Jack was an 18 year old high school senior on the varsity swim team. He was also a devout Christian, engaged to his beautiful fiance Katie whom he was planning to marry after they both graduated. Jack had never had sexual relations with anyone, not even so much as masturbating as he felt it was a sin to do so. Standing at about 6'2, 175.. curly black hair, chiseled body, and wearing his tight speedos, Kevin watched him enter the locker room getting ready to hit the showers. Kevin is also a senior and happened to have a basketball class the same period as him. It was the last class of the day and both of them were usually the last two left. He'd noticed Jack from time to time, fantasizing about how great it would be to see his cock as he'd only ever seen him in his speedos, but had a good feeling he was well hung as it was a very sizeable looking package. The two casually talked from time to time, he mentioned Katie to him on a few occasions.. beautiful blonde girl, blue eyes, model type for sure. Jack also had mentioned to him that he was strong into his beliefs and was not going to give up his virginity until their wedding night. He was looking forward to their wedding in July. Kevin couldn't believe that anyone could repress their sexual urges for so long, I mean it seemed a bit unnatural to him, but whatever.. all he could think about was finally getting to see his gorgeous rod one of these days, even if by accident. He was a bit shy to follow him into the showers, he was a bit shy being naked around the other guys because he just didn't feel that comfortable with showing off his body along with the well toned, fit swimmers. It's not like they'd care, but he was self conscious. Kevin was not really fit, but he wasn't obese either..  let's just say he had about an average sized body, 5'10.. about 190, slightly curvy with a nice round shapely bottom. He was also a bit of a perv, addicted to online porn and owned a couple sex toys. No one knew Kevin was bi, keeping it a secret from everyone. He was a keep to himself kind of guy so it's not like he had many to tell either way.

As the school year was drawing to a close, Kevin thought he would do something a bit pro active to get Jack to 'reveal himself'. You see, his dad is a doctor, so he had gotten access to a Neuromuscular-blocking drug that would temporarily paralyze his muscles. He figured to mix it into Jack's orange juice that he had in his locker, along with some Viagra to get him ready for the occasion so to speak. 

After swimming practice was over, and Kevin finished up with basketball, they met up in the locker room as they almost always do.

"Hey Kevin, what's up?"

"Not much, just excited that school is almost over."

"Yeah I hear ya, I'm looking forward to graduating and then marrying Katie soon after.

What are your plans?"

"I'm going to look for a job this summer, parents want me to get out of the house more.. "

"Oh yeah? That's great! It'll be good for you, maybe you'll get to meet some cool people before you start college. Well I better hit the showers, see you tomorrow!"

and with that Jack headed over, turned the shower on and he got undressed. 

Kevin went for Jack's locker and drugged the OJ. It would only be a matter of time now. He decided to wait it out a bit, hiding in the other row of lockers waiting for Jack to get back. 

Several minutes later, he heard the showers turn off and then heard Jack head back for his locker. Jack had put on a different pair of speedos as he was planning to go for another swim soon after he got home. He went for his OJ, downed it, and went to finish packing his things when he felt a very odd tingling sensation.. he was starting to feel hot all over, sweat coming out of his pores, and he let out a gasp..  that's when Kevin knew it was time.

"I forgot something in my locker...  Jack, are you alright?"

Jack looked at him, wide eyed and a bit scared..  "I don't .. know..  what's hap..pening..  to me."

Kevin rushed over, helped him up and put him up against the locker. He noticed the bulge in his speedos had gotten much larger. 

"Do you need me to call a doctor?"

"Yes... please."

Kevin looked down at Jack's crotch.. and just stared in amazement.

"Wow.. looks like you're a bit excited. My dad is a doctor, let me check this out.. "

Kevin got down to his knees, with his face directly in front of Jack's throbbing bulge. Those sparkling blue speedos needed to come off.

"Maybe you need to let this out..."

and with that he pulled Jack's speedos down and out came this gigantic, beautiful specimen of his man-hood. It had to have been about 9.. 10 inches maybe, perfectly shaped, cut.. big mushroom head, low dangling set of balls...  shaved of course as he's a swimmer.

