On my 18th Birthday my family threw me a huge party. It was fun, but not FUN. However , 2 days later my friends threw a FUN party!

The second party was on Saturday, and my entire family had gone away for the weekend. My friend Seth had it all planned. He and about 12 others had been waiting for my 18th birthday. Seth is 19 and our friends ranged in age from 25 to 40. The party was a house with a pool and hot tub, and one 18 year old nude boi. Me. Seth made it clear. I was to drive the entire 15 miles to John and Eric's butt naked, leave my clothes in the garage at my parents and don't even wear shoes on the trip. It was Florida, it was August, what could go wrong I was so excited all the way there. I was a smallish guy 5'9" about 120 lbs and when my cock gets hard it's about 8 inches and fat, and, from the time I left the garage It was hard. I left my house at 8:30. The sun was setting, it was getting dark and it would be dark when I arrived at my destination.

I arrived a little after nine and realized there was no covered parking; John and Eric lived several miles down an old 2-lane highway then about a mile down a lime rock road. Not many neighbors but leaving the "safety" of my truck and walking barefoot across the lime rock gravel parking made me even more aware of my nudity. As I approached the front door all the lights on the front of the house came on and illuminated my naked trek. I rang the doorbell and waited.

What happened at the party with 13 horny gay men and a naked hard and willing 18 year old doesn't take much imagination or experience to figure out. It was fun, hot and I loved being the focus of all 13 guys. No part of me had been ignored. I had been pinched, spanked, stroked, poked and prodded. I had tasted all 13 cocks and swallowed most of their cum. I was stroked to the point of cuming so many times I lost count I had fingers up my ass, one huge cock up my ass, cum on my face, on my back, in my hair, but hadn't cum myself. That seemed to be the plan. Keep me in a sex charged situation for 2 or 3 hours and send me home naked and horny. So at 12:30 in the morning after everyone had cum except myself, I was ushered out the front door drooling pre-cum and placed in my truck. After a series of deep passionate kisses from each of my party mates, I was off on my way home. I made it off the lime rock road and about 3 miles down the 2-lane highway when I felt the flat tire.

Now, this was the early '90's and cell phones were not prevalent my parents had relented and given me a Motorola flip phone for my birthday. After I slipped out the passenger side of the truck and verified the flat tire. I was freaking out, naked with a flat. I had worked out that I might be able to change a tire on the passenger front side of my truck, but, my '89 Ford pick up had a spare that hung up under the bed and you had to crank it down from the back. While I could do it fine, naked it would present my spread ass and hanging balls to anyone approaching from the rear. As I sat there contemplating my situation I noticed the phone in the console, and it hit me! Use the cell phone to call AAA, they could change my tire and I would never have to leave the truck! Having spent the last 20 minutes being freaked out about being stranded naked, my erection had subsided to about ½ mast.

Now that I had called AAA and had a solution I believed to be foolproof, my horniness was returning. The traffic on the highway had been fairly steady keeping me uncomfortable enough not to jerk off, but the last several minutes I'd not seen anyone pass. I decided it was time to rub off a quick one, so I positioned myself across the seat with my back to the passenger door and my head hanging out the passenger side window. I was in hot teenage stroke session, oblivious to my surroundings, I could feel the heat building in my nuts and took a break to slow down and lube up. As I licked my right hand, I felt and heard the tapping on the door of my truck. Behind me stood the AAA mechanic!

Caught, I quickly adjusted my position so I was sitting up against the passenger door and wiped the thick spit from my right hand trying to cover my hard on with my left hand. "Hey, bud. I'm Phil from AAA. Got a Flat I hear" he commented like nothing was up. "Yes, sir. The front right. And I can't get out to change it, see I..." was all I got out. "Don't worry son, I was in high school once, got all kinds of pranks pulled on me too." Phil said. Phil was late twenties, a little extra weight, a mop of dirty blonde hair. Looked like he had been working hard all night. His coveralls had been light blue at one time, but now they were just a dusty gray, and unzipped down past his navel. This being Florida in August it wasn't unusual for him to be shirtless, but to be open down that low made me think...

Phil was not a handsome man, more average kind of guy you'd see at the fair and just walk past and not notice. "Tire in the back?" he asked jarring me from my starring " yes sir" I replied. I was feeling less comfortable than I thought I would, yet relieved that this was working out. I could hear Phil cranking down the spare tire from the hanging carriage under the truck, and started thinking about how exposed I would have been back there with my legs spread and bent over using the long rod to lower the tire to the ground. My balls hanging between my legs swaying back and forth with each turn of the rod, thinking about the view to the truckers on their way to the interstate. My ass in the air...had to stop thinking like this. My cock had shriveled to nothing when Phil startled me, but now it had rose to it's full potential, and was starting to pump pre-cum at an embarrassing rate. "Here kid, need you to hold my flashlight" Phil announced as he rolled the tire passed me. "Uh Phil I really can't get out like I am." I said. "Can't stay in the truck, can't jack the truck up with anyone inside, not safe. Besides on this side of the truck your hidden enough, now get on out and old the flash light for me." He insisted.

