I'm Andy 19 years old. Gay to those that need to know. 145 lbs. (66kg) 5'10" (178cm) tall. Slim smooth body. I'd tried a few jobs, mostly low pay with no prospects. I wanted to make lots of money quick. Someone told me working in the oil industry was a sure way of making some.

Yeah the works hard, conditions can be dangerous and involve being away from friends and family for long periods, weeks and months at a time. The working hours are long and you have to be physically fit, hardworking and able to work continuously for long hours without tiring easily. Sometimes working outdoors in undesirable conditions.

High paying job plus Housing and food, all laundry taken care of. T.V, Internet, gym and all types of entertainment free. Working with "REAL MEN". "LET'S GO FOR IT!"

I shared a dorm with 2 other guys Rod and Steve, they had both been working in the oil industry for some years. Rod was 28 years old, 200 lbs. (91kg) of solid muscle 6' (183cm) tall Latino, married with 2 kids, another on the way. Steve was 27 years old 180lbs. (82kg) Athletic build, 5'11", (180cm) Canadian, Married with 1 kid. Both were roughnecks, a slang term for a person whose occupation is hard-manual labor working on oilrigs. Both were physically fit. We were on a 6-week tour that if work demanded could be longer. The good side being that after 6 weeks we would have 4 weeks off. The working hours could be 8 hours plus, they can be day or night.

I was new to the oil industry I was lower than a roughneck I was a roustabout. I'd got to earn my roughneck status.

After my shifts during the first week I would fall exhausted onto my bed and not wake until it was time to get ready for work. As my body adjusted and my stamina improved I got to be less exhausted and needed less sleep.

Rod and Steve knew one another and they looked on me as the newcomer. I was easy going and able to blend in with them I needed too they were both dominating characters, Rod being the Alpha male. 3 men living together and no females on site lead to some mood swings and tension, being the newcomer I was expected to give way.

Lack of female company and their carnal pleasures, they concentrated their frustration out on me, both verbal and physical. What started out as play sometimes got serious. Rod would wrestle me to the ground then stare into my eyes before letting me go. I had seen those same looks in the eyes of guys that were about to fuck me.

They both relaxed more towards me eventually, more so Rod. I had noticed that Rod was checking me out. He would watch me getting undressed for the shower etc. I would make eye contact and immediately look away, he didn't he continued to stare at me. Even though it was scary I found it a turn on to be watched by him.

Sometimes I was able to observe them from the corner of my eye, when they stood talking to one another naked after a shower toweling them selves dry. Rod had a good muscle toned smooth body, hairy ass and legs. As he toweled himself his dick and hairy balls swung between his hairy legs. Steve was more of a bear. Hairy chest light covering of hair on parts of his back and shoulders. Hair snaked from his belly button down to a mass of wiry pubic hairs. As I observed them my body would tighten sending sensations of delight up and down my body. Sometimes Rod would stand naked and dry himself in front of me, stroking his dick and grinning. Steve would look at me then look at Rod and laugh, he knew that Rod was teasing me. I wanted that freedom to look. I hadn't told them I was gay.

Sometimes I'd lie on my bed and make out I was asleep, the stuff I saw and heard Wow! One time I saw Steve jacking off while chatting to his wife on the Internet.

Another time Rod thought I was asleep. He was lying on his bed. I could see he had his hands down his boxers and was playing with his dick. His dick was tenting in his boxers. He looked over towards me checking that I was asleep, then he arched his ass up and slid his boxers down. His dick sprang up, he held it in his hand and pulled the foreskin back revealing his glistening glans. A thread of precum hung from his dick slit. He now and then looked over at me checking I was still asleep as he stroked his dick. The stroking of his dick became more vigorous as he got nearer to climaxing. He was trying to control his moaning so as not to wake me. Caution gave way to the overwhelming sensation that overtook his mind and body, he threw back his head and gave out an uncontrollable moan He squirted threads of pearly white cum juice high into the air, some falling back on his torso and face. Gradually relaxing he gave out a sigh. He looked over anxiously to see if I was still asleep. He wiped up the spilled cum juice off his torso and face with his fingers. Licking the juice off his fingers I was thinking man you should get me to lick you clean. He then pulled up his boxers turned over and went to sleep.

The days ran into weeks, I could tell by the mood swings of Rod and his jacking off that he was missing his carnal pleasures. He needed a warm hole to fuck.

A few days later I was taking a shower enjoying the warmth of the water easing the aches and pains of another hard day's work. I was all alone Rod and Steve were still working. I was shampooing my hair, my fingers were entangled in my hair, when the door to the shower suddenly opened, there stood Rod still in his working gear, helmet, dirty T-shirt, shorts and boots. His tool belt still around his waist. I froze as we made eye contact. He grinned at me as he looked at me with his lustful eyes. No female contact and his need to be satisfied; I had become the focus of his interest.

He reached out with both hands and stroked my naked chest. As soon as he touched me an electric pulse shot through my body, making me shudder and let out an uncontrolled moan. I made no attempt to move away. He moved closer massaging my nipples and moving his hand down to my groin. He reached over and squirted some shower gel into the palm of his hand. It was an erotic feeling to have his soapy hands sliding over my body down to my hips and butt. He just stared at me moving his hands over my now hard dick and between my legs.

He then placed one hand on the small of my back and moving the other up to the nape of my neck pulled me close into him. With a wide-eyed gaze he looked deeply into my eyes. "You want me to fuck you as much as I want to fuck you, don't you?" He asked. I was unable to speak I just nodded in agreement. My body was covered in Goosebumps; my legs and body were shivering with excitement.

The water cascading from the shower drenched his working clothes. His T-shirt clung tightly to his torso turning translucent revealing the contours of his muscles. I could see the silhouette of his hard 8" thick dick inside his tight fitting shorts.

