I was on this gay/bi web chat site when I received a private message request from a 62 year old guy, I checked his profile and he liked mutual wanking and sucking and liked to crossdress on occasions.

We started talking and he lived in the same town, he also said his wife had a fantasy about watching him getting sucked off, does she join in, no but maybe if she got drunk she would, he said she had a great figure and was very nice looking for her age, she is 55. I explained that I could not accommodate and he suggested we met in a car park and sit in his car to get to know each other, we arranged to meet the next evening at 5 o'clock, that night and all the next day I kept thinking about them and was getting hard all the time.

At 5 o'clock I pulled into the car park and saw this couple sat in their car as it was the only car there it had to be them. I knocked on their window and introduced myself, his name was Julian and her name was Brenda, she was in the back seat and I got in the front passenger side, Brenda you have a lovely figure just like Julian told me and you look very sexy in your jacket and blouse, thank you she said and she blushed a. Julian and I started talking, then I put my hand on his leg and suggested we get our cocks out and masturbate each other, we did but the car was quite small and could not get down to suck each other, I thought you liked dressing up, I do but Brenda doesn't like me dressing up in public, that's a shame as I was looking forward to seeing you dressed up, Brenda said lets go back to our place it is not far, Lovely, Julian are you ok with that, yes lets go, I still wanked him as he drove home.

They had a large detached house and it was very nice, please sit down I will get some wine, when she came back with the wine I noticed that she had opened a couple of buttons on her blouse and a pink lacy bra was showing, pink suits you Brenda, she blushed and smiled.

Julian are you going to dress for me, yes what do you want me to wear, how about a pink bra to match Brenda's and pink panties to match, not sure what colour Brenda is wearing yet and some pink lipstick if you have any and if you have put on some earrings to match.

When he came back we were sitting on a couch he looked really sexy, I asked him to sit between my legs at my feet on the floor so he could suck me as he started sucking me I was telling him good girl. good girl and putting my hand through his hair petting him.

Does this turn you on Brenda, yes a lot, seeing him down there is really sexy, I started feeling her tits I'm getting hot I'm going to take my coat off, why don't you take everything off mmmmmmmm ok and she stripped down to a bra she never had no panties on, by this time I was nearly coming and said to Julian do you swallow, yes please and then I erupted in his mouth all this as Brenda was kissing me and then took her bra off and then put her tit in my mouth, suck my tit please I love that. I was getting hard again I wanted to fuck them both, she said shall we go to the bedroom, I popped a Viagra and swallowed it as I needed to keep it up for the two of them.

Have you ever been fucked Julian, no not yet, I want to fuck you now as you look so sexy, ok but please go easy, have you any lube, no, ok I'll use some butter, Brenda went and got some and rubbed it on my cock bend over the edge of the bed he did and I gently put it in and he was moaning with pleasure as I fucked him meanwhile Brenda was rubbing her pussy against my ass as I was fucking him then I shot my load into him.

Later Brenda went and got us all a drink, we lay on the bed touching each other and drinking.

I suggested to them that I fucked Brenda and Julian fucked me at the same time like I was a sandwich and they were up for it, three of us laid down on the bed, a s I entered Brenda Julian entered me and we started fucking slowly at first then built up the speed Brenda came first and had multiple orgasms not sure if Julian came before me or not, afterwards we all said we should meet up again and arranged a date for the following week.



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