Being in the Singapore Army made me a man, so they say.

I remember when I first met him. I could scarcely believe my eyes. Sergeant Jimmy was probably easily one of the most good looking guys I've ever laid my eyes on in my life. Sweat was rolling down his neck, into his combat military neat standard no. 4. He was trying hard not to laugh as he ordered us back into our push-up positions.

Yeap, I was a recruit then, but a highly discipline and proud recruit. I was damn proud I was in the army, and damn proud of everything that it stood for. I just forgot to crimp my bed sheets before the area inspection and here I was, along with my entire platoon, punished for breaking regimental regulations. I was at my wits end, and just watching my platoon being punished for my mistake pushed me over the limit.

I stood up.

I glared into the eyes of my sergeant with daggers that would've slain The Rock. I felt a glimmer of uncertainty flash across Sergeant Jimmy's eyes and I knew I had him. My section leader ran up to me and tried to pull me away from a possible confrontation, but I didn't budge. The next thing happened so fast that my mind could not comprehend what exactly happen, except that I was pinned to the floor, Jimmy's breath breathing into my ear.

'Recruit Andrew, you know you'll be given confinement as standard procedure for open defiance to authority?'

I nodded defiantly. Sergeant Jimmy's smell was intoxicating. It was not easy for someone to tackle me so easily, given my mastery in Taekwondo, but obviously, he was at a different level altogether.

'I hate doing this, you know that I'm doing this because the boss made me punish you guys right?'

I clenched my teeth as his arm lock grinded my elbows against his rock solid abs. Immediately feeling my pain, he let go and I fell down to my knees. Keeping , my eyes down to his mirror polished combat boots, I resumed my push-up position.

Sergeant Jimmy then dismissed the rest of the platoon and set cross-legged next to me. My arms screamed for release, but my heart did not want to leave this place. Having Jimmy so close to me both enervated me and aroused me to impossible heights. My solid training in dragon-boat pushed my endurance far beyond a normal teenager, and allowed me to solidly hold my stance while keeping my eyes on my captor who was falling asleep.

I am muscular, by any 17-year old's standard, and I loved the attention that people gave me whenever I walked into the gym. People strived to be like me, people wanted me to be their role model. I've impressed more then my fair share of guys, but the person in front of me was inhuman - he exuded an aura of ruggedness that made me want to submit to him.

His head slowly nodded, eyes shutting sleepily. Prior to doing the area inspection, the captain had ordered all the platoon commanders to run two miles with a thirty pound backpack. He must have been tired, and in the blazing sun, his sweat trickled down his tight, folded sleeves, down his arms and on the floor. Right in front of my face.

I wanted him so badly.

Finally, a tired, soft, rhythmic snore rose from his boyish face and I released my arms. There was nobody around, and everybody was dismissed to go to the military canteen for lunch. My training vest was wet with sweat, and it was seeping into my military fatigues. I gently peeled it off, noticing how it clung to the sharp, defined contours of my body and marveled at the gossamer effect that it had on my body. Unfortunately, I took it off too fast, resulting in a sharp spray of sweat on sergeant Jimmy's face. He woke up with a start.

I didn't realize it yet, my back towards him, I was stil flexing my arms when I felt a sharp knock on my head. I swooned and fell backwards, the last thing I remembered was falling into the strong, sturdy arms of a smiling sergeant Jimmy.


When I woke up, it was almost evening. And I was in the specialist bunk. WHAT? My mind screamed at me to get out of this place. There were severe regimental rules regarding recruits intruding into the sergeant's quarters. I rose up from the bed and crept across the door, only to find it locked. I was doomed. Whoever brought me here would see me in military detention for a few weeks.

'Hey, Andrew, Andrew right? I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me.'

It was Jimmy, and he was standing at the far corner, looking as afraid as I ever saw him. I wanted to rush up to him and knock him down. He was still in full cameos and fatigues, looking as awesome as ever. His cap was off, revealing his short, perfectly military styled cut, and his eyes twinkled with a spark of mischievousness.

I strode up to him, and demanded to know why he knocked me out, expecting some lame excuse or some revenge for embarresing him in front of so many people. Instead, he said, 'Your body was too much for me, I wanted you so badly so I attempted to capture you in a submission hold, but I accidentally raised my elbow to high and it hit your head. Sorry... Sometimes I forget my own strength.'

