Keeping up the energetic workout program I'd been following was important to me so right after graduating high school I accepted an invitation to join an exclusive athletic club. The club ran a reduced-price, summer-only, special schedule for eighteen-year-olds or older in exactly my position. We were guys who wanted to stay in shape but no longer had access to high school facilities. In the fall we would be going off to the military or to college. Others were back from college just for the summer. None of us wanted to join a full-rate health club. The rate reduction was subsidized by older members.

The club was an elegant, private, all male facility where I was delighted to discover swimming was enjoyed in the nude. The physical pleasure of swimming nude plus the voyeuristic pleasure of seeing other nude male swimmers was so tantalizing that I found it difficult to keep from springing hard. Other young men, I noticed with overwhelming interest, also had the very same difficulty. During the first couple of hours there I watched as one after another of them, unsuccessfully trying to shield growing erections from view, or even cockily showing them off, disappeared into the toilets adjoining the pool, only to emerge later with no hint of arousal. It got me to wondering, and imagining, and fantasizing while jacking off that night, about what they might be up to in there. So after I shot a big load all over myself, I became determined to find out.

The first time I entered those toilets I felt both aroused and apprehensive. I sensed I'd be able to take part in whatever they were doing, even if it was just jacking off separately in the booths, but I hoped there'd be more to it, although the thought of getting caught fooling around with another man carried worrisome overtones. The room was large, brightly lit, and covered with white tiles. A row of five urinals lined one wall, and five booths lined the opposite wall, with three sinks below a giant mirror on the far wall between them. I saw my naked frame reflected in that mirror and was surprised that I looked so muscular and mature for my age. Two more sinks were on the wall next to me as I stood in the doorway.

I had watched a well-built naked man enter the room. He was, in fact, the catalyst for my decision to go into the place. The size of the partial erection he was vainly trying to conceal compelled me to follow. I didn't see him now. No one was standing at the urinals. Only one booth door was ajar, the center one. With an overwhelming churning of curiosity mixed with fear and sexual arousal, which really tightens up the scrotal sac, I entered the booth after observing naked feet in all four side-booths. I had no idea what I was in for.

Anxiously, I sat down, naked, on the commode. As I took a deep breath and tried to calm down, I looked at the wall to my right and saw a genuine working Glory Hole! I knew what it was for, but a hand-printed sign above it made it perfectly clear, reading, SHOW HARD FOR BLOWJOB. Another sign read IF A COCK COMES THROUGH - SUCK IT! There was absolutely no room for doubt. It was a precisely cut, round, four-inch diameter hole in the wooden panel and was apparently sanded down carefully to splinter-free, smoothly rounded edges. Sensing some movement, I leaned down to look through. What a shock! Then, what an immediate jolt of sexual energy surged through me! The guy in the next booth, who looked like the one I had followed, was standing with his back to me, his naked buttocks flexing as his hips obviously humped cock into a glory hole in the opposite wall. I realized he was getting a blowjob. My cock rose to rigid arousal. The sight of his naked flexing ass really turned me on, as did the fact that he apparently didn't care if someone was watching!

Almost dizzy with excitement, I turned to my left, delightfully aware of the variety of lewd, homoerotic drawings and graffiti on the walls of the booth, and I immediately saw movement through the glory hole on the opposite wall. I looked through. For a moment, from seeing just the back of his head, I thought the naked guy in that booth was carefully reading the graffiti or maybe looking through the hole on that opposing wall, but I noticed his head was moving, slowly forward, then slowly back. He was sucking cock! I was sure of it. Another movement caught my eye as well: he was jacking his own big erection! It was much larger than the ones I had caught glimpses of in the past. It was leaking shiny liquid. It looked spectacular!

I couldn't help it. I started jacking off, too, glued to the hole with fascination, watching him. Suddenly, his head stopped its motions and I heard gurgling, slurping, gulping noises. He was receiving a load! I was certain of it. I watched entranced, wondering what it must be like to suck cock, like that, through a glory hole. Then, when he pulled back, sliding his fist across his mouth in a satisfied wiping motion, I got a good look at the still hard, long, thick cock he had sucked off. It was being slowly tugged back through the large glory hole. It looked shiny with semen and saliva, excitingly sexy; a real mouthful.

With his hand still at his mouth, the horny cocksucker spotted me looking in and immediately stood up. His gigantic cock, still being fisted, looked enormous displayed so near me. My breath was sucked in. He took that as agreement and fed the big thing through the hole to me, pushing the stiff shaft down with his fingers as it slid though, and then letting it go. It sprang to magnificent attention, pointed straight up at the ceiling.

My nose was inches from it. It smelled great. It looked better than anything I had ever seen. It throbbed for my attention, oozing this inviting syrup of arousal. I licked my dry lips, staring at the awesome organ, feeling lightheaded.