Kevin was in shock, but not as much as Jack of course.

"Ke..vin.. what are you.. doing??"

"I had to see this for myself. It looks amazing."

Kevin continued to stare in glorious wonderment, and then took his right hand and slowly stroked it up and down and with his left hand, caressed those swollen low hangers.

"Yes.. this is quite nice. So now you can finally know how good masturbation feels, although at the hands of another..  and a man at that."

Jack was in utter disbelief, he had no idea that Kevin would ever do something like this.. his virgin penis, fully erect. This was meant for only one girl, and now this.. the unthinkable has happened. He couldn't control it, or anything really as he was paralyzed all over.. his cock was in Kevin's hand and he couldn't do a thing about it.

"Oh what's this? Pre-cum.. oh that's good. The first time it's ever come out of this cock huh? If what you say about you never masturbating is true that is..  hm, I think I'd like to taste it." 

Kevin stuck the tip of his tongue out and lapped away at Jack's virgin pre-cum. How sweet it was, as Jack loves to eat his fair share of fruits. He couldn't wait to get more out of this cock. He next wrapped his lips around the head as Jack let out a soft grunt of approval.

Kevin's tongue twirled around the head, Jack couldn't believe the sensation. He had to close his eyes, this was all a nightmare...  or was it?

Kevin took the head out of his mouth, a bit of pre-cum/saliva mix dripping from his lips. He had to go for those balls..  at first he licked them, so smooth.. so warm, then put the left lower hanging testicle into his mouth, humming on it.

"....ughh.........." Jack grunted as his eyes rolled up a bit.

"Mmm... you secretly like this don't you Jack? Oh yes...  so much sperm swimming in these testicles of yours, never seen the light of day.. poor guys. Today, they will finally be released."

Kevin continued on Jack's left nut, while stroking away at the cock. Jack, still with his eyes closed, felt an unnatural delight from all of this. This can't be right can it? Why does an evil act feel so good?

Next came Kevin's long tongue going up the shaft ever so slowly, all the way to the tip, where a lot more pre-cum was waiting for him. More sweet seed for him to ingest, even though only trace amounts of semen are actually in the pre-cum, for Kevin, he was the first to have Jack's precious seed and it was delicious. If only Katie could see this.

As tempting as it was to have Jack finish down his throat, he had a more 'devilish' plan instead. Kevin went for the lube in his backpack. He unscrewed the cap and rubbed it all over Jack's cock.

"Wha... are you going.. to do??"

"Well you see, I really think it'd be just grand if the first hole your lovely virgin cock enters... is my anus."

Jack all of a sudden had a mortified look on his face.

"Nnnnoooo.... pleassee....    Ka..tie"

"Oh I know, you were saving this for Katie, but I can't help myself. I want this cock for my own."

Kevin pulled down his shorts and boxers, his stiff rod pointed out. He wasn't anywhere near as big as Jack, but that didn't matter now. He turned around, showing that big round ass of his.. Jack looked and couldn't believe this was going to happen. Kevin lubed up his anus, he knew this was going to be a bit painful. Pleasurable, but painful. He had only ever stuck his much smaller vibrators up that hole and now was the real test. Kevin had been fantasizing about this all year and now it was finally going to happen. He positioned his anus right to the tip of Jack's cock.

"Pleeeease... Kevin... this isn't supposed to happen... it's unnatural. God does not approve.. of these things."

"He may not approve, but it looks like your cock does." Kevin retorted.

Kevin's anus was about to brace for impact as he pushed down on the cock, slowly but surely the tip went in.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh... it hurts, but it hurts so good." as Kevin winced a bit.

Jack let out another grunt. His cock has been violated, but yet it's violating at the same time. This feeling was intense. Deep down, he's starting to get some dark, twisted pleasure in this, but he wasn't yet ready to admit it. His cock was going in deeper and deeper into this young man's ass. He knows gay sex is evil, but why do these pleasureful sensations torture him? He doesn't know how long he can hold this in.

