The AW sauna in Johannesburg was close for me to get to after my initial visit as mostly a voyeur. Walking into the place made me feel self conscious as well as the door being right on the corner of a very busy 4 way road stop. Next door was a strip club, so people assumed that you were up to no good when seen entering any door. We know what you going to do in there mate!

Given my white towel I walked to the locker room and hastily got naked and made for the showers. The Sunday I chose seemed to have the place busy with many shadows cast about the place. A quick shower and I made my way to the hot tub. There was a black guy sitting alone as I sunk into the welcoming hot water. Men in various states of nakedness walked about. Some sat in a seating area and smoked while they watched porn on the television screen, an idle hand stroking beneath the towel.

Sitting in the water for a few minutes I got up and with apprehension knew all eyes were on my wet body as I tried to gingerly get out of the tub without slipping while trying not to cover my cock and bare ass, which glistened from the water in the semi light of the sauna. I held my towel in front of me and walked to the wet steam room.

Many towels were hanging at the door and I pulled the door open and saw a few silhouettes in the steam. Someone had put a towel over the light in the room so it was dark. I could hear soft moans and sucking noises as I made my way and touched a body as I tried to sit down. I could hear the wet mouth slapping on the cock as my own cock made some twitch of its own. The steam was dense and after my eyes adjusted I could see movement as some guy was standing and 2 other men were on their knees in front of him taking turns to suck and lick his cock.

Now and again he would take his cock and slap it on the faces. The sound was wet and loud in the darkness as I felt a hand on my thigh. I tried not to let my body stiffen to show any shock as I relaxed my back on the wet wall. The hand on my heated thigh grew bolder from my stillness and gently moved up and down gently stroking towards my now hardening cock. I had no control over it and a slight shudder escaped as his hot fingers touched it. Sizing it up in his hands he kept a silent stroke on my thigh and cock. We both seemed to hold our breaths as all around us the wet sexual sounds and soft moans continued. No one seemed in hurry to do much but sit back and listen or enjoy the hands and mouths on them in the dark.

Now and again the door would open and shut and the men would freeze or pull away as if caught doing something bad and as the door shut out the light, they would grab hold of the cock they were eating or stroking. The hand on my throbbing cut cock stayed firm and soon I sensed him move away, but only for a change of position as his warm lips reached my heated cock head. I was as hard as a rock as my body did not move either. I sat still and he prised open my legs as he stroked and licked my cock.

The heat of his mouth made me feel even hotter as the steam seemed to swell around my head. Jerking his head slowly up and down on my cock I let him go to work.

Because the of dark room no one could see who was sucking, licking or fondling them and no one seemed to care either as the air was filled with sexual energy but no one was in any hurry to do much. I let the mouth work on my cock and every time he moved his mouth off my cock head his wet hot hand took its place. Someone took my hand and pulled me into a standing position. What was going on! I felt a hand on my back allowing me to bend over and touch the wall as my back was rubbed down and the hands followed all the way to my shins. I thought he would come all the way back but I was in for a shock as his wet sticky tongue slid right up my bum and started to lick. I tensed my ass muscles from the intrusion and the tongue moved away and licked the back of my thighs while stroking my calves.

I was still standing almost upright when the ass licker pushed me back down so I was leaning forward and my hands resting on the wet slippery seating area. His hot tongue insistent this time on my ass and as he licked close to my bum hole. Slowly I allowed myself to enjoy the sensation and get over the shock of what he was doing. He spread my hard ass cheeks apart and licked my hole and I felt my legs shake from the strange exciting feeling. Slowly I started to push my ass in his face and he seemed to want it.

I forgot where I was and soon only the wet tongue on my tight asshole was what mattered as I left him to go to work on it.

