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Chapter 1

There it was my freshman year nametag Sebastian Collins! My first day has been awful so far I'm glad my parents are finally gone through nice size freshman class this year..

And then I seen him for the first time I don't even know how he caught my attention because I'm not a sissy this makes no sense at all! Then boom I realized I wasn't paying attention and ran into a chair... I was so embarrassed and then he looked up at me and said theres a seat right here bro....

He said what's up bro my name is Armando Sanchez

I said Sebastian Collins nice to meet you man! (Armando was 18 about 6'1 skinny swimmers build very yellow light skin mixed with Black and Mexican short haircut green eyes) I could tell he was a very laid back type of guy Because he showed up first day wearing a black hoody and some black basketball shorts white socks and black slide on Nike sandals! But I couldn't help but notice that he was wearing some blue green and black plaid boxers...

I had to control myself because for some reason I just kept wanting to stare at him... But we finished freshman orientation and they told us to immediately go to the next building to be assigned housing and I remember them saying that if you already know someone who you wanna bunk with that it could be arranged. But I didn't know anyone here but I was already thinking about bunking with Armando.. 

Just as I was thinking about how I could ask him without seeming like a fucking lame he turned around and said 

You know anyone here bro? Because I don't and you seem cool we can be roomies if you want man

I told him I don't know anyone either so its cool but I kept catching myself staring at his ass through his boxers and he didn't even have a big ass lol it was actually small but I liked how his boxers were sitting in his ass

Then BOOM I feel someone coming close to me and another guy whispers in my ear and says hey bro just so you know those three hot chicks over there are checking out your boner man! I looked down and my dick is standing at attention in my jeans and I look over and the girls start waving and smiling at me

This day has been embarrassing I can't wait to get to my room unpack and relax so after waiting in line filling out paperwork two hours later we were finally getting unpacked in our dorm room....

You snore man?

Nah I don't snore man you lol

Nah me either I told him

He said cool bro I usually sleep naked but I guess I can sleep in my boxers bro lol 

I told him that's cool bro I'm the same way

And then I was bending over to pick up something and when I looked back I swear it looked like he was checking out my ass but I wasn't sure tho

Damn its cold in here turn off the a.c. he said

I told him I tried but it wasn't going off for some reason turns out it was broken and campus was gonna fix it first thing in the morning!

So he says lets take a walk bro check out the outside life and we were walking and next thing I knew we were walking off campus 

We crossed the street and there was a bridge underneath it was a little creek and he said this is perfect we climbed down the rocks towards the creek and found a spot under the bridge where no one could see us... 

Next thing I know he pulled out a stoggy struck flame to her and Mary started to feel the air! I had never smoked before but didn't wanna look like a kid I'm 18 and they say college is for new experience so when he asked me if I wanted some I said yes...

I started puffing and instantly started coughing he started laughing and said Damn bro you don't smoke huh? I said well I do now Lol after a few minutes I stopped coughing

And he scooted closer to me and said let me show you how it's done look at my lips and he took a puff inhaled through his nose and then he told me not to hit it so hard and relax bro and put his arm around my shoulder and he said I got a feeling we are gonna be good friends bro

I'm not sure how or when it happened but the next thing I know he turned and we were face to face and then finally he said lets go back to the dorms bro I'm hungry as fuck and started laughing so we went to the cafe and smashed some food he kept laughing because he said I was eating like a starving child lol But everything tasted so good..

By the time we got back to our room we were both tired from a long day but it seemed like it got colder since we left out earlier... 

He asked me if I had a extra blanket because he ordered new sheets and blankets but they were gonna be delivered in a few days but I told him I only have one blanket but we were both laying on our separate beds talking and I could tell he was getting cold because he only had a sheet and next thing I knew he said fuck this bro I'm coming over there man

And he jumped up in his boxers jumped on my bed and under the blanket I started laughing and he said Damn bro I didn't mean to just jump in your bed but I am fucking freezing I told him it's cool I grew up with four brothers we had to share beds before bro

But he was so cold he was shivering! Then he asked me if he could lay against the wall so we switched spots and I was laying on my side back towards him and I could feel his feet touching my leg there were ice cold... And then he said fuck its too fucking cold I can't relax bro and then I leaned back to say something and I felt his chest touch my back I didn't realize he was that close to me and I said my bad bro

And he said its all good bro I'm too fucking cold to care now and then I could feel him getting closer to me and finally I said fuck it in my head and moved back and he immediately put his arm around me and pressed his chest right against my back a few minutes later he said Damn finally I'm getting warm at this point he is directly behind me snuggled up nice and tight and then I start hearing him snoring and laughed because he was knocked out sleep good so I relaxed and fell asleep...

I remember waking up early the next morning and forgot he was there because I kept feeling something poking me from behind and then I realized it was his dick through his boxers and he started waking up and said sorry bro my monster has a mind of its own and then I turned over and said tell me about it my dick was throbbing in my boxers too!

He said well you know what we gotta do then and he leaned over me and grabbed his bag off the floor and opened it up and pulled out a bottle of lotion and said this should work..

He reach in his boxers and pulled out his dick and then he reached in my boxers and pulled out my dick and then put lotion on both our dicks and put his arm around me with one hand... I can tell he likes doing that and then he started stroking telling me to join him! I can feel the bed moving underneath us both stroking his dick looked so good to me I was staring at it! Then I started feeling him breathing deeper close to my ear... And then he said cum with me I wanna cum together bro.....

And then he said was gonna cum and put his tongue in my ear and I started exploding we both bust so hard that we came on each other a little.... 

We both cleaned up and got dressed and right before we both left for class he said yea I'm gonna enjoy college with you around Mr Sebastian Collins and then he said ill see you later after class bro

Stay tuned.....

Just Call Me John

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