Jesus did he look tasty. That white uniform fit him like a glove, and he had this cute scrubbed 'school boy' look with rosy cheeks and blond bangs sticking out of his sailor hat. Shit, if I didn't know better I'd say he was only thirteen, but he had to be eighteen to wear that uniform. But that 'school boy' look only affected his face, because I could see the shoulders were broad and his big arms were stretching the sleeves of his navy blouse. Oh man, that made me weak in the knees because I absolutely love muscular arms. I loved, loved, loved pretty boys with bulging biceps and triceps. I was so wild about big arms that when I could, I made the guy flex while I fucked him. Having a guy on his back with his feet in the air and flexing big muscular arms while I reamed him out was the most exciting thing I could imagine. I'd hold on tight to those bulging bi's and be delirious with pleasure as I fucked.

So, I'm an arms man. And you can probably imagine where I got this from. My arms are nothing less than phenomenal. You've seen pictures, or maybe a bodybuilding contest where a guy has big arms that are really cut. Then there are the guys who have really massive arms with amazing definition, almost zero body fat. And then there's me. My nineteen and a half inch biceps are literally beyond belief. They say some guys muscles have muscles; well they're talking about me. When I flex my massive bi's I get a peak on top that is absolutely beautiful to behold. Hell, I'm not ashamed to say that they turn me on so much that I can't keep myself from kissing and licking them all the fuckin time. When I oil my body, I always use the scented edible kind so I can lick it off my arms. Wow. What a fuckin turn on. One time I even did it with whip cream. I get hard just looking at myself flex'n 'em in the mirror.

Now don't let me mislead you. I love my arms and I love big arms on my tricks. But there's a difference. My arms are there for them to kiss and worship, and their arms are there for me to hold on to while I fuck them. That's just the way things work in my world.

So, I'm an arms man. But there's nothing wrong with big shoulders and bulging pecs, and let me tell you, mine are huge. Hell, I admit I've even kissed my shoulders some times and I'd do my chest too if I could reach it.

Now, I told you I was an arms man. But. I'm also a chest man. Let me explain. Yeah, they worship my big arms with their lips and tongues, but what I like even better is having my pecs worshiped. Having a guy lick my pecs and suck my tits is a total turn on. I have these big brown silver dollar sized tits on the shelf of my bulging pecs with good sized nubs sticking out of the middle. When someone sucks and chews on 'em they stick out even more and get hard and the tingling sensation I get is marvelous. And I think there is a connection between my tits and my prick, because when I get them sucked, I can feel nudges in my cock as it begins to grow. Shit, I could have a couple guys chewing on my tits all day long and I'd probably cum over and over without even touching myself. But don't think for a minute these are feminine in any way. There's nothing soft about my hard as steel pecs, and my perfectly proportioned chest on my totally muscled body couldn't be more masculine.

Now what have we covered? I'm an arms man and a chest man. Did I tell you I was an abs man? Love, love, love seeing a pretty face down there with a pretty pink tongue licking back and forth through the ridges and valleys of my abdominal muscles. Absolutely fabulous. I also love making a guy lick out my belly button. Not because it feels so great, but just because I love watching 'em do it.

I'm almost finished now, but I have to mention getting my ass and my feet worshiped. I'm not totally partial to having my feet worshiped, but forcing a guy to do it, particularly if he is humiliated by it, is super. In fact after I make them strip me, that's where I usually start. Now ass licking is really a different matter. It's another form of humiliation but Jesus Christ does it ever feel good. A lot of guys find it degrading, which is really cool when I force them to do it anyway. Imagining a guys red face as I'm forcing him to eat out my ass is totally outa sight. Heavenly. And the best is to do it in front of a mirror so I can kinda see 'em while I'm making 'em do it. And for the guys that actually beg to eat my ass I don't make it easy. I don't just let 'em do it, I make 'em do it'. My favorite position is sitting on them and grinding my ass in their faces while feeling their tongues going in deep.

Any gay guy sees me (and most straight guys too), wants me, and knows instantly that I'll be the guy in charge. Besides I'm not much for pussy footing around, and flirting with a guy. I'm as aggressive as they come, and when I see a guy I like, I take him. And they don't say no neither. I take 'em; I use 'em; and I dump 'em. That's just the way the world works.

But, let's get back to that sailor kid. There was nothing I liked better than a hot man in a uniform. And the best of them was the white sailor outfit. This kid was pretty enough to eat; he had it all. A beautiful ass showing through the whites with a build and a face to go with it. He looked to be about 5'10' and maybe 160 or 170 pounds; a real hunk. And I was determined to have him, so when he stepped into the 'Good Times' bar, I followed him.