Someone started massaging my back and ass while the tongue tried to work itself deeper into my puckered hole. Every time I tried to pull away he held my thighs firmly and demanded I stay put. The other pair of hands on my back was distracting but very good too as I tried to enjoy it all and he pulled me back upright and sat down in front of me and took my throbbing cock in his mouth. Now I had one very insistent tongue on my ass and another wet mouth on my cock. I was in a cock and hard place.

I rocked back and forth trying to give both the best side of me. Around me the sexual grunting continued and I floated in the steamy hot room on my own sexual high. But I was not prepared to give it all up yet. Letting them have their way with me for a while longer I then slowly took the wet mouth off my cock and shoved my ass back hard one more time and stepped away and out of the steamed up room. My cock still rock hard for all to see as I did little to hide it and went into the hot water of the tub.

The black guy was still in the water. He was a heavy set guy with tribal bracelets on his arms and feet. His ebony skin shone as the lights hit his exposed skin above the water. Not the sort of person one would see in a gay sauna. I willed my cock to relax under the hot water as I closed my eyes and floated in the round tub. Now and again the odd shout or scream of someone enjoying being fucked or the moans of the top guy fucking came through the music lulls. With it came a fresh wave of cock twitching under the water. Did others feel the same as semi naked men seemed to move towards the erotic sounds of men enjoying getting fucked or sucked or whatever they were doing in the darkness ahead!

With my eyes closed I turned and held myself afloat on my arms with my back to the ceiling. My wet ass cheeks would surface now and again and I felt the movement and another black man entered the tub. I quickly went back to my floating and once again I felt a hand underwater stroking my foot. I left him massage it for a while and when I gave no resistance, the hand moved further up my leg. I was not sure which of the two black men had made the move. I did not want to open my eyes and look as I enjoyed the slow massage. Despite the sensation I willed my cock to stay down.

The two hands on my legs soon became four as my other leg was taken and massaged too. Now I knew both of them were making me feel good. I stayed on my hands and let them move my body to their will. My wet ass cheeks seemed to be the focus of their roving hands as they would squeeze it hard every time it came out of the water. Someone started to stroke my cock as the other one kept going on my rounded ass cheeks. Once again all done in silent while the odd sound of satisfaction escaped my lips as I felt bodies shift to make way for more people. Slightly opening my eyes I saw one pale body and one darker skin guy get into the water. The darker skin guy had a huge cock which was semi hard.

They all seemed to take hold of my wet floating body and move it to their mercy. I was stroked, fondled and massaged by the four naked men as I tried to stay floating with my back upwards. No one saw my face as I kept it away from them. The place was fairly lit up as I let them use me. I would feel a hard cock rub against my leg or body as they kept their hands all over me. Soon a tongue went to my ass and started licking at the hole. My legs were pulled wide apart and I let them and did not fight the probing lips on my man pussy.

A tongue was replaced by a finger as he tried to stick it in me and I once again closed my legs and floated out of reach. A pair of hands pulled me back and stuck his cock against my wet ass and rubbed the shaft against my hole. Hands on my legs kept me in place while another set of hands rubbed my hard cock. The thrusting was kept slow and sensual but the spectators were getting hotter by the sounds of it. Opening my eyes again I saw the white guy sucking the huge black cock of the tribal guy. He was massively hard and fucking the smooth white throat steadily. The pressure of the hard cock on my ass seemed to get too much and as he made a move to want to press it in I moved away. I was not going to risk much here and now. But it felt good as the 5 of us silently moved out of the tub.

I walked to the back of the dark areas and saw a guy lying on the chain while someone sucked his cock. A flurry of men moved away as I came into the semi darkness. I could see jutting cocks and stroking hands left hanging mid air. They were all naked but scared to be seen getting sucked or jerked off while watching two guys have sex. My annoyance made me walk away and I went to lie down on a bunk in small room with no door. My face was hidden from view but my naked body was on show from the doorway, as the water dried on my skin. The music pumped away as men would walk up to the door, look in and walk away. Others would come up to me, touch my body, stroke my cock, try to stick a finger in my ass and then walk away. I never moved except clench my ass when someone put their finger there. I was like a naked frozen statue.