"Suck it!" he suddenly demanded in a harsh, whispered command. Someone nearby snickered knowingly. The lasciviousness of that command churned my guts. He wanted me to suck his cock and he didn't give a shit if everyone around us knew it. I found that so overwhelmingly stimulating I instantly moved in on the cock.

I slid my tongue out and lapped up some of the oozing goo. It tasted exactly like my own, but as I lapped at it, I got the taste of his big cock onto my tongue and became excitedly aware that its taste was perfect. It was hot, hard, throbbing man-meat. The goo got me even hotter and I kissed the cockknob, sucking out more of the ooze, and then I suctioned in the entire, fat glans. It filled my mouth. The sensations were amazing, putting sensual pressures on delicate nerve-endings I didn't realize were there in my mouth. I had the head of a big cock in my mouth! And it felt terrific! I sucked. The cockhead throbbed and grew even harder, even larger, yet as I pressed my tongue to it, it remained pliant and spongy at the same time. I was thrilled. I was sucking cock! I was sucking a big cock!

He humped his hips, rocking the wooden panel. He wanted in. He wanted more of his cock in me than I thought I could handle, but I relaxed and opened up to him. Several inches slid into my mouth pushing the thick cockhead to the back of my throat. I felt I might choke or gag, but, surprisingly, I did not.

He tugged the cock back, making me fear he might pull out, so I sucked even harder and was rewarded with an energetic thrust back into me. He hadn't intended to pull his cock out, he was simply beginning to respond to my sucking and was starting to fuck my mouth with a series of hard thrusts and good jabs. I was ecstatic! Actually sucking cock was so much better than my boyish fantasies of doing it had ever been. Sucking cock is a man's job, I realized, and I knew I was doing it well. I could tell. He was obviously enjoying my efforts as he humped cock at me and groaned loudly with pleasure. Right then, at that very moment, with the very first cock I sucked, I knew I was a natural born cocksucker. And he knew it, too.

He began to jab that big cock into me even more vigorously, and became very verbal. "Suck that cock, man," he whispered hoarsely. "Take it in deep. That's it, work it down into your throat!" Then, after a few more thrusts, he began to chant over and over, very sincerely, "What a cocksucker! What a cocksucker!" He said it with such enthusiasm that I knew instinctively I was as good at it as anyone else he'd encountered. And instantly I knew I wanted to be good at it because I loved it! I knew I would always love it. I love sucking cock!

Then he grunted, "I'm cumming!" surprisingly loudly, and he came! Giant gushers of sperm filled my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could; it never even occurred to me NOT to swallow. My mouth was filled again, and again, and again. A wonderful feeling of euphoria flooded over me as he spurted his semen into me. THIS is what I REALLY want, I realized. Not simply to suck cock, but to be flooded with hot, viscous male ejaculate; to savor the sticky, hot, seminal fluid spurting into my mouth; to swallow down his powerfully spurted cum with its manly tastes and strong odor; to drain his big balls dry and drink down every drop of this magnificent spurting liquid! My euphoria was so intensive I was unable to count the number of jets of cum he pumped into me, but it seemed like bucketsful. My first glory hole suck was perfection! The horny, sexy stud was hung, hard, hot, and fast-cumming, while letting me know verbally that he was getting off. It was the standard by which I came to judge every other blowjob I've ever given. And I reached orgasm with him as he filled my mouth! Without pumping my cock, it spurted out a long spray of cum that hit my lower lip and chin, just under his cock. I aimed it and spurted more jism all over the wall under the glory hole. The entire experience was better than I had ever dreamed it would be. A million times better!

For a moment, I just sat there catching my breath. Cumming while sucking cock was terrific, but I had to wonder what getting sucked off would feel like, too, so I decided not to get so excited the next time. I had not the slightest doubt there would be a next time.

I watched the guy lean down and look at me through the glory hole. He saw the cum on my chin, grinned and asked quietly, "Is that mine or yours?" My face reddened and I said, "Mine. I swallowed all of yours!" His eyes got big and he sighed, "Wow! That's great!" Then he wrapped his towel around his waist and left the booth with a smile of satisfaction on his face. I knew he had sucked at least one cock and had now reached orgasm with me, so he apparently was through for a while. I tried to relax, but overheard someone say, quietly, "The middle guy's great!" I knew he was recommending me. It electrified me! A glance into the other glory hole told me the two of them were still at it, muscular ass flexing. I realized that very little time had passed.

Eagerly, I watched a naked man enter the vacant booth. He was muscular with a long, wide, handsome cock swinging sensuously in front of two massive balls. With each step closer, the cock enlarged, until it was swaying directly in front of the glory hole. As I watched, it kept enlarging, growing longer and fatter, until it began to lift itself, pointing first at the wall, and then straight out at the hole. It was a big one! As the giant cockhead lifted itself above the level of the hole, I put a finger to the hole, instinctively, wanting to beckon it, wanting to fondle it, wanting to make love to it. Wanting to suck it!

