I am a 29 Year old Bi closeted male, 5'11, with a decent body and a strong lust for straight guys.  There is something about being with a straight guy that turns me on more than anything else--perhaps it's the pursuit of having something that you are unlikely to have or that no one has had.  This story is my pursuit and success of landing the guy i've lusted for.

Nick and I had been friends for about 5 years and all of those years I lusted for him.  Nick was a 26 year old Marine who stood about 5'10, blue eyes, and a rock hard body that would make anyone take a second glance.   Our friendship gradually developed over time through seeing each other at the gym and talking fitness.  Though, I was a workout enthusiast, I was nowhere near as fit as Nick was.  We began with chatting fitness and then hanging out to watch sports.  I owned my own house so during the summer I would have him over to hang out by the pool.  This gave me the opportunity to get to know him even more and enjoy his amazing body.   There were numerous time where I would go inside the house and jerk off to watching him through the window laying around shirtless.   

Nick never had any clue that I was Bi.  I dated women, we shared stories about fucking pussy, dating, and many other things.  For years I tried to get him a little drunk and see if his inhibitions would let down and allow me to explore, but I was never so lucky.  It doesn't help that he doesn't drunk very much.   After trying many times and failing, I concocted a plan that I thought may work.    I contacted a female friend of mine (Kerri) who was a hot lesbian and one of the very few people that new about my bi side.  My plan was to have her come over on a hot summer day, hang out with Nick and I by the pool, and bate he and I for a threesome.   

The plan was set and I was both nervous and excited about the possibilities.  I invited Nick and told him I met a hot girl and was inviting her over as well so he and I had some eye candy. He was very excited about that, but not as much as I was.   I made plenty of mixed drinks for us, had plenty of beer and was ready for the plan to get into play.  I was hornier than ever thinking of the possibilities if the plan happened and couldn't wait.

Nick arrived wearing blue board shorts and a tank top and I was happy.  Kerri arrived wearing almost nothing and looking hot.  If I wasn't so stuck on Nick and having him in some way, I would have been drooling over Kerri.   The three of us laid around the pool, started drinking, talking, playing some music, and letting the day pass by.  I fired up the grill and left Kerri with Nick to flirt more. I was staring at his 6 pack abs glistening from the sun beaming on him and his amazing muscle body.  He looked hot and was drinking much more than usual.  Perhaps it was the company of an attractive female that fueled his alcohol  

Hours had gone by and the three of us were still lounging and drinking.  Kerri and I continued to feed him drinks and it was clear he was getting very buzzed and happy.  Kerri also kept dropping innuendos to both of us.  Somehow, our conversation turned to porn and I mentioned my favorite was woman on woman porn.  Kerri said she had never seen it and was curious how different it was.  I chuckled knowing full well that she is a lesbian.  I then suggested we go inside and watch some and she said yes and while doing so reached over and grabbed Nick's package for a brief second or two.  I could see that made him happy.  

We all entered the house and moved right to the living room.  We sat with Kerri in the middle. I immediately turned the TV on, hooked the laptop to it, and turned on some lesbian porn for us to watch.   I poured a final shot of tequila for us to have and we all did.   Kerri and I had not drank as much as Nick. He thought we did, but her and I did kept bringing the three of us knew drinks, but hers and mine were either never filled all the way or the same cups.  I know, it might have been a little slimy, but sometimes you have to push the envelope to get what you want.  

The porn starts playing and Kerri is turned on so she starts to take her top off and her amazing tits were showing for us both to see.  I looked down and I can see Nick's bulge growing.  Kerri then jumps on my lap and starts making out with me.  While she's doing that she reaches her hand on Nick's cock and starts rubbing it through his board shorts.  His cock was growing hard and I get hard seeing hit and having Kerri's great tits in my face.  She gets off of me and pulls his shorts off and alas I got to see him in his full glory.  He had a beautiful 7 1/2 inch cut, thick cock, smooth, with a nice ball sack.   I was in heaven as I had waited 5 years to see it and it was even better than I imagined.  The head of his cock was so fat I wanted so bad to wrap my lips on it and suck his sweet nectar, but I couldn't just yet.  Kerri began jerking him off and then she straddled him putting her big tits in his face.  Her ass was pushing up against Nick's cock and this is when I took the chance and rubbed her ass and slowly slid my hand down on Nick's cock.  I felt it throb to my touch and that drove me crazy.  I gave it one slowly stroke and removed my hand so I could get a feel for his reaction.  Luckily there was none.  I think part of it was the full day of alcohol and the other part was a half naked hot girl on his lap.   Kerri then started rubbing me as well and that was part of the plan to have us both interact.  She removed my bathing suit and both Nick and I were fully naked.  I don't even think he noticed as he was to intrigued by her and turned on.  She then had him stand up, put some lube on his cock and started stroking it and he was loving it.  He was making pleasureful moans from the enjoyment.  I was still seated and put my hand up and felt his lower back and ass and that only made my 8 inch cock throb even more from excitement.  He was so focused on being stroked he didn't even realize who was touching him and where.  