Two guys took the initiative to come up to my naked body and started touching and stroking me. There were together I assumed as they spoke and asked me what I wanted to do. I mumbled whatever and left them to play with me. One guy put his mouth on my cock and sucked me slowly while his friend fondled his cock and watched. The good mouth on my cock worked slowly around my hairy balls and he turned and started sucking his friends cock. He kept one hand on my slippery cock all the while. As his friends cock got harder he moved aside and sat down and lifted my legs over his shoulders. I felt a wetness around my ass as the cold jelly touched me. I was going to be fucked right now and I made no show to move away. I was like a piece of hot jelly from all the attention so far.

With all the sucking I never heard or saw the men who had gathered around the door. As the guy took a moment to put a condom on, I noticed several guys were sucking each other at the door and along the dark passage. Someone moved up near my head and put his cock on my face. I have never really liked sucking cock before but I tried to do it now. I put the head in my mouth and it tasted strange from the shower water. He took my head in his hand and wanted to shove it deeper but I refused him to do it. I was still waiting for the cock to enter me as I felt the head at my tight brown hole. He put a wet finger in and I opened my mouth from the shock as the guy standing at head stuck his cock in my open mouth. The sudden shock made me suck at it as I felt the cock enter me slowly. I moaned deeply and sucked the cock in my mouth harder to ease the pain.

I felt hands rubbing me all the time and someone started kissing my feet as the cock went deeper in my tight hole. I felt it hot and hard in me as the cock in my mouth was removed and I breathed deeply. I put my arm over my face to stop anyone from shoving a cock in my mouth again. As my body rocked slowly to the gentle fucking, I made slight noises from the pleasure and slight pain. I have never had sex in public before so I tried to ignore that I was being watched but it was not easy as I had hands all over me. My ass was getting fucked harder and he started grunting from the effort. Each hard thrust sent a slap against my now sweaty bottom. As I tightened my ass muscles on his cock as it went deep, he asked me not to do it too hard or he would come soon. He wanted it to last. His friend was kissing him all this time.

I looked towards the doorway and saw the shadows of men sucking cocks on their knees and others bent over getting rammed as well. The whole dark passage had turned into an orgy site. The man that stood out was a very tall and muscled White guy with a smattering of hair on his chiselled body. He stood out as one guy sucked him as he watched me getting fucked. For some reason I felt our eyes connect in the semi darkness and I felt almost as if I was caught out by my lover. Who was he I wondered as my tight pussy was getting hammered in public.

I felt the cock in me starting to get harder and ready to shoot deep in the condom. His excited moans grew louder and he gripped my chest and stood up with my legs hanging from his shoulders and sunk his cock deep for one last time and I felt him shoot a hot squirt from his covered cock. His body shook with each little spasm as the hot cum emptied from his balls and my greedy ass gripping and milking his cock. I was not prepared for the sudden wetness on my body, as I was focussed on the guy fucking me and the muscled man watching, I never saw the guys jerking over me as they shot their load all over my chest and cock.

I was one sticky mess as the sounds of males on heat hit me. I had no time to move as another guy sat down and pushed his cock so hard and deep in my wet man pussy I almost screamed from the pain. From his movements I knew he would come soon as I lay back and let him assault my tingling hole. He felt bigger than the guy before him but I was well lubed and let him ride me hard and fast and soon he pulled his cock out just as fast and took the condom and spent another load of cum all over me. The wet blobs of steaming white cum hit me on my chest and belly and I lazily massaged the loads of cum on me and soon I was sticky and my body fell back in a state of almost sexual abandon. I was still far from done. I wanted more and more. As I got up people started moving away and I almost slipped on the wet floor. The hot cum sticking to my feet as I made my way to the showers and my poor ass still tender from the pounding it had taken. Rinsing myself off under the hot water, I ran my finger around my tender butt hole and felt it spasm from the touch as well as memory. As I walked out of the shower, I passed the muscled guy and he looked and me and gave a smile. Shyly I looked down and walked into the dry sauna to lie down and rest.

