Kevin was 43 yrs old, about 6'2' 240lbs of pure muscle and as he approached me from behind the bar I felt my stomach drop. Then he carded me, turns out it's illegal to drink in a bar in California if you're not 21. I asked him not to kick me out as it was only 10 pm. (gay guys start early). He said I could only stay if I participated in the underwear competition, the prize being $300. I said sure, no problem, I wasn't gay, who cared if these guys got a look at my body, I'm in great shape, and I might win some cash. So I had to take my pants off on the spot and as soon as my blue skin tight trunks came out so did a million cat calls. Kevin put his huge hands on my hips and motioned me toward the dame floor and said to start the contest. I got out there, I bent over, I took my shirt off, I danced, and then I headed back to the bar only to find Kevin telling me that my Id was fake and we had to go to see the manager...he leads me back to the offices with one hand on my arm and one on my ass. There he sits me down and tells me I could be in serious trouble and he's going to call the cops. I plead with him not to.'it gets to the poin where I'm practically begging him not to call the cops, and he tells me if I don't want trouble then I should slip my undies off and show him what I've got. So Im freaking out and don't know what to do and I just stand up. As soon as I'm up kevins massive hands grab my hips and yank my spandex down. Before I can even process what's going on, he has a finger completely up my hole and another hand over my stomach. Then he makes me grab a shelf on the wall and starts plowing me with his middle finger. It hurt like hell at first, but I can feel my hole loosening up and it actually felt kind of hot. I was just so nervous I didn't properly enjoy it. He continues to wrap his arm around my abs and slam me with his finger for about 5 more minutes. Then he puts one arm around my neck and pulls me in close so that I can feel his breath. The other hand covers my cock and tugs on my balls. Then he throws ms face down on a table and I feel his bald head and goatee slide down my back and his tongue goes deep deep up into my butthole....he kept telling me I was a little piece of boy butt that was meant to be pounded... Ive always been told by gay men that I have a bubblebutt, but I never really thought about the power it had as I had this tough guy biker burying his face in my bottom and spreading my cheeks wide open. This went on for about 10 more glorious minutes before the owner walked in his office, and ad it turns out the joke was on me , as Kevin didn't even work there, it was all a game so he could smash some teenage ass. Which he did. I never felt as turned on as I did with my undies at my ankles and a biker's finger up my bottom.



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