Being 19 years old in this world is hard enough but being a gay 19 year old is even harder. Luckily my friends except me and support me and protect me otherwise my face would be permanently dented from every time someone called me a queer and then bitch slapped me in the face.

I went to the mall with Chloe and Trey and we pretty much just walked around for an hour having a limited amount of cash, most of which we needed for gas for the drive back. As I sat and rested my feet, legs, and mind I lounged carelessly on a bench that happened to be in the center of the walkway. I could care less what people are thinking and if they are staring at me, which they were. They acted as if I was some new breed of human.

I lay there when I happened to look up and see a guy about 21 years old examining a pair of converse Hi-tops, (my favorite shoe) at the store across from me. As if he could feel my eyes, amongst the tons of teenagers passing through the hallway he made direct eye contact with me and I faltered and look away. In the short seconds of our rendezvous I could tell he was smiling. I looked back at him and he was coming towards me with a light a smile on his face. My heart skipped a beat as the rest of him came in focus and his hazel eyes revealed themselves. He was wearing a gray pair of tight jeans, some green converse covered with some kind of black decoration, a gray T-shirt that read 'HATERZ ONLI MAKE ME STRONGER' and a black and green stripped jacket. He wore a gray beanie on his head and his pink highlighted bangs swung from his face.

I thought about my own appearance, I was wearing all highlighter and black, I felt the need to be bright as hell. I had on some black skinny jeans with some highlighter converse, a black shirt with a highlighter skull on the front over a long sleeve highlighter shirt. My nails were painted black, I had my eyeliner on and highlighter chains lengthened from my matching belt at my waist. I looked pretty damn good. He finally reaches me in what felt like eternity and said:

'Hey I couldn't help but notice your bright attire, do you mind if I sit?'

'Um no, no I don't, go ahead.'

I lifted my self from the seat and slid to the end of the bench, he looked at me with a slightly nervous yet confident smile. I smiled back, a completely nervous smile, he was really hot.

'So' he said. 'Are you here all alone? My name is Mark by the way.'

'Blake but you can call me Talon. No my friends are here with me.' I gestured to the right of me as if they were standing there.

'Talon, I like that. Hehe um, are they invisible?'

He had this cute yet questioned expression on his face. I looked to the side of me and laughed. 'Oh no, they are at the food court, I wasn't very hungry and I was tired of walking around aimlessly like some zombie hooked on Hot Topic.'

'Yeah I know what you mean; I've been here for four hours doing pretty much nothing. But I'm glad I didn't leave, otherwise I wouldn't have met you.'

I smiled at his remark and slid closer to him on the bench. He looked at me with an intriguing grin and slid much closer to me and grabbed my hand, our fingers enveloped into each other. We sat there and talked until the mall, holding hands for the longest times and getting THE MOST peculiar glances and stares from the most peculiar people. Only one person said something about it, and they mumbled some bullshit about religion and only one other person said something to us and that was to comment on what we were wearing. We did look good as individuals but our outfits stood out amongst the mall when we were together. I laughed to myself at the thought.

I told my friends I had to go 'somewhere' and tilted my head towards Mark, they completely understood. I gave them hugs and I let them take my car home and I rode with my new hottie. He was just so gorgeous. His body, even hidden underneath his clothing, was so sculpted it made my dick hard just to think about it. When we got to his apartment he took me by my hand straight to his bedroom, which had a black carpet with dark green walls and a bed to match.

He told me to sit down on the bed and I listened to him and sat on the edge. He told me to hold and left the room, I took the chance to get a good look around. I went over to his T.V. shelf to find a massive collection of CD's, really good CD's.... Kesha... Paramore.... Plain white T's..... Lady Gaga.... Nice. I smiled to myself. 'I Likes' I also said to myself.

I moved on to his night stand, the regular stuff... Condoms 'ooh, ha! Just might come in handy later on.' I found socks, some loose change, and some kind of cords to something... and um.... Oh shit, I found a gun. Why the fuck is there a gun in his Mother f*cking bedside f*cking table. I couldn't stop screaming cuss words in my mind. 'Fuck!' fuck! I said one out loud.

'You okay up there?' I heard Mark coming up the stairs. The first thought in my head was that somewhere in the world there was a bunch of people in a dark movie theater screaming at the big screen telling me to get the fuck out the house. I put the gun back and slid myself to the back of the bed and pulled out my phone when Mark entered the room with two martinis in beer bottles. Fuck yes I need a drink I thought to myself. He handed me one with this cute smile attached to it, how could someone so hot have a gun beside their bed.

