My first gay encounter was back in 9th grade with a fellow football team member named Daniel. After that, we became inseparable. All through high school, we would hook up and even found a few friends to play with. Now it was our senior year.

We were both still playing football and our team was actually winning - something that had not happened in years. Throughout the season, we took it one game at a time and made it through the regional games all the way up to the State Championship game.

Living is southern Mississippi; it was still warm in December. A little warmer than usual but not like August hot. The championship game was Saturday morning in Jackson so each team would not have the home field advantage. Coach was really killing us with extra practices early in the week. They started to taper off on Thursday and Friday. Friday he took all the players out of class early and we just practiced a few new plays he created in our helmets and shorts. No pads. No hitting. After practice we would be loading up on chartered buses and heading to Jackson.

Emotions were high through the practice on Friday. No one was horsing around like earlier in the season. Even though it was just shorts and helmets, we were still soaking wet. Everyone was giving 100%. This was going to be the year of our first state championship in the school's history.

Practice ended about 4:30 as it was getting dark and we didn't have lights on the practice field. After the sideline meeting, we were told to pack all of our gear in our bags, get our suitcase and load up on the bus. We would be leaving at 6:30 sharp.

We all headed to the locker room, showered and prepared to leave. I decided to pack my gear first before showering. I was getting nervous and didn't want to forget anything. I checked and double checked everything along with back up equipment - chin straps, mouth guard... it was all there. I hit the showers and they were pretty much empty. Right now, my mind wasn't on scoping out some cock.

We all left the locker room about the same time. I went to my car to get my overnight bag and went to wait by the bus. It was customary that seniors were the first ones on the bus. There were two buses to hold all of us and most of the equipment. A couple of the coaches would be following in their truck and trailer with the rest of the equipment. Daniel and I were first in line for our bus. We put our gear underneath and headed for the back of the bus. There were some boxes in the back row of seats so we took the two seats in front of the restroom. Slowly but surely, the bus started to fill up. There were a few empty seats scattered here and there, but not a lot.

After we started moving, our coach said we would be stopping along the way for a quick dinner and restroom break and no one was to use the restroom on the bus. If someone did, the smell would be with us the whole trip and he didn't want to smell our piss or shit. No one argued or said a word.

Shortly after our dinner and restroom break, we were back on the road when our bus made a loud bang. The driver pulled over. Being in the back, we could see he was on his CB with the other driver but couldn't make out what was being said. He got out and walked to the back of the bus. We could hear him opening the cover over the engine and hitting things, but that was about it. After an hour and a half, we will weren't moving. Several guys needed to take a piss and the coach let them off to pee beside the road. It was dark outside - no street lights and only an occasional car passing by. If you stood close to the bus, no one could see you.

Daniel nudged me and said, "Let's go take a piss." He got up and started making his way down the aisle. I jumped up and followed him. There was one other guy out there so we walked past him towards the back. Daniel had his dick out and was already taking a leak when I walked up. I wasn't right next to him, but probably too close for someone that had his cock down my throat or up my ass before. We didn't want to give off any signs. I pulled my dick out and started taking a leak. Daniel soon finished and was gently stroking his enlarging cock.

"Don't get that too hard or everyone will notice as you walk back to our seats" I said.

"Why don't you help me make it go down?" Daniel asked.

"Not here. People will see us from inside the bus." I tucked my dick back inside my jeans and headed for the door.

"Not wearing any underwear, huh." Daniel said

"How can you tell?"

"All you did was stick it back into your jeans. You didn't adjust it inside your underwear like you usually do."

"Was it that noticeable?"

"Naw, just makes it easier for me to get to once we start rolling down the road."

We made our way back to our seats and finally, another bus arrived. Coach gave us instructions on how to unload one bus and load the new one. He never leaves any detail out of his instructions - just like we were stupid or something. It was getting very late before we were on the road again. We still had about 2 hours to go before we arrived at the hotel.

Once we were rolling, the bus was very quiet. All you could hear was the roar of the bus on the road - no walkmans, no handheld video games, no Simeon Says. Greg moved his hand over to my thigh. Then he moved it higher and higher until he was groping my crotch. My cock loves attention and quickly responded. Daniel looked around and said no one was watching but I didn't believe him. I looked too and sure enough, you couldn't see anything. He quietly unzipped my jeans and undid the button. My cock was still pointing down my leg so it took some wiggling to get it out. Daniel wanted to push my jeans down but I resisted. I was not going to get caught with my pants down on a bus full of guys.

