"You are hereby sentenced to three years' incarceration at the state dairy farm followed by a lifetime of non-penetrative sex." the Judge pronounced. "The court hopes this will put an end to your carnal behavior."

The Judge had just convicted twelve young men, sentencing them for the crime of brutally gang raping and permanently disabling four sorority girls at their college. The attitude of the young men toward their crime had been cavalier, uncaring and, to them, somewhat humorous. All of them looked at one another with a bit of confusion; they had thought their crime was trivial. The last thing they expected was that the court would take the charge against them so seriously. None of them had any idea what the state dairy farm was or what it would be like, but they all felt working on a farm for three years couldn't be all that bad. They looked questioningly at one another, whispering "No fucking for the rest of our lives? What does he mean?" Court deputies quickly escorted them from the courtroom to a holding cell. A short time later they were shackled and loaded into a van for the trip to the dairy farm.

Hours later, the twelve young prisoners found themselves at what looked like an ordinary dairy farm. They were lead from the van across the barnyard into the barn. Inside, the place was anything but a barn. On several levels, row after row of naked and shackled prisoners could be seen. Each prisoner was cuffed at the wrists and ankles to an X-shaped wooden cross, a wide leather strap across the waist held their body against the cross. Every prisoner had a clear plastic cylinder encasing their cock and a number of clear hoses and electric wires connecting him to some kind of machine. All of them had grossly large balls. Hoses ran from each prisoner's cylinder, mouth and butt. The new arrivals took this all in with awe and some apprehension as they looked around the barns interior. They were taken to a large room inside the building.

A man came into the room and introduced himself as the warden of this prison facility. He then addressed them saying "The courts require me to describe the punishment for your sex crimes. This is called a dairy farm, but in reality it is a milking farm where you are the milk cows. We will milk you and drain your balls of their milky juices once every thirty minutes for twelve hours daily. That means you will be forced to cum twenty-four times a day. There are no days off; your ball juices will be milked out of you every day for the term of your confinement. We do not store or save any of the semen milked from each of you; instead it is recycled and pumped back into your mouth or up your ass. You will be force fed your own cum as well as spunk harvested from your fellow prisoners. You will swallow every drop of cum pumped into your mouth and absorb as much as you can when it is pumped up your ass. You all are young and at the peak of your sperm production. Every one of you will be taking many large loads of ball cream as it is pumped into your body openings. At the end of every twelve hour shift, you will be allowed to rest for twelve hours. Expect to be sore and swollen at the end of each day's milking." The prisoners looked anxiously at one another.

The warden continued "You may have noticed that other prisoners have grossly large balls. Every one of you will wind up with balls just as big due to swelling caused by cumming 24 times a day. The amount of cum you shoot each time will increase, too. At the end of your confinement every one of you will be released with genitals that are three times as big as they are today and will be able to shoot three times as much cum. Special chemicals added to your diet will make that size permanent. All of you will leave here with a cock that is 18 to 24 inches long and 5 to 8 inches wide, too big to fuck with any more. Your balls will swell until each of them is about as big as a grapefruit. Your ball sack will end up about 10 inches wide and will hang 9 to 10 inches down your legs, almost all the way to your knees. This may sound like a good thing, but you will have to live the rest of your lives being very horny, able to shoot huge loads of cum yet living with gigantic genitals that are so big you can't fuck with them. That is the punishment for your gang rape." The twelve young men all looked genuinely frightened by now.

He then ordered the guards to prepare them for milking. The guards take all twelve young men, strip them and lead them naked to a dozen empty X-shaped crosses set up in front of one of the machines, sitting on the floor in front of the crosses. Each prisoner is then strapped to a cross, spread eagle, cock and balls hanging and butthole easily accessible. Guards then take shaving gear and lather up every prisoner's crotch. All hair is shaved from each prisoner's crotch; pubes, cock, balls and ass crack. The young men seem dismayed to see that part of their masculine identity removed.

A storage bin in front of the machine holds a large supply of clear plastic cylinders, clear silicone balls and thin corrugated hoses. Every hose snakes out of the back side of the bin to various connections on the machine. A second storage bin contains a large number of electric wires with white patches at the end of each wire. One of the guards turns on the machine; a low humming noise filling the area.

He takes a milking cylinder with two hoses attached out of the bin and approaches the boy strapped at the end of the row of crosses. Inside the cylinder is a clear condom like sleeve with its head end attached to one of the hoses. The other hose connects to the side of the cylinder. Taking a container of liquid lube from a pocket, he squirts it on the boy's cock as he strokes the cock to erection. Once erect, he places the cylinder against boy's cockhead and a light vacuum draws the cock into the clear condom like sleeve until the sleeve is wrapped around his cock and the cylinder is held firmly against young man's now hairless body, his bald scrotum hanging below the cylinder. He proceeds along the row of crosses, fitting each young man with a milking cylinder. Occasionally he would stop and remark about the generous size of a boy's balls, saying they must make a lot of cum.

