This is a true story. Only names have been changed.

As a manager it was my job to hire people for my department. I hated doing interviews because they were always boring, and to tell the truth, it was few and far between that someone hot would ever come in to interview.

One day this guy John comes in, he looked around 17 or 18. He was a short latin boy with a dark complexion and a cute baby face. I don't think I heard one word this boy said while I interviewed him. All I could focus on was his hot smile. And that his shirt was a thin white material that when he turned the right way, I could see his nipples through it. Long story short, I hired him. Afterwards I hoped to hell that this boy could do the job.

It was my job to train all new employees. Normally I would have to train several people at a time but I lucked out just having to train John. We were both smokers so we snuck out a few times to take a smoke break and I used that opportunity to get to know him on a more personal level. I didn't know he was gay when I hired him. But through talking to him he started telling me about his boyfriend and all. Finding out that he was gay just made my cock jump.

Over the next few months we got to know each other more and more. Our conversations usually were just general life things. One day, I don't know what made him say it, but we were on break and I said that something that happened that day "sucked" and he turned and said "well you can suck me any time you want!" And I looked up and he had this grin on his face. I almost choked. From that point forward we started to talk more and more about sex.

One day we were working on cleaning around the office. I used to intentionally give him jobs where he had to climb under things or bend over so I could look at his sexy ass. On this day, he wore these pants that just came to his hips. When he bent over I almost came in my pants when I saw the crack of his ass come out. I must have kept him down there for a good 10 minutes giving him more things to clean and straighten up.

After that I decided I had to get with him. So I started sending him messages with pictures of guys I wanted to fuck and pictures of guys fucking saying things I wanted to "do on my boyfriend." He started sending things back. Then one day I had made the comment that I was really horny and needed a blowjob. He messaged back that he was horny too. We went back and forth and he said for me to meet him in a stairwell and he would take care of me. I was like "Whatttttt???" I thought he was kidding so I blew him off (no literally LOL!).

The next day he made the comment again. I messaged him and said "Look, I suck at reading signals. Are you being serious or are you just fucking around?" There was a long pause. I was sweating because I figured he was just playing around and now I just made an ass of myself. After what felt like ages, a message comes back, "I'm serious if you are. I just wish there was a place we could go." I messaged back "There is. There's a bathroom in the basement that no one uses ever. We could go down there and be alone for hours." He said "Ok, so let's do it!"

I messaged him and said I will walk out first and then you follow me. We'll go out and smoke and then head down. I walked out to the elevator, my hands shaking like crazy. He came out as the doors opened. We both walked on and didn't say a word the entire ride downstairs. We went outside and both of us at the same time started talking and you could hear the trembling in both of our voices.

We finished our cigarettes and headed back to the elevator. I looked at him and said "Are we really going to do this?" He said "Umm I dunno." The door opened and I said, "well, you pick which button to push. Either basement or the floor for our office." I looked away because I was certain he was going to hit 4 instead of B. But then I felt the elevator moving down. My heart started beating like crazy.

We stepped off the elevator, I pointed towards the bathroom. We walked over and stood there staring at each other. Finally he made the move and opened the door. I followed him inside. He tried the light but it didn't work. I said "Fuck it, who cares" and he let the door close and latched it shut. We again stood there for what felt like forever and then I felt his body press against mine. I put my hands on his shoulders and then I felt his hand slide down to my crotch and he started rubbing my hard cock through my pants.

I moved my hand down and could feel what felt like a rock pressing against his jeans. We rubbed each other for a bit and then I felt him sliding downward. Then his hands started feeling around for my belt. He fumbled around and I reached down and took it off. Then I felt my pants and boxer briefs slide down and his hand touching my cock. I almost shot my load right there. He rubbed it a few times and then I felt something hot and wet sliding down the length of my throbbing cock. I couldn't help but let out a low moan and grabbed his head and started slowly fucking his mouth. His mouth felt so fucking good. Then he stopped and stood up. I was like "Uhhh..."

Out of the darkness I heard "Do you suck too?" I whispered "Yeah." And he said back, "Then get on your knees and suck me!" I am usually not into being told what to do, but for his sexy ass, I was on my knees in a second. I ran my hands down his body. Feeling his abs through his shirt, his rock hard cock in his pants.... I slowly reached my hands up to his belt and started to unbuckle it. Then I unbuttoned his pants and slid them down to his knees. My mouth was watering at the thought of tasting his hard cock. When I got to his underwear, my fingers were trembling. I slid my fingers into his waistband and slid his boxer briefs down to his thighs. Without a second thought I slammed my mouth down on his cock and started sucking it like crazy. Within seconds I heard him lowly moaning and he grabbed onto my head and started to work his hard cock in and out of my wet mouth.

I felt spit running down my chin as he fucked my mouth with his cock. I kept sucking it harder and faster. My hands rubbing his ass. All of a sudden he pushed away from me and before I could ask what was wrong, I heard him quickly stroking his cock and then he let out a moan and I heard something wet hit the floor. In the darkness my brain pieced together that he just jerked his cock until he shot all over the floor. Then I heard a thump as he fell back into the wall and I could hear him breathing heavily.

When he leaned back, there was a crack under the door that perfectly let in enough light to see his hard cock with drops of cum hanging from it. I didn't even hesitate, I grabbed him by the waist and pulled his cock back into my mouth. I was determined to make him cum again. When the tip of his cock touched my mouth, I could taste his cum. It was salty but so sweet. I could feel my cock throbbing now. I sucked him so hard and grabbed onto his ass pulling and pushing him in and out of my mouth. I was determined to make him cum in my mouth this time. Within two minutes, he started wiggling around and before I knew what was happening, he pulled away from me again, his cock rubbed against my head as he turned, and shot his load on the floor.

I tried to get him to go for a third time but he said "We really should get back upstairs before we get busted." And he started to do up his pants. I stood up and got myself back together. We left the bathroom without talking, went to smoke a cigarette before heading back to the office. We both stood there for a good minute or two and then we both said "No one is to know about this! Ever!" We both agreed and went back to our office and didn't talk about it.

That night when I got home, I went into the bathroom to get changed and as I turned to the mirror, I saw something in my hair. I looked closer and right in the front of my hair, where John's cock had hit me when he was about to shoot, there was dried cum about the size of my pinky nail. Then I looked at my shirt and there was two drips of dried cum. Not to be wasteful, I wet my finger and rubbed it on the stain on my shirt and then proceeded to lick the stains off my shirt. It was still fresh enough that it still tasted like his cum. My cock got rock hard and I beat myself off into oblivion. I think I blew 4 loads that night.



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