After my dick was free, Daniel stroked it slowly. Occasionally he would lick his hand and spit into his hand and resume stroking. I hadn't jacked off since Wednesday and he was working up a huge load. My cock was rock hard and my balls were tingling. I was getting close. Then I realized, where in the hell and I going to shoot my load? I cannot get off the bus with jizz all over my shirt. And my dick didn't point down to shoot it into the floor. I told Daniel to stop. He asked why. I said there was no place to shoot my load and he said, "Don't worry about that. I have a solution. I'll take it."

It was dark and I was so close to cumming, I couldn't resist or make him stop. After a few more strokes, I whispered, "Get ready. Here it comes!"

Daniel leaned down and replaced his hand with his mouth. I want to yell and scream it felt so good. Then I started firing my load into his mouth. Spurt and spurt he caught all of it. Not a drop was left on my fuzzy stomach. Once I stopped blasting my load, he moved off my cock but not before he let go with a loud POP. I looked to my left and peered above the seats. No one was moving. Wow! I just blew my load into Daniel's mouth on a bus loaded with football teammates. He gently stroked it and whispered into my ear, "How was that?"

"Fuckin awesome. I thought we were going to wait until we got to the hotel before doing anything?"

"I couldn't wait. I really wanted to suck your dick when we were outside taking a piss. This was as long as I could wait."

Finally, we arrived at the hotel in Jackson. It was about 11:00 and we were all ready to get a good night's sleep since the championship game was at 11:00 the next day. Room assignments were already given. It was two guys to a room. Naturally, Daniel and I were going to be roommates. We had planned to have sex together all evening then get some sleep before a quickie the next morning. Those plans were going to have to be altered. We both wanted sex but we also wanted to win tomorrow's game.

Coach gave us instructions for unloading the bus - suitcases only. Leave the gear on the bus since we would dress out at the stadium tomorrow. Coach went to get the keys as we started unloading the suitcases.

"I saw what you did on the bus." I froze in my shoes. Shit, someone did see what happened. Finally I turned around and all I saw were guys grabbing their stuff. No one was standing near me. What do I do now? I decided to act like nothing happened. Daniel got our room key and off we went. Coach called everyone back to the bus. There was a problem. Since we were so late getting there, some of our rooms were given to standby customers. We were going to have to share our room with other guys. Fuck. This really blows.

We headed to our room wondering who was going to be our new roomie and was he one of the guys that "played". Could he be the one that saw what happened? I decided not to mention anything to Daniel. That might keep him safe. On the way to the room, we heard several of the early arrivals playing in the pool. I decided I would go for a quick dip just to cool off. I quickly changed into an extra pair of shorts and headed to the pool.

Once I got there, the water was cold. Even though it was warm outside, it was December and it wasn't warm enough to heat the pool water. Some of the guys didn't care and were horsing around, splashing, dunking people and just being loud. I just sat on the side and put my legs in the water. That's all I could manage to get in. I did get splashed but the cool water was refreshing.

"What the hell are you doing?" coach yelled! "The pool closed at 10 and you are going to waste your energy for the game tomorrow. Get the hell out of here and go get some sleep. Geeze, don't you have any smarts at all?" That ended the pool party. I got up, dried off my legs and headed to the room. This was not turning out to be anything like I thought.

Our room was upstairs towards the end. All the rooms faced outside and I checked out the cracks in the curtains as I walked by. Nothing was happening. I got to our room, put the key in the door and walked in. Holy Shit. There was Greg sitting on the end of the bed reclining on his elbows completely naked. In between his legs was Daniel, also completely naked, giving him a blow job. Neither one flinched as I walked in.

"I told you I saw what happened" said Greg. "I thought I could use some relief too."

Greg was also a senior but not as old as Daniel and I. We stayed in Junior High an extra year to play football. He was tin, but looked firm. No body hair to speak of except a small treasure trail that led up to his navel. Daniel and I were hairy beasts compared to him. His long dirty blonde hair kept falling in his face as he watched Daniel blow him. He would whip it back while just staring. I was staring too.

"He has another hole that, I bet, need filling. Get undressed and fuck him while he blows me."

Daniel had his hands on his thighs and was stroking his cock. He didn't need a hand to help blow Greg. He took his long, thin cock easily into his throat. Greg may have been about 6 to 7 inches but not very thick. I couldn't tell about his head since Daniel never took it out of his mouth. After he heard what Greg said, he took some spit from his mouth and started playing with his furry ass.