Unhesitatingly, the man eased the big thing through to me. I wrapped a hand around the massive organ as it was thrust inwards, drawing the skin down the long shaft. I pumped it experimentally, feeling it stiffen under my touch. It felt great! I loved touching it, feeling it grow steely hard in my fist, feeling it strengthen and enlarge, readying itself for me. I enjoyed jacking it so much, I kept doing it until it began to seep juicy pre-cum from the cockslit. He was ready, I realized.

"Suck it!" he insisted urgently, under his breath, but loud enough for everyone in the room to hear. I gave his cock a pump or two more, enjoying the smooth movement of the skin, as I delighted in hearing the urgent demand given just like the first guy had. I knew he would be satisfied. There was no doubt of it. As I leaned in to suck the mammoth cockknob into my hot mouth, I heard the unmistakable sounds of orgasm from the man with the flexing ass as he crashed noisily against the wall of the next booth. When he then called out to "Take it, cocksucker! Take my load!" I knew for sure that he was coming. It amazed me that these guys would call out so indiscreetly at such a sexual moment, but I came to learn that such calling out was almost traditional. They seemed to want to advertise their ejaculation to the others in the room, and I sensed it increased the level of carnal excitement in the place. Personally, I loved it. And as my current partner heard him, he got even hotter, even harder in my mouth, too.

This second cock was longer than the first and seemed better angled to work its way down into me. Its movement through my mouth and into my throat felt terrific. I wanted more! I sucked with industrial strength and went down on that fat dick. The guy was humping so diligently that I realized his ass had to be flexing from the effort just like the ass of the man in the next booth. That thought excited me when I imagined the guy in the booth behind him watching that ass-flexing movement and realizing that he was watching a guy getting a blowjob. Like the loud out-cry as his gushing orgasm was reached, this ass-flexing was also a type of lascivious advertising which must have encouraged other guys to try a blowjob.

When it was over, when he had stiffened in orgasmic bliss and spurted shot after shot of his cum into me, I swallowed his nectar with delight. He gratefully acknowledged my skill with a grin and a wink and then quietly left the booth. I heard a skittering of naked feet and heard someone say to him, "I wanna get some of that, too. Sounds like he's good!" "He's great!" was the immediate reply. I felt proud to be given such a fine reference. I figured any guy with such a great cock must know a thing or two about cocksuckers and was sincere in his recommendation of me. It reinforced my ambition to become a first-class cocksucker. The sexy teenager entering the booth with a stiff one made my mouth water. Quickly we were connected and, once more, I worked for the reward he generously squirted into me.

What I did not realize, immediately, is that there were always many, many more guys willing to get a quick blowjob than there were guys willing to give a blowjob. In fact, the latter group seemed surprising small. My services became much in demand that summer as I got ever better at sucking cock with each cock I sucked, learning to handle well every size, shape and hue. But not once did I solicit anyone. It wasn't necessary. These naked, hung, horny studs would come up to me at the pool and either gesture lewdly towards the toilet or whisper "Com'on" to me, knowing I'd follow. And then they kept me busy in that middle booth. I never sucked just one cock there. More were always at the ready. There were days, especially Saturdays, when I'd suck one and turn to find another standing tall through the other glory hole patiently throbbing for attention. I'd suck it, turn, and find another, and then another, time and time and time again. Some days almost losing count, there were so many. And surprisingly often, re-sucking some I'd sucked off earlier during that same session. On weekdays, there were fewer, but more quality time could be spent with each.

I am certain my success came, in part, because I did not look like a stereotypical cocksucker who was just waiting around to pounce. They saw me wrestling, lifting weights, playing basketball, shooting billiards, watching TV, lounging around and being sociable, and, of course, they saw me swimming in the nude, so I believe my open friendliness, good body, workout ethic, and natural masculinity made it easier for them to deal with me. But they all knew I sucked a mean dick, too.

That middle booth was the finest training ground a developing world-class cocksucker could ever hope to encounter, and believe me I made the most of it. Those three months are the best, most memory-intensive, most cock-filled months of my life. And when I stop to figure I averaged over ten cocks a day, six days a week for twelve and a half weeks - well, do the math - that's a lot of cock! (750)

Moving on at the close of that summer, I decided to join the army before going to college. During those next two years, I was delighted to find so many glory holes dotting the route I had to take. I easily found them at bus, train, and air terminals, seedy hotels, restaurants, other gyms and Y's, straight bars, department stores, park facilities (although they were the riskiest), public libraries, book stores, movie theaters and drive-ins, and, of course, on the posts on which I served. In college, after the service, I located many glory holes around campus and in nearby off-campus areas. In the army, not a week had gone by without working at least one glory hole, but in college, not a day went by. (I've written about both.) So, when I graduated and went out on my own, starting a job in the city, I figured, reluctantly, that my best glory-hole days were over. Happily, I was completely wrong!


Jack Sofelot


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