As I left the toilets in the lobby and began to walk back up to my room, I kept imagining Alex pumping that huge cock of his in to my ass, feeling my ass stretch to occupy him. I stood outside my door thinking what lay beyond, Nick or Alex or both. I help the doorknob and pushed it open. Alex was lying on my bed in his briefs and Nick was on his laptop at his desk, he turned and smiled when he saw me enter.

"Ah there you are Matt, where have you been?"

"I just went for a walk." I walked over to my side of the room where Alex was watching me. "Hi." I said and he nodded and walked into the bathroom, he locked the door and the shower switched on.

"I have no idea what is wrong with him," Nick said wrapping his arms around my waist still sitting on his desk chair. "He was pissed off when he walked in about 10 minutes ago. Any idea why?"

I turned around, with his arms still around my waist, and my crutch was right in his face.

"Nick, you know how you wanted to know if Alex was gay?"

He nodded, his chin touching my groin.

"He is."

"Yea you told me, so?"

"He and I...did stuff."

His hands unwound themselves from my waist and he moved back.

"What stuff?"

"He fucked me."

He stood up and put his chair back under his desk and walked back to me.

"So if he got to fuck you, which you wont let me do at the moment, then why is he pissed off?"

"Cause I wouldn't fuck him. It didn't feel wasn't right." I added.

"Well we are going to have to change that, you promised me a three some and I'm going to get that cause I need to release a load." He said grabbing himself. As if on cue the shower turned off.

"Okay you turn off the lights and strip down, you are going to fuck my brothers ass in front of me."

I turned off the lights and stripped down to see that Nick had done the same and was standing on one side of the bathroom door, I stood on the other. The door opened and Alex had a towel wrapped around his head, drying off his hair. Nick grabbed his shoulder and forced him to my bed, his wet ass in the air.

"I heard you fucked my boyfriend today," Nick said in Alex's ear. "So he is going to repay the favour and your gonna suck on my cock."

Alex tried to struggle but Nick's large tanned arms kept him on the bed. I stared at Alex's ass, imagining how tight it will feel. I was hard instantly. Without thinking I stripped out of my pants and stood right behind Alex, the head of my dick just above his hole. Both and Nick and Alex looked back at me. I slid my hands up and down Alex's back. I moved them to the front of his body, to rub his abs that was slick with water from the shower. I leaned against him so I could go up to his nipples and my dick found its target and slipped in without me trying. It went in at less than half an inch before I popped out again.

"I think he hasn't been fucked before Nick." I smiled.

"Really?" Nick said looking down at Alex. He looked away.

"He's a lot like you isn't he Nick? Thinks he can fuck anyone but not get fucked. Just think Nick, I get to take yours and your brothers virginity."

"You are a very lucky boy Matt, taking two very hot brothers virginity. I wish you and I could both do it."

"Well, Nick we could if you really want. It'll hurt him though."

"Nah, we'll do that later let me watch you fuck me brother. I want to test his sucking skills first anyway."

And with that he opened Alex's mouth and slid his dick all the way in without hesitation. Alex must be a very talented deep throater as he didn't even choke on his brother's 9 incher. Nick began to moan loudly, and thrusted his hips into Alex's face.

Watching this happen I grew even harder and had to slip into Alex's virgin hole which I knew was gonna take some effort. I rubbed my hands around his ass, working my fingers across his hole, and then went for it and began to rim his ass. If his mouth wasn't full of his brother I would've sworn he would've shouted when I slipped my tongue into his ass. He twirled my tongue and pushed my it in ass far as I could, feeling a velvety texture on my tongue. I felt Alex shudder. I kept doing this and the only noises coming from Nick moaning and Alex's deep breathing and slurping.

I grabbed some lube from under the bed and squirted a decent amount onto my fingers and applied it to his hole. I pushed one finger in and Alex stopped everything as he adjusted, and being the dick I wanted to be, I pushed in another 2 too see him wince and pull off from Nick's cock. He turned to have look at me and instead of pain I saw h]tht he was completely turned on and looked down at my cock and gestured to his ass with his eyes and then returned to sucking Nick. So with that I pulled out my fingers and rested the head of my dick against his hole and pushed in.

Alex gave off a huge cry around Nick's dick as I pushed my whole dick into him with out letting him adjust. I gave him a few seconds when I was all the way in until I began to fuck him, and I didn't start off slow but went right into it. Alex was super tight even for a virgin and was really hot. I nearly exploded right then but continued on and the feeling passed. As he sucked on Nick, Alex was clenching his as all around my dick. Squeezing my cock for everything it had which made me think that he might actually have been fucked a lot before.

"Alex, are you actually a virgin?"

Nick's cock popped out of his mouth and turned towards me, still jerking Nick off.

"Yes," he said breathlessly. "Why?"

"You are just so good at being a bottom, you know what to do. Maybe you're just a natural bottom."

I began to fuck him hard again and I finally got to listen to him groan as I fucked his ass for the first time without Nick's dick in his mouth. It turned me one more and without realising I was cumming in his hot little ass. I bucked and humped and grinded my cock as far up his ass as I could before the orgasm finished.

When I was finished I slumped onto Alex's back to watch Alex suck Nick. I had my dick still buried deep within his ass and it began to perk up again.

"Is he any good?" I asked Nick, watching sweat rolling down his beautiful body.

"Oh my god. He is so good, no offence but he may even be better than you. He brings me to the edge and-" he began to hump harder into Alex but than relaxed. "and he knows when I'm about to cum and stops me from it. I've been on the brink like twice a minute."

"I want to see the load that he brings out of you." And with that I began to fuck Alex again, this time much slower, not wanting to distract Alex from working Nick's dick. I could feel my hot cum swishing around in Alex's ass and moving over its head. I was never going to forget this. Nick began to moan louder and louder and I knew Alex was going to carry through with this one.

"Nick pull out, let me see you cum."

And he did he pulled out right in time with a loud 'slurp' and exploded.

His first load soared and hit me in the face, landing on my lips and spreading to my eyes. I licked my lips to only get hit again and again with 3 more shots. The entire time Nick was shouting 'Fuck' and I had never seen Nick act like this before, he was so hot like this. The rest of his load hit my abs and pecs and began to run along Alex's back and down to his ass. I pulled out of Alex and cum slipped out of his ass. Nick and I collapsed onto the bed; Alex stood up and smiled at the two of us, breathing deeply.

He began to jerk his huge dick and then grabbed my head and slammed his cock down my throat and began to face fuck me. His dick was so hot that I didn't think he was going to last that long as I sucked him off and he didn't, about 2 minutes after I began he shouted my name and came almost as extreme as Nick had done. My mouth continued to fill over and over and by the end of his orgasm I nearly blacked out from lack of air. I slumped down back onto the bead again to have Alex lie on top of Nick and me.

I wrapped my arms around both of the extremely hot brothers and pulled them close. We lay like that, all breathing deeply, for about 5 minutes till I felt something hard pressing against my hand, it was Nick's dick.

"So Matt, I think it is time for you to get fucked." Nick whispered into my ear.

"And." I said turning towards him. "I think you need to see what your brother can do with his huge prick. You up for it Alex?"

Alex stood up and turned towards us, revealing his dick already at attention.

"I'm way ahead of you, and I wanna see what it's like to fuck my brother."



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