'Twas the night before Christmas. Nothing was stirring except two horny elves.

Santa relied on two elves to make sure that all the gifts were ready to be delivered on Christmas Eve to good little boys and girls. Thumper was the newest and youngest elf. Doc was more experienced and older and had a crush on young Thumper.

Doc had just returned from feeding the reindeer and realized just how cold it had become at the North Pole. He was wet from the snow. He shivered with goose bumps looking around Santa's workshop for a place to dry off and get warm. As he moved across the room towards the fireplace, he began to strip out of his wet clothes. Slowly, still stiff from the freezing weather, he took off his shirt revealing what years of building toys had done for his sturdy body. He rippled with muscles across his back and arms as he pulled his damp shirt free of his sculptured chest. A small trickle of cold sweat glistened from his massive pecs running slowly down towards his navel. Doc paused a moment to flex his muscles and look about the shop as he stood by the roaring fire to warm his aching body. He absent-mindedly rubbed his bulging crotch while he stood there, the fire was so warm and relaxing, the warmth soothed the soreness right out of him. Every elf in the shop was envious of Doc. Few, if any, would give up the chance to get in bed with the best looking elf at the North Pole, and there was one that night that wondered just how far he could get with this hunk. Thumper had been watching Doc move about the workshop for a couple of hours now. Doc was completely unaware of anyone being in the room as he occasionally reached down to rub his crotch, making a nice bulge outline in his tight workpants. As Thumper watched, he saw his opportunity, and decided to give it his best shot. He had been waiting for some time to be alone with Doc, and thought this was the time to do it. Slowly, he walked over to the fireplace and asked Doc if he needed any help getting out of the rest of his clothes and getting warm. Doc looked at him and just smiled broadly. Doc had the kind of smile that could melt the North Pole itself. Thumper reached over to Doc and caressed his bare chest, pausing a moment at his nipples. Doc took Thumper into his massive arms and pulled him in tightly. He slowly bent his head forward and began to kiss Thumper deeply. Thumper welcomed the kiss and eagerly sucked at the tongue that was darting around in his mouth.

After a few moments of passionate kissing, the two began to get out of the rest of their clothes. A large rug lay on the floor a few feet away from the fireplace. They laid down on the rug in front of the roaring fire and began to caress each other. Thumper looked at Doc's powerful body and his mind raced with the possibility of what was going to happen on this magical winter night. As Doc looked into Thumper's deep blue eyes, he softly whispered how long he had wanted the chance for the two of them to get together. He then pulled Thumper closer and began to grind his crotch against Thumper's ass. As he slowly worked his dick against Thumper's tight ass, he gently licked at his neck and ears. The scent of cloves and spiced rum filled the room, while in the distance they could hear the other elves working busily towards the Christmas deadline. There has always been something magical about the passion of the elves, each with his own special talents and magic to offer, and these two were about to find out what they could do for each other.

Thumper was wild with passion. Doc pulled a small bottle of lube and a condom from his bag and sat straddled over his face. Thumper seemed to know just what to do with the nice piece of meat hanging just above his mouth. He slowly licked at the head of Doc's dick with his tongue, flicking the head back and forth, just before taking the length of it into his mouth. He had thought Doc was big, but didn't realize he was going to have seven inches in his mouth and Doc wasn't fully hard! He slowly worked the length of the dick into his throat. Doc's dick quickly stiffened to fill Thumper's mouth and throat. Doc began to slowly pump his dick in and out of Thumper's throat, building a steady rhythm and allowing himself to become fully hard. Thumper's mouth felt wonderful on his cock.

When Doc got to the point he knew he was ready, he slowly pulled out of the invisting mouth and Thumper began to roll the condom onto Doc's raging hardon. He then assumed the position with his legs up in the air and resting his feet on Doc's massive shoulders, Doc reached down and applied a good amount of lubrication to his tight ass. Thumper looked up and could see the

small cluster of mistletoe hanging from the ceiling as Doc took time to slowly work a couple of fingers in and out of his ass to get it ready for a nice long fuck. Doc pulled his fingers out of Thumper's hole and aimed the head of his dick at Thumper's winking rosebud. He grabbed Thumper's hip with the other to pull himself deeply into his friend's tight ass. With a deep breath, Doc began to slowly insert his hard cock. Pushing with steady pressure and pulling on his hips until he felt the head of his dick push inside of Thumper's hot ass. Thumper gasped at the sudden shock and size of Doc's dick, but breathed deeply and relaxed as Doc pushed again and was completely inside him.

