Season 1, Episode 4: "Control" (Excerpt from shelved Erotic Series- "The Chatline Diaries")

Synopsis: The Chatline Diaries was an erotic series that Mr. Maleficent began to write exclusively for a website that never got the chance to go up. It chronicles one anonymous DL man and his encounters with men that he meet off of a big city's popular gay hookup chatline. Each episode features a new guy hook up partner as our anonymous narrator lives the no strings attached lifestyle.

I stepped out of the car and my car door slammed. The sound must have ricocheted off of the particles in the air and echoed because suddenly there were dogs barking in the neighborhood. It must have been about 1 o'clock in the morning and pitch dark when I finally showed up. I just hoped that none of these barking dogs were loose. Being no fool, I quickly made way for this dude's front door. The light inside of the house was on. I wondered if he was going to live up to the promise he made over the chatline. He claimed that he would open the door naked. His sexy voice was still stuck in my head. I just hoped that it wasn't fake. Many of times I've met up with a dude from the line who sounded like a thug over the phone, but once I got to their place, they couldn't keep the charade going. Eventually, the little bitch that they were would climb out of their asses. I hated that.

From outside the front door, I could already hear the basketball game that he said he would be watching. He DVR'd the game earlier while he was at work. Now that he was off, he was going to watch the game and wanted full access to a nigga's mouth to use as he wished while he kicked back and watched the shit.

My memory is typically awful unless it's something that has completely got my attention. And in this case, I remember his chatline message by heart. "Yo, Dis' ya' boy, Nolla. Ay check `dis out- a nigga headed home from work. Ain't gotta work tomorrow, so I'm tryna bust a good nutt tonight. I'm lookin' for that nigga that's lookin' to be my bitch tonight. Now, I ain't tryin' to fuck you in yo' ass because I know most of you bitches don't know how to clean that shit out right. But I am looking for a nigga that wanna give me temporary ownership of his mouth to do with as I please, ya' feel me? I'm talking about a nigga that will put his mouth anywhere on my body that I tell him too. I DVR'd the basketball game from earlier and a nigga wanna get sucked on and ate out while I'm watchin' the shit. As soon as I get home, I'm getting' butt-assed. When you show up, I'll answer my door butt-assed and be expecting you to get butt-assed as soon as you step in. Don't confuse that shit, because I'm still not fuckin' you. And you mos' def ain't gon' be fuckin' me playboy. And yo, you must have a camera phone on deck so you can send me a picture, iite? Get at me." I hit him up, sent him a picture of me and he did the same. Clearly, I passed the test because here I am, about to knock on his door.

I took a deep breath.

No matter exactly how many times you've done this, it never REALLY becomes nerve-free. There's always some kind of surprise. Some guys look nothing like the photo or description they sent you and some guys just blatantly lie about their waist size or dick size. Some of them don't bother to shower when they know another person is coming by- and that's disgusting. And what could be even worse is the hygiene of his house. I don't wanna see roaches, and I damn sure ain't trying to see mice. But I was ready for this. I made my piece with the fact that he lived in the hood when he gave me his address. I just hoped this would all be worth it.

I knocked on his door. I'd gotten his attention. I could tell because the volume on the tv suddenly went down. The light inside light turned off, but he turned the porch light on. He cracked the front door at first, peaking out to make sure that I look like the picture I sent him. Once he verified, he opened the door all the way- and there he was, standing stark-naked. His dreads dropped just below the shoulder, his brown skin was toned and sculpted and he had these tattoos that covered both arms a strip of barbwire on his love handle. And his dick was already hard.

"You comin' in nigga?" he said, raising his eyebrows at me.

I stepped into his spot and he closed the door behind me. I took of my jacket and began to get undressed when he turned the light back on. I dropped my sweatpants. I didn't have any underwear on because I had just come out the shower prior to coming over here.

Nolla, which I'm sure wasn't his real name, sat down on his couch. He spread his legs and placed them on top of the coffee table that sat in front of him.

"When you ready, just get over here and go to work," he said.

I nodded. Next I took off my t-shirt and walked over to him. I was about to sit down on the sofa next to him, but he made sure that didn't happen.

"On the floor, nigga. Get in between my legs."

I followed his words. I got down on the floor. As I crawled over to him, he moved one of his legs to allow me to get in position between them. His dick was about 8 and curved upward and he had these huge balls that acted like sand bags to block the view of his asshole. His pubic hair was actually very trim and nicely shaved.

