This is a true story which happened to me.

Im 22 and mainly straight.

I was satying in a hotel after being at a conference with work, the hotel was small but boosted a swimming pool with jacuzzi and a sauna/steam room which came off the changing room. It was late at night when i decided to go for a swim and use the jacuzzi to relax after a long day. i had a swim and then chilled out in the jacuzzi. while in the jacuzzi i got pretty horny and hard and slipped my cock out the side of my shorts, just then a man walked into the pool area but i left my cock hanging out getting even more horny now this guy could possibly see me cock. Now im 22 and slim nice body ( working on the six pack ) with a nice 7 inch uncut cock. this guy was late twenties with an average body about six foot tall, as he walked to the changing rooms he looked my way and we exchanged a nod in hello, my cock was still out but the churning water hid it from him. About ten minutes later he emerged from the locker room in a pair of small speedo trunks and a towel. He looked my way again and we smiled, You could clearly see the outline of his balls and cock in the trunks, it didnt look a big package but as im straight i was only checking him out from a ego point of view rather then sexual ! . He dived in the pool and did some lenghs and i just relaxed in the jacuzzi cock soft again at this point. maybe twenty minutes had passed and i got out the jacuzzi and headed for the sauna feeling rather horny by this point. i stripped off my trunks and sat down naked on a bench, now i was horny at this point so was i hoping he would walk in while i was naked ?? anyway he didnt and i walked in to the sauna with a small towel around my cock. he sauna wasnt massive but had two tier benches all the way round aparrt from the gap for te door, i decided to get up on the second tier directly oppsite the door. i layed down on my front with the towel still wrapped round me. about ten minutes passed and i got hard again, my cock poked through the front of the towel and rested on the wooden slat of the bench, i was just thinking about starting to stroke my dick when the door went and in came the guy from the pool with a towel also round his bits. he walked in and we nodded again and he sat on the lower tier to the right of the door so he was down by my feet. i thought he might be able to see up my towel but i was so horny i didnt move i just layed there with a hard dick and horny at the possibiity that he might have a fall view up my towel, some time passed and still laying down i glanced over my shoulder at him only to find him looking at me to with his legs apart! i had a fall view of his cock and balls up his towel. i was right about his dick not being a big one but it was uncut and looked nice and his balls where smooth and resting on the wooden bench. i didnt really show him much interest when we met eyes, i just glanced a few times at him and his cock then turned round again and rested my head back down. actually i was getting horny now after seeing his dick and the prospect that i actually find this situation im in horny ! i decided to play the game a little so i moved my body a bit so my soft cock flopped through the opening in the towel and slipped between the slat in the bench ! i couldnt believe what i was doing, here i am a straight guy with my cock now floping between the slat so the guy could clearly see it ! i heard the guy move over closer to me but then it all went quiet, my cock still hanging down now semi hard and getting harder by the second i suddenly felt a finger tip lightly rubbing the very tip of my dick! i couldnt believe it ! the finger carried on rubbing the head of my cock and i was now rock hard, a full hand then wrapped itself round my dick and started to wank me off slowly, he was really good at this ! he also was fingering my balls which were still above the bench. i turned my head a little to see him stroking his now rock hard dick and smiling at me, i layed my head back down and just enjoyed the feeling. all of a sudden i felt lips round my cock and he was sucking me off under the bench i didnt think it could get any better untill he took my whole cock down his throat! it was the best feeling and much better then any girl iv been with ! he seemed to be very used to having cocks halfway down his throat ! it was an amazing feeling. he slid my towel off and i started to get abit nervous that he thought i was up for getting fucked ! to be honest im not really i dont think i like the idea but i went with it, he didnt wana fuck me but he started to rub my bum cheeks and rub inbetween my crack, reall nice feeling especially when he rubbed my hole ! my dick slipped out his mouth and he moved onto my arse, he started straight away licking my asshole really fast and sloppy it felt amazing! i lifted up my ass in the air a bit so he could get in deeper which was amazing !! he liked my ass for ages then moved back to my cock, i was really near to cumming and could feel a massive load coming on. he was back under the bench now working on my dick sucking it really hard and licking the head, he must of known i was close to coming as he started to wank me really quick and to my surprise i could feel my dick head slightly in his mouth ! i couldnt belive it he wants my load in his mouth ! my cock exploded with cum all down his throat and he took every drop in his mouth, he deepthroated me again and more cum dripped down his throat it was so good ! after i had cum he carried on licking and sucking my dick, after about 5 miutes had passed i flipped over to see him sitting there stroking his cock, i was now sitting in the top bench with my feet on the lower bench, the guy stood up and i thought he wanted me to suck his dick but instead he stood in front of me wanking off. i watched him wanking his cock and loved the way his balls jumped around as he did so, then he put his hand on my shoulder and started to cum ! his cum dripped into my lap and on to my cock, for a smallish cock his load was massive it was dripping ot for ages and when i looked down my cock was completly covered in his cum and it was starting to drip down on to my balls. he stood there for a while longer and i just stared at his softening cock, then he just left the sauna and went into the changing room and that was it ! i just sat there naked with a cock covered in another guys cum, i rubbed his cum up and down my cock and even tasted it !

Now after this experience i am still mainly straight but am now more open minded when it comes to guys cocks ;)




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