The piercing sound of my cell made me wide awake in seconds. Without looking at the caller ID I answered it and readied myself for giving a lecture on scaring people to death because it was nearly 2 am.

"Be out in ten minutes. Take a coat, it's raining." was all he said before hanging up. Hearing his voice made me hold my breath and I couldn't really grasp what had just happened. My heard pounded 100 miles a minute and I still thought it was a dream.

I got up, brushed my teeth quickly and put on sweatpants and a tee under the requested coat.

On tiptoes, I hurried to the backdoor and sneaked out on the street where he already waited for me, grinning wide and ready to go.

Inside the car it was hot, so I peeled off the coat instantly and made myself more comfortable.

After just a short embrace we took off. A few minutes later, however, I noticed that we didn't take the route to his house, so I asked "Where are we going? Isn't a big, soft bed in a warm apartment better than the car?", but he just briefly looked at me and remained quiet.

A while later he drove down a dirt road and stopped in the middle of the track. Shutting the motor down, he turned around to face me and said sadly "I had to sneak out, I have company. I just couldn't sleep and thought of you, you drive me crazy. It's worth the risk."

Now it was me who couldn't answer.

Company. The word made me cringe and I couldn't believe that she tricked him into staying again. Why would she do that? She knew that something was up but she just couldn't let him go.

By shutting off the motor he had certainly shut of the heater as well and I began to feel cold. Should I put my coat back on? Should I tell him that I'm freezing?

He stared out of the window, deep in thoughts. What was he thinking about? Us? His situation? Her? I cringed at that thought.

Then he turned towards me, his lips showing a little smile and he asked "What are you thinking about? Are you cold? We should move to the backseat, I can make you feel warm again." I felt like he could read my mind and just nodded.

So we changed to the backseat, and I immediately nuzzled my face into his neck to be as near him as possible. Chuckling, he stroked my back and sighed "I'm sorry that we have to meet here, but SHE sleeps in my bed and I couldn't get her out. I hope you're not mad at me, at least I'm here. I hope that tells you something."

It didn't just tell me 'something', it told me that he loved me more than HER and that was all I wanted to know.

His hand began drawing small circles on my back and I began to feel warm again. Beginning at my hair, he kissed a trail down my sleeve, ear and cheek, ending on my mouth. I felt like exploding, I had missed his touch so much; I couldn't stand being without him a single second longer. Never ending joy flooded my brain when his tongue entered my mouth, I felt like dying without it.

My heart pounded like never before, it wasn't even near normal anymore.

Slowly, his hand moved from my back to my chest and found my nipples. I sighed in sweet anticipation, no words were necessary. We both knew exactly what we wanted.

Tweaking my nipple with his hand, the other one moved sensually down my belly and sneaked into my pants.

I put my arms around him and never wanted to let go again, I was in heaven. There we sat, shortly before being naked, at night on a dirt track in the woods and nothing could be more perfect. This was true love ...

He stripped me off of my few left clothes and let his follow the second after. Flesh against flesh, nothing feels better.

Slowly, his right hand moved towards my crotch and his fingers circled the base of my dick lovingly. His left one stayed at my nipples and played with them softly. I leaned back into him and just enjoyed being with him again. Feeling his hand gliding slowly and sensually up and down my shaft made me feel like heaven again and again. With him, everything felt like heaven and I felt honored to be there.

Moving his hand from my dick further south, he caressed my balls and perineum and after what felt like an eternity, he began tipping his finger on my hole and I quivered in anticipation. He rummaged through his jeans and found a small bottle of lube. In my haste earlier I never even thought of that, so I was glad that he did. Lubing up his fingers, he kissed and bit my neck tenderly, lovingly.

When he inserted his index finger into my ass, I nearly fainted. It felt sooooo good, I never wanted it to stop. It had been an eternity since we last met - five days at least!

I began moaning when he inserted a second finger and turned them around. I couldn't wait any longer and begged him "Just fuck me, Will. I need you."

He chuckled again and teased me a bit longer, inserting a third finger as well.

Moving me around, he positioned himself over me and his dick poked my pucker gently. I loved feeling his weight over me, but I needed to feel his cock even more. Inserting it slowly, he began kissing me again, tenderly first but it increased rapidly.

My mind switched from 'love' to 'fuck' and I urged him on to fuck me silly. I was rewarded instantly, he thrust himself in me harder and harder with each move and I squeaked in joy when he hit my prostate.

Never minding the limited space to move, he just bore in me and I loved it. His movements felt like magic, I've never had sex that intense with someone before. He knew every inch, every weak spot of my body and used every single one of them to increase my pleasure. It drove me wild. It felt like he had five hands and ten tongues, I wasn't even able to tell what he did!

Hitting my prostate over and over again, he drove me near orgasm in no time at all and I moaned and whimpered for him to slow down because I wanted to enjoy the feeling of him in me some more and I knew that I would trigger his orgasm with mine.

Slowing down a bit, he started licking his way down my neck and chest and began playing with his tongue at my nipples. He drove me nuts and I clenched my asshole around his dick to show him my appreciation.

Moving ever so slowly in and out of me, he invaded my mouth with his tongue again and we played for a while, not wanting the night to end.

Increasing his pace some more, he frenched me more eager and I knew he wanted 'the grand final'. I started moaning louder again and he hit my prostate with every thrust. I couldn't hold it any longer and the dam burst. My cum flew over my head and splattered the window, the next spurts hit my face and neck and when I regained my breath again I heard him roaring with his last deep thrust before unloading himself deep in my guts.

Sweaty and out of breath, he collapsed on top of me, his face showing indescribable passion and joy. He made me happy, every single time.

Lying next to each other, we never wanted to leave and cuddled while watching the stars. Nothing could disturb this moment of freedom, nothing but ...

His cell rang and he answered without looking at me. "Hey. Sorry hun, I had to help Jack out of some silly mess with his girl. I'm nearly on my way back, I'll be there in thirty minutes tops. Love ya."

That couldn't be for real. He wanted to leave? Just like that? NOW? Before I could even process what had happened, he had already started dressing again and went back to his front seat. I wasn't able to grasp what it meant and slowly put my clothes back on. Was he serious? He wanted to kick me out to go back to HER after making love to me? Making love to her just so she doesn't suspect anything? I got angry with every second that he didn't talk to me. He destroyed my illusion, just like that. As if it was NOTHING!

He drove me back home and said goodbye, kissing me softly on the cheek. And that was it? Why did it always have to end in a disaster?

And regardless of everything, I was smiling widely when I got back into my bed. As always ...



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