'You wanted me?' This was the craziest thing that I ever heard since is stepped into the Basic Military Training Centre a few weeks back. I never had problems getting the attention of ladies, but a guy admitting that to my face?

'Yeah, I know you're going to freak out, but I think you've one of the most perfect bodies I've ever seen and I just wanted to touch it... and feel it ... for myself.'

'You're gay.' I interjected bluntly.

He glumly nodded at me and I couldn't help but burst out laughing.

'YOU? Are gay?' He took a step backwards, probably due to some hidden fear.

Sergeant Jimmy was probably as straight as a flagpole! He was skilled in playing soccer, talking about girl's boobs like they were manna from heaven, somehow manages to bathe and change in three minutes straight. He had nothing on him that indicated the slightest trace of being gay.

He was also incredibly muscular. While not as lean and toned as me, he boasted chest and abs that could easily put most people to shame.

'I can't believe it! And here I was having crush after crush on you?!'

His following reaction was priceless.

I slid my hands around his waist and held him close to my chest. He obviously hadn't bathed yet, judging from the musky smell that permeated his combat attire. I moved my hand down to his butt, I never ever realized that they were so firm and bouncy before.

Even in the dark, I could see him furiously blushing. His face was warm as he buried it in my broad chest, and the sweat that poured down his face mingled with mine in the extremely hot, humid Singapore weather. I moved my hands skillfully around his waist to the buttons that seemed to repress and yet endorse his wholesome manliness and gently unbutton it from the bottom.

I could feel his pulsating abs, as he breathed hard. It was slick with sweat and it made it easy for my hands to slide up his uniform, cupping his chest with my rough hands. I teased his nipples, causing him to press his face next to my neck and releasing a soft, almost inaudible moan. I knew he liked it, but as with all guys, he would never admit it. My right hand slid across his pits and it was instantaneously greeted with matted, masculine hair. I grinned. I would never have guessed he was gay.

My left hand knocked him across his chest into my right arm, and his legs crumpled into my left hand as I carried him across to his Spartan bed which I woke up from.

Jimmy's uniform was unbuckled, but his sleeves were difficult to pry off as the contours of his arms rejected normal tugging. I silently wondered how he wore he manages to fit those massive arms of his into his uniform, and then I recalled that I experienced similar problems too. I slid my tongue into the side of his sleeve and used my teeth to pull down the tight knots. I could taste his manly sweat in my mouth. It oozed manliness, screaming masculine domination into me.

As if on cue, his arms reached to unbuckle his belt and unbutton his combat fatigues. Immediately revealing a pristine, military-styled white jockstrap coated with glimmering pre-cum. Once again, his musky aroma permeated the entire room. It was wholly intoxicating.

'Recruit Andrew, you know you'll only ever do this once.'

'Don't count on it' I responded, diving into his throbbing manhood and sucking verociously at the thin piece of cloth blocking it from my mouth. I sucked hard, teasing every bit of precum into my mouth, swallowing and enjoying the moment.

Again, with my teeth, I peeled of his jockstrap, causing his fairly long but thick manhood to spring up, hitting the base of his extremely well sculpted abs. Already, a pool of sweat had gathered in his naval, and the sudden motion burst the dam, flooding his manhood with a slick coating of sweat.

But first, I flipped off my belt and unbuttoned my own combat fatigues. It was getting really hot, and even in the warm dusk, my own y-strap faintly steamed. Sergeant Jimmy didn't waste any time, coiling up from his bed and landing his mouth straight on my throbbing dick. His tongue rolled over my dick amateurishly, and I couldn't help but ruffle his boyish hair and let out a soft moan of my own.

It was then when I felt that I needed to release. I felt that I needed to pay him back for the pain he caused me earlier and so I winked and release a jet of piss into his mouth. Sergeant Jimmy visibly gagged and then recoiled. A little yellow trickle glided down his mouth and down to his firm chest. But he was smiling, and that trickle meant that he actually swallowed it.

'Wow, yours taste awesome! Mine just tastes really diluted. Your piss actually tastes strong and pungent!'

That drove me over the edge. I clambered up the bed and rammed my manhood into his boyish face with a vengeance and released my entire load of pissed into him. It ran off and onto the bed, as desperately as he tried to gulp down my entire golden shower. His face was matted, and he was almost crying when I was done.

