My name is Lok, I am 21 years old and my younger step brother is 19. He moved into our house when my mom divorced my dad and then fell I love with another man, who already had another kid. He was very attractive, he had black hair, which he sometimes dyed with bright colors, a slim and petite frame and bright blue eyes. From what I heard from my step-dad he was always being picked on in school for being emo and liking metal and all of that stuff that other people find weird. But I never got a chance to ask him anything because most of the time he would lock himself in his room and not talk to anybody. 

I was always looking for a moment to talk to him, but he would always avoid me, I had to find a way to talk to him, he was my step brother after all. For me this was very ironic as we lived together with our parents in a two floor house. But the moment fro me to finally talk to him would arrive soon. 

Finally, summer came and mom and dad had planned an expensive trip to Europe, and they asked me to take care of my little step-brother while they were away. They told me that they wanted a moment together by themselves and well, I understood. That same week I drove them to the airport and then returned home. 

I arrived in my car in driveway and got into the house, I turned on the tv downstairs and then headed upstairs to my room to get a change of clothes, as I walked toward my room, Will's room door was opened and he was laying in his bed with his phone, wearing earphones and masturbating in the bed. For a minute I stood there, and then walked toward his room door and knocked. Will looked at me with a face that I will never forget. It was a combination of fear, and confusion. He then reacted, he took off his earphones off an then he locked his phone. He looked at me again. "Please don't tell dad or mom" he said almost begging. "I won't" I said turning my back on him and going back to my room. He came running after me, with his pants on but still with a full on erection. "Promise me" he said while pulling on my shirt. I looked behind me. "I promise I won't tell mom or dad. What you were doing is completely normal. I used to do it too" I answered. I sounded like some kind of parent teaching their kids about sex.

"Actually..." He replied nervously. "...never mind" he said quickly as he turned to his room and toward it and closed the door. I ignored the whole thing, I changed clothes and then went downstairs again. I watched tv for while and then headed to my room to get some rest. I left my door room open as always and then quickly fell asleep. 

(Will's point of view) 

As quickly as I could I closed the door behind me. Did I almost confessed in front of him? I mean, I could have just said it. But it was too weird. What if he isn't into guys? What if he has a girlfriend already? But, he my dream guy. Athletic body, much taller than me, I like guys who would dominate me. Something like in a gay fantasy story, were a big guy dominates a twink. 

But I wanted to see his face again. I wonder how he looks while he sleeps? I have to do this. I exit my room slowly and quietly and notice that his room door isn't closed, it's my lucky day. I enter the room quietly and stare at him for a few seconds, he looked so cute while sleeping. Then I got closer and closer and then leaned in and gave him a kiss on the lips. lol jolted upwards and woke up abruptly, he looked at me with a confused face. "What are you doing!?" He yelled at me. I nervously looked at him. "The thing is Lok, that I...can't resist anymore. I...I like you..." lol looked at me biwildered at what he was hearing. He didn't even answer. But I could resist myself any longer, I leaned in toward him and pinned him to the bed and gave him another kiss. Then slowly went all the way down to his crotch. I opened his pants and then pulled them down, his dick was already starting to get hard, I started teasing him by touching it and kissing it. 

(Lok's point of view)

I couldn't believe what he was doing to me. My younger step brother was about to suck my dick. It felt good I won't lie, but at the same time it felt wrong . But I played along, because to be honest, I kind of liked him too. As I thought of this, Will had already pulled my underwear down and my fully erect six inch cock came out. Will then started playing with it, he would stroke it up and down and tease the tip with his tongue. I was quietly moaning out of pleasure, but I knew I couldn't be the only one to have fun. I grabbed his hair and slowly pulled his head away from my cock and looked at him. "Pull down you pants and take off your shirt" I ordered him. He did as I told him, but his face changed.

"What's wrong?" I asked. "Haven't you done this before?" He looked at me with innocent eyes.  "No. No I haven't." Without saying a word I picked him up in my arms and layer him on the bed. His 4" cock had started to become erect. I used my hand to stroke it and pre cum started coming out of the tip his dick as I stroke a bit faster. Will was moaning with pleasure, it seemed that this was the first time he had ever been jerked off by another person. 

After jerking him off a bit more I ordered him to turn over on his belly. He looked at me confused. You'll like this, I assured him so he did what I asked. He turned on his stomach and then I took off my shirt. Afterwards I leaned in to his small ass and started licking his virgin ass. He started moaning even louder than before. Then I started to put one finger into his asshole. He grunted and moaned in pain, but then he calmed down and relaxed. Then I switched to two fingers. 

(Will's point of view)

What he was doing to me felt so good. I couldn't control myself and as he penetrated my ass with his fingers I moaned uncontrollably. I had never felt this way before in my life. "Will?" Lok called me from where he was standing. "Are you ready for what comes after this?" I looked at him. "Yeah, go for it." I answered. "If it's too painful, tell me ok?" Lok added. I nodded and then he kneeled on the bed. I switched positions and got on all fours on the bed. He then started to put his cock inside of me. I tensed up from the sudden pain, but then the pain turned into pleasure and I relaxed. It was very painful as he inserted his cock inside of me, but again all of that turned into pleasure. 

He then started moving back and forward with speed and it felt so good that I couldn't stop moaning. He too was doing the same. As he was ducking me he leaned forward and gave me a kiss. "I love you Will" he told me. 

(Lok's point of view) 

The sudden rush of pleasure made me moan. His ass was so tight that it hugged my dick perfectly. I almost cummed in the first few minutes but I couldn't allow that, so I held it in. We then switched positions. He laid flat on his back and raised his hips a bit to introduce my dick into his ass. As I fucked him he started jerking off. "Faster..." Will said between loud moans. I did as he instructed and started fucking hi harder and faster. His moans then turned much louder as he cummed on his stomach, as he did so his ass got incredibly tight giving even more pleasure than before. "I'm going to cum on your cute face" I told him with a grin on my face. After I fucked him a few times more I got out and then leaned toward his face and dropped my cum load all over his face. Some of it got into his light and the rest all over his face. The cum that went into his mouth he took it all in and swallowed, he then opened his mouth showing me he had done so and smiled. "Your dirty" I told him jokingly. I gave him a little kiss and then layed next to him. He also layed down beside me and hugged me. He then immediately fell asleep and so did I a few minutes later. 


Kevin Hydra Anderson

[email protected]


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