Doc gave him a few minutes to get used to the presence in his ass, then he reached down and began to stroke Thumper's dick and tug at his balls. Thumper was all smiles, as Doc was beginning to pump away at his tight ass. As Doc slowly built up speed and worked himself into a good pace, sweat began to fall from his massive chest and mix with the hair on Thumper's six-pack abs. Doc leaned down and began to kiss Thumper's lips while he pushed deeper into his ass. With their lips locked and tongues wildly exploring each other's mouth, Doc continued to pump harder and harder. Thumper put his legs around and locked them around Doc's back which allowed Doc to push as deep as he could into his ass. Doc began to breathe harder, as he pistoned in and out as fast and hard as he could into Thumper's ass. His balls were slapping against Thumper's ass cheeks. Thumper reached down between their bodies and began to pump his own dick. He needed to get off and began to beg Doc to cum. Doc began to pump away at his ass for all he was worth, working his hips from the side slightly with each long push and burying his cock deep into his tight ass. Doc grunted, ' I'm gonna cum!' Thumper pumped at his own dick harder and just as Doc was beginning to cum deep into his ass, Thumper let loose with a stream of hot cum that hit Doc right in the chest. Doc pulled Thumper tightly to him and buried his cock as deep as he could in his ass to release his last shot of cum. The two exhausted elves collapsed together on the rug, spent, breathing hard and in complete bliss. Doc slowly pulled Thumper up and kissed him deeply, slowly caressing him and hugging him tight. Damn, that was incredible! You don't know how long I've wanted to do that elf. Thumper looked up and smiled, so, you think we can do this again sometime? Doc smiled again, showing his beautiful face and said, oh yeah, I'm sure we will have many more encounters before this Christmas is over.

Thumper had such a great time with Doc that he wanted to get to know some of the other elves intimately. He saw sexy little Tinker working in the shop and wanted him badly.

Tinker had always been a hard working elf, enjoying some time in the workshop late at night to help make production deadlines. There was just something about the stillness of the shop after all of the other elves had left for the day that seemed to arouse him. Tonight something just seemed to be different, as hard as he tried Tinker just couldn't focus on making toys. Lately, he had been having problems with getting sleep, as visions of muscular elves danced about his head. One elf in particular had always seemed overly friendly to him, and that very day, he had made it a point to work beside of him in the workshop. Tinker was not your average elf, he had always taken great pride in his body from the many years of swimming in the icy waters of the North Pole and all the heavy lifting he had done there in the workshop. Standing at nearly five feet in height, he was slightly taller than most elves. His body looked as if it had been sculpted out of marble. It was so tight and hard with muscles flowing at his every move. Beautiful blonde hair adorned his head sweeping neatly down the sides of his handsome face. Tinker had a squared-dimpled chin and full lips. When he smiled, his face brought a light to the room that could warm any heart.

Soon, the end of the day had arrived and the other elves were making their way out of the workshop to retire for the evening. As the shop was nearly empty, Tinker decided to ask the elf that had been working beside him all day if he would like to stay over and help make production for the Christmas rush. Thumper replied in a low voice that he would love to stay and help out. As soon as the rest of the elves had left the workshop, Tinker went over to toss some wood into the stove. While Tinker was busy with the fire, Thumper quickly made sure everyone was gone and they had plenty of privacy. When Tinker came back from the wood stove, he went to the workbench to resume making the toys. Thumper moved over beside him. He stood a bit closer than he had before and casually brushed against Tinker's side as he took his place at the workbench. Tinker smiled as he felt the gentle pressure from Thumper's warm body and moved over a bit himself to get better acquainted with his new friend.

After a bit of rubbing against each one another, the two elves turned to look into each other's eyes. Tinker felt that he could swim in the pools of Thumper's blue eyes. He had never had seen such warmth and peace in the eyes of any elf. Slowly, the two moved closer, wrapping arms around each other and drawing into a tight hug as they began to kiss. Tinker opened his mouth eagerly and lapped at Thumper's tongue as they stood there in a close embrace. In the distance, they could hear shouts as other elves worked with the reindeer in preparation for the long haul at Christmas. The workshop was filled with the manly scents of the elves. The fire crackled softly as they looked into each other's eyes. Tinker reached up to open Thumper's shirt exposing his tight chest. Slowly, the two removed their clothing and began to explore each other's body.

