'I told you about a thousand times I'm capable of watching Wes,' said Danny

'Until you can fully prove you're responsible enough...again, I'll be hiring a babysitter' said Danny's mother.

'That's bullshit; I've watched him before when you went out.'

'Watch that tone young man. Plus, didn't you also throw a party last time, in which the police had to shut down. You know how embarrassing that was.'

'At least there wasn't any alcohol.'

'And you need to be thankful about that. Tom and I are leaving now.'

'Knock, knock!' The front door than opens revealing a tall Caucasian male about 21yrs old, his wearing a tight t-shirt which read 'brunettes tease, blondes please', as well as a pair of plaid shorts and flip-flops. He also had the bluest eyes Danny had ever seen and sandy blonde hair topped off with a killer smile. 'Hey Mrs. Pinket, sorry to hear about your husband, my mom just told me when I came home.' said Jared. 'Thanks dear, now Wes is sleeping but if he wakes there's bottles in the fridge and dinner for you and Danny's on the stove. Thanks again.' said Mrs. Pinket as she and her date Tom left out for the night.

'Wow Danny you've certainly...evolved this part year. Broader shoulders, short brown hair cut, and your dressing more of my style. You got a girlfriend or something,' asked Jared.

'Nope......are you hungry I could fix you a plate, mom made chicken parmigiana.' responded Danny.

'Not really I ate at home; my folks had a big dinner for me since I just got back from school.'

'How's college anyway.'

'Its great, the works boring and tough, the dorms are cozy, but the action is hot, and the freedom rules.' said Jared with enthusiasm.

'Well then I can't wait.' chuckled Danny as he and Jared walk to the living room and sat on the couch.

'So, where is baby Wesley?'

'Upstairs in his crib sleep, the crib's in mom room and the baby monitor is on so you'll know if he wakes.'

'So I'll know? Where are you headed than?'

'I was going out.'

'You do wanna chill and hang out with me?'

'Uh....sure.' said Danny sighing

'Trust me, I may be three years old but we'll have a load of fun. You got any game systems we could play?'

'Not really in the mood for that.'

'Ok, wanna watch a movie?'

'I don't do movies.'

'Wanna talk?'

'Who's asking the questions?'

'I guess, I am. So have you ever had sex?' asked Jared intrigued

'No!' responded Danny uneasy.

'No need to feel embarrassed,' said Jared as he patted Danny's shoulder, 'A lot of guys your age are still virgins so don't believe them all.'

'Are you a virgin?' asked Danny a little relieved

'Afraid not, I lost mine at 15 to the hottest junior I've ever met' Jared said cocky.

'Oh, was she that good?'

'Yeah, she just loved my 7inches,' said Jared, which Danny found very funny.

'What's so funny, smartass.'

'Well when I was a sophomore, I was already 8inches.'

'Danny, I'm a lot bigger now. 9.5inches with a 5inch girth.'


'Exactly, but lets talk about something else before I get too horny, remember I still gotta watch your brother.'

Jared and Danny than switched the conversation to every from sports to politics, music to video games, even literature and mathematics. They seemed to get along better than they ever did in the past. See, had this been 8years ago Danny would have been crying and Jared would be getting in trouble. Jared never bullied Danny, but did pick on him. However, older, wiser, and manlier the two seemed to put the past behind them especially Danny. In the middle of their conversation, the baby was heard crying. 'I'll be right back,' said Jared, 'He may want a bottle.' 'No you sit, I got it. I wanna show my mom I'm responsible again,' said Danny as he made his was to the kitchen to get a bottle before heading upstairs.

In the meanwhile, Jared than picked up his phone to call a friend. 'Trevor, man you gotta help me. I'm at Danny Pinket's house, Danny...you know the kid we used to pick in middle school. Well that damn boy is 18 now, and hot as fuck. Broad shoulders, tight body, he's got taller but still shorter than me, even dyed his hair brown. He looks as if he could be in college. And you know I don't even bottom for anyone but you, but I'd let him fuck the shit out of me.' 'Well what the hell am I supposed to do?' asked Trevor over the phone. 'I don't know, talk me out of it. I mean he's only 18, he just looks our age. Now don't get jealous on me, cause remember your still my bitch and I'm still yours......Yeah he's straight or at least I think.' 'Well ask him has he ever thought about it.' 'SO, yeah let me just say Danny Pinket, have you ever wanted to fuck a guy. Yeah that makes total complete since.' 'I'm not in that dilemma you are my friend, besides, I'm busy right now, I've got company, Xander came over.' whispered Trevor. 'You fucking slut...you're no help,' said Jared as he hung up the phone. Little did he know Wes only need to be changed and Danny heard the whole conversation and felt the same way.