So at almost 3 am I crawled out of the truck and worked my way forward across the sharp gravel shoulder. If you've never walked barefoot on gravel, you really can't do anything but walk and use your arms to keep your balance. There's no way to cover anything. As Phil handed me the heavy flashlight I had to take it in both hands. " Man!" he said, "My buddies pulled some shit on me but they never left me butt naked and barefoot anywhere" he chuckled. He positioned me at the front of the truck leaning against the fender shining the light in front of him. As he began to loosen the lug nuts he started talking about the shit he and his High school buddies used to pull. Most of it just stupid, flaming shit in a bag kinda stuff, but occasionally some sexually suggestive stuff. My dick hadn't lost any pressure since I got out of the truck, standing outside naked with this red neck mechanic almost ignoring the nudity, was making the sexual charge even more intense. "Follow me with the light " he said and we began the walk back to his truck across the sharp gravel.

"I can't believe they didn't let you keep your shoes" he said about half way back. He starts telling me about a girl he knew that got talked into an orgy with some of his buddies out in the woods and they all got drunk, they came to one by one and left all thinking the other had taken care of the girl, but when she came to, she was naked and alone "covered in cum" and had to walk almost half way home before his buddy saw her clothes still in his car and went back to find her. "Can you imagine, NEKID and covered in dried cum, everyone would know she was a slut" he commented. I realized I was naked and covered in the dried cum of 20 or 30 orgasms' walking around with a boner and dripping like a faucet. When I glanced down at my cock the stream of pre-cum was stuck to my calf about 1/3 of the way down. I could feel the blush of my humiliation growing down my chest.

I had to wonder if he was referring to me. He hadn't asked a thing about my state of undress, or how or what had happened. When we got to his truck he had me crawl up on the bed and he followed, he instructed me to bend over with the light so he could unfasten the hydraulic jack from the truck bed. As he worked the mechanism it caused the truck to sway and in my position my cock was rubbing against my sternum, making me crazy. I wanted to cum so bad, I wasn't thinking. All I could think about was the cock head rubbing against my chest. Then I heard the blast of an air horn about the same time I saw the bright lights a trucker had just past with me in the bed of a wrecker bent over ass in the air with my heavy teenage nut sack swaying back and forth! I panicked and stood straight up which gave the passing trucker a full view of my dripping hard on several short blast of the horn followed as did a chuckle from Phil. " Come on boi get that loaded weapon out of my face and some light where I'm working" and a second later the jack was free.

Now in hindsight I don't believe that Phil needed help getting the jack off the truck, but he took the flash light from me and sat in on the truck gate shining on me and had me get one side of the jack and him the other. As we lifted the Jack my hand was touching his belly and his was up against my nipple as we lowered the jack slowly my hand slid down until I reached the zipper of his coveralls and the zipper opened as the jack lowered as it reached his pubic hair he bent at the waist, as did I; but not before his hand brushed the head of my dick. I shuddered slightly and may have even moaned, Phil got an odd grin and when the jack was on the ground stood up and looked at the string of pre-cum he had picked up from my dick head, then wiped it across my chest dragging the coarse hairy back of his hand across my nipple. "Don't forget the light" He said and chuckled as he pulled the jack around to the black top and started to my truck on the drivers side. I grabbed the light and like a puppy followed him on the roadside completely unprotected and exposed to any vehicles that might pass.

When we got to the front of my truck he again chuckled and took me around the waist and placed me between the tire and the door of the truck he positioned the jack and in no time the front of the truck was elevated as he came around to the tire he walked a bit close and again his arm brushed along the head of my dick. This time he didn't wipe it off. " You stand there and hold the flash light where I can see Okay?" he asked, "yes sir" I replied, and he got that same odd grin. As He started removing the lug nuts I noticed that the way he had positioned me the flashlight illuminated my cock. After every lug nut he would look up and ask me an inane question and look straight at my hard on and smile. The last lug nut dropped from his hand and I felt it roll over my foot.

"SHIT!" Phil half shouted. "Did you see where it went?" I replied "no, but I felt it roll over my foot" hand me the light Phil said with a bit of irritation in his voice. I handed him the light and for a 3rd time tonight his hand lightly brushed my dick as he reached for the light. Bend over and see if you can find it" he ordered and I did. It didn't take long to find it and when I said I found it the light rose up a little, it didn't take a genius to figure Phil had raised the light and was looking at my ass, up in the air spread wide and balls hanging between my spread legs. "Speaking of nuts" Phil said" I've seen prize bulls that didn't hang that low...balls like a bull and hung like a horse, your like a little zoo boi". Now I was horny to distraction, and learning what an exhibitionist I was, I tensed and relaxed my sphincter just to see his reaction.