I quickly got out of my semi-wet shorts, threw my t-shirt on the floor and started jacking my cock to get it hard. It didn't take long! I loved Daniel's hairy ass - especially the Speedo tan lines. He was so tanned that his leg hair was bleached just a little. His ass hair was darker and it covered his entire ass. He had placed two fingers in this hole and was fingering himself. This was a site I could watch for hours.

Daniel backed up just a little so his back was parallel to the floor. He still had not released his hold on Greg's cock. I eased to my knees behind Daniel. I spit into my hand and greased up my 8" cock and pointed it where Daniel's fingers had been. His asshole was gaping open just a little. He had spit enough to get the hairs next to his asshole pointing straight out. I was mesmerized by the sight. No matter how many time we had fucked before, I love looking at his beautiful, firm, round, hairy ass.

"Are you going to fuck him or what? I thought we would both cum at the same time but if you don't hurry up, I'm going to beat you."

With that I plunged into Daniel's ass. I didn't bother stopping to let him get used to it. I went balls deep and then proceeded to pound him. At first, I was right behind him so I could watch my cock slide in and out. His ass lips grip so tight but stretch down my shaft a good ¾ of an inch when I pull out. I'm glad Greg had a head start because I wouldn't last long watching this. I moved one leg up beside Daniel's hip and started banging him at a different angle. This allowed my balls too slap his balls with each thrust. Daniel must have liked it because he was moaning. Well, moaning as much as he would with a dick down his throat.

I steadied myself and brought my other leg up to Daniel's other hip. I had to place one hand on Daniel's shoulders and really started fucking him. I pulled all the way out and then rammed it home. When I did this, the moans got a little louder. So I did it again. I could feel those ass hairs tickling my head. If I kept this up, I was going to cum before Greg. I didn't want him to think I couldn't hold off so I moved back to my first position behind Daniel.

Greg was still in the same position but now he was pinching his quarter sized nipples. Totally hairless, but very dark and big. Big as in they stuck out quite - good enough to get a good grip. He was pinching rubbing and tweaking. He still was concentrating on Daniel devouring his cock and seemed unconcerned about me plowing his other opening.

"You getting close?" Greg asked.

"I can be. You ready to feed him?" I asked.

"Yeh. Go ahead. Shoot your load up his ass. Give it to him. Here I ccccuuuuuuuuummmmmm."

Daniel went full speed on his cock. He was going to get every drop out of his cock. The slurping sounds increase and he was definitely eating his load. Daniel quickened his pace on his own cock. Midway through Greg's explosion, Daniel started firing his load onto the bedspread. His breathing was labored and he was gasping but he would not take his mouth off Greg's cock for fear of losing one drop of cum.

When Daniel started cumming, his ass contractions sent me over the edge. His was tight, but now it felt like he could pinch off my dick with each contraction. I let his ass grip me tighter and tighter as my head enlarged. With one final plunge, I started shooting my load into Daniel's ass. I kept it planted deep inside and let his contractions milk me dry. I used my free hand to brush against the hairs on my chest making sure to hit my nipples. I started slowly pulling out just a little and then back in. Damn. That was one of the best orgasms I ever had. It felt so good; I didn't want to pull out.

Finally Daniel let go of Greg's softening cock and was able to catch his breath. I let my cock slip out of his juicy hole and we all stayed motionless sort of panting.

"That was so cool. I didn't know either of you were into cocks until I was Daniel blow you on the bus. How long have you been doing this?" Greg asked.

Daniel was trying to regain the strength in his legs so he could stand up so I answered. "We started back in 9th grade and have been friends ever since."

Daniel jumped in, "I gotta get a shower. I've got cum running out my ass and I shot my load all over my legs. Be back in a minute. Don't start anything without me." With that, he went into the bathroom and we heard the shower come on.

Greg and I made small talk and he said he was tired and his blow job put him in the right frame of mind to get a good night's rest. Usually he jacked off before going to sleep. I crawled up to the top of the bed and got under the covers still naked. I guess it was no big deal since we all just had sex together.

I got into the other bed and waited for Daniel to get out of the shower. I decided since Greg was naked, I would stay that way too. Daniel would have to decide which bed to sleep in. He better choose me was racing through my mind. Either way, I knew we would be having another threesome in the morning - if we could wait that long. Still, I would be jealous and mad if he didn't choose me.

I heard Greg start to snore just a little and knew he was out like a light. Good. Daniel and I could cuddle and play around just the two of us. I really wanted to keep Daniel all to myself but it was hot sharing him with another guy.