I was lying flat on my back when the door opened and a dark haired guy walked in with a semi hard on under his towel. He assumed the hot room was empty from as I peered at him from slightly closed eyes. An impressive thick cock was on show when he removed the towel and sat down. His follower came soon after, and without looking in my direction the older white guy got on his knees and started slurping on the cock now jutting upright. I kept my eyes closed and listened to the wet sounds and the soft moans. The guy being sucked had a wedding ring on and he seemed to enjoy the attention his heavy cock was getting from the tongue and mouth. He started moaning more loudly and I could hear him slap it on the suckers face. My own cock started to stir and rise slowly as tried to lie as still as possible and not scare them off.

My presence must have made them hornier as I looked like I was fast asleep but my cock said otherwise. I never moved or touched myself but the sucking sounds and now verbal from the married guy was even hotter. He was telling the sucker to lick his balls and swallow his hard cock. All of it and asking him if he liked it in his mouth! Just listening to it was so fucking hot even though I was lying like a corpse with my cock rock hard and dribbling pre cum on my belly. I was hard as a rock. The sucking noises got louder and I turned my head slowly to watch.

The huge cock was wet and slimy as the married guy stood over the sucker's mouth and started jerking his cock hard. He held the guys head under his balls all the while asking him if he wants some cum. There is nothing hotter than watching a good looking married guy with a huge wet cock jerking off. He looked at me and saw me watching with semi closed eyes and it made him wank faster and harder as his arm muscles bulged as he stroked his cock. Gripping the guy on the floor in his hair he forced his cock deep into his mouth one more time and warned that his load was ready to be swallowed.

As he bucked and clenched his muscled arms his cock shot out a stream of cum over the waiting face and mouth below. His head thrown back he pumped his cock with his hand until the last drop was spent as the kneeling guy took the still hard cock in his mouth and sucked. The tingling head must have been sensitive as the married guy grabbed hold of the suckers head and held it in a vice like grip as his cock stayed buried deep in the warm mouth. No one moved for a few minutes. As he took his cock out and sat back with a slow and loud breath they both looked at me or my cock and walked out of the dry sauna. Almost to say, I hope you liked the show. Oh yes, I did very much thank you!

Waiting for my cock to soften as I sweated for a few more minutes, I walked out and meandered along the dark passages listening to other people fuck. Some guys watched through peep holes and jerked off to the sounds. The muscled guy came by and started touching me. Oh, he was built like a block of granite. With hard pecs, abs and biceps covered in fur. His ass was white against his tanned skin as we walked towards a cubicle and I looked down at his near perfect cock. Cut and long and thick and I wondered if it would hurt me. I was still tingling from the earlier cock onslaught. But I was not going to say no to this piece of man body and meat.

We moved into a cubicle as he bolted the door. I laid my skimpy towel on the shiny black bunk. I pulled him onto me and just wanted to feel his hard body over me. We entwined and his body trembled from my gentle stroking. He was pure hard muscle and a masculine man and I was like a soft pliant pussy underneath him. I felt he wanted more than what I was giving him. We stayed like that for a while and then he stood up and asked me to suck him. I was never one to suck a cock but how could I refuse this great looking specimen. As he stood over me and put his cock in my mouth I tried not to gag and look like I was enjoying it. All the while I was running my hands up and down his strong thighs, wondering who had the pleasure of this body every night. He too had a wedding band on. I have a thing for rings on a man's wedding finger and I took the hard veined cock deep into my mouth as possible.