It was early yet; only about ten o'clock so there was less than a dozen people there. There were some couples and a few single men. I hated straight bars, but to get a really good fuck, I'd go almost anywhere. Sailor boy was sitting at the bar and the bartender was checking his ID. I told you he looked thirteen, and seeing him now in the bar mirror, he still looked thirteen. Totally incongruous; a real hunk of a guy with a very cute baby face, and damned if he didn't have absolutely beautiful blue eyes as well. Evidently he was legal, because the bartender handed him a beer as I walked up and sat next to him.

He glanced over at me and then took a double take, and his eyes bugged out. Hell, I told you I was gorgeous and I did this to guys all the time. Nobody was hotter than me. My $140 black designer jeans were definitely not regular old Levi's, but were a thinner material; definitely top quality, and they fit like a glove. You can use your imagination what my nine and a half inches looked in those tight pants even when it was soft. Let me tell you there certainly wasn't anything hidden. On top I wore a black long sleeve T-shirt which was also molded to my body, and as I told you my muscles were really spectacular and this shirt showed each and every curve and cut. And if this wasn't enough to get his attention, I gave him one of my dazzling smiles which made my handsome face light up like the sun. Most people simply melted when I looked at 'em like this.

After his double take he looked me up and down, saw I was watching and quickly looked away. I could see redness creeping into his neck. He was embarrassed that he had given me such a look and I'd caught him at it. I looked up into the mirror behind the bar and caught him again, and gave him a grin before he was able to look away. Shit, I had him intimidated already. He was embarrassed I'd caught him, and now he didn't know where to look, to avoid looking at me and getting caught again.

Looking at him in the mirror, I laughed aloud at his embarrassment, and he glanced up and quickly away. 'How's it goin man' I said as I turned to him.

'Ahhh.... Just fine' he mumbled, and glanced in the mirror again, but didn't turn to look at me. Yeah, he was totally intimidated and embarrassed. I'd barely opened my mouth and I had him under my control already. I ordered a beer.

'So, you out on the town tonight?' I asked. 'By yourself?'

'Yeah.... Ahhh.... Yeah. Our ship just got in and I was the only one could get leave, so I came out to explore and have a drink.'

'Where you off to?' I asked.

'No place special' he answered. 'Just out for a few beers.' He was still too embarrassed to look at me or in the mirror and kept his eyes on his beer bottle.

'I'm Porter' I said putting out my hand. This time he finally had to look at me, but his eyes dropped to my massive upper body before coming back up to my eyes. He really couldn't keep his eyes off my enormous chest. Looked to me like he was totally turned on and intimidated by muscle guys. But then again, who wasn't intimidated by me; at 6'3' and 263 pounds of solid muscle, everybody did a double take when they saw me, and most were simply astonished. You betcha he was intimidated.

'I'm Freddie' he said as we shook. I held it and kept shaking it much longer than necessary. I was already confident that I had him under my control, so being aggressive seemed to be the way to go. When I finally let go of his hand, I grabbed his wrist with my left hand and pulled it to my knee. And I just held his hand there forcing him to grip my leg as I stared at him. I finally had him looking me in the eye and he had a look of fear and trepidation showing, and his lip was trembling.

'I know the area Freddie. Let me show you around' I said.

'Ahhh don't.... Ahhh you... Ahhh you don't have to do that Porter' he mumbled.

'Call me sir Freddie' I said, and he immediately turn bright red. He definitely blushed easily. 'Say it Freddie' I repeated.

'Ahhh.... sir' he stuttered as he got a shocked look on his face. I glanced down and saw he had a definite bulge showing in his pants. I had read him correctly from the beginning and he was totally turned on, and even though I was still holding his hand on my leg, he was not trying to pull it away.

'Drink up Freddy and let's go.' After we each took a swig of our beer, I took him by the arm and led him back out onto the street. He was very excited because I could hear him breathing hard, but he came along willingly. He was like a nervous colt so I knew I should start slow and gradually bring him around. But 'slow' was really not in my vocabulary. I was hot to trot and did not intend to spend much time breaking him in. I was going to fuck him. And if he tried to bolt, I just might have to tie him down. But, there was absolutely no question in my mind he wanted me bad, but it looked like he was fearful about how big I was. That was perfect, because he'd know I was in charge, and I wouldn't have to slap him around much to get him to do my bidding.

'You're a really good looking guy Freddie. You work out a lot?' I said as I put my hand on his shoulder and started steering him down the street.