I was shocked. I thought he liked it. Suddenly he closed his lips over mine, and I could feel the strong salty smell that covered his blemishless face, before he released a small, jet of my own piss into my mouth. I savored it, as it is, and realized that he was right. It was something I won't forget.

His combat uniform lining the bed was slick with sweat as we rolled over it, 'Sergeant, I love you so much!' I softly moaned. Jimmy reciprocated with a light brush of my spiky hair, and a tug of my damp earlobe.

'I like you too. You're one of the most guyish boys in the platoon!'

Saying that, he crushed me onto his chest and he slid his hands between my thighs. As massive as my crusher thighs were, it was heavily slick with precum and sweat, and his hands slid in between the cracks easily.

With a sudden jerking motion, he curled his fingers and they immediately found home in my longing hole. I clenched initially, as I was usually quite a dominating top, but relaxed as I saw his pleading eyes. His fingers slipped in and I stifled a submissive whimper.

It was amazing how quickly those fingers found the right spot, immediately transforming me from the epitome of masculine butchness to one that just wanted to curl up and let Sergeant Jimmy do anything he wanted with me. Sergeant Jimmy knew that and a smile peeked from his 21 year old clean-cut face.

I did curl up, legs straddled across his abs as he fingered me more and more rapidly, inserting one finger at a time. Soon, three fingers were tightly snugged inside and my sphincter was screaming for mercy and pleasure. My hole was definitely a virgin one and I was more than glad to have Jimmy to be the first one to enter it, but the pain was so agonizing I was seeing stars.

Perhaps it was stars I was seeing when he suddenly curled his fingers hard and stroked my throbbing prostate. My vision flashed white and the next thing I remembered was a continuous stream of cum jetting from my raging hard manhood all over Sergeant Jimmy's extremely well built chest.

The glistening man-essence coated him like a glossy shirt, and when I rationalized that it was probably the most I've ever ejaculated in my life, additionally given the fact that we were not allowed to masturbate in the barracks.

A sense of weakness spread from my groins up into my chest and I fell heavingly onto my own cum, my own muscular arms gently wrapping around Sergeant Jimmy. I just wanted to fall asleep, slick and sticky between my own man-essence and his overpowering aura.

But Sergeant Jimmy was obviously not done. While he draped my tired head over his shoulders, his dexterous hands manhandled my bubble butt. Given his already inhuman strength, it was not difficult for him to position my ass right in line with his own symbol. With an unrefined, almost barbaric motion, he rammed my ass down on his manhood, and I released a love stricken howl.

The pain was nothing compared to the filling of fulfillment that Sergeant Jimmy had finally taken me for his own. His manhood entering my longing canal was a sign to me that he took me for his own. My eyes clenched out tears as I contracted my own substantially strong butt muscles, causing Jimmy's huge chest to heave and tremble with pleasure.

Initially, but gently, he moved in and out with rhythmic motion, afraid to hurt me, and knowing that such a ridiculously tight ass meant that I'm new to being fucked. But the pungent animalistic smell of piss, the energizing mix of sweat and cum drove us to push faster and harder. Sweat in gallons poured down my back, sliding into my crack and acted as a supreme lubricant for Jimmy's engorged manhood.

I wanted him, I needed him. His smell, his protection, his love.

I drew him up into my arms and whispered into his ears, 'I love you Sergeant. Would you let me be yours?'

His face glinted with sweat, but the mischiveous sparkle came to his eyes again.

'Recruit Andrew, is that an order to your Sergeant?'

I nodded.

He laughed and cupped my head in his hands, covering his lips with mine.

'I accept, recruit Andrew.'

Immediately after saying that, I felt his entire muscular body tense, and simultaneously, I felt his manhood pulsate within my ass.

'I love you, Andrew.'

Jet after jet he continued coming, his cute eyes clenched tight.

I could feel my ass filling up really quickly; it was a feeling of absolute bliss, and confidence that the pact was sealed.

He fell back to his bed, and I along with him, still wrapped in his arms. His cum leaking out of my hole and coating the base of his manhood

'I'm not going to pull out so fast yet. Captain James has dismissed the entire company for a night's out, so it's just me and you.'

Which explained a lot actually, the empty bunks, the bright moon now full and lit over the night sky. No drill commands or training.

Sergeant Jimmy was already sound asleep, his member still snugly fitted in my tight hole. I slid my arms around his neck and laid my head on his chest. His firm, steady heartbeat, rhythmic breathing lulled me into the best night I ever had for a long time.




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