He stroked my body and looked at me with an expression I could not fathom but I closed my eyes and enjoyed having his cock in my mouth and granite legs near my head. The sounds of other people fucking and moaning seemed to distract him and he almost seemed scared to be caught out even though the door was locked. Or I was not doing a good job of licking that nice cock I am sure as I pulled him down onto me. He tried to stay standing with me sucking him but I was having none of it. He gave in to my insistent hands pulling him down. His cock and head were fighting him.

His cock was hard as he got on top of me and I opened my legs to hold him close. Lying with his big cock between my legs felt good as I stroked his muscled back and licked his arms and neck. He told me how sexy it looked early as I was getting fucked and he loved watching it. I had a nice body that was made to receive a goof fucking and I seemed to like the attention from the others. Shy, I was not he thought. I told him it was all new to me being in a sauna and I even surprised myself. As we made small talk his cock grew harder as he thrust slowly between my open legs. Every now and again he would grind the hard butt of his cock against me and I would squirm from the pleasure. If felt good as he rocked against my balls and ass. I somehow felt he was holding back and this was all I was going to get. But I enjoyed the body and even more the feeling of his cock near my needy hole but I knew it was not to be.

After a bit more sucking and playing around we got up and left the cubicle. It was hard to watch that perfect body walk away but I enjoyed the little time we had. I had hardly gone far when someone grabbed my wrist gently and pulled me aside. In the near dark I saw it was one of the black guys from the hot tub. It was the guy with the tribal bands. Shorter and beefier than the muscled man before him, he made no bones about what he wanted as he steered me towards a cubicle. I let him lead me into it as he shut the door and just about fell onto me. He was one hard and horny fucker and his very thick but shorter cock stabbed me in my belly as he rocked on me. There was very little foreplay as in one movement he seemed to put on a condom and spread my legs wide. I tried to position myself for his cock but he had found the pink hole and pushed his cock head into it. I told him to go slowly but as soon as he felt me shiver he rammed it deeply in one hard thrust.

The scream died in my throat as I bit into his arm. The sharp pain as his thick cock sunk to the hilt made my man pussy spasm around him. I hardly too another breath as he pulled back and thrust again. Deep! Hard! What had I got myself into? This was nothing like earlier. I was being used to the hilt and I did not protest. I opened my legs wider and clung to his waist as he started to pound me silly. The cubicles were not very sturdy so with each heavy thrust I could feel the walls shake. I felt everyone could hear me getting fucked rigid. I took stock of the man deep inside me as I could smell him. He has that earthy smell of a man from the farm. A real black man who would herd sheep and cows and he was fucking me so hard I had no say in it. My tight pink hole was just something he wanted right then. His cock slid in and out as he fucked me solidly and I could not stay quiet. I started moaning both from pain and pleasure. My ass was being stretched wide open as he would take his cock all the way out and then ram it in. He knew what he was doing and he expected me to take it just the way he was giving it.

I hung onto his beefy frame and tried to take his cock as much as I could to lesson the pain and make him shoot his load quicker. But he was relentless as he rammed and thrust harder with sweat dripping down on me. The smell was strong as my mind started to wander over how this was happening. I was getting fucked rigid by a black man from the rural areas. He hardly made a noise as he gripped me tight and pounded my tender ass. I felt him ready to explode as I moaned louder than the music. I saw faces peering over the walls to witness my ravaging but I was lost in the throes of having that big black cock bruising my wet ass.

As he shoved it harder and harder and breathed loudly in my ear his whole body seemed to vibrate at once and I felt his cock twitch and shoot his hot cum. All the pent up fucking frenzy emptied into the condom. I squeezed his cock with my ass muscles for every last drop of cum as he felt onto me. His huge body pressing me into the hard mattress as his cock stayed buried to the hilt. We dared not move to break the intimacy. As his cock and balls drained the last of hot cum, it slipped out of my hurting man pussy. I felt ever minute of it and needed a cool shower over me. After that heavy duty fucking I needed it as once again I left to take a shower. I was getting the hang of it now.



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