He moved his right hand from my nape and ran his fingers through my hair. I lowered my arms and wrapped them around his shoulders he kissed me then licked down to my neck and shoulders. Stroking his hands over my nipples. Then sucking on each nipple in turn. Sending an ecstatic feeling though my body. I watched as he lowered his hand down to his shorts and unzip his zipper. His 8" thick dick sprung out. Rod reached over and turned the shower off. I then noticed Steve standing in the doorway of the shower stroking his hard dick. After you when you're finished with him said Steve.

Rod pulled his T-shirt off over his head; undid the button of his shorts and let them fall to the ground and stepped out of them. He took off his tool belt and threw it to Steve. He still had his boots on when he turned me so my back was to him. He held me around the neck firmly with his large rough callused left hand. I felt the fingers of his right hand sliding down the crack of my ass searching for my man pussy, it was going to be the substitute for his woman's vagina. He roughly ran his fingers around the rim taking his time to penetrate me with first one finger, two, then three. Spitting on his fingers and re- penetrating my man pussy several times. Loosening and lubricating my hole to take his big thick dick. My ass was arching up and pushing back hard as he finger fucked me. The effect it was having on me as he massaged my prostate sent ripples of delight up and down my body, making me moan out uncontrollably.

I could feel his fingers digging deep into the skin of my neck. He tightened His grip around my neck, squeezing so tight he restricted my breathing and the blood flow to my brain. I pulled at his hand to try and loosen his grip so I could breath. I became semi unconscious and my body went limp. He suddenly realised he was strangling me and relaxed his hold enabling me to gulp for breath. He was strong enough to hold me when my legs gave way.

He held his hard dick and leaned into me pressing the head of his dick hard on my well finger fucked pussy, he thrust several times until the head of his dick stretched my anus enough for his hard dick to slip in making me scream out. He slid his hand between my legs and grabbed my dick and balls, squeezing them tight in his hand so I could not pull away as he thrust hard and deep into me. Each thrust made me yelp; I could hear Steve laughing behind us as he looked on. I pleaded with Rod to be gentler. He said nothing. His one thought was to satisfy his needs.

The feeling of his hard dick sliding inside my gut gave me a feeling of ecstatic inner pleasure. One final thrust and I felt his wiry pubic hairs rub up against my ass cheeks. Pain of his dick stretching my anus and gut gave way to a feeling of intense pleasure. I thrust and gyrated my ass on his beautiful big hard dick.

Steve stripped and joined us. He faced me and stroked my naked chest with his callus hands making me shudder. Rod released hold of my dick and balls. Steve moved his hands down to my dick and balls, slapping my dick with his hands making it swing from side to side. He looked at me and said I'm gonna milk the sperm juice out of you while rod fucks you, then I'm gonna cover my dick in your cum and fuck you.

Rod slapped my ass cheeks and thrust hard into me. His hands on my shoulders he thrust slowly to start with until he became more excited and thrust more vigorously. Making me moan out loud. Steve was jacking me off and pulling on my balls. I could see the whites of his eyes as he anticipated me squirting my juice.

At times Rod nearly lifted me of the ground as he pulled all the way out then slammed his dick all the way back in. I could feel his hard nipples rubbing on my back lubricated by his sweaty body. Rod held me firmer and groaned out loud as he got near to squirting his load. Suddenly his whole body convulsed; he threw his head back and shuddered, his dick throbbed inside my gut. I could feel his warm cum juice squirting into my gut. As he thrust his cum juice spilled out my anus. I could feel Rods warm breath on my neck as he slowly regained control of his breathing.

Rod held me and pressed his body firmly into me. Steve smiled at Rod then looked at me. Steve stroked my dick more vigorously making me inhale and exhale rapidly. Come on gay boy squirt ya load. I was shaking and trembling. I gave out a loud moan as I climaxed and squirted my load. Steve held my dick as I squirted, directing the threads of pearly white cum over the shaft of his hard dick. Rod looked down and watched Steve cover his dick in my juice. Rods dick had softened by the time he pulled out of me and wiped it on my butt.

Steve indicated for me to get down on all fours and arch my ass up. Rod knelt in front of me and snaked his semi hard dick into my mouth. I sucked it deep down my throat. I could taste Rods juices in my mouth as his cock swelled in my mouth. It was getting harder and harder as he used his hips to thrust deep down my throat making me gag. My saliva was spilling out the corners of my mouth. Saliva was dripping off the shaft of his cock.

Steve knelt behind me and spread my legs wider apart. He stretched my ass cheeks exposing my sperm juice-dripping hole. Holding me firmly with one hand on my shoulders and the other on my hip. He slipped his hard 7" dick into my pussy making me yelp with pleasure. I squeezed his dick with my sphincter. I could feel the whole thick length sliding on all sides of my gut. A surreal moment being used and abused by two roughnecks.

Rod continued to fuck my face with his hard cock. Determined to feed me after breeding me. Steve roughly fucked my ass. They both started fucking me more vigorously as they got nearer to climaxing. Steve moaned out loud as he filled my ass with his sperm juice. A mixture of our cum juices spilled out my ass and ran down my legs forming a pool of cum on the ground.

Rod held my head firmly as his body convulsed; he thrust hard down my throat squirting jets of thick creamy cum down my throat. Some spilled out and ran down my chin. They slapped and stroked my body as their ball sacks emptied into me. Rod made me lick the cum up off the floor. They continued to fuck me for sometime until they were tired and had satisfied their lust. I was fucked by them everyday on that first tour.

Being a guy they did not need to show me the same tenderness and consideration that they did when fucking their wives; I was theirs just to fuck and enjoy.



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