Continuation from Twink Hotel

Me and Jason. One of my friends. A hot Asian twink with a fair size dick. We had fucked before. His asshole tight, ready for fucking.

During science class, we do many experiments with our awesome teacher. This time we had a whole month of periods for 4 experiments where we can do tests with other students like, hand-eye coordination, hearing tests, problem solving, problem solving with different sound environments and so on. However we could also do personal experiments. With 8 periods, we decided to do different tests with students.

We finished in 5 periods. So naturally decided to fuck. As student council president, I have a master key only the principal, and janitor have. So naturally I use it.

"Hi Jason!" I said, as we met on the basketball court. He whispered in my ear," I'm feeling kinda horny today. I haven't masturbated in a few days." "There's no place to go fuck today. Well maybe, the janitor is installing new computers in the library; and the principal is at another school for a board meeting. I think we should go into the supply room. The supply room key is with me. No one can go in. But when to go? " How about during our science period," he suggested," we can pretend like we are going to do a study. Since we finished last week, we have 3 periods to fuck."


"Can we go down to Ms. Kalowski's class Mr. Braun?," I asked hoping he didn't figure out our plan." Sure Greg," he said in his deep Germanic accent.

"Click." The door locked. " where are my condoms?" Jason said nervously." Oh here they are." We began taking off each other's shirt. Then unzipping out jeans. I started sucking him off. His 5' dick wasn't long but thick, and huge amounts of cum. Then I got onto the table and we started 69." Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, fuck, fuck, fuck!" I exclaimed.

Then a class walked by. "Shhhhh- "

After about 2 minutes they left." Ok I think it's safe to continue." I whispered. As he positioned himself for ass fucking, I began putting the condom on." Fuck that," he said. "Fuck me bareback." "Ok," I said.

I entered in his asshole." Oh yeah that's good, fuck fuck fuck! Come on Greg. Where's the real dick? Are you not ready." he exclaimed in horniness.

And then it happened; I came in his asshole." Cum in me, cum in this dirty slut, fuck yeah. My turn." I bent over. He inserted his dick into my asshole. "Fuck!" I exclaimed." I've seen Gr. 7's do better. Come on, fuck; fuck me harder. Then he came in me. Then he licked my asshole. Then he gave me a handjob.

We were making out when we heard the class comin back. "Oh shit!" I said. Come on we have 5 minutes before class ends. "Ok I'm coming out! Let's do this again on Thursday."

"Yes, we shall."


Greg Baker

[email protected]


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