'Ahhh.... yeah. There's a good workout room on the ship, and me'n my buds work out most every day.'

'Sir' I said.


'Well, it really shows' I said as with my other hand I gripped his bicep. 'Flex for me Freddie. Let me feel your big bicep.' I noticed he was turning red again but he also had a slight smile. He was embarrassed, but also thrilled that I was noticing his muscles. He flexed his arm for me and I felt his biceps bulge out nicely. Very nicely indeed.

'Feel mine Freddie' I directed as I let go of him. He reached over and grabbed my bicep. 'Nineteen and a half inches when it's pumped Freddie. Wha'daya think?' I asked as I flexed it slightly.

'Incredible sir. Really amazing' he answered and I actually heard him gulp. Well, well, well I thought. Totally intimidated by my aggressiveness and also totally into my muscles. Now my cock really started to grow. This kid was going to get all the muscle worship he could handle. That cute face with the pretty lips and tongue were going to cover every inch of my body before the night was out. The only thing I loved almost a much as fucking was having a hunky guy totally into my muscles and ready to worship. Shit, I probably wouldn't have to give this kid any instruction at all.

When we got to my 'Harley' I climbed on and he got behind me. He tried not to press against me, but when I started with a jerk he had to grab on, and I could feel he still had a hard-on. I only lived a few miles away so we were there in only a couple minutes.

He didn't comment that we were at my house rather that my showing him the town. I'll bet he already guessed that the only tour he was going to get was of my muscles and my cock. Yeah, I was going to give him a hell of a tour.

As we entered the house I pulled off my T-shirt and tossed it aside, and just stood there with my hands on my hips showing my astonishing upper body, now bare to the waist. I heard him gulp again and he started to reach his hands towards my chest.

'No hands boy' I ordered. 'Just look.' He put his hands down and just stared at me, glancing back and forth from my eyes to my chest with his mouth hanging open.

'Jesus, you're gorgeous' he said. I think the comment was involuntary, because he started to turn red again. God damn he blushed easy, and now he was embarrassed for having said something.

I reached over and knocked his hat off and got a grip on his hair; his blond bangs gave me plenty to get a hold of. Then, very, very slowly I began to pull him towards me, taking a full fifteen seconds to pull his face into my pec while he got a really good look at how truly massive it was. 'Hands behind your back' I ordered as his lips finally reached my chest. He did what he was told, and also started kissing my chest.

Hell, there was never any doubt. As big as I am, and as obviously dominant as I am, my tricks automatically submit to me. I was sure this kid already knew he was here to worship me and get fucked, and if he didn't know, I'd straighten him out pretty damn quick

I held on to his hair holding him in tight so his nose was mashed against me, and moved his hot little mouth around letting him lick 'Get it wet baby' I ordered. 'Wash that pec with your tongue'. As he continued kissing my chest, I jerked his hair making it sting and he yelped. 'Listen to me baby' I said jerking him again and getting another yelp. 'Lots of saliva, and wash it with your tongue. Make me feel it' I said.

My pretty houseboy Jerry entered the room as sailor boy really started slobbering all over my pec. Jerry was totally devoted to me and completely obedient and usually able to guess my needs even before I could verbalize them. He was in the room now with his little hard-on sticking out, waiting, just in case I had some instructions for him..

I simply pointed and Jerry went and sat on the floor in the corner, his usual place unless I wanted him. For now I was getting me a sailor boy and couldn't be bothered with him, but I might decide to include him later. Having an audience never really did anything for me one way or another, so I didn't care if he watched, but right now I simply didn't want any distractions. I turned my attention back to my sailor.

Getting a better grip on his hair and giving him a jerk and causing him to yelp again, I whispered into his ear. 'You ain't even trying. Don't play with my chest with your tongue. Suck it and kiss it and worship it god damn it.' That got a little more action from him, but still not enough.

Suddenly I jerked his head back, grabbed him by the throat with my other hand and started squeezing as I leaned over looking him in the eye. 'You'd better get with the program mother fucker before I kick the shit out of you.' His eyes bugged out and he gurgled as I choked him, and now the look of lust on his face had changed to fear. That was fine with me. Having a guy lust over me could be pretty enjoyable, but having him fear me made him a whole lot more malleable, and always got better results.

'Please....' he gurgled. I let go of him and gave him a hard slap on the back of the head, jamming his face back into my pec. 'Suck you little shit, and let me hear loud smacking kisses.' Now he finally got with it and started worshiping pretty much just way I liked it, putting his heart and soul into it. At least he was now working his little buns off trying to please me, and now getting scared that I might decide to whip his ass.