A second guard follows him strapping a clear silicone ball gag around each prisoner's head. This ball gag has two clear tubes passing through the clear ball. One of the tubes is pushed through the ball and into the boy's mouth until he begins to gag. The guard then forces him to swallow and the tube is pushed down his throat as he swallows. This tube is thin enough to allow him to breathe around and yet not interfere with him being able to swallow.

A third guard follows the other two. He takes a finger thin corrugated tube from the bin. The tube has a second thin tube inside and a collar about four inches below the tube's open end. Each boy screams behind his gag as the guard shoves the tube into the boy's virgin hole far enough that the collar is pressed against his hole. The guard waits a moment until the boy's sphincter has tightened and is gripping the tube. Once gripped by the boy's sphincter, the collar around the tube is held steady and the tube is turned. As it is turned, the size of the tube expands along its entire length, its diameter increasing until it has opened the boy's hole two or more inches and is fully pressed against the inside surface of his intestine. When fully open, the boy's sphincter is tightly gripping one of the valleys of the corrugation, holding the tube in place and preventing any movement, allowing body waste to pass. The thin tube inside it is then pushed further into his rectum until it is about twelve inches up into his intestines.

Finally, guards take electric wires from the bin and affix their white adhesive pads to numerous locations on the legs, arms and torso of each prisoner; several of the pads are placed on the upper thigh, scrotum and on the torso at either side of the milking cylinder. These wires are all e-stim connections to be used for stimulating the body, exercising the prisoners' muscles. In addition to keeping their muscles fit and trim, they also serve to provide erotic stimulation, making sure the prisoners cum.

Once all twelve were restrained and their hardware installed, the warden returned. He addressed them telling them that the tube down their throat would deliver water, proteins and carbohydrates to feed them. In addition it would deliver vitamins, hormones, testosterone boosters and other chemicals to stimulate their sperm production and make them cum large loads. The other tube connected to the gag would pump cum into their mouth. They were expected to swallow every load pumped into their mouths. Gags are clear so that guards can see whether or not you have swallowed your mouthful of cum. He also told them that the tube in their ass had two purposes; one, they could shit whenever they had to and two, cum would be pumped deep into their ass just as though people had shot loads up their butt. He added that twenty-four times every day for the next three years they will be experiencing what their victims had gone through. He ordered the guards to start the milking.

A soft chugging sound came from the machine as the milking cylinders began stroking and sucking on each cock. All twelve young men started groaning in pleasure from the intense blow job the machine was giving them. One by one each of them had an orgasm, shooting a large first load of cum. They all watched as the milky white blobs of ball juice flowed along the clear tube to the machine. As each load of cum reached the machine, it was immediately routed back through the tube connected to the ball gag, flooding each mouth with the owner's own cum. They all gagged and tried to let it escape around the ball gag, but the gag fit too tightly to allow it. The only way to get it out of their mouth was to swallow it, choking on it all the while. As the boys swallowed the load of cum the feeding tube delivered a portion of liquid diet into their guts. The machine paused, stopped the sucking for thirty minutes. During this pause in the milking, e-stim pads gently delivered pulses, causing the body muscles to contract and relax, exercising the muscles. All of the boys realized this ordeal would repeat in another half hour. Thirty minutes later the sucking began again, only this time a bit more vigorously. This time the e-stim pads around and on their genitals delivered pulses designed to promote orgasm. The boys came easily and were all forced to swallow another mouthful of their own cum. Once they had swallowed the mouthful of cum, another portion of liquid food was delivered to their gut. This was repeated for the rest of the day. At day's end all of the young men felt sick to their stomach, had cum 24 times, swallowed 24 loads of their own cum and were suffering from aching cocks and aching balls. Cylinders were removed for the night. The guys could see their red and badly swollen cocks. Guards returned and applied a skin lotion to each cock.

In the morning, the guards returned and the milking cylinders were re-installed. Guards told the young men that the machine was programmed to randomly feed them cum from each of the other guys. In other words, they would not have to eat just their own cum all day, but cum from a different guy every half hour. Every thirty minutes all day long they had to swallow loads of various sizes and various flavors. The last load of the day tasted familiar and most of them realized it was their own cum. Cylinders were removed and they rested for the night. This regimen continued every day for the first week.

The next week, guards told them that they would not have to eat cum every thirty minutes, only once an hour. The machine program will take all twelve loads of cum and randomly mix two loads, feeding six guys the mixed double load of cum every half hour. The other six guys will get two loads the next half hour. Milking started and twelve loads were collected by the machine, combined into six double loads and pumped back to half of the guys. Six young men all began choking and gagging on the double loads that spurted into their mouths. Thirty minutes later the other six choked down the loads pumped into their mouths. This was the daily routine for the next month. At the end of the month all of the boys were able to easily swallow the double loads of cum. Most of them had begun to develop a fondness for the taste of cum.

