'No, leave it on,' I said.

'Are you sure?' he asked.

'I think it's cute.'

Tony grinned and pulled the red Santa hat back on. His eyes were twinkling. I just knew he was a mischievous fellow. He had been the only one at the bar who seemed to be enjoying himself, which is what drew me to him in the first place--that and the silly Santa hat.

I wrapped my arms around his back and pulled him closer, kissing him smack on his lips. He still tasted of beer from the bar. I kissed him again, just wanting to make sure I wasn't imagining the whole thing.

Three hours earlier I had been feeling sorry for myself--another Christmas alone. All my friends had left town and I was left to fend for myself as had been the case for the last several years. If I didn't have the excuse that I couldn't get the time off from work--vacation is given out by seniority and I'm the new kid in the place--only five years --I still wouldn't have flown across the country. If I had been feeling bad about spending Christmas alone, going to see my family back East would have made me feel even worse. I don't get along with my family and all the bad memories surrounding the holidays and my family would have been enough fodder for all those afternoon talk shows.

Tony had been the cutest guy in the bar. He was in his mid-twenties, nice build, not too skinny, but not too bulky, dark hair and eyes, and a close cropped beard. He looked just like one of Santa's cutest helpers.

I'm usually too shy to approach guys in bars, and in the mood I was in I don't think I would have had the nerve to walk up to say anything if it hadn't been for that damn hat.

'Hey Santa, can I sit on your lap?' I asked.

Tony burst out laughing and the guy on the stool sitting next to him scowled.

I crawled up on his lap and he whispered in my ear. 'So, have you been a good boy this year...'


'So have you been a good boy this year, Jimmy?' he asked again.

'Actually, too good. I want to be bad Santa. I want to be a bad boy.'

A huge grin crept across Tony's face. 'I have exactly the present you're looking for.'

I wriggled in his lap and felt his cock getting hard. He was right. It was exactly what I wanted to find and unwrap under my Christmas tree.

I dragged Tony out of the bar as the other patrons looked on dismay as they drowned their sorrows in their beers. It was beginning to feel a lot more like Christmas.

I kissed Tony again, slipping my tongue into his warm, moist mouth. He sucked my tongue inside and wrapped his arms around my back. We rolled on our sides, stopping to stare into each others eyes.

We broke our embrace.

'You know we'd be a lot more comfortable in the bedroom,' I said.

'If you want me to leave the hat on,' he said. 'We can do it out here. Anyway, its a tradition in my family that we unwrap the presents under the tree at the stroke of midnight.'

I looked up over my shoulder at the clock on the mantle. It was ten minutes until midnight.

'What are we going to do until then?' I asked.'

'We can think of something,' said Tony as he kissed me again.

When the clock struck twelve. Tony pulled back. 'It's time. Who goes first?'

'You're the guest,' I said.

Tony reached down over and began unbuttoning my shirt, taking his time. He pulled off my shirt and dropped it under the tree. He then reached down and grabbed my crotch, squeezing my hard cock through my jeans.

'I wonder what this is?' he asked.

I started to laugh. I couldn't help it. The situation was all so ridiculous.

He slowly pulled down my fly then unbuttoned the top button of my jeans. I wriggled my jeans down to about my knees. My Jockey shorts were tented my engorged cock and moist from my dribbling precum.

'More wrapping,' exclaimed Tony.

I laughed again.

He reached out and slipped his hands under the waistband of my shorts and slipped them down. I lifted my butt off the floor to make things easier for him.

'Its just what I wanted,' he said when my hard cock slapped against my belly. As I kicked off my jeans and shorts, I held onto my sides, trying to make myself stop laughing.

'Your turn.' he whispered.

I kissed him on the cheek and his beard scratched against my face. I pulled away and giggled.

'Your beard tickles.'

Tony pulled me close, wrapping his arms around my shoulder. He nuzzled my neck, his beard tickling me even more. His lips seared a path down my neck and shoulders. Then, my lips met his.I opened my mouth and Tony forced his tongue into my waiting mouth,his tongue sending shivers of desire racing through me.

Tony reached up and cupped my face with his warm, soft hands. I stared deep into his dark brown eyes. He gazed back into my eyes. His look was as soft as his caress.

'Merry Christmas,' he said.

My mouth curved into an unconscious smile. It had been a long time since the idea of Christmas made me smile. Tony ran his hand through my dark hair. His face split into a wide grin.

I rolled on top of Tony, grabbing his strong shoulders. His arms encircled me. One of Tony's hands rested in the small of my back. His breath was warm and moist against my face. My bare chest crushed against Tony's hard chest. My hard cock nestled between his legs.

'Oh, shit, Jimmy. You feel so good.'

I pressed my lips to Tony's, sliding my tongue into his warm, soft mouth. Tony's tongue played with mine. It wasn't long before we were kissing passionately. I ground my hard cock into Tony's groin as his tongue darted in and out of my mouth.

Tony rolled on top of me, the Santa hat falling in his face. He pulled it off.

'No, come on, Tony leave it on. You look so cute in it.'

'It's too hot,' he said. Tony's breath was clipped and uneven.

I frowned and picked up the hat. 'Come on. Do it for me.'

Tony pulled the hat back on and buried his face in my neck. He nuzzled at my neck and then caressed my sensitive, swollen nipples.

I looked up at Tony and flashed a smile. His beard and the Santa hat were still tickling me. I wriggled every time he kissed me.

