Even though it was definitely happening he found difficulty believing. Believing any aspect of it.

He felt that his general medical practitioner had tricked him into attending this clinic believing it was to investigate the basis for his excessive emotionality -- he kept visiting the doctor for small problems like a skin rash, flu, dandruff, pains which disappeared in the clinic, and repeatedly broke into tears during the visits.

He stroked the immense length excited by its handsome shape. That it should be on a generally unprepossessing young medical assistant, and a mere fraction of its immensity in his mouth as he leaned forward over the comfortably padded leather trestle-bed in center of the immense room, the handsome older consultant's cock painlessly moving in his back passage changing from gently probing to pre-orgasm thrust.

Jared who'd never been near another cock even felt satisfaction at receiving penetration by two cocks. Still, he wished his GP had warned him. He thought of himself as heterosexual, totally straight. Though doubtless he'd not have attended the clinic had he been told its true nature. 'I want you attend this clinic for a general physical, check your hormones and suchlike, Jared. I need second opinion, d'you see? I've worked with these people before and they've resolved otherwise intractable issues. Go with the flow, Jared, will you trust me on this and go with the flow?'

Flow indeed! The clinic was attached to the University Hospital so he'd reason to assume it copacetic -- though radical in its methods. Consultant, tall open-faced young 40 he'd guess. Professional from the first though his attentive gentleness had warned Jared of something, he'd not been certain what till now. Now he realized it was affection for good-looking younger males.

Naively stripping entirely naked as he was told Jared had stood in center of the unusually spacious consulting room, white floors, walls, strange white padded half-table or whatever it was in front of him, and submitted to the poking, prodding and measurements of vital signs by the man and a nondescript male assistant about 30.

'Are your nipples sensitive?' the consultant asked, stroking them without waiting for reply. 'I can see they are. Try them yourself, Johnny' he told his assistant and next thing Jared had two sets of hands stimulating his erogenous zones. 'Are you homosexual?' the consultant asked.

'No' Jared said, wishing his penis wasn't erecting.

The consultant continued tweaking his nipples. 'Which is the most sensitive, the left is it?' Stroking Jared's sides from armpits to upper thigh, touching his buttocks.

'I say...' Jared began to protest, as much as he could say anything aroused as he'd become.

'Don't worry, we find this method works, no problem' said the consultant breezily disarming anxiety. 'My, you are aroused. You're body readily responds to erotic stimulation, no wonder you find yourself often emotional. Lots of sexual energy to spare, have you?'

'I don't know...' began Jared, conscious how little sexual contact he'd had with anyone the past year and more.

'Bend forward over the table, I'll just check the prostate.' Jared found himself on his chest, feet just about on the ground, face close to the assistant's fly, latex gloved finger -- or was that two fingers! -- entering his back passage smoothly. Stimulatingly!. 'Ahhh' involuntarily breaking out, sudden excitation too intense. He opened his mouth to say something, make some excuse or protest, he wasn't certain the way his senses swam what he'd intended say, only to see a h-u-g-e long semi-hard cock appear in the assistant's hands immediately before his face.

Eyes wide, speechless, he felt the consultant's fingers withdraw from his canal, and something else tentatively probed in and begin moving side to side, back and forth. 'Don't worry' came the consultant's ultra-smooth calming voice again. 'It's merely a medical probe to test your reactions.'

Jared's reaction was of sexual stimulation so intensely exquisite he had to screw up his face to avoid shouting out. His cock felt light headed. It seemed to be opening its floodgates to...Was he about to ejaculate? He was in orgasm, wriggling his hips to achieve yet greater satisfaction, wishing this weren't happening in a hospital yet enjoying it too much to make it stop. The huge cock in front of his face seemed beckon him, too, first time ever a cock other than his own appealed to him.

The probe withdrew from his anus, the cock backed away from his lips. After a pause the consultant's hand was placed tantalizingly on his buttocks near the crack, the man's other hand grazed inner thigh up to a surprisingly sensive meridian across the lower buttock. Jared panted, his butt wriggled, searched.

'What are you thinking of now?' the consultant asked in his smooth mellow tones. Jared didn't reply. 'What do you need?'

'Nothing' Jared groaned.

'Nothing' repeated the consultant gravely, mild amusement in his voice. His hand stroked Jared's buttock in circular manner, reaching between the thighs almost to testicles and coming back up the crack. He waited. Jared thought he'd go mad with desire. The assistant stepped near again and reached both hands under Jared's chest stimulating each nipple, his great hard-on sliding against Jared's lips as he leaned forward. The stimulation was too much to withstand. 'What do you want?' the consultant insisted.

'Are you certain?' Touches on various parts of Jared's body tantalized him further.

'Alright, fuck me' Jared shouted out. 'Just, please fuck me.'

'You want my cock? You want me to fuck you?'

'Yes. Fuck me, please' Jared groaned piteously. Without delay a cock penetrated his anus. Hands stroked his sides keeping him aroused. The assistant's immensely long rod stood horizontal, tip pressed against Jared's lips. The consultant's hand on back of Jared's head urged him takes it while the assistant continued stimulate Jared's nipples. They were expert, wickedly expert.

'If you want, take as much of Johnnie in your mouth as you can, stroke the shaft rest of the shaft with your hands. You won't find many that cocks that magnificent' the consultant advised. 'I'm going to fuck you till we cum now.'

The cock in him shafted steadily, stimulating him without pain, knowledgeably inserted and wielded. Already in full body orgasm, Jared's balls filled and with a new, different sensation semen streamed out through his cock in repeated waves like water from a tap. The consultant said 'Ready Johnny' and both cocks were removed from Jared and moments later both erupted, spurt after spurt of hot white cream landing on his sensitive bottom cheeks and flooding his face.

The younger man slapped Jared's cheeks with his still huge salami and as the older wiped sperm off Jared's backside. 'I'd say you've been repressing homosexual or bisexual desires for some time, Jared. What do you say?'

'Don't know anything about that' Jared said, 'But that was a damn good fuck, thank you.'



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