'Oh yeah babe. That's the way to do it. Make my big tits feel really good.' I learned early on that slapping a guy around at the beginning really improved his performance later. And that's what he was here for anyway; to perform for me. I intended to teach him tricks that he'd never forget. Some guys were slower learners than others, but I found with the right coercion they all eventually came around and begged me to use them. And since I loved showing my strength and power anyway, the rough-housing build up to the final fuck was unbelievably fulfilling. And I found out that the more afraid they were, the better the sex was for me. Hell, just like anyone else, I loved really great sex, but it was only fulfilling for me when I could knock my tricks around a bit to get it.

So, okay, I admit I'm somewhat of a sadist and I love to take a guy who thinks he's tough and really butch and after knocking him around a bit get him on his knees for me. Although it wasn't totally bad having a true masochist worship me, it was never really satisfactory. Not the way taking a butch stud who thought he was dominant and making him crawl was. That was truly awesome. Knocking them around got me really, really hard and the feeling of power was truly phenomenal.

Now sailor boy was really going to town and I'd only slapped him once. He was definitely not a slow learner. I grabbed him by the hair and pulled him over to my cleavage, jamming his nose in tight, and dragged his face up and down. 'More saliva baby; make it really wet' I ordered. Now he started making slurping sounds as he sucked and licked. I continued dragging his face up and down the valley between my pecs, getting his spit all over his face, before I finally pulled him over to the other side and let him go at it. I just let him worship for a bit now that he was really working at it, but I held on to his hair and occasionally jammed his face in tight making sure his face was dripping with spit.

Finally I pulled his head back, and again looked him in the eye. 'You're doin okay so far babe' I said. 'You keep payin attention and doin what I tell you, and we'll get along fine. Now, strip for me babe. Down to the buff.' I just stood there as he started removing his cute sailor suit without saying a word. I almost hated to see him take it off, because he there's nothing prettier than a cute guy in a sailor suit. But I knew there was a terrific body underneath, and as he stripped I saw it was every bit as nice as I expected. Jesus, did he ever have nice arms: must have sixteen inches or more and really well defined. My cock jerked in my pants as I admired his hot muscular body and his baby face and knew this was going to be fabulous. And hell, his obedience training was coming along really well but I still had a few more tricks to teach him, I think he was definitely ready to perform.

'I said to the buff' I growled and he quickly removed his ugly boxer shorts showing he had a pretty nice piece of meat, totally hard and sticking straight out. It didn't matter to me what he had because it was his ass and his mouth I was interested in. I stepped in front of him snapped my fingers and pointed to the floor, and he immediately got down on his knees. Oh yeah, he learns quick. 'Hands behind your back' I ordered as I took a handful of hair and pushed his face down to my boot. 'Kiss it babe. Kiss my boot.' He did as he was told and gave my boot a kiss. 'A loud wet kiss babe. Let me hear it.' He kissed the boot again with a loud smack. 'Now the other one' and he obeyed. Reaching down and holding him by the hair and dragging him along, I backed over to the easy chair and sat down. 'Okay babe. Get 'em off' I directed and he tugged my boots off. 'Socks too' and he took them off.

'Listen boy' I said as I jerked his head up by the hair and looked into his eyes. 'Maybe you're beginning to understand me. I own you boy and you're going to do what I want, when I want. Got that?'

'Y...y...y...yes s...s...s...sir. I understand sir' he answered as he started to sweat and bowed his head as I let go of him. Well, well, well I thought. Maybe I picked up a real masochist here. All he needed was someone to show him who was boss.

'Not bad boy. You catch on quick' I said. 'Now get down there and start kissing my feet. Show me how a pretty little slave boy treats his Master.' And damned if he didn't jump to it, licking and kissing my feet with a vengeance. I loved his devotion, but it was a little disappointing, because I knew he'd do anything I wanted from now on without me using much force. But, hell, I could be a very demanding Master, and new slaves, even cooperative ones like sailor boy here, could never meet my expectations and always needed to be disciplined. Hell, cooperative or not, this boy was going to experience a whole new level of obedience training.

Without a word I snapped my fingers, and Jerry was instantly on his feet. I pointed to my feet and he literally leaped across the room onto his knees and starting licking my other foot. Now here was a boy who knew how to obey. But after nine months of intensive training and any number of bruises to show for it, he knew how really demanding I could be and he understood exactly what was required.

