If you have read my earlier storys, you will already know of my first time affair with my nephew. We discovered and explored our male sexuality and tried anything and everything.

On this particular overnight stay, we had already progressed to crossdressing and had become quite skilled. Not to brag, but we both were stunning when we decked out.

As I said before we were still exploring everything. My nephew usually was the agressor in our relationship and was very skillfully guiding our adventures.

But on this particular night, I had something that I wanted to try. Before we started our relationship, being a year older, I had already experienced a strange thrill out of being outside naked. I found this very exciting. I guess the chance of being discovered is what turned me on.

At any rate, we could hardly wait for the parents to leave. I think I had a hard on for the last two days in anticipation of this overnight.

Finally, they left and we began planning our evening. As I said, we were both into crossdressing already. We began putting on our stolen female clothing, helping each other with the bras, garters, and makeup.

I told him I had something I wanted to try and this excited him extremely. I told him of my voyerism and suggested we continue getting dressed and turn all the lights out. Then, in nothing but our bras, grater, hose, and high heels, sneek out the back door.

At first he was very frightened at the thought. I explained how exciting it was for me and assured him the chances of getting caught were minimal. I had done it many times and pretty much knew the limits.

We agreed to stop dressing with just the clothing I suggested. We sat on the couch and started fondling and kissing. We were both very hard already.

Finally, he began asking about the adventure again. He still was frightened, but obviously interested. I grabbed his hand and we went to the back porch area. This area was screened in and open to the back yard area. We killed all the lights first, then I opened the back door.

He had retreated a little into the kitchen. I pleaded with him not to be frightened, that I would show him how. He approached the back door, but stopped just inside. I stepped out into the porch area. I was very careful and looked all around, making sure it was safe.

Finally, he entered the porch area. I could tell, not only by his rock hard dick, that he was very excited. He was breathing hard and clutched at my hand. We paraded around the back porch area with all our glory hanging out. We kissed and exposed our love for all the world to see, but we actually knew, no one could see us.

Well, this was ok, but I was used to far more. I led him to the back screen door. I stepped outside and asked him to come with me. He was trembling and stood his ground. He was obviously near his limit and frightened. I reminded him of the almost total darkness and dared him to follow.

His answer was also a dare. He said,'if it is so safe, you go out further. Walk out to the alley and back and I will come out there with you.'

Well, what he did not know was, this actually fit right into my goal for this adventure. You will understand as we proceed. I immediately took the dare. I slowly walked straight back to the rear fence. I even strutted, swinging my fine ass around. I was more excited than ever. I had never done this dressed as a girl. Wow, what a rush!

I headed back to the rear door. He was still scared, but I knew he would not welch on a dare. I reached out and he took my hand. Slowly he stepped out of the doorway. He was frightened beyond belief. I thought he was gonna cry. I took him in my arms and held him.

Finally, I pointed out to him, nothing bad had happened. He stopped trembling and started kissing me. We started exploring the back yard, sneeking to the side of the house, watching all the cars go by. It was very exciting, we knew if they stopped and looked, they could see us.

We took turns stepping out between the houses, staying longer and longer each time. Finally, on his turn to step out, I went with him. I knelt down and took him in my mouth. My plan was here at last. He stood there in shock at first, then in total pleasure. I gave the best head of my life.

After just a few minutes, he began hunching against my mouth. I could tell he was close. I felt him building to climax. I slid my finger into his anus and he exploded in my mouth. He stiffeled a scream. I took his whole load and swallowed.

When he finished, we stepped back towards the back of the house. He slowly recovered his composure.

As I said before, he was the aggressor in our relationship. So as to not be out done, he had a surprise for me.

He began fondling me and started sucking me off. He waited until I was almost ready and stopped.

He slowly stepped out between the houses again pulling me with him by my hand. He then bent over and said,'take me, now!'

I moved up behind him, got him wet with my precum, and slid in. I must have been more excited than I had ever been. I pounded him hard for a few seconds and blew a load like never before in him. What an orgasm!!!!!

What a great adventure. As we proceeded with our sexual fantasys, we often included our outside adventures. He was hooked on voyerism after this magnificent night.

My nephew and I are both very intelligent people. We explored great limits of or love life. I enjoy sharing these precious moments with everyone and hope you enjoy them. I assure you each and every story is true. Our relationship was unique because of our family relationship, but we grew together because of our similar age.

We went through puberty together, free from any restriction. We were best friends first and we shared everything, literally. When we were together, we would bring each other to orgasm over and over. We loved each other and grew great pleasure seeing each other satisfied.



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