I look myself in the eye, staring me down. Weighing the options and planning how to strike. The other me swings and I jump to the side, the wooden blade slicing through where my left shoulder had just been.

Fighting yourself can be tricky, so you have to think differently than how you would normally. It’s the best way to grow as a fighter and gain experience and skill. I, myself, am weaponless except for some Mix Martial Arts gloves, my black and blue underarmour compression shorts, and my wit. Other Diego is in the same, except in red and white and wielding my fake katana, homemade from a cheap 2x4.

I sock myself in the left obligue and he gasps, shuffling back, catching his breath. I count to three mississippily and then strike. He lifts the wooden blade just in time to hit my forearms, it stings but I just keep going. He spins down, his leg extended, and sweeps me off my feet. I land on my back and reverse somersault way from myself. I quickly get up and shoot out like a missile at my swiftly approaching duplicate.

He hits the cool concrete wall and I shove my body against his. Our heaving chests touch as I wrap my leg around his and I push us away from the wall; spinning as we fall. I land on top of myself, one hand at his throat, the other holding his armed hand down into the carpeting.

The other me squirms and squeals, trying to get free. I shift my weight, straddling his waist until he finally submits. He tries to wrap his ankles around my throat and throw me back (exactly as I would have done), but I lean too far forward and he just manages to knee me in the back. Definitely getting a bruise there. But I stay true.

After another minute or two of fruitless fidgeting, he gives up. He taps my lower back, our/my sign of forfeit, and I stand; help Diego 2 up and still holding my hand, we shake. Nice match. I blow in his face and falls away into dust that disappears all in itself. The katana, gloves, and shorts falling to the floor all at once.

I suddenly realize, I’m... excited. It must have been all that shuffling and bustling between my crotch because now I’m sporting a semi.

I glance at myself in the mirror on the other side of the basement; a.k.a. my bedroom. After my daily workouts and matches with my identical friends, I’ve gotten into pretty good shape. Lean, sinuous, and my abs have never looked so well defined. I’ve never really thought of myself as very handsome, but without either set of my chubby cheeks, I’d say if I were a girl, I’d fuck me.

Hmmm, that’s kinda... hot. But it’s weird. I mean, would it be gay to want to fuck myself? Well, I jerk myself off. And taste my own cum on occasion. It can’t be too different, right?

And, it’s been so long since Maya and I broke up. Haven’t gotten any action in weeks.

I suddenly realize I’ve been rubbing one out. My dick certainly compressed by the tight spandex shorts. It would be great to have some help here.

Maybe next time when no one’s home I could....


It’s been nearly three days since my, I suppose, epiphany. I’ve really been giving it some thought. I’m home alone. I haven’t made a copy of myself ever since, concerned I might... I don’t know. But right now, I’m really feeling the pain. I haven’t had the time to relieve my needs for the past two days because of constant studying. That’s school life I suppose.

Normally, right about now, I’d be training against myself. So, I do what I’m used to. Concentrate, gather my thoughts and energy, focus on the reflection of me in my mind’s eye. I sense a sudden pull at my gut and I open my eyes to see myself.

There I am, standing bare. I see that the other me is feeling just as scared and excited as I am. I undress before him. A notable growth occurs in my reflection’s dick. I keep my compression shorts on, because.

We look at each other and at the exact same time say, “Should...” and stop. We both glance over at the other pair of shorts on my desk. Turning back to each other, “It’s okay without them.”

Why am I so nervous? It’s me. I’ve done this dozens of times before. Well, not exactly this. Not with the thoughts I’m having. The hot, naughty, maybe a little wrong thoughts.

We do our usual thing. Standing at opposite ends of the square I had chalked on the cool wood floor before every match. No gloves. No toys. Just us this time.

He advances on me first, reeling a fist back. I block with my left arm and shove back with my right. I go at his waist, his cock slapping against my pec, and I fling him over my shoulder and on to his back. He hits the ground hard, the air knocked out of him.

I sit down square on my chest. I grab for his legs and hold them still as my legs lock his arms at his sides. He tries getting loose but he’s stuck. Subdued. That was over quickly.

And then he does it.

The other me begins to nuzzle my crotch with his face. In seconds, I’m hards as a rock and he’s licking at my compressed shaft. I just sit there, stunned. My back arches forward; my head falls back. A gasp falls from my gaping mouth.

I release his legs and place my hands on his hip bones. He slips his arms from between my legs and his torso. My other’s hands run down my chest, my stomach and pull down the band of my shorts. My stiff dick springs out, already soaked in precum, and he shoves it into his mouth. I gasp loudly and thrust my dick deeper.

I never knew I didn’t have a gag reflex!

I fall forward, my shaking hands and knees on the wood as I fuck my own face. My singing member sliding deeper and deeper down my throat. Diego 2’s hands softly clawing at my back, running down to my ass, and grabbing at each buttock.

I call out, “Oh fuck! Yes! Yes! Take that cock!” and I pound, teeth gently scraping my head. I stop and slowly pull my dick out. I’m about to cum, but not on my face.

I spin him around and lift his legs in the air. Our touching cocks matching perfectly. I put my hands on his chest. Strong, hard, and breathing heavily. I position myself above me. The tip just at my ass crack. I look down at myself as I snail slow inch my way into my very virgin ass. It’s so much tighter than Maya’s pussy. So much hotter. The second me’s face contorts into a grimace, mouth wide open, eyes tightly closed, brow furrowed, even my nose wrinkled up.

I just as gingerly pull out as we both exhale. I push back in again, a bit more quickly this time, and then out again.

I keep picking up velocity until I’m absolutely jackhammering me. He grunts with each pulse and furiously faps away as I yell into his face, “Yeah, you like this dick! You like this fat dick!”

I also never knew I was so domineering.

I slam in particularly deep and he suddenly hollers and I see him rocket out his load all over both of my chests. A droplanded on my my cheek. To wit, he leans up and licks it off of my face.

I can’t take my more and proceed to fuck me with sudden, templative, savage stabs. We both scream out as I make impact. I take one more swing and burst, cum caking his pubes and lower abs.

I fall on top of him, my slowly softening cock resting in the crevice made by our symmetrical six packs. My chin arest against his shoulder.

After maybe a full minute of regaining my strength and catching my breath, I push my chest off of mine and we both smile at each other. We wink at the same time and I blow into his face. He falls away, disappears, and I lie there.

I can’t wait for the rematch.


Anthony Simpson

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