See, ever since college Jared and Trevor started to swing both ways. Only thing was he and Trevor kept it a secret, especially since the only guys they were fucking were each other. It started when Jared had caught Trevor fucking himself in their bathroom with a dildo. However, it was ensured when Trevor came home from work one day to find Jared working his ass with that same dildo on Trevor's bed. Trevor then undressed walked over to Jared removed that fake and inserted the real thing into his friend and the two have been fucking each other since.

Danny than came down the stairs and explained that Wes only needed to be changed. 'So what do you wanna do now?' asked Jared. 'I don't know, wanna watch a movie?' responded Danny surprisingly. 'Sure, what do you have?' asked Jared. 'Well I've got drama, action, adventure, comedy..' 'Got any porn?' asked Jared as he cut Danny off. At that request Danny than got off the couch and headed upstairs. He was gone for quiet some time, which sent Jared to go and look for him. Jared crept up the stair as to not awake Wes and alarm Danny. When he finally reached Danny's room, he found the 18yr old removing his briefs in exchange for a jockstrap. He also noticed that Danny had a beautiful ass and was not lying about his long cock. However, what grabbed his attention the most was a porno mag he saw on Danny's floor. It was Freshman Magazine and on the cover was Jared favorite actor 'Ethan Woodcock.' Jared had beat off to Ethan's pictures and scenes many times in his dry months. He began to imagine himself having sex with Ethan and Trevor, but was pulled out of his trance when he heard Danny mumbling that his was on his way down. At that Jared than crept back down the stairs and waited for Danny on the couch.

'So I found my stash of movies, and trust me they're extremely hot,' said Danny as he made his was down stairs. Danny than reached the couch and poured out a box of a least 20pornos. 'Danny, I didn't know you were into gay porn?' asked Jared as he readjusted himself, which caught Danny attention even more. 'I've got more straight, but I find it hot, two men fucking especially jocks. You won't say any of this to my mom will you?' asked Danny. 'No, cause I too find two men having sex a turn-on.' Danny then put all straight porn back in the box, which left several titles for Jared to choose from. 'Coach Stiffy', 'Suck & Blow', 'Jock's Cocks', 'Circle Jerk Vol. 21' and 'Football Fun' which was Danny's favorite. Jared pointed to Football Fun. Danny then popped it in the DVD player and the two sat back to watch the action unfold.

The scene opened with a coach and a football player arguing in the coach's office. They were debating over why the footballer was failing math, and if he didn't 'get his act together' his mother would be informed. However, the football played asked the coach was there anything he could do to avoid this punishment and the coach's response was to take off his uniform. In the meanwhile, Jared scooted off the couch and onto the floor so he could unfasten his short from his aching cock. Danny started to slowly rub the outline of his hardening cock as he stared at the TV. The jock then remove his uniform shirt to slowly reveal his 6pack to the coach along with his pillow like pecs. After he flung his shirt, he spent around and slow pulled down his uniform pants to give the coach a better look at his ass. 'I'm likin' what I see boy' said coach. He then removed his shirt to show a similar body, followed by slowly removing his shorts. Coach stepped completely behind the football player. Which left a thin layer of fabric between them, the coach's tight black brief. He began to grind his fabric-covered cock against his student's ass, and all the football player could do was moan. Soon the coach pulled the back of his own underwear down exposing his ass. At this point Jared had secretly pulled his cock out of his short and began stroking himself lightly. The coach than pulled his cock out of his briefs and told the footballer to suck his sausage. So he dropped to his knee and engulfed the coach's 8incher in one gulp and began to deepthroat his cock. Finally, Danny could not take it anymore and he removed shorts and let his cock loose of his jockstrap without Jared noticing, but as he removed his he noticed that Jared had been jerking himself. This switched Danny's focus from the porno to Jared long, beautiful, cut cock.

