I was on my yearly summer camping trip. My dad and I usually went every year. This year I was old enough to get my own spot, and since it was cheaper my dad took the opportunity. Right now I was fishing at a small section of the lake that was always abandoned, it was so clear you could see to the bottom! My reflection showed in the lake I despised my thin black hair, it made me look gothic. My dark brown eyes, carried from my mother, mismatched my hair horribly, and not even my perfect teeth could make up for that. Everyone told me how handsome I was, but I denied it, I thought I was ugly, no gay guy has a perfect face, but that was my opinion of me. I dosed off so much I hadn't noticed my fishing pole had bent and was pulling me hand closer towards the transparent lake. I was reeling it in, hoping it was a big fish I could take a picture of and brag about. I could see a head through the lake but couldn't make out the fish. I was lifting the fish, making out its species, it was a-

'Todd!' I heard my father call. I jumped and dropped the fish into the lake, and it was able to escape and swim away. Great, just great, I thought.

'I'm coming!' I replied in just the best tone. I walked up to where the sound was coming from and spotted my dad.

'I have to go to work for a week or two, there is money in my RV in the glove compartment. You can stay there for the while if you want, if I get back and the RV has moved an INCH you're dead, got it?' I nodded in reply. I watched as he drove off. As soon as he was out of sight I ran into the RV and switched on the TV.

It had been a week, of watching TV going out to the spot (nightclub) every night, trying to make some friends, hanging out at the pool. I had done almost every do able thing there besides bridge jumping off the closed bridge next to my camping spot and canoeing, which I hated because it is too confusing. I decided to try hiking, there was a huge forest with one giant mountain in the middle. I gathered supplies; a rope just in case it got too deep, snacks if I got hungry, a tent just in case it got too dark, a lighter to make a fire, a sleeping bag for the tent, a blanket for extra warmth, and a first aid kit just in case I got hurt, leaving my phone on the counter for when I left I'd pick it up. I ended up leaving with a giant backpack looking like a total nerd, with sunglasses. But I wasn't going to take a chance since last time I saw a bear and ran for my life like an idiot.

I started up a path through the forest, although there was a straight pass, I liked to be secluded and go my own way. I walked up to a thick old oak tree and took a break. I took out a water and chugged half a bottle, I was about to chug the rest when, CRACK! Grrrr... I froze. I knew I should have made a loud noise and made it look like I was big or tall or put my hands behind my head for protection, but I made the quick decision. I picked up my backpack and ran. All I did was run and run and run until I lost my energy. I lay down to catch my breath and listen for any more sounds. I was very alert waiting....for....the...bear to come.....back......Zzzz.

I awoke at Two O'clock in the morning at full alert. Right away my eyes clicked open and I stood up ready to run again, but there was nothing there. I reached in my pocket to get my phone to call one of my friends to come find me and help me lug my stuff back to camp because I was too tired to do it alone. Nothing. I left my phone on the counter! I cursed under my breath and half dragged half pick up my large, overloaded backpack. I knew I'd have to spend the night, but my location wasn't very safe. I walked towards the mountain. I figured I could see well so I could find a good path to head back to the campsite and it was clearer so I could see if an animal was coming my way. I started towards the mountain when I spotted something that looked like a person. I started to head towards it or him or her. I went up to it, it was a man! He looked so helpless, with nothing but the skin on his body, his clothes were either stolen when he was unconscious, or he was mugged, I knew I had to help him. He looked my age, which is 17. He was laying on his back, and was stripped of his clothes, his long soft tan cock laying on his stomach, I was starting to get hard...No. He was obviously hurt, no time to think about his cock or his beautiful 'V' line, or face...I clicked back to serious mode. I got out my blanket and lay it over him. I started to set up the tent, I knew I couldn't lug him to the mountain. Once it was set up I picked him up and put him inside the tent. His back was horribly scratched and he had several leeches on him. He must have passed out from blood loss, or from the attack from an animal, or was it a human? I started a fire so I could get the leeches off. I put a long rock in the fire and quickly touched it with the leeches so it wouldn't cool off too fast. They fell right off lifeless, taken care of. I got out my first aid kit and cleaned and patched up his back, and put some bandages on some cuts I had found on his wrists. I left some snacks out for him in case if he woke up. Great I just wasted most of my stuff on some guy I didn't know. At least I have that feel good feeling in my stomach, or was it butterflies?

I took my sleeping bag and set up by the fire. I couldn't wait to wake up in the morning. Was he gay too? What made those cuts on his wrists? My mind was overloaded with questions. I guess I'll find out in the morning.

I awoke to the smell of eggs and health bars. I opened my eyes and saw a plate of eggs and 2 health bars stacked next to it. I sat up and looked around. The person I had helped was kneeling next to the fire cooking eggs on a 'rock plate.' So survival skills are a quality of him so far, I took note of that. He smiled when he saw I was awake.

'Thank you for helping me.' He said in the sexiest voice I've ever heard.

