I had just graduated instrument technology school in the East. I

gained my 2nd Lt's bar on graduation. I had my orders. I was on my way

to Luke AFB in Arizona. I was flying on commercial flight orders from

JFK Airport. I had about an hour before boarding and I stopped for a

beer at a deli-bar a few yards from my gate. It was pretty crowded but I

found a seat at the bar. The very pretty bartender came right over.

'This must be my day for gorgeous servicemen.' She nodded her head

toward a sailor in whites, at the other end of the bar.

I thanked her and waited for my beer. I looked in the mirror

behind the bar. Geez I was good looking. My square, chin dimpled face

and my crisp, curly dark brown hair. I could see the sailor also in the

mirror. He was shorter than me. I'm 6'1'; he must have been 5'6'.

While I was, I guess, classically handsome, I would trade for what he

had. He was stocky with heavy thighs (I look that). He had reddish

blond hair, close cut and a round face with stub nose, full lips and pale

blue eyes. His whole manner was rakish and cheeky. He was in short a

dish and could have made a fortune hustling. Just as my beer came, I

realized that he had seen me looking at him and he smirked and winked. I

immediately set to polishing off my beer and forced myself not to look at


Finally, after a 15 min. delay they announced the plane boarding. I got on and found my way to my seat. It was a plane with two seats on

each side of the aisle (the Air Force always finds the cheap flights.)

My seat was by the window. I had checked my two flight bags and only had

a briefcase with me. I shoved it under the seat and sat back hoping I

wouldn't get a screaming kid or a fat guy in the empty seat. In a few

moments before takeoff the sailor I had seen at the bar was making his

way up the aisle a bit unsteadily, his white canvas sea bag on one

shoulder. His face was red from running to not miss the plane and from

the beers he had drunk. He stopped at the empty seat next to me and said

'Hey Louey, we're seat mates.' He opened the compartment and hoisted his

bag into the bin. He had to jam it in. As he did this,. he stood up and

stretched his armed and pushed. His middy rose and as his back was to

me, I could look all I wanted. The exposed skin was very pale white and

a fine patch of baby hair, red-gold in color was exposed just below his

waist. With a grunt the bag slipped into the bin. He looked down at me

and grinned at me, turned and sank down on the seat with a grunt and

sigh. I could smell the, not unpleasant yeasty order of beer coming from

his pores. He was sweating.

The plane took off. He turned to me. 'I'm Dale.' I shook his

somewhat sweaty ham of a hand and replied, 'Bob here.'

No more talk. His eyes were blinking and soon he let out of sigh

and feel asleep, his breath slightly adenoidal. I tried to sleep but

this cute guy, frankly, was giving me an immense hardon. The combination

of his sexy smell and his powerful thigh against mine was getting me hot.

I began to detect that his leg was pushing against mine. I also noticed

that his breathing had changed. I glanced at his full basket and could

see a fat snake of a cock sneaking down the side of his thigh.

There was no doubt now, we were diddling with each other. I let

my arm rest on his leg. He spread is legs slightly and rubbed his

growing mound. Then he sat up. Smirked me and said 'You ever joined the

mile-high club?' I looked at him dumbly. He grabbed my leg in his hand

and said, 'See you in the head'.

He walked, somewhat waggly, toward the rear. I waited a few

minutes. I followed. The door to one of the latrines was half opened

and he stood in the doorway, smiling and nodding at me. I came close and

grabbed me and shoved me in and pushed me so I was sitting on the toilet.

'This is your lucky day,' he said, 'You're going to get what you have

been hoping for since the bar.' As he spoke he opened his fly and pulled

out a fat, pink, uncut cock. 'Quick, taste it. I haven't all day.'

I opened his belt buckle. He tried to stop me. He wanted a

zipless fuck but that's not my style. Finally he gave up and I pulled

his pants down then the white navy-issued boxers. He strong legs were

revealed, covered with downy red and gold hair. His balls were in a

large heavy skinned sack which stood out and supported his thick cock.

As I handled it, the red head protruded. 'I'm getting nuts. Suck


I leaned in and wet it with my tongue. He grunted in pleasure.

I looked up. He was smiling in satisfaction. I kept my eyes on him as I

began a very carefully orchestrated blow job. This would be the best he

ever got in his young life. As I proceeded, licking the underside,

moving his foreskin, sucking on the piss hole, his smile began to fade.

He was going into a serious sex orbit. He began to breath heavily, a

hoarse rasp punctuating each intake. He face became very serious. His

body began to shake, his eyes rolled up and he thrust forward, beginning

to go into his orgasm. 'Holy shit,' he became intone, over and over. I

felt a rush of thick delicious cum fire into my mouth. He lurched three

more timed, spewing a tremendous load. He stood for a moment, sweating

and shaking. 'I want more.' He lifted me off the toilet and leaned over

the closed cover, he fuzzy ass exposed, he very pink hole could be seen.

'Fuck me, fuck. If you're man enough.'

I grabbed on to his smooth hips, stared at his big beautiful ass

and plowed in. He howled in pleasure. 'Keep it up. Shoot in my hole.

Come on Bobby, don't be a fag.' At that I doubled my efforts, beginning

to feel my upper legs getting buzzy.

'I'm going to come in your hole. You want it. Can you come

again?. 'Oh yeah.' he groaned. 'Jerk me.'

I reached around and grabbed his cock. Indeed, it was hard. I

timed my strokes on his cock to my plunging in and out. A moment later I

felt his cock get harder and it began pulsing out cum. His ass

tightened and I almost blacked out as I shoot heavily into his red haired


The two of us were spent. We waited until we had some semblance

of control; dressed. I slipped out first. No one seemed to notice me.

I got back in my seat. He never joined me. I turned around once; he was

several rows back. He avoided my eyes. I didn't see him when he got

off. I would have liked to get together again in a more tender way but

it was not to be.



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