I take a summer job with a local house painting company to save money for my next year's college tuition. The company has five separate crews that are scheduled to paint the interior of older homes. On the first day, the owner assigns me to to work with him on an older two story home as he sends the other crews to homes he has agreed to paint.

My boss, Cody (age 38), looks like a Roman gladiator. He has bulging muscles up and down his gorgeous body. I learn that he is 6 feet and 4 inches tall, weights 225 rock hard pounds, and has curly long blond hair hanging half way down his back. He has light blue sparkling eyes, arms and legs the size of small tree trunks, and a muscled hard chest with protruding big nipples the size of a smaller woman's breasts. He has prominent chiseled cheeks and jaw. He has only light blond fuzz over his body.

I have never set eyes on a more impressive hunk. I learn that he has developed this gorgeous body as a body builder.

My name is Xavier but I go by the nickname of Alex. I am a twink compared to stud Cody. I have dark red hair, hazel eyes; very light complexion making me prone to sunburn, and very little body hair. I weigh 150 pounds and stand 5' 7". I am trim and often described as cute by my college friends and roommates. I am 20 years of age.

For the first three days, Cody and I wash the walls and move the furniture preparing for the painting.

Early on the fourth day, I am on the sixth rung of a ladder in the living room running a paint brush up and down the wall when Cody walks up behind me. He steps on the first rung of the ladder and places his hands on my butt cheeks and says: "Alex, how are you doing? Do you like your summer job?"

As a Gay twink, I instantly feel my 8" cut cock begin expanding in my boxers. I try without any success to get the tool under control. I have no idea if Cody is totally straight or bisexual. I have met his bombshell girlfriend. I do not want Cody to see that he is turning me on. I could be accused of coming on to him or even worse get fired.

Without turning around and trying to hide my hard on, I respond: "Yes, boss, this is an ideal summer job and it pays well so I can have significant funds for my next year's college tuition. Thank you for giving me the job."

Cody moves up one more rung, pats me hard on both of my ass cheeks near the entrance to my ass, runs his huge hands up my spine and says: "Great Alex, I am pleased you enjoy working for me. I can see you are a very dedicated worker." He then moves off the ladder and begins painting the wall opposite to the wall I am painting.

I am horny as hell the rest of the day thinking about his big warm hands on my ass. Maybe he did not mean to be flirty but just how he operates as a former high school quarterback. Football players are famous for patting each other on the butt after a good play.

After work, my mother has prepares a wonderful steak dinner for my father, my three younger brothers and me. After dinner, I rush to my room and lock the door. I have never been hornier and I am desperate to milk my cock dry.

I take off all my clothes; get out my favorite Gay magazine of nude Gay guys; and retrieve a bottle of lube. I lie down on my back on the bed and put a pillow under my ass. I drench my cock and ass with gobs of lube.

I begin jacking off with one hand hand and inserting a finger into my ass with the other hand. As I look at the nude pictures and fantasy about an illicit affair with Cody sucking my cock and fucking my ass, my cock becomes as hard as steel.

I am running my wet hand rapidly up and down the shaft of my leaking cock, driving two fingers up my ass as if they are a cock. I am massaging my prostate. I am coming almost off the bed and moaning and grunting loudly. I am moaning louder and louder. The only reason that the family cannot hear by groans and the screeching of the bed is that I am playing loud music on my stereo.

I jack off and finger my ass until I almost come. I rest and then go at it again. I want to last as long as possible. After an hour of starting and stopping, I am now so horny and eager to shoot a huge load. I speed up my jerking my now sore cock and soon I explode with a monstrous series of jizz blasts that spray over my abs, stomach, chest, face and mouth and even into my red hair. I am covered in my own sweet smelling nectar.

I grab a towel and clean off the warm cum and swallow what went into my mouth. I lick the cum stained towel to get more jizz for the meal. I take a shower and go to bed. I look forward to tomorrow and maybe Cody will pat my ass again. One can hope.

I show up for work at 7 AM. Cody seems especially friendly and says: "Well, Mate, are you ready for another 8 hours of painting?"

"Oh, yes, boss, I am ready to get to work with your instructions."

"Alex, please start calling me Cody."

Around 10 AM Cody calls me to come up stairs to the master bedroom to help him replace the cover on a wall lamp. I hold the cover in place as he replaces the screws.

As I left my arms high to hold the cover in place, Cody's mouth and hot breath are only two inches from one of my underarms. I can feel his hot breath blowing under my armpit's red fuzz. I am beginning to sprout a hardon.

When Cody is finished replacing the cover, he notices the huge bulge in my pants. He drops the screwdriver and OMG he starts licking and sucking on my underarm. He sucks and eats the perspiration running down my arm. Soon he moves to my other armpit and does the same. It is a hot day and I am producing lots of sweat. We both are working shirtless due to the heat.

I am now totally horny and I have a full erection. My cock is pressing against my boxers attempting to escape.

Next Cody moves to my mouth and he gently plants soft kisses on my lips. He now has a full erection as I view his crotch. WOW!! His cock looks huge. Cody is so turned on that he plunges his tongue into the back of my throat as we engage in a long series of French kisses. We have spit dripping from our mouths and running down our chins onto our naked chests. The sloppy kissing is driving me crazy. I reach down and take hold of the huge bulge in Cody's pants. I can feel a wet spot.

Still in silence, Cody moves over and puts a painting canvass in the middle of the room. He picks me up and lays me down on my back on the canvass. For the first time Cody speaks: "Alex, you are really a cute twink that is turning me on. I want to compare fucking your asshole with fucking my girlfriend's pussy. I have never had my cock in a man's ass. It sounds sexy. I do not know but maybe I am bisexual."

