I'm 41 and got married this past November to my tattoo artist ('S' is how I refer to him here and I am 'R'). He is 45 and the hottest thing I've ever seen, the greatest man I've ever met, the most talented artist in the world (both tattooing and painting), and the person who I think saved my life.

We had been friends for over five years while he stayed in the closet, denying who he was but I suspected the truth. He finally lost it early last year and broke down and came out. He didn't know that I had been in love with him for years and I didn't get a chance at first - he went back to someone I knew who he had a secret affair with two years ago.

Ultimately, I got him to see what an impostor and a liar this guy was and I won. He became mine late in the summer and shortly after that proposed to me. We already knew each other so intimately from the hours we spent together inking me that there was only one part we didn't know about - the physical side. That clicked right away. So we took a vacation in NYC over Thanksgiving weekend last year and went to CT and got married. (We live in LA, BTW.)

In short, I am a guy who never settled down. I spent my twenties and early thirties bedding as many guys as I could pick up on an almost nightly basis. I was always a fanatic about condoms and I consider myself incredibly lucky that I never caught more than a cold from anyone. During those years I had two crummy relationships with older men (one married) and those were horrible. Other than that, I'd date here and there, sometimes seeing someone for as long as a month and then I'd run away fearing commitment. I was still on the prowl all that time. As I got older, I got bored and jaded and never thought I'd meet anyone who I'd want to be with longer.

Then I met S and got to know him inside and out through the hours we spent together, in his chair and out of his shop. It turned out that we both had similar terrible childhoods filled with abuse of all kinds. We bonded as friends even while he insisted he wasn't into guys. I waited out a very short marriage to a woman (she saw through him right away) and then fought off my competitor and won.

I'm a devout atheist but I wake up every day now thanking whatever force in the universe was responsible for bringing us together. I am a happy person finally, filled with love and I am loved.

To give you some visuals - here's what we look like...

S is 6'2' and is blond with liquid blue eyes. His smile is electrifying. His hair is short but you can see how curly it would be if he let it grow out. He keeps it long enough so I can bury my face in it. He's pretty ripped but not huge - he runs a lot and we hit the gym a bunch every week. He's got his arms done up in tattoos. He's a very jeans/t-shirt kind of guy yet he has a style I can't really describe.

I am 6'3' and have dark brown, almost black hair and green eyes. I keep my hair really short. We're built about the same - I might be a bit bigger - my frame I think is a little bigger. S did all the work on my body. I have a big piece on my back and lots of stuff on my arms, neck, chest, stomach and the tops of my hands. I have both my nipples, my ears and my tongue pierced. In the equipment department S says I have a 'monster cock' but I'm a little too self-conscious to agree with him - but I guess I'm bigger than him...

So...here's a story from last Saturday night...

We grabbed some porn rentals on the way home from dinner Saturday night. There are a few gay porn stars that we both like and we haven't seen them all, so...we decided we'd watch at least one all the way through and made a bet that whomever crumbled first after that would lose and would have to do whatever the other said. In other words, I lost - I had a raging hard on and couldn't control myself and climbed on top of him and started kissing him hard. He backed me off and said 'I guess I won - go back there and undress - I'll be right there' and he gave me that hot smile which made me twitch and as he said that he reached under my shirt and grabbed one of my nipple rings and pulled on it, maybe a little harder than he has before. I might have even yelped a little. I went back to the bedroom and took off my clothes and I was aching already. He took his time, on purpose, coming back there, and he was holding a bag from a naughty store not far from his tattoo shop. If it were possible for me to get any harder I certainly would have. He put the bag out of my reach and smiled at me and began taking his clothes off, leering at me laying there; he finally climbed on the bed and straddled my shoulders, and put his cock in my mouth. We both moaned at the same time - me because I could suck that cock for hours on end and I grabbed his ass and pushed him in a bit more and let him fuck my mouth. He reached back behind himself and started stroking my cock a bit with one hand. We did that for a while longer and then he backed up and started kissing me hard and pulled on my rings and twisted them a bit and I was moving into that higher zone already, needing something more to start happening NOW - which he knew, but he took things more slowly, just to torture me.

'What's in the bag?' I asked and he said 'you'll see' and kept kissing me and running his hands all over my body and then lay down next to me and said 'turn around and climb on top of me' and I did and I started in on his cock again. He grabbed mine and instead of sucking me he dove right into my ass, tonguing me while stroking my cock and then fucking me with his finger and started talking about how he was going to fuck me and how he couldn't wait to plunge his cock into my ass and fill me up and I felt a rush of warmth inside me. He gently rolled me off him and got the bag, in which he presented me with one of those Fleshjack things. We opened it together and he said he wanted to watch me use it and then fuck me. So we lubed it up and it was insane how nice the thing felt - very silky and smooth and tight - and I started using it on myself and I was getting pretty ramped up and so was he, stroking himself with lube he watched me, his eyes moving from the toy to my face to the toy to my face and grinning at me and he said 'tell me when you're going to come' and I said 'oh, about now' and grabbed my legs and plunged his cock into my ass all at once and I saw stars and came really hard into that thing and then just held it while he fucked me; he pulled out for a minute so I could take the thing off me and he put me on my side and spooned me, putting his cock in me again and started biting my neck while he thrusted into me. After some time he wanted me to lean over the bed while he stood on the floor behind me and started fucking me again. Then he put me back on the bed and put my legs over his shoulders and then kneeled in front of me, entered me again, leaned into me and kissed me. He then pulled back off me and smiled and looked at me for a moment, cocking his head a tiny bit to the side and said 'I love you more than anything and I can't believe what you've done for me,' and I said 'I love you too, sweetheart,' and he said 'you know what else?' and I said 'what?' and he said 'I'm going to come right now inside you,' and he closed his eyes and fucked me hard a few more times and came, his jaw clenched, a low moan coming out, his hands on my waist. He finished and pulled out and collapsed on top of me, his sweet head laying next to mine, face down. I buried my nose in his hair and put my arms around him and squeezed him close.

Eventually he got up and we kissed and held each other some more and he stared into my eyes and made me melt, my eyes beginning to water as I thought about what it took for us to get to this moment.



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