At the beginning of the next month, the warden told them the machine would be making them take three loads, about two tablespoons of cum, every 90 minutes. In addition, he said cum would randomly be pumped into their mouth or shot up their ass. He went on to say this would give them some idea what it's like to get face fucked or have their butt filled with cum from three guys at a time. The first orgasm of the day had four of the young men squirming as the machine pumped three blended loads of cum deep into their ass. Cum from the next two orgasms was mixed and pumped into the mouth of half of the eight remaining boys. The increased volume of cum was hard for the guys to easily swallow. The machine had been programmed to distribute the loads evenly so that every young man would get an equal number of loads pumped into his mouth or up his ass. By the end of the day, each young boy had taken about a half cup of cum into his mouth and another half cup up the ass. Cum could be seen running out of each of them through the tube plugged into their ass. This daily routine continued until the young men could effortlessly swallow three loads at a time and have hardly any cum run out of their ass.

By this time, the genitals on the young men were swelling to the point the additional weight of their ball sacks was putting an unnecessary strain on their abdomens. All of the crosses were lowered to a prone, table like position so their enlarged scrotums could rest on a small flat panel under their balls and below the area where the cross members met. crosses would be periodically raised for a short time to facilitate good blood circulation as well as prevent bed sores and muscle atrophy. The final addition to the number of cum loads pumped into each prisoner was increased to four blended loads. Every young guy would have to swallow or get an ass load of three or so full tablespoons of cum every two hours. This continued until they all could take the loads with little difficulty.

A number of months had passed and all of the daily orgasms had taken a toll. Every young man now had greatly swollen genitals. Their cocks all had swollen and now measured a fat seven to nine inches long by 2½ inches or so wide. Each of their testicles had swollen to about the size of a lime. This swollen size had minimally increased the volume of any cum loads. The warden ordered a cocktail of special chemicals added to their diet. These chemicals would cause the prisoners' cocks and balls to fill in the swollen areas with new flesh and trigger continuous growth of the genitals until they had reached three times their now swollen size. Milking cylinders would be replaced by increasingly larger cylinders as their cocks grew. Chemicals also increase the size and density of the testicles until each testicle was as big as a grapefruit. This enabled each prisoner shoot three times more cum at each ejaculation. These enlarged testicles also produce three times as much testosterone, keeping the prisoners very horny and capable of reaching orgasm more easily.

Over the next couple of months the prisoners' genitals grew to their maximum size. Every prisoner wound up with a gigantic cock that was 21 to 28 inches long and 6 to 8 inches wide when erect; a circumference of 19 to 25 inches. Limp, their cocks all measured between 10 and 14 inches. Their testicles each grew to be nearly 5 inches wide, heavy in a 10 inch wide sack hanging to just above their knees. As their genitals grew, the 12 of them experienced an increase in the volume of cum as their growing testicles produced more semen enabling them to ejaculate increasingly larger loads of cum. Every day the total amount of cum all 12 of them ejaculated increased from the initial total of 3 quarts per day to 2¼ gallons per day.

Every two hours, for twelve hours every day, each of them would have to endure over a half cup of cum pumped up their ass or have to choke it down as it was squirted into their mouth. A half cup of cum is equivalent to twelve normal loads of cum. Pumped up their ass, it would make each of them feel the same as though twelve guys had just shot loads of cum deep inside, much like being gang raped. In their mouth it would be the equivalent of the same twelve guys shooting one load after another into their mouth. They all learned to appreciate why they had been convicted. They also became extremely fond of the taste of cum as their confinement turned each of them into a sperm bank and cum junkie. This is how they spent the remainder of their sentences.

The day of their release finally came and they were paid a final visit by the warden. He addressed them saying "Gentlemen, your sentence is complete; today is the day of your release. Again, I am required by the court to describe the lifelong punishment for your crimes. You have served your sentences in what the state hopes has given you a great understanding of the nature of your crime. In order to keep the public safe from further rape attempts, your genitals have been enlarged to a size where you will not be able to penetrate or fuck anyone for sex. You will live the remainder of your lives with those giant genitals. You will be very horny all the time; about the only sexual release you will get will come from solo or mutual masturbation or by getting fucked in the ass. By now every one of you should be well accustomed to swallowing lots of cum. Those of you who find you have a craving for the taste of cum can still enjoy large mouthfuls of ball batter by eating your own cum or finding someone else to cum in your mouth. Your dicks are long enough to easily reach your mouth so you can swallow your own cum anytime you want to. Before you leave you will be provided with custom made jock straps and new pants since your old pants and underwear just won't fit any more. You will discover it hard to find pants and underwear that fit and may want to consider having these items tailored." He then instructed the guards to release them.

As hardware was removed and they were unshackled from the crosses they stood on their feet for the first time in three years. Even though their muscle fitness had been maintained, they all experienced unsteady staggering for a while. While they were getting used to standing on their own, guards brought in boxes containing fleece pants, t-shirts and oversized jock straps custom tailored for their gigantic genitals,. The young men each donned a jock strap. The pouch lifted and supported the heavy weight of their grapefruit sized testicles, giving them relief from the heavy weight straining their crotch. There was still room in the pouch for their huge flaccid cocks to fit comfortably above the scrotum. The filled jock strap pouch bulged obscenely. It extended out from the body about four to five inches and hung about five inches below the crotch. This bulge was obvious even when they had put on the fleece pants. Once dressed, their personal belongings were returned.

Finally, they were lead out the prison gate to reunite with family and friends.


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