!

'You need to get some sun cream on those white buttocks of yours or you're going to get hellish sun burnt!' he said going briefly into the house and coming out with two tubes of cream. I wondered innocently why he needed two. 'OK you're going to have to let me put this on for you' he said as he began working the sun cream all over my bare bottom. It felt so sexy. I had never had a man do this to me before. What I liked too were his words 'you're going to'. I really liked the idea of it being compulsory. I thought it would nice to wrestle with him in a vane attempt to prevent him doing it and then be forced to submit to his superior strength. But his big hands were so gentle with me . He was really massaging me much more than was needed just to apply sun cream.

But then he got out the other cream. 'This is just ordinary cream so it will be OK' he said. All this was exciting enough but so far he hadn't gone any where too adventurous. But now he was working it well into my slit.

'Come over here!' I beckoned him to lie alongside me so I could get at his erection. I wanted to suck him really badly now. It was so hugely powerful looking and masculine and I wanted to do everything I could to bring him to the brink.

I lay on my stomach but I tried to part my legs as much as I could so he could get at me. He came really near my face so I could reach his dick with my lips. I could feel the heat on my cheeks as I drew near to start sucking him. He was so big and I wanted it so badly now I was desperate. I felt like begging him to rape me but I didn't have to wait long. His finger was inside me already. I could feel him exploring my anus and that same hand which had so efficiently dealt with my clutch cylinder was now taking control of my boy cunt. I mean I was in my early twenties and he would have been in his late twenties. But oh that feeling!! I could taste his precum in my mouth as it began to ooze from the shiny pink knob of his penis.

Then Jan got up very deliberately and with a composure that really showed his strength of character. He really was a man with a job to do. So he just very deliberately lowered himself over me and I felt his hot cock now probing my bum slit. He had been applying lots of this 'ordinary cream' as he called it and had working well up inside me. But the pressure was enormous as his cock was huge. Jan was relentless in his determination to penetrate me now. I knew he was going to do me whatever happened and I just wanted him like hell. I felt like I wanted him to split me apart. All I wanted was this strong man and I wanted him right up inside me. I started shouting 'Come on Jan! Fuck my ass I want you! I want you!! Oh please Jan stuff me right up!!! Fuck me up my cunt!! Please!!! '

Suddenly he had flipped me on to my back. For a man of his strength it was nothing. Now I lay there looking into his blue eyes as I watched the full power of his muscular body come down on me but this time he just rammed his rigid cock straight up my asshole!! Oh man! I couldn't stop him! It was painful like hell but now Jan was right up my rectum. He was so HUGE INSIDE ME!!! He was shafting me with all his strength. I was getting fucked!!! Oh yes!! He must have been very fit to fuck me so hard and for so long. He went on pounding my boy cunt for at least half an hour. But then in the middle of the most frantic shafting with us both sweating profusely Jan suddenly let go. Oh boy what a sensation!! I just felt him flooding into me. It was like a tidal wave of fuck flowing into my bottom! He went on and on, this man was so virile he forced and spurted volumes of spunk right up me into every recess of my rectum.

He just stayed on top of me for several minutes as I felt the last few drops of his semen oozing from his fuck pole. Then I looked down as he withdrew to see this gigantic massiveness which had been inside me. Although it was starting to get a bit limp it still looked hugely fat and very slimy as it slowly emerged from my juicy ass cunt. I felt that wonderful feeling of having something really special deep inside me. I wished I could keep him there for longer.

I went with him into the shower straight after and helped him wash his dick but we had become so sweaty we started applying lots of gel to each other. I was still hard as hell. 'Oh Jan I want to fuck you. Do you mind.?'

'You don't ask people questions like that, you've got to know what you're doing!' he replied. I think he was not the sort of guy to express his feelings much; when he wanted to do something he just went ahead and did it and couldn't understand why anyone should ask. Looking back it is hard to say if he was really gay. He said something about his wife spending time in South Africa. But I have the sort of boyish body which tends to seduce even really straight guys.

I tried to start feeling him again between his buttocks but he was clasping them together really tightly. Oh man I was getting mad! My cock was aching hard and I just wanted to fuck that man cunt I had tasted by the pool. I really didn't know what to do so I just grabbed him from behind. Being much stronger he could easily have got rid of me. But his bum slit was really soapy now and however much he tried to clasp his buttocks my hard little dick was slipping in quite easily between them.

This was it! I really went for it. I pushed as hard as I could. At first my dick just had to flex as I couldn't locate his hole but then all of a suddenly something seemed to yield. His attempts to resist were just making it even more exciting as he squeezed my raging dick. I only managed a few strokes compared with his because I was so overwhelmed at the thought of fucking such a beautiful man. I was kissing his strong muscular neck under his locks of hair and clasping his biceps with my hands when I suddenly felt myself loosing control completely. I got this huge orgasm inside Jan.

Then I shouted out 'Oh Jan! you're so fucking sexy!!' and after that I just had to shoot my spunk and all my sperm as far as I could right into his man ass. What a feeling it is when your semen spurts out of your tubes and you feel it gushing through your knob! Oh man I fucked him!! I really fucked him!!!

'Well if it isn't time for that beer at last!' we both laughed and I don't think a glass of beer ever tasted better.



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