Then I heard a strange noise at the door. Then the door opened. Shit. My shorts were on the other side of the room. Who was coming in and how would I hide the fact I was naked? Double Shit! It was the Coach.

"I gotta stay with you all tonight. All of the other rooms are full and Coach Jordan and Strong had to go to another hotel with a couple of the guys."

"Not a problem, coach" was all I could say. Thank God he hadn't come in a few minutes before. We would have been totally busted. Coach threw his bag against the wall and headed to the bathroom. He opened to the door and I heard him say, "I gotta take a piss but I won't flush and scald you. Flush it when you get out."

He stopped by the sink that was open to the room on the way back and washed his face and hands. Once he dried off, he headed back towards the door. He peeled off his tight t-shirt revealing a well defined chest and abs. He practiced what he preached about improving your body. His chest was huge and covered with a light dusting of dark brown hair. It looked like he had shaved it and it was just starting to grow back or him trimmed it down to nubs. I couldn't imagine even at its full length, chest hair could hide any of his muscles. His abs were well defined too. He had an eight pack that every one dreams of. He ran his hand over his chest and abs and undid the string on his coach's shorts. These were the kind that looked like football pants but were shorter - they stopped just above the knee. They even laces up like football pants.

Once he had the laces loosened, he kicked off his sneakers and pulled off his socks. His calf muscles were flexing as tried to keep himself from falling over. After I heard the second thud, I looked at him pulling down his shorts. Jesus Christ what a body. His ass was rounder than Daniels and hairier too. I didn't see any tan lines so I don't know if he was naturally dark complected or tanned nude. He shifted his weight and pulled his shorts off his other leg. Now he was standing there in nothing but a dingy, grayish jockstrap. The pouch was full and had an outline of his cut cock and hefty balls. After he placed in shorts on the chair by the door, he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his jock. Fuck, he getting naked too!

With one motion, this pulled the jockstrap over his round ass and down past his calf muscles. He lifted one leg, then the other removing his jockstrap from his body.

Coach yelled at us if we didn't wear a jockstrap during practice - even if it was just like today's; shorts and helmets. "Underware just doesn't give you enough support and you don't want to mess around with your balls" is what he would say. I heard rumors that if you didn't wear a jock and he caught you, he would paddle you. I'm talking drop your pants to the floor, grab your ankles and give you several wacks with a wooden paddle. I also heard he kept a cardboard box in the corner of his office with jockstraps left in the lockerroom - from PE classes and sports - and would make you wear one of them. I never wanted to find out if either was true to I always came prepared.

Coach placed his jock on top of his shorts and grabbed his balls. He started caressing them. We all have done this especially after removing underware or first thing in the morning, but this was exciting me. I was squinting through my eyes but I could see if flaccid cock of about 4 inches hanging next to two rather large hairy balls being squeezed ever so slightly by a mansized hand. As he caressed them, my dick jumped. This was my first look at a real man completely naked. And he was standing 5 feet from me! After a gentle massaging, he let go of his balls and pulled on his dick twice.

"Scoot over. You don't get the entire bed to yourself."

Aw shit. The coach is sleeping with me and we are both totally naked. What is going to happen if my dick - wait a minute - when my dick gets hard. Is it going to touch him? How will I hide my morning wood tomorrow morning? My mind was going through 10,000 different scenarios. None of them seemed to have a good outcome.

"What time did you leave a wakeup call for?" asked the coach.

"Uh, 6:00. We wanted to get a quick run in before we left." I replied.

"Good enough. Lights out."

Daniel finished his shower and returned to the room naked. I couldn't see his face, but I hoped there was disappointment on it. I was on the side closest to him and I could see him pull back the sheets and get into bed with Greg.

Holy shit. What is happening? I am sleeping naked with my coach, in the same bed, with two other guys in the room who are also naked. How in the hell am I going to get any sleep tonight? Then it hits me again. Tomorrow is the State Championship. How am I going to be able to play without any sleep?

Finally, my mind quits racing and I fall asleep. Every move the coach makes wakes me up. I make a conscious effort to sleep facing away from coach. I don't want to poke him with my hardon! Sleep. I need sleep! The bed squeaks and I feel him moving again. He rolls over spooning me. He hairy forearm is wrapped across my chest. I'm hopeing that feeling something other than his wife's breasts will wake him up. Or my chest hair will feel unusual and startle him. Nope. He just hugs me tighter as I feel his chest hair on my back and his dick pointing into my butt cheek. Boy, is it going to be a long night.



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