Tinker gently lifted Thumper and sat him on the workbench. Thumper leaned back as Tinker started to work on his cock and balls. Tinker began to lick at Thumper's balls until they were completely wet and then took them one at a time into his mouth to suck on them. Thumper moaned and smiled as Tinker continued to work on his crotch. 'Oh yeah', Thumper said, 'Work on my cock'. Tinker moved up to Thumper's growing cock and started to slowly lick around the head of it, working the piss slit with his tongue while Thumper continued to moan in bliss. Tinker reached down and began to stoke his own cock as he opened his mouth wide to take the all of Thumper's fully hard cock into his mouth. Thumper nearly gasped as his dick was completely swallowed deep into Tinker' hot throat. With a steady rhythm Tinker worked the entire length of Thumper's cock in his mouth and throat as he pulled on his own dick forcing a drop of clear pre-cum out of the hole.

Quietly, another elf comes in through the back door and moves silently through the shadows of the workshop to watch as these two continue to pleasure each other. Doc can't believe what he is seeing. He knew that these two were potential fuck buddies, but never dreamed they would be so hot and eager to have sex. He cautiously positioned himself in the shadows where he would not be seen, and carefully pulled his rapidly growing dick out of his pants to jerk himself off as he watched. How he longed to get involved with Tinker and Thumper as they began making love on the workbench. He didn't want them to know that he was watching; if he could only hold still while he jacked off.

Tinker reached over and grabbed a rather large candy cane that was laying on one of the shelves. Taking it into his mouth to get the cane nice and wet, he then began to slowly insert the candy cane into Thumper's tight ass. Thumper moaned with pleasure as Tinker went back to sucking his cock and working the candy cane slowly in and out of his eager hole. Slowly Tinker would push, deeper and deeper with the candy cane into Thumper's ass, while he continued to suck his pulsing cock with a steady pace. Thumper's eyes rolled back and he wondered how much he could take before he came. All this was too much for Doc to just watch. Slowly, he came up behind Tinker and gently reached around to jack him off while he worked Thumper over. Tinker jumped a bit at the first touch, shocked and confused, Doc whispered in his ear, 'It's ok, I have been watching for a while and couldn't resist helping out.'

Doc was now fully hard, and squeezing some of Tinker's pre-cum to the head of his dick and gently rubbed the head across the crack of Tinker' ass. Tinker moaned a bit and pushed back with his hips as he continued to work Thumper's ass with the candy cane and sucking on his dick. Doc pushed slowly into the crack of Tinker' ass, gently pushing into the warmth of his tight hole and getting into position to give him a long hard fuck. Doc began to pump with a steady pace he pushed deeper into Tinker' ass until he was fully in and ready to fuck for a while. Tinker pushed back with his hips as he worked the candy cane in and out of Thumper's hole when Thumper grunted and began to breathe faster. Tinker sucked at Thumper's raging cock and could feel his balls pulling up into his sac and a steady pulse in his cock and sensed he was about to shoot his hot load of cum deep into his throat. Tinker steadied his pace on Thumper's cock to match his own jerking of his cock so they could shoot their wads at the same time. Doc picked up his tempo and got himself to the edge of cumming and grunted in Tinker' ear that he was about to cum, Tinker took the signal and sucked on Thumper's cock as hard as he could. Sweat mixed from body to body, moans filled the room and drowned out the crackling of the fireplace, the three elves began to climax at the same time. With bodies shivering and writhing with pleasure, Thumper shot his load deep into Tinker' throat just as Doc shot his load into Tinker's ass. Tinker felt as if his body was about to explode as his cock jumped and shot a wad of sticky cum all over hitting the candy cane sticking out of Thumper's ass.

The three of them collapsed into a heap, breathing heavily and wearily from getting off, each entangled with the other two. Smiling and happy, the elves had discovered the perfect way to end a day in the hot and sweaty workshop. As they lay in a twisted mass, Tinker took the cum covered candy cane out of Tinker's ass and sucked on it. They all took turns sucking on the candy cane until none was left.



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