'No problem. I saw you hurt and you looked helpless so I helped you.' I responded. My eyes drifted off to his 'V' line and just forming two abs. I looked down more, the small blanket tied around his waist like a towel. He noticed me looking and I looked away for a moment.

'Yeah sorry about that, it was all I could find to wear.' He said responding to my gaze.

'Oh no its fine! Umm...here.' I took off my pants and gave it to him.

'Are you sure?' He asked I could tell by the look of his eyes that he felt he was stealing them.

'It's okay. I have thermals in my backpack.' I forgot I had left them in there from my last trip to Maine. His sorry eyes resented to happiness knowing I still had something to wear. But his face seemed as though sorry, not a forgiving sorry, but a sorry like he'd rather have me only in my underwear maybe? I shook it off. His gaze went to my package and I noticed the bulge in made by my penis. I got a little embarrassed and went to put on my thermals, I could see him blushing as I bent down to my backpack to grab my thermals. He had a clear view of my ass.

As I put on my thermals he focused back on his eggs, which was one of the foods I packed. Yeah, idiot me packing eggs half broke but he used 3 to make eggs 5 left.

'Thank you for the breakfast by the way.' I said. I had forgotten to say thank you, but my growling stomach reminded me.

'You're welcome. It's my way of thanking you for saving me, but there's more where that comes from.' He said with that smirk again, this time his eyebrows disappeared under his bangs. Was that a flirt? Was he gay too? Was he making a move on me? Too many questions again. I decided I needed my answers to my other questions, it was killing me.

'What happened to your wrists?' I asked.

'What?' He said looking at his wrists.

'Your wrists they're cut.' I said.

'Oh.....I...umm.....must've cut them when I was....' He said a little uneasy. How could he not remember? I sure would have remembered being attacked or mugged. Could he have amnesia?

'You can't remember?' I asked in a soft tone showing I cared and he could tell me.

'No....I-I can't....' He stuttered.

'Do you remember what happened?' I decided to set aside that question.

'Oh yeah I was walking up the trail when two big men....umm.....I don't remember what happened then...' He trailed off again.

'Do you remember your name?' I asked questioningly.

'Oh yes! I am Sam, and you?' He replied.

'I'm Todd.' I said trying to give him the sexiest smirk I could make. He blushed in return. Score one for Todd. I took in his appearance again, now that he was awake. Black hair with bangs and purple and green highlights, sexy smile already noted, and the most amazing dreamy brown eyes in the world. Yet his big brown eyes matched his hair perfectly. Still he had the strangest mixture of qualities, survival skills, confused, uneasy, flirty, innocent, and evil. Not really evil, but as though he had a secret that could explain everything, but he couldn't tell me...as though he didn't want to lose me...

'Should we start heading back?' He asked, pulling me back to earth and sending me deep into his eyes.

'Umm...I guess so', I got up ready to start packing. When he got up his face filled with pain and he groaned...his back, I remembered. I helped him to the tent and sat him down.

'Maybe you should wait til' that heals a little bit first.' I told him. He nodded in response and lay down on his stomach. I knew I had to air out his cuts. I opened the bandages and the bleeding had stopped and it was healing. But the wind made him groan so I closed the tent.

'Stay here and relax for a while. I'll be by the fire if you need me.' I told him. He nodded yet again. I sat outside and poked the fire I made some wood bundles while I was bored, I guess we could use them as torches. I then had an idea. I grabbed my long 'torches' and stuck them in the ground circling our camp area. At night I could light them to fend off animals and since the ground was just dirt and our camp stuff was a distance away from them it wouldn't burn down our sanctuary. I hadn't even noticed that night had fallen. I checked my watch, 8 O'clock at night. I decided I'd stay up until 11, then light the torches and sleep. In the mean time I kept them fire going, and gathered sticks until it reached 11 O'clock at night. That night I had the strangest of dreams...

I was walking through a path in a forest, it was morning, I felt happy, in a good mood. All of a sudden, night fell, and I was approaching a tall, old oak tree, the one I was at before. I was thinking of resting, and then two big men jumped me. I knew they weren't here for a nice hello. They tried to grab a hold of me, but I fought back. Before long they were dragging me through the forest, my back scratching through branches, trash left by other hikers and scratchy leaves. I myself couldn't feel anything, but my mind did, and it was bashing, crying, and thrashing, and calling for help. But no one could hear me, no one could help me. When the dragging stopped I calmed, but still I was in pain. They took my into a camper, they must've snuck in and been kidnapping people. The men immediately stripped me of my clothes, but these were not my clothes, this was not my body, this was not my skin, this wasn't me.

One started sucking my cock, and I wasn't enjoying it one bit. The other took his cock and rammed it right into me, my virginity was just taken by some rapist. His painful thrusts, the savage sucking of my cock, and my back pain was too much and I passed out. I awoke for two seconds in an area of dry ground, dirt, and no grass and I passed out once again.

I awoke screaming, at the exact same time so did Sam..........



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