He pointed his dick down to my mouth, encouraging me to put it in.

"Go ahead, bitch. Suck that dick. Let me borrow yo' mouth," he said.

Both of his legs were over my shoulders and while I lowered my head, his dick began sinking into my mouth .I could already taste the pre-cum glaze that had covered his mushroom tip while it was dropping.

"You like this big dick, don't you?"

"Mmhmm," I moaned.

"You like Nolla's dick, right?" he said, beginning to refer to himself in the third person.

"Mmhmm." I had begun to really bob on his dick, letting layers and layers of my saliva coat his stem.

"What's my name, nigga? Go ahead- say my name while my dick is in yo' mouth."

"Nolla," I said. It came out muffled and sounded more like "Nala." But Nolla approved.

"Yes nigga, that's it boy."

Nolla laid the palm of his hand on my forehead and he guided me on his dick. I'd tried to turn my head to add a little sideway motion while I bobbed up and down. He didn't like the feel of that, and just preferred me bobbing up and down. He used his hand to fight the turns of my head. His big hand and thick thumb gripped my forehead to pull me to and from his dick.

"That's that shit boy. Wet that dick up," he demanded.

I moaned and slurped. His precum had a seducing flavor that seemed to be rare with guys that were on the chatline. It had a semi-sweet taste that made this experience even more enjoyable- sucking on his dark caramel lollipop.

Nolla held my head down at the base of his dick to the point that I began to choke, and he wouldn't let me up.

"Come on nigga, gimme that shit," he said, clearly having a goal in this act that he'd taken on.

I began to cough, and along with the cough came a wave of spit that shot down the shaft of Nolla's dick.

"Wheewwwww shit, nigga," Nolla howled. "That's exactly what the fuck I wanted. Made my dick wet as a mothafucka."

He released his grip on my head and let me come up for a breath. I gasped due to the breathlessness that I'd just suffered from. While I took that 5 second break, Nolla actually sank down in his seat. Presenting his ass and his balls to me next. I caught the hint, but wasn't exactly eager to jump to it after what had just happened. After noticing that I was taking too long, he waved his index finger at me bidding me closer.

"Come on back here, bitch," he said, stroking his dick with the natural lube that had dispersed from my body. "You agreed to give me yo' mouth, now gimme yo' fuckin' mouth nigga."

He was right; I did agree to do that.

I crawled back to him and put my head right back in between his legs. This time the mission was different. He wanted to get ate out, and I was a bit happier to do that. From when I was sucking his dick, I could tell that he had showered since he'd gotten home from work because the scent of his body was fresh. I lifted up his nut sack and kissed his hole first. I stared up from him, and the image was so sexy. Seeing this incredibly sexy, masculine male seated with his legs open and asshole spread as he jacked his dick. Sweat had started to accumulate on his forehead and his dreads hung over his face. I went back in for the kill. I tongued his hole with my eyes closed. My nose buried itself in the manly aroma that his balls still carried.

"Yeah boy... ssss," he hissed, as he gently beat his dick. "Get all over that asshole, nigga. Make that shit just as wet as my dick bitch."

I lapped over his hole repeatedly, letting the full taste of his raw hole linger all over my tongue. I started rubbing my own dick while I did this.

And Nolla was on the verge of being turned out. Kobe had just dunked on the screen, but Nolla wasn't even paying attention to the game anymore. He was concentrating on having his body especially cleaned in a tongue bath from me. He pulled my head into him. His legs remained lifted over my shoulders, but his arms reached through and held me close. The fingers of his hands interlocked behind my neck. He held me close and enjoyed my tongue licking, sticking, spitting, darting and whipping at his manhole. When I looked up at his face again, I could see his lips puckering up as his eyes rolled into the back of his head. He whimpered.

"Fuck nigga, eat that hole."

I turned my head to the side and flicked my tongue up and down repeatedly. It bounced from cheek to cheek and fluttered over his hole each time it bounced. Nolla liked the feeling that this gave him. He whimpered even more. It seemed that maybe the thug act was a bit of a fa├žade on him too, as now his moans were considerably higher pitched.

"Eat that asshole nigga. Eat that asshole out, shit!"