I am now wild to be fucked by this giant of a man. I have never been more aroused due to both his handsome body and to be the first man's ass he fucks.

Cody instructs me: "Alex, I have a sexy idea or one of my fantasy dreams. I want to dominate you. Please lie back and be totally passive. I will make all the moves and do all the dirty talking. I will dominate you. Is that OK?"

"Oh, yes! Dominate me, give me orders, do to me what ever turns you on. Let me be your bitch today. I will be silent and take your directions."

"Great Alex. I am going to lick you from your head to your feet. I am going to eat and fuck your rosebud, suck and swallow your nuts, lick and suck your cock, bite your tits, spank your dirty ass, hump you and whatever else comes to my mind. Get ready you slut, bitch and ungrateful lad. You are going to get it today from this hunk."

Cody goes down and removes my belt, unzips my pants and takes them off. He removes my shoes and socks. I am now naked except for my black silk briefs with a hard cock head that has escaped up and out of the elastic band in my briefs. I put my hands above my head and wait to be devoured by this horny gladiator. He takes off his shoes and clothes except for his hot red briefs. His giant cock is running side ways just under the elastic band of his briefs all the way over to his hip. It is huge.

Cody lies flat on my body. He begins to hump me with a great force as he licks first my ear lobes and then sucks and bites my nipples. Our cocks are rubbing hard against each other as we fill our briefs with gobs of precum. After at least 7 minutes, he gets up and start tonguing and cleaning my sweaty body. He again licks my underarms; licks down my arms; licks my face; licks across my chest; licks down my stomach; licks my belly button; and licks my abs, thighs, legs, feet and toes. He spends a considerable amount of time sucking on each of my toes and licking under the bottom of my feet.

I am crazy with lust and I am so near coming even without touching my cock. No one has ever cleaned my entire body with their hot tongue before today. It is the most erotic experience as I must remain passive and not talk.

Finally he gives attention to my aching cock. He puts his mouth on my cock head kissing and licking over the head through my briefs. When he is satisfied with the smell and arousal he has caused, he puts his thumbs under the band of my briefs and takes them off. My 8 inch cock stands to attention as it oozes precum.

He orders me to remove his red briefs. WOW!! I learn that he has an 11" cut cock, big cock head and large balls the size of ostrich eggs. I am pretty sure I will not survive that horse cock when he fucks me.

Cody comes up and sits on my chest and without a word he plunges his horse cock down my throat. I am only able to get about two-thirds of his cock down my throat. It is long and very thick. Cody moans and pounds my throat as I gag and gasp for air. My mouth is so full of cock. I am collecting his warm precum as it slides down my throat.

With his cock still leaking, he moves down and takes my fully hard cock down his throat. He does not bother to slowly suck my cock but goes wild and fast sucking my boner. As he nosily and sloppy gives me a full and wild blowjob, he is fingering my ass with three of his big fingers. My ass is being spread for his waiting and eager cock.

After a long and hot blowjob, Cody starts sucking my over heating balls. He manages to put both of my nuts into his hot mouth and suck hard. I can feel my warm cum gathering for a major eruption. As I am not allowed to speak, I am unable to warn Cody that I am going to come. I grab the base of my cock and turn it toward his face and head. I burst a huge load of my seed all over his face and head as he sucks my balls. He winds up with gobs of my warm cum on his face, mouth, eyes, ears and hair. He deserves the drenching as I am not allowed to talk.

Surprisingly he seems to enjoy the drenching of cum over his head. He pulls off of my nuts and immediately plunges his huge cock into my ass without any warning. OMG, it is so big.

Cody says: "You bitch, take all my cock down that ass channel. I am going to drive this monstrous sausage so deep into you that you can feel and taste it in your mouth. I am going to dump the largest load of jizz you have ever had in your man pussy. It will take hours for my cum to empty your ass after I finish breeding you."

My heart is racing as I am totally filed with this huge hot instrument up my ass. It hurts and at the same time feels so good. I have never had a cock this deep into my rosebud. WOW. It does feel as if it is all the way up my colon.

I violate my oath of silence as a moan: "Oh. yea. oh yea. FUCK ME. PLEASE FUCK ME. OH GIVE IT TO ME. Oh it is so big."

"I told you not to speak, you bitch. If my girlfriend can take all of this horse cock up her pussy, you can take it too. Do not be a baby."

Cody's dirty talk turns me on as I feel my cock rise again. WOW, Cody moves in and out with such an erotic feeling. His cock is massaging my walls and rubbing against my hot prostate. He has succeeding in opening my ass like never before. I will be able to take huge cocks after this fucking.

He pounds and drills my man pussy for at least 15 minutes. Then his cock head swells, he breaths faster and screams as he releases a fountain of the most hot and thick cum I have ever experienced. He continues to blast load after load into my ass. I am flooded with his nectar.

He pulls out and puts his still leaking semi-hard cock in my mouth as I suck him dry. We kiss and enjoy the still warm cum.

Finally, we get up and dress and before we return to work Cody says: " Alex, I hope this was fun. Thanks for the fuck and letting me be the aggressor. You did a fantastic job as the meek one. I want you to know that you were a great fuck but I am devoted to my girlfriend and future wife. You are a cute guy and you will have many guys after you. After today, you can show them really hot sex."

"Thanks Cody. This fuck was fantastic and I do understand. Thanks for the sex lesson and the summer job."


Naughty Eric


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