In the meanwhile, Jared was even more focused in the coach's now tongue assault on the jock's ass. The coach had completely wet the jock's ass and now he stood behind him as he leaned over the desk. His cock slick with the jock's saliva and the jock's ass with his, he lined the head to the jocks hole and pushed in slowly. 'Ah, fuck coach. This hurts so fucking much.' moaned the jock. The coach finally pushed the rest of his cock in his jock lover's ass and waited for him to get used to the girth. When he finally did, the coach went full onslaught. He fucked the jock's ass as hard and fast as he could for all it was worth. 'Aaahhhh, fuck...Oh yeah, fuck me in my ass you stud. Come on give this fine boy ass some of your man cock. Fuck me like you've never fuck an 18yr old before.' At that statement, Jared wondered would Danny look like that when he turned 18 because Danny did resemble the jock, and if he did turn out like that, than he would easily become Danny's older boy toy. The coach was now fucking the jock faster and harder than ever as the jock leaking loads of precum, as was Danny as he speeded up his on cock assault. 'Coach, I can't hold it anymore I'm about to cum!' moan the jock. 'Than shoot in your jock.' responded coach. And seconds later the football player shot the most intense load of cum in his white jock. Followed by coach shooting several loads into the football player's ass, before pulling out. The scene ended with the football player now completely naked lying on the coach's lap, with his tongue lapping at coach's cock. As the coach was lapping up the cum from the white jock the footballer wore while stroking his student's hair.

'Fuck, that was hot' moaned Danny as he stroked himself. 'I'm sure it was,' said Jared as he stared at Danny who was stroking his precum covered cock while he two still stroked his own cock. 'Jared, you wanna...' 'It would be my honor!' replied Jared before he took three inches of Danny cock into his mouth. 'Oh...fuck...yes' moaned Danny. Jared than twisted his body around and scooted over so he was now fully kneeling in front of Danny but, never did the cock leave his mouth. Jared started to bob up and down taking more of the cock into his mouth until only an inch or two remained untaken. 'Damn...you're...good.' moaned Danny. Jared finally swallowed those final inches fully throating Danny rod. Danny entranced move his hands to Jared help to help guide his mouth over his cock. Once he could follow the rhythm Jared started Danny guided Jared mouth up and down his pole continuously allowing Jared to deepthroat him.

Danny than lifted off the couch but still kept his cock in Jared warm, moist mouth. Once he was fully on his two feet he assumed control and began to face fuck Jared for all he was worth. He held Jared's head as he guided his cock in and out of that pleasure hole as fast and hard as he could. His balls now covered in saliva, slapped back and forth against Jared chin. Danny that started to test Jared gag reflex as he would thrust fully in and hold his cock in the older boys mouth. This experience of extreme pleasure was not only pushing Danny over the edge but Jared too, for although he love fucking a tight hole, he loved the feeling of a hot cock sliding in between his lips even more. Jared had cum one night by just sucking Trevor's cock. As he bobbed on Danny's cock he could not help but thrust his cock up and down Danny's leg, marking him with his precum. 'Jared, I think...I'm gonna..' but before Danny could finish he had shot one powerful load down Jared's throat, which he drink up. Danny's power blast was follow by three minor but still strong blast of his boy cum. Once Jared milked Danny's cock to the fullest he let the softening rod slip out of his mouth.

'Danny that was by far the best blow job I've ever given,' said Jared as he looked up at Danny, 'And you have the sweetest cum I've ever tested.'

'Jared, I should be thanking you. You were the true hero.' said Danny as he rubbed Jared's cheek, 'And now its time that I do.'

Danny then pulled Jared off his knees and pushed him on the couch. He then climbed on top and the two boy began to make out. Danny with a half-on jock strap and Jared with half-on briefs. As their tongues faugh for dominance their slick cocks rubbed against one another getting fully hard. Ultimately, Danny won and as he licked all over Jared's tongue, Jared began to fond Danny's bubble butt. Danny grew hotter as Jared caressed his ass more and more, both boys leaking a great amount of precum. Jared then removed one hand from Danny's ass to their cocks which he coated in precum, especially his middle and index fingers. He soon returned his hand to Danny's ass only this time his cum coated fingers began to stroke up and down Danny's ass crack. At these specific actions the guys making out, their cocks rubbing together, and Jared stroking at Danny's pucker, they only had one thing on their minds...fucking the other.

However, Danny was quicker in his action as he broke their long make out to move Jared up the couch while at the same time spreading Jared's legs. Danny then got back into making out with the sexist man alive or at least he believed, only this time Danny's cock was aimed right at Jared's pink pucker. As they made out at full force Danny lightly thrusted his cock into Jared's hole. 'Oh, fuck...this...is hot' moaned Jared in between kisses. 'Well it's about to get hotter!' said Danny breaking the kiss, just before he rammed all 8inches of horny, sexy 18yr old cock up Jared's ass.



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