I turned my game up a notch. I held Nolla's legs apart so the crack of his ass actually split apart too. His hole was in full view. My tongue was gonna make Nolla's boi pussy hole it's bitch. My tongue had this little anchoring hook in the way it was bent. When I lowered my face, my tongue came out of Nolla's ass, my head circulated, so that basically this nigga was riding my entire face like I was trying to war paint myself with his sent. My nose rubbed against his now wet hole, and it bounced over my nostrils. My head continued its circular motion, so now his asshole was at the other side of my mouth and it dropped as low as to my chin. After lifting, and hooking my tongue back into his ass, I simply repeated the procedure.

"Oh shit, you know how to do this shit, nigga. Do yo' thing boy, eat this ass, nigga."

I continued rinsing my face with the spit from my mouth that I'd laid up against Nolla's steaming hole. Ole boy was hot. His asshole had been teased to a point that he was begging me to get deeper. I made my tongue stiff and forced it in and out of his hole, the entryway rode my tastebuds as they passed in and out.

"Tongue fuck that shit, nigga, come on," he egged me on.

I did just that. I even tilted my head to the other side and let my tongue bounce from cheek to cheek like I did before. He thoroughly approved.

"Fuck--that--shit--nigga," he said. He was still beating his dick with the use of my spit as a lubricant. His legs wide and his ass raped by my thriving tongue. The situation had made me so horny that I was dripping precum and I'd barely touched my dick at all yet. I started to rub it more while my tongue encircled Nolla's hot rim. He had this tiny patch of hair that was around his asshole too. I nibbled at that for a second but went right on for the hole. My tongue flipped above and below it. Nolla was officially turned out. The next words that he said changed the game even further.

"Fuck me, nigga!" he yelled. I knew what he meant, but to be honest, I wanted a tiny bit of revenge for him choking me earlier. He meant he wanted for my tongue to keep stroking him, But I was horny, and decided to follow the literal meaning of the comment. My tongue worked up his balls to keep him distracted, but soon the distraction wasn't enough. My dick was about the same length as Nolla's, maybe even a half an inch shorter, but it suddenly thrust into Nolla and he yelled something horrible.

"Awww, fuck nigga!" His face completely changed from that turned on state and went into a pissed off area.

"Yo, chill out, chill out," I calmed him down. Only the head of my dick was in him and truthfully that's all I wanted in him at this time.

"Shit nigga, what the fuck you doin?"

"Chill, man. I know what I'm doing." I held his arms down to keep one of them from hopping up and punching me in the face while I tried to talk him into doing this.

"I said you wasn't fuckin' me nigga! I'm a top!"

"Just relax. Calm down, alright?"

He still had a fire in his eyes. His chest expanded and collapsed violently with his deep breaths.

"Ok," he agreed.

I gently withdrew from him. I was only going to fuck him with the first 3 inches of my dick. The other half, I kept on the outside and massaged with my hand. He hissed.

"Shit, nigga, you better know what you doin."

"I do." I let my dick slide past his anal passage. His dick never even morphed from its solid state, proof that he was to turned on to care that a dickhead had pierced his ass or that he was nobody's top.

"Ssssss..... Ahh," he groaned, trying to really sell the storyline that he was getting fucked for the first time.

"Yeah nigga, open that shit up."

"I'm tryin' nigga. You feel how tight that shit is?"

"Yeah," I indulged him. "This shit is tight as fuck."

"Fuck- that dick is big nigga." Nolla's still cranking his dick like the joy stick that is. "Ssss.. ah, fuck that shit nigga."

"For real?" I asked him.

"Sss... yeah nigga, fuck that shit up."

A "top" wouldn't be ready for that so easily, but I didn't care anymore. I had the warm feeling of his bodyheat surrounding my dick along with a wetness that had formed which was combination of my spit, his sweat and my precum. And I was in this nigga raw. The shit felt so good. I braced myself over him, and began attack on his asshole.

"Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h sh-i-i-i-i-t," he said, stuttering from my dick piercing him and causing multiple breaks in his words. "Fuck that shit, nigga!"

"Give that shit up nigga! Let me up in that virgin pussy."

"Aww fuck!"

Nolla start gripping my dick with his ass. It flexed with such a grip that I'd began thinking that maybe he was a virgin. Either the way, the dick had just split his ass open and was bustin off that milk deep inside him. The thug nigga had a load of my dna coating his intestines as he was shooting his own load up his chest.

"Ay pa, fuck."

After I nutted I kept going slowly, just to ensure that he got his rocks off in full. He hissed when the dick had completely dispersed. It'd began to go limp. I gently eased myself out of him.

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