It is possible he's just really cautious and has it for protection or his dad gave it to him for his birthday or something but... on the other hand he could be f*cking crazy and he roofed this drink so I could pass out, get raped and then shot. I could physically hear the gunshot. I jumped from the shock of paranoid thoughts. The sudden sound was him knocking over his lamp.

'You okay?' he asked picking it up again.

'Uh, he, yeah I'm great'

I put my drink down. I wanted to ask him about the gun but I didn't want him to know I was in his things, and I didn't want to get shot if there was no innocence behind him and/or that gun. He walked over to me and sat next to me on the bed. He slowly lifted his hand to my neck and looked me straight in my eyes; that's when I knew. He's no killer. These aren't the eyes of a killer. I leaned into his arms and our lips met. Mm, these aren't the lips of a killer either. He grabbed my shirt and lifted it up above my head and I allowed him to take it off me. Our lips were connected to one another I felt that not one thing in this world could stop me from kissing him. I took his shirt off of him and I heard him kick his shoes of to the floor and I did the same. He took of his beanie a long time ago, I couldn't even remember now and I could see his entire hair style. It was in this freaky fanned out spiky manner and I loved it. And from the top of his head his high lights started out green but faded and ended in pink.

He knew how to kiss, his tongue made it way around my mouth, his back and chest were so smooth and bounded with muscle. My hands never left his body. I slid my hands down his back and grabbed his ass in fury of passion; I slipped my hands under his body and started massaging his dick. He moaned which made me go faster, he did the same for me and I moaned in return, still kissing we moaned louder. He stopped and hung over me and smiled. He grabbed my face again and we started kissing more passionately, which I didn't even think was possible. He started undoing my pants and I allowed him, a first anyway.

'Hold on. Um...' I brushed my hand through my hair. 'I wanna know something'

'Okay, what is it.'

'Well first of all, I don't really want to have sex with you.'

He made this quizzical expression and started to get off of me but I grabbed his arm.

'Don't leave; I just don't know you enough to have sex with you. I want a relationship actually.'

He looked at me. 'I didn't want this to be just a one night stand, I really like you.'

I sighed. 'Good, well then as our first honesty exercise, I'd like to know.'

'Know what.' He asked.

'Um...' I hesitated and then leaned over to his table. I watched his expression as I did this and it seemed he knew what I was reaching for because he looked down like a little kid about to get in trouble for eating too many cookies or something.

I opened the draw, with him still on top of me, I pulled the gun from the table and he began to move off of me so I stopped him again.

'Hey, look at me.' I smiled at him. 'Its okay, I just want to know why you have this. I'm sorry for looking through your stuff.'

He smiled back. 'It's no problem. He took the gun out of my hands and flicked a switch on it. 'Safety'

I nodded. 'So why do you have it?'

'Well my past isn't a very good one. I used to- I am a troublemaker. I got into some things with some really bad people, even lost myself to drugs once but I'm recovering from all of it and trying to make better of myself.... And then I met you.'

He put his hands on my chest and I pulled him down into me. 'My past isn't as... rebellious as yours but I did have lots of bullshit so, I don't mind who you were, I only care about who you're trying to be.'

We started to kiss again and he took of my pants off for me, as I returned the favor. He wore boxers, I wore boxer trunks. I love guys in boxers.

I kept groping his body and he slid down my chest, kissing it all the way down until he had his mouth over my cock through the fabric of my trunks. He peeled them down and starting jacking me off by hand. It was already hard and dripping with pre cum. His tongue slid itself across the side of my dick and I moaned in pleasure. He began slow but got faster and soon I couldn't take it anymore, I was about to shoot my load when he stopped and grabbed my hands and put me on top of him in the same way he was on top of me. He wanted me to cum in his mouth, I started to jack myself off so I could cum in his mouth when he moved my hands so he could blow me some more. I moaned so loud, I was cumming. He was jacking himself off at the same time and shot all over my stomach and chest. I came all over his face; I lost count of my shots after the fourth. Some of it got in his mouth but the amount that didn't got scooped up by his face and taken into his mouth, He licked all of his cum from my chest and pulled me down for a kiss, his mouth still full of our cum. I kissed him until we swallowed all of the cum. We tasted good together, sweet and salty at the same time. I've never had my own cum before. As if he could read my mind, (for the second time) he said 'Wow Talon, you taste good.' He smiled again, god I loved his smile.

We lay on top of each other after that. We slept in and stayed in that room for two days. We are together and I really like him, this is the start of our new relationship.

Hm, I have a boyfriend, an emo hot boyfriend. We are hot emo boyfriends. Ha-ha Fux yeah.

Pat 2 - He Can't Be An Evil Emo... COMING SOON




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