It was a rainy Saturday night about 11:30 and I had started to my favorite Levi/Leather club. About 10 miles east of Dallas, my Ford Explorer died. I was able to coast off at an exit and pull into the parking lot of a service station that had closed for the night. I left them a note and figured I needed to try to hitch a ride back home. I needed to go on toward Dallas and come back over the overpass to catch a ride going my way. Since I was going to a sleazy leather club, I was wearing my best ragged out pair of jeans, with plenty of holes, no underwear, a bright yellow "Water Boys" tee shirt, and my Engineer's boots. My biggest problem here was the shirt and jeans. I could not do anything about the jeans but I decided to turn the shirt inside out and wear it that way. With this done I walked back to R. L. Thornton Freeway and started to walk toward the next overpass.

I was not trying to hitch a ride going this way, but a old pickup pulled over with 2 older men in it, and asked if I needed a ride. I said I did so the guy on the passenger side got out and I got in the middle. I told them I had started to a bar and my truck broke down. They asked me where the bar was and they would take me there. I told them it was in the Love Field area but I had better try to get a ride back home before it got any later. They kept asking about the bar and they wanted to know what kind of bar it was. I thought for a minute because I did not want to come out and say it was a gay bar, so I said it was a Gentlemen's Club. They said

"GREAT a strip bar" we will just go with you for a while. Then I knew I was in trouble.

These guys looked to be in their 50's or 60's. The guy driving was white headed wearing a pair of overalls and a plad shirt with the sleeves ripped out. The other guy was hispanic and had on a tight pair of old faded blue jeans that probably were clean, just stained with grease like a mechanic might be. He had on a clean white tee-shirt that was too small for him. They told me their names were Ralph and Ralphael and that they lived east of Dallas and were just out to drink a few beers and have a good time. I told them my name was Buddy.

Trying to change their minds, I told them that they probably would not like this club, it really was not a strip club and there were a lot more men than women there. I was real supprised when they told me that they were were they are today because of women. They both told me if they had what they had spent on women and what they lost in divorces, they would be rich. I was about to tell them it was not really a biker's bar, but there would be a lot of guys wearing leather, but following my instructions, before I said it we turned into the parking lot and there were several guy standing outside in leather harnesses and vest. They said "so this is it?" and I answered "yea"! Ralph said "looks fine to me as long as I can get a beer!" With that, we finally found a parking place and put the truck in it.

When we went through the door, the door clerk knew me and spoke. There was not a cover charge but he did ask if they had their drivers license on them, they both said "yes". As we entered the bar, the lights were very dim so it took a couple of minutes before we could see real good. I went to the bar and got us all a beer. It was not as crowed as I have seen, but there were still quite a few people there. They were supprised that there were no tables and the bar stools were full. I told them to lets go upstairs and we could stand at the balcony rail, sit our beer down and look over the bottom floor of the club.

There were men hugging, kissing and rubbing each other all over. There was a guy up there also in overalls but with the sides unbuttoned so he could get his arm inside them. I was supprised to see the Ralph unbutton the sides of his overalls and run his arm inside them. Just then the Ralphael told us to look behind us. There was some guy sucking off this big tall cowboy. I could see a big dick inside the Ralphael's tight jeans and it was getting really hard now. Just then two guys walked by us, one in chaps and his bare ass showing and the other in only a jock strap.

These guys might never have been to a gay bar but they were sure finding it interesting.

They talked between themselves for a minute and then the Ralph stuck his finger in one of the holes in my jeans and ripped it open. I don't know what they thought they were doing but both of them did the same thing to another hole and another hole until I was wearing almost nothing. They started hunching me from both sides and then they pulled my shirt off.

The Ralphael downstairs and got us another beer while the Ralph put my hand on his dick and started kissing me. Then he guided my arm down into his pants. His dick was not very big, but it was hard and sticking straight out. Then I noticed, no underwear! As I rubbed the precum all over his head he kissed me harder and harder. When Ralphael got back with the beer, I hated to stop. He had other plans for my mouth. Ralphael pushed my head down to his hard-on and had me eat on it through his jeans. I could taste it through his jeans and knew it was ripe. It wasn't long until he unzipped his jeans and took it out. It was big, hard and uncut. I took it in my mouth and enjoyed everything about his dick. I was sucking him when he told me to stop and drink my beer, and he put it back in his pants.

By the time I finished that beer I told them I had to go to the bathroom and I would get us one more when I came back because it was almost last call. As I started to walk off with my legs of my jeans hanging by a small amount of denim. Ralph asked me if I wanted him to cut the legs off with his pocket knife. I agreed and Ralphael said he had a pocket knife too so they told me to grab one of the ceiling supports while they did this. I thought this was a strange request but I did it anyway. When they finished and let me down most of my jeans were gone. They had even cut out the crotch so at best all I had was a mini-skirt left. My dick and balls were hanging out way below my jeans. What could I do? Nothing, I had to go pee.

I got some strainge looks in the Men's room. Some dude rubbed me on the butt while I tried to pee and I couldn't. I did stop and get us our last beer on my way back upstirs. I told them what happened and they told me they had seen a line of men going into the Ladies' room, so we would all go in there and pee. It was late so the line was not very long. They let me go in and get my stream started and then they both came in and joined me. Once finished, these guys wanted to go back up stairs. It was after 2 AM and they pushed me into a crowded small hall between the office and a leather shop. There were severl guys getting blow jobs and Ralph pulled me to him and pushed my head down to his dick. There wasn't enough room to get down on my knees so I found myself bent over sucking him with my ass in the air. The next thing I know, I feel something wet and slick going on my ass hole, and then pressure as a big dick goes in. Ralph reaches into his pocket and pulls out a bottle of poppers, takes a hit and passes it to whoever is behind me, then finally to me. I was in hog

"PIG" heaven on that high when Ralph shoots his hot load in my mouth. I swallow and start to stand up and I am pushed back down. My mouth was then directed to the dick that I thought was up my ass, Raphael's. I had just started sucking him with I feel this dude behind me stick it all the way in and shoot his load. I got a glimpse of him after he had shot in me, and he was a skinny black dude with a baseball bat for a dick! I started working on the Mexican dude again when I feel someone else working on my ass hole. This time I am getting rimmed by some dude.

Another round of poppers and I was on a sexual high again. It wasn't long until the Raphael filled my mouth with strong tasting cum. As I was about to stand up, I got hit in the face with another shot of cum. I have no idea where that came from. There was still too many people in that spot to move much. We watched several more minutes as they sucked and fucked until we could make our way clear and get out.

Once downstairs, I asked the guys, what I was going to do, now I did not have any pants so I could not hitch a ride home. They told me no problem, they would take me home. The final surprise was they knew where I lived!

They had seen me several times at The Club and recognized me when they stopped and picked me up. They were going to the same place themselves that night. Once we got back to where we lived, they asked me if I had to go home, and I said "NO". We went to their trailer out in the country and spent the rest of that night fucking and sucking. I finally got home Sunday afternoon about 2 o'clock. That was one weekend I will never forget. We still get together often and now are getting a little kinky!

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