" I never had anybody's asshole blow me a kiss before, do that again." I heard him chuckle as he reached between my legs and took the lug nut from me. "You just stay like that while I finish this job" he said and I could feel his hot breath blow across my ass. He placed and tightened the last lug nut. He stood and moved right behind me, I was wondering what was next? Then he began to lower the truck, damn, I thought this was going to get interesting. I heard the swoosh of the hydraulic jacks release and the truck started to go down, slowly. Phil moved around to where my head was and I could see his coveralls were completely unzipped, and where the zipper stopped, below a thick dark bush, a huge erection began! He stood close enough to brush the cloth-covered cock across my mouth. I tried to take it in, but he moved back to the tire and I could hear him grunt as he added the final torque to each lug nut. It almost sounded like sex, and it drove me closer to the edge, and I didn't move.

Phil took the jack out from under the truck placed his hand on the small of my back and kinda' growled " I'm gonna' take the jack back to the truck you stay right like this till I whistle for you. Then follow me exactly like you got here." With that he ran a thick rough finger up the crack of my ass and lingered for a moment on my rosebud, then gave me a sharp whack across my left cheek. Then he went back around the front of my truck and I heard the squeaky wheels of the jack rolling toward his tow truck. I'm not sure how long I stayed in that position but I heard several cars pass and felt the whoosh of the wind as the passed by. After an eternity I heard him whistle like he was calling a puppy, and I stood up I could see him standing on the back of his truck. I took a step toward him and heard him shout "NO!". I realized he wanted me on the road, so I turned around and started walking around the front of my truck his yellow lights were still flashing on top of his truck and my emergency lights were still flashing. I could see a truck coming towards us and hurried my walk; just as I stepped into the illumintion of the flashing lights the oncoming truck lights hit me. I heard the truck apply his brakes and the repeated short blasts of the horn, as the truck slowly continued on.

"Give me a hand" Phil requested. I bent over once again and helped him lift the heavy jack onto the back of his truck exposing myself to a truck on the southbound side of the highway. Another horn blast of acknowledgement followed. "By now every trucker headed through here knows I've got a naked puppy out here" Phil explained. "So I'm going to put this jack back and get your flat in your truck, then, you and me are gonna take a ride. You ok with that?" I didn't think long "Yes, sir" was my reply. "Thought so" Phil said. Phil had me stand at the back of the truck with my hands holding onto the lift device facing the back of his truck, while he finished up. Only one truck passed while I was in this position and it was a smaller box truck, no horn but the driver did slow down as he passed. When he returned he helped me get down off the back of his truck and get into the cab, on the passengers side.

"Where are we going?" I asked, a little unsure of what I was getting my self into. No worries little man, and he closed the door, on his way around he rolled the top of his coveralls down to his waist and crawled into the drivers seat, before he started he rolled the coveralls down a bit more and worked his cock out. It was not more than 6" long but it was built like him, really stocky, looked as big as my wrist. He didn't turn off the top bar of lights and we started on the highway.

"Why don't you crawl up in that seat, put that pretty ass up in the window and slurp on this for a minute" Phil asked, but I knew it was more of a command.

I did as requested it was a difficult position, and one that put my own hard cock rubbing against my chest again. I was at that state of lust where you loose all reason and just want to cum; where it doesn't matter how, just now! We drove for bout 15 minutes him stopping me every now and again slowing me down, talking about my huge cock and my balls hanging below my pretty fat ass. When we pulled off the road we pulled into an old closed truck stop. When we pulled around back there where several trucks parked behind, and about a half dozen cars. He told me to stop sucking but hold my position, and he turned on the overhead light. The he circled the parking lot passing every vehicle twice we finished and parked on the side we had come into the lot on. "You like being out here nekid don't ya boi?' Phil asked" yes sir, I do." My reply was more of an epiphany.

It was about 3 am when Phil got out of the truck and came over to my side he opened the door and I heard a slurping sound and he slowly inserted his rough finger into my ass. I couldn't help but whimper the combination of pain and pleasure drove me closer to that near insanity of lust. He pumped his finger in and out a few times before abruptly pulling out. He pulled an old pair of flip-flops out from behind the seat and helped me out of the truck and into the flip-flops. He led me to the front of his truck and told me to wait. Yellow bar still flashing on top and headlights on bright he gets in the truck closes the door pulls up beside me and says "I'll see you on the other side of the lot take your time, don't stop for anyone and walk in front of all of the trucks here, don't disappoint me. I'd hate to get an emergency call and have to leave in a hurry " Then he pulled away.



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