I hadn't seen Dave in a couple of days. Not since we had had sex and I had lost my virginity (he had already lost his to some girl, but he lost his 'gay virginity' to me). We didn't tell anyone and still had to see each other secretly, but I was still happier then I had ever been.

One day I was staying after school for science help. When I got out he was already waiting in the commons.

'Come' he said waving me into a hallway. I looked around to make sure no one saw me. I followed him into the hallway and we made out for a while until a teacher walked by and gave a disapproving look. I didn't know if it was because we were gay, because Dave's was a senior and I was a freshman, or just because we were making out in the halls

'Friday was awesome' he said pulling me into his body.

'I know we have to do it again' I said grabbing his cock through his shorts, trying not to sound desperate.

'Yeah, I was thinking saturday at the plaza motel, I can pick you up' dave said

'Sounds good, just don't forget lube and condoms.' I said kissing him 'I have to go home'

'Okay, see you saturday' he said going in for a kiss but stopping and walking away when he saw a teacher.

It was hard to get through the week but I managed to do it. It was now saturday and I was running out to Dave's car, telling my parents I was going to a movie and would be back at 12 or so.

We drove to the motel, making out the whole way (Dave really liked to kiss even though I would think he would rather just have sex).

We got to the motel and he checked out a room and we ran into it and jumped on the bed. I quickly began to remove his shirt.

'Wait, I'm so dirty' he said in such a hot way 'I think I need a shower'

'Oh no, I think I do to.' I said sexually 'guess we'll have to take it together to save water'

We ran into the shower and began to kiss and grope again.

'Wait one second' he said 'let me try this' he put my arms around his neck, leaned down and picked my legs up and I curled them around his hot ass so I was completely off the ground. We attempted for a while to get his dick in my ass while I was still in the air but sort of failed.

He picked me up in both arms like a groom does to the bride and he carried me out and dropped me on the bed. Then he put my legs and feet in the for corners and laid his body close to mine. Both of us were flaccid for some reason and the water dripped dow his torso off his cock and onto mine. All of the sudden he flipped me over flat onto the bed.

He began to kiss down my back then licked my asshole.

'Ready' he asked

'Oh yeah' I said. He got his dick and stuck it into my ass we did this for a while then we switched postions and did all different things I never knew about

'How do you know all these' I asked with my legs up and my knees by my shoulders as he pounded his dick up my ass

'I have a lot of sex' he said heavily

'We'll you have to be good when you have one my size' He said throwing himself beside me on the bed.

'What are you talking about? your bigger then me!' I said back

'Yeah well I'm done growing I'm a senior. You're still a freshman you're gonna grow' he said a little bit sadly

'Yeah we'll I'll have sex with if you're penis is one inch any day' I said trying to make him feel better.

'Thanks' he said smiling as he leaned over to kiss me then stopped and just laid on top of me. I Could feel his heart beat, feel him breathing, I felt his cock deflating against mine as mine inflated.

'You know, I had no idea you were gay. I thought you we're kidding when you asked me to give you a blowjob' I said

He lifted up his head 'You'd never believe who is gay' he said 'you know andrew? he's gay he told me at the beginning of the year'

'no way him? There's no way that he's gay' I said honestly surprised.

'yup, he told me. I think he though I was and wanted sex. I considered it but decided not to he's not really my type'

'What are you talking about he's like one of the hottest guys in our school? How could you not?' I said.

'I dunno'

'we should ask him next time, I'm sure he'd love it.'

'sure if you want to. Whatever' Dave said not really in an agreeable tone.

'Fine. if you don't want to we wont. I just thought you'd want to have sex with the hottest guy in school' I said.

There was an awkward silence, and Dave rolled off of me onto his side of the bed. I tried to end the silence.

'Why'd you shave your pubes off?' I said

'I thought you would like it, you liked it when I trimmed them' he said defensively

'Yeah I liked it trimmed, but shaved you look like a nine you old, especially with your smaller cock.' I said.

'Oh yeah with my small cock? Let's see with yours, I'm gonna get a shaver at the front desk' He said jumping up and smiling. He ran out in to the hall completely naked.

'wait you need pants' I said chasing after him naked as well. I threw a shoe so the door wouldn't close.

'you need pants' i said

'it's kind of hot isn't it?' he said pushing me on the floor. He got on all fours and began to crawl towards me. That when the elevator dinged. We got up and ran to the door only to find the door locked.

'fuck, what are we going to do now?' he asked as a business man got out of the elevator looked at us very disapprovingly and got in his room. Now we were stuck in a motel with no room key, naked in the hallway.

'Look a maid's closet' I said pointing at a door. We went in and found some towels. We went down to the lobby. There were only a few people there but they gave us very bad looks. We got a new room key and got in the elevator. Dave pressed the button and in one motion pulled off both my and his towels and leaned over and kissed me. The doors closed.

'What the fuck was that we could get in so much trouble for being nude in public.' I said he just laughed I was angry but not too angry. I pulled my towel on but once we were in the hallway dave pulled it off again. Once we got in the room he began to shave my pubes. once we was done I looked down.

'now we're both small-penised nine year olds' he said. Then he leaned down.

'I've never given anyone a blowjob before' He said.

'It's ok' I'll show you' I dragged him onto the bed and we got in sixty nine position an did it until we came.

We eventually talked and a laid naked on the bed. Then he took me home and I started to look forward to the next time. And that was my second time with an older guy.



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