Tony reached down and grasped my now hard cock in his hand. He slowly began to stroke my prick. I spread my legs wider and groaned at his touch.

'How's this feel?' he asked.

Tony knelt between my legs and wrapped his fist around my swollen organ. He grabbed my balls in his other hand and squeezed the gently, rolling them around in his hand. Them he squeezed my cock a little harder and a large clear drop of precum dripped out of my piss-slit and down my shaft. Tony watched intently as my juice drizzled down my prick.

Tony clamped down on my cockhead and I thrust my hips forward, forcing my pole into his hot mouth. I pushed my cock in as far as I could. He swallowed my cock whole, taking me all the way to my pubes, stopping only when my cockhead pressed against the back of his throat. A few moments later, Tony let up on my throbbing fuckstick and swirled his tongue around my sensitive cockhead. Then he plunged down on my aching pole all the way down to my short hairs. Tony deep-throated me until I was thrashing about on the bed like a madman.

'Oh, fuck. That feels so fucking good.' I was already on the verge of cumming. Then Tony stopped. He took his mouth off my prick. A small thread of precum mixed with saliva strung, like a thread on a spider's web, from my cockhead to his lips. I felt betrayed when he let up. I was ready to shoot my load. I grabbed my cock and wrapped my hand around my throbbing pole. I was determined to finish what Tony had started.

'No. Don't,' said Tony. 'I want your ass, man. You had me fucking nuts in the bar when I saw that cute ass of yours I don't care what you say. I need your ass.' I wasn't about to complain. After thinking I was going to be spending the holiday alone, I wanted Tony as much as he wanted me. I let go of my cock and lifted my legs. Tony reached down and grabbed my ass. He ran his finger up and down my sweat-slicked ass crack.

'Oh, fuck that feels good.'

Tony placed his hands on my quads and pushed my legs higher in the air. He leaned forward and began to lick my ass crack, running his tongue from top to bottom in the same route he had taken with his finger. I reached down with my hands and spread my ass cheeks wider. I wanted to give Tony full access to my asshole. He started to run his tongue in circles over my asshole. I could feel the sweat running down my ass crack. I shivered as Tony lapped it up.

I let out a groan when I felt his tongue dart through my sphincter. I felt my muscles relax and Tony continued to tongue-fuck my twitching hole.

'Come on, Tony. Fuck me. Fuck me hard.'

'When I'm good and ready,' he said. Tony looked up and flashed the smile that had me melting the night before.

Tony went back to tonguing my ass. I felt my hole opening up. I was read to be pummeled by his manmeat.

Tony reached over me and grabbed a condom out of the nightstand drawer. I looked up at his broad chest and then down to the large throbbing cock that was hanging directly over me. His foreskin was bunched up behind his bulbous cockhead. It was slick with his sweat and precum. I took in a deep breath. Tony smelled of a mixture of sweat and sex--a musky smell. I could have laid there all day breathing in his aroma.

Tony scooted quickly back between my legs. I watched in anticipation as he tore open the foil condom package and slowly rolled the rubber down the length of his stiff meat.

I lifted my legs and Tony dove face first into my asscrack. He licked up and down my asscrack again before lubing and loosening me up for his big piece of meat.

'Are you ready?' he asked.

The only thing I could do was nod my head. Tony repositioned himself. He grabbed my legs and I lifted my ass higher. He pressed forward and I felt the fleshy knob of his cock at my manhole. He inched forward and it slipped through my sphincter. I let out a gasp. I wasn't sure I was ready for that big piece of meat.

Tony persisted, slowly forcing his cock into my fuck-chute. I was overcome with the most incredible feelings as he jammed his cock up my ass. I laid there on my back looking up at Tony. His eyes were closed and he looked like he was in heaven. He inched his cock forward and I soon felt his hairy, sweaty balls slapping against my asscheeks.

'Oh, fuck. You're tight, Jimmy. Fucking tight.'

'Come on, Tony. Give it to me. Give it to me good.'

Tony slowly inched his cock back out of my chute, stopping when he reached his bulbous cockhead. He pushed back in, this time a little faster than the first. Our sweat covered bodies slipped against each other. My cock was dripping a heavy flow of precum, coating my stomach in a puddle of my juices.

Tony quickened his tempo. He pushed his dick, deeper and deeper inside me. I was growling underneath him. I lifted my hips as far as I could bring them, trying to meet every one of Tony's thrusts. He relentlessly pounded my ass. Tony was now pulling his cock completely out of me and then slamming it right back in.

His cock raced in and out of my ass. I watched Tony's muscles relax and contact with every thrust. Sweat ran down his chest. The room was filled with the smell of hot, steamy mansex. I felt a tingling sensation that seemed to rise from my toes and slowly spread down the length of my body.

While Tony pounded my ass, my cock slid across and jammed in my sweat covered abdomen. I felt my balls tightening up and a torrent of hot white fluid gushed across my stomach.

'O fuck, man. Oh, fuck.'

At the same moment, I felt Tony's body tightening. He closed his eyes and gasped. He plowed into my ass one more time. I felt his body spasm. I knew he was cumming. I wrapped my legs around his back. Tony collapsed on top of me. He was gasping for breath. I could feel his cock softening inside of me. He slowly pulled out and removed the cum-filled rubber and tossed it in the trash can.

Tony looked down at me and smiled. 'So,can I take this thing off now.'

I laughed. 'Yeah, I guess now that Santa's cum, you can take it off.'


Jesse Gambini

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