Kerri then had him sit on back on the couch and started to show me some "attention"  we made out and she was right back on Nick. She had him lay down and she sat with her ass and pussy in his face.  He removed her bikini bottom and started to play with.  This is where I l moved in and started sucking his cock.   It was like a dream when I felt his gorgeous thick cock throb in my mouth.  The taste of his semper fi Marine cock in my mouth was heavenly and I enjoyed it.  I heard his moans of pleasure from my mouth, tongue and throat all working in sequence to bring this stallion to a blissful climax.  Nick didn't realize it was me sucking him because his mouth and tongue were too busy working Kerri and the alcohol had deterred any possibility of resistance or complete coherence.  

I signaled to Kerri that I wanted his cock in my ass, but I wasn't sure how we could make this a reality.  I didn't want to get too greedy and have this backfire, but I knew this was my one and only chance to have him and it was working so I decided to push the envelope more.  As I stopped sucking Nick, Kerry slide off his mouth. Nick sat up on the couch and he and I were next to each other leg to leg... Kerri was on her knees in front of him stroking his cock so I reached over and rubbed his chest.  Nick didn't have a reaction to hit he was too focused on his prize or so he thought.  As I was rubbing his chest I started talking and saying how hot she was.  I moved my hands down to his abs and rubbed his stomach and then over to his leg all while saying sexual things like she's hot, you need to fuck her, shove your cock in her man.   He then uttered, let me fuck you.

Kerri then had Nick get on his knees on the floor in front of her and they began kissing again and he was grabbing her ass.  This went one for a good 5-10 minutes.  While this was happening I want up behind him and started rubbing his back and ass...i enjoyed moving my hands up and down his body without objection.  His body was rock hard like an adonis and I wanted him in me bad.  I came around behind Kerri and whispered get him on his back and ride on his stomach.  She then pushed him down on his back and straddled him on his stomach.  His cock was sitting there rock hard needing relief and my ass was twitching with the thought of feeling his cock open me up.  My heart was beating with anxiety as it was now or never.  I kept think of how good it would feel but also how bad it could end up.   I peaked over and saw Kerri's back as Nick was under her and in a brief second, I put a dab of lube on his cock and squatted slowly down. My hole slowly began to open up with the head of his cock entering inside me.  Little by little, I lowered my welcoming hole until his entire thick marine dick was all the way in.  I could hear a loud moan from Nick so I knew he was enjoying it.  Kerri then also knew he was in me so she played along and noises and moans.  

Once my eager hole got used to the feel of him inside of me, I began to ride him effortlessly and move my hole up and down.   My hole was wrapped so tight around his cock that it squeezed his manhood mercilessly with every motion.  The heat of his marine cock was intense and feeling his cock throb inside of me drove me wild and made me go faster. Every moan and groan from him made me push harder on his cock which made me feel like a needy whore and I loved it. Soon I realized that I had him and I was about to have his potent marine seed and i went harder until I felt his legs tighten, heard loud moans, felt his cock throb relentlessly and then i received the ultimate prize--his warm load!!! I stayed on his cock for a few moments milking it with my hole.  Once I knew my greedy ass drained it fully,  I got off.

I sat on the couch, Kerri got slowly off of Nick, and they both sat down as well.  Nick looked totally spent and satisfied.  I asked him how she felt and he said it was the tightest pussy he ever fucked.   We all put on our clothes,ate some food and went our separate ways.   I am still friends with both of them. Kerri and I still talk about it from time to time.  Nick still thinks he fucked a pussy so our friendship is still as strong as ever even though I do slightly feel bad about the situation.    One thing is for sure, I enjoy when Nick and I hang out because it turns me on knowing I had that stud muscle marine baby batter inside me. 





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