I pulled up my sweatpants, shut the locker, and picked up my bag. Coach called out to me as I strode to the door. He came up to me, held out his hand, and congratulated me on my wins. We shook, and I turned to leave. I waded through the sea of departing spectators to the parking lot by the auditorium. Michael pulled up a few minutes later. I tossed my bag in the back seat, plopped down in the front seat.

'How'd you do?'

'I won. All of them.'

'You're awesome, dude.' He looked at me meaningfully. We pulled out of the parking lot on the way to his house. He noticed the gash on my head.

'Whoa, are you all right?'

'Yeah, I'm fine.'

'How'd that happen?'

'Some guy elbowed me in the head. I mule kicked him.'


'Basically, we were standing up, I had my arm under his chin like this, and he was trying to grab me like this, so I kicked his leg out from under him.'


'How was work?' I asked.

'It was good.' The conversation died at that point. Michael turned on the radio to his alternative station. I let the seat back and closed my eyes.

I was asleep by the time we got to his house. He rubbed my belly to wake me up.

'You tired dude?'

'I'm spent.'

'Want me to carry you?'

'No, I can walk.' I was out of the car and stumbling toward his house. He waited for me at the door. His mom was in the kitchen. I said hi, and followed him to his room. I collapsed onto his bed, face down, and fell asleep right there.

It was an hour or so before I woke to the smell of spaghetti. He had to big bowls on a platter. He handed one to me, extra meat sauce with oregano. I inhaled it.

'Thanks for not waking me up.' I said between mouthfuls.

'Don't mention it. You're an angel when you're asleep.' An awkward moment passed, and he returned to his food. I was finished, and was about to take my plate to the kitchen when he said 'Wait, I'll get it.' He rose to take the plates, and took mine from me, staking them in his hand. 'You sit down.' He pushed me so I fel back onto his bed. 'Stay there till I get back.' I lifted myself farther onto the bed, found a comfortable spot, and laid back down, thinking about this bed. He returned and stood in the door way.

'Your mouth is covered in sauce.' He moved in. For a brief moment, those chestnut eyes locked with mine, just inches away. His mouth covered my lips, his tongue licking the sauce from my face. His tongue pressed, and we were frenching. We were wrestling. His tongue pushed mine around, down, up, left, right. I pushed the battle back into his mouth. He rolled us over so he was back-down on the bed. He ran his fingers through my hair. Suddenly, he broke the embrace, threw me over and pinned my leg. He looked me straight in the eyes.

'You're my bitch.'

'I'm nobody's bitch.'

'Except mine.' He pushed my leg closer to my chest. His other hand pulled the sweat pants and the bikini briefs off my butt. He was fingering me.

'You're the second guy to check my oil today.'

'Who was the first?'

'The guy I mule kicked.' He spat in his hand, and stuck two fingers in.

'You know what the difference between me and him is?'


'I know how to make you like it.' He released me, took off his shirt. Muscles rippled with anticipation. He laced his fingers behind his head, and started flexing and squeezing his pecks. I laughed, and the goofiest smile crossed his face. He tugged my shirt off, pulled the pants off. I was stark naked, hairless in the cold room. He felt up my thighs and my washboard, while he sucked on my nipples, slowly kissing up to my neck.

He detached, opened the bedside table, pulled out the dildo and lube. Both were cold.

'I love it when you make that face, like you're angry, but you know you like it.' It came in, and out, in and out slowly, methodically. He sat on the bed, and lifted my legs over his shoulders in the two mountains position.

Time for games was over. The dildo was set aside, and he tossed his blue jeans and boxers. He was hard. He was always hard. He took a few strokes to work the lube in, and looked at me. He radiated lust, like an animal in heat. A silent permission passed between us. He lined up, pressed his cock against me, and thrusted.

'FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!!!' I was overcome by sensation. In between how tired I was and how full I was, I wasn't prepared for him.

'Michael, what's going on up there?'(Yelling across the house)

'Nothing, mom.'(Also yelling)

'Who said that?'

'Sorry Mrs. Evans, I stubbed my toe.'

'Please don't use language like that in this household! I might have a word with your parents about this.'

'Yes mama, I'm sorry.'

Michael held his finger up to his lips, as if to say, 'Quiet!' He resumed slowly, testing me out for noises. I couldn't help but moan as I was forced full, and left empty over and over again. He cupped his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet. My eyes were squinted shut. I started stroking my little man, trying to distract myself. Michael was intense, passionate. Each thrust was shattering, each hand grappled desperately over my body. His balls thrashed against my butt. He pulled out, and effortlessly flipped me over. I was on all fours, and he pulled my butt back to his crotch. He entered again, slowly building up speed to jack-rabbit level. He arched up, started kissing my back. He grabbed my shoulders and used them to pull me back onto him. He was fucking me for his life. I was nearly yelling. He put his hand back over my mouth, and pushed back, fucking me deeper and deeper. He was hyperventilating; his thrusts sped up faster, faster.

'Ahhckhhhhhhh!' He jizzed in my ass. I hate it when he jizzes in my ass. He stops thrusting as his boys find a temporary lodge in my body. He collapses heavily onto me, and I collapse under him. We laid there in a sex-induced stupor for five, maybe ten minutes before he took his dick out. He rolls me over, kisses me, and turns on the tv. I begin stroking, ready for my deserved release. Michael grabs my hand.

'NOT IN MY HOUSE!' He yells. 'Dude, I've got a surprise coming, and I need you horny.' I relent. He smiles. We watch modern warfare for half an hour.

'You ready to go to Bobby's?'

'Yeah' I replied.

He rolls off the bed and starts dressing. I found my shirt and put it on. My ass was still leaking his cum.

'You want a tampon?'

'Hell no.'

'Calm down dude, it was just a joke. But the way you're acting, you must be PMSing.' He seals the joke with a kiss and an ass pat. 'Come on, get dressed.'

I'm ready, if disheveled. Suddenly, Michael come up behinds me and lifts me off the floor, cradling me in his arms.

'Let's go.' He carries me through the living room where his mom is sitting. 'See you tomorrow mom. I love you.'

'I love you, too.' She responds, interested. He carries me out to his car where he gingerly places my body in the passenger seat.



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