"Oh yes Jack, fill me up with that long, beautiful cock of yours."

Jack couldn't help but cross his eyes from the feeling, his cock was in all the way.. it was so warm, so moist, so.. good.

"Why Kevin? Why...?"

"Because I'm just helping you see things from a different perspective..  and I selfishly wanted your cock all for myself. Fuck that bitch Katie, your once virgin cock belongs to me."

In and out went Kevin, first slowly and then picking up the speed a bit. Jack's low hanging testes started slapping up and down as well.

"I ...don't know..  how much longer I can take this Kevin. It feels...  so good."

Little by little Jack had regained some feeling in his muscles. He put his hands on Kevin's ass and began to take control.

"Ohh.. Jack, you're finally seeing it my way aren't you? Do me Jack, do me hard in my tight ass!"

Jack began going with the motion, moving his hips and taking control. So this is how good sex is? It's not sex with a woman, but it's sex nonetheless. He knew he would forever be perverted by Kevin's evil fantasy.

"Ughhhh... I think I'm about to release it...  this feeling, too much..."

"Yes Jack, let it out.. let it all out! Your sperm will finally get it's release. Not in Katie's pussy, but in another man's ass. My ass. Mmm......"

Kevin, now using his left arm reached out for Jack's scrotum. He gave those lovely testes a good soft rubbing and then wrapped his hand softly over his sac, gently squeezing it so that it looked like he was holding a bag full of coins.

Jack enjoyed this feeling, and finally..

"Ughhhhh.. it's coming. I'm.... cumming!"

Streams and streams of fresh virgin semen shot out, deep into Kevin's anal tract. So much warm, gooey man seed, once intended to maybe give Katie a baby, now swimming up another man's anus. Jack let it all out for what seemed to be a full minute, maybe longer.

"Oh my god Jack, I can feel it.. I can feel all of it going all the way up my gut.. it's so warm. Uhhh..  time for me to let go too."

"No, wait!" Jack yelled out.

Jack finally pulled out of that ass, his cock no longer virgin, covered in his goo and Kevin's anal juices. Drips and drips of Jack's seed came out of his ass, and landed all over the bench. Kevin got up, turned around to face him, wondering what's going on. Then he saw Jack get down on his knees in front of his cock.

"I want to do this."

Jack put Kevin's throbbing cock into his mouth, the sensation was incredible. Kevin was almost as shocked as Jack was when his cock entered his mouth.

"Whoa.. Jack, ohh.. yeah, I like this."

Jack furiously went up and down on that fully erect meat pole of Kevin's, that twisted perverted cock of his was all the reason for what's just happened. It was as if Jack's mouth and tongue had a mind of their own.

"Oh yeah Jack... keep working it, soon you'll have my seed down your throat. Mmmmm...yeah."

Jack couldn't believe he was doing this, but again it felt so good. He took the cock out of his mouth and began sucking on Kevin's warm, furry sack. He was basically doing to Kevin what Kevin did to him, almost like a sexual revenge of sorts.

"Oooooo... I'm about to cum now Jack, get ready..  open your mouth and let me shoot it in."

Jack obeyed, and with that Kevin shot out thick, syrupy ropes of his semen. He glazed Jack's tongue with his creamy white spunk. 

"Hmm... you better swallow it quick Jack, my cum isn't as tasty as yours. Go on, down the hatch."

Again he obeyed, Kevin's bittersweet, salty semen went down his throat, every warm drop.

"I swallowed sperm...  I can't believe I swallowed another man's sperm. But... I liked it."

"I'm glad you liked it."

With that, Jack and Kevin both got up, cleaned themselves up a bit and got dressed. Deep down Jack might have liked it, but at the same time he felt disgusted. It was a raging war within him. 

They both went their separate ways, but Jack will never forget what happened in that locker room that fateful day. Maybe he would have another 'adventure' down the line. For now he was betrothed to Katie. He would never tell her this dark, twisted secret, she wouldn't understand. For now, he would hide it. As for Kevin, he's glad to have finally gotten to live out his fantasy and more. 



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