Jerry was so fucking cute. He was naked of course since he was never allowed clothes in the house. He'd been with me for months now, and he was the light of my life. He took care of the house, and took care of me when I wanted it which was pretty regularly. He was a very sexy boy of nineteen with almost jet black hair and the cutest dimples you can imagine. Since he'd been with me he'd worked his ass off in my home gym, and had put on twelve pounds of muscle and was really looking good. He was still a bit on the slim side but he was definitely bulking up and I loved making him pose for me before I fucked him. The unfortunate thing about Jerry was that god punished him with a tiny dick: less than four inches. But he was totally devoted to me and he was completely mad for my nine and a half inches. It was clear that the tinier a guy's prick was, the more impressed he was with a really big one. And, believe it or not, he was so loyal and subservient, he would even go out and pick up guys and bring them back for me to fuck. But generally I didn't give a shit what he thought because he was only there to serve me and take care of my needs. I didn't expect him to have opinions.

I loved Jerry being so slavish, and always available to my every whim, but I'm not a 'one man' type of guy. I'm bigger and stronger and more demanding than most anybody, and because I'm so dominant I always need new challenges in my sex life, and my bullying nature requires that I have somebody new to slap around occasionally. Nothing gets me hotter than working over a butch looking muscle boy, putting him on his knees and have him crawling for me and begging to be used for my enjoyment. Hell, I was not your run of the mill dominant stud. I wasn't out for just a good fuck. I was willing to put out the effort to control and subjugate a guy until he became my mindless obedient slave. It took longer to get a guy focused sometimes, but the end result of slavish submission led to incredibly great sex.

For now I looked down on a beautiful picture. Two cute boys, totally nude, crouched down in front of their Master worshiping his feet. One of them really built with pale white skin and very blond hair, and the other fairly muscular with dark olive skin and black hair. Is that fuckin cool or what? Getting my feet worshiped did not really turn me on much, but christ, did I ever love makin guys do it and watching them grovel in front of me.

'Suck those toes' I ordered as I raised my feet up slightly giving them access. They both got busy going down the line and sucking each of my toes and I was getting so fuckin hot I couldn't help but unzip my pants and pull my cock out. I told you having my feet licked didn't do anything for me, but, maybe I lied because, truth is, having these gorgeous creatures, one light and one dark, prostrating themselves before me and reverently worshiping my feet was more than I could stand. Grabbing my fully hard, almost ten inch cock, I stood up, jerked it half a dozen times and started to shoot.

'Shhhiiittt!' I screamed. 'Shit, shit, shit.' My first shot went over six feet across the room, by the second shot I had it aimed at my worshipers, and started hitting them on their backs. I wanted to hit them in the head, but my super hard cock wouldn't bend that way. As I continued shooting, I was bouncing around in excitement and my boys couldn't keep their lips on my feet, so both lifted their heads to see what was going on. By then I was finished shooting and beginning to calm down, but my cock was still dripping. I let go of my cock and reached out, grabbed each boy by the hair and pulled them in.

'Kiss it babies. Lick that cum off my cock' I said, still breathing hard from my exertions. Both boys' lips reached the tip of my cock at the same time, but Jerry was a little quicker with his tongue and licked the remaining cum of the tip. 'Kiss the tip babies. Just the tip' I ordered. I was still holding their hair and my cock was mostly hard as I watched them start competing to kiss the tip of my cock. The head of my cock was always sensitive after an ejaculation, so the pleasure of their kisses was almost excruciatingly wonderful. I groaned and cried in ecstasy. The feel of their kisses, and the look of adoration on their pretty light and dark faces as they kissed my prick was beyond comprehension. Shit, I hadn't even calmed down from my orgasm, and they were already making me hot again. No way was my cock ever going to get soft at this rate.

Turned on or not, however, I needed a break, so I pushed them away, jerked my pants down and off and sat down spreading my legs wide and grabbing my cock.

'My balls slave boys. Get on my balls' Both boys dove in and started licking my nuts as I very gently bounced my cock against one face and then the other. Back and forth, light to dark and dark to light as they slobbered all over my nuts.

'Swallow them and suck' I ordered, and each boy opened wide and took a huge nut into his mouth and sucked on it. I let go of my cock, grabbed their heads and pulled them in tight jamming their noses and faces together with my ten inches lying on top of their noses. I just let them go at it for a while, flexing my cock so it popped up and then back down against their faces. Oh, fucking hell, this was good. I finally took hold of their hair and pulled their faces back. Now it was time for one of my favorites, having two guys eat my ass. I slid down in the chair so my ass was hanging off the cushion.

'Okay slave boys. Get in there and start licking my ass' I ordered. Jerry was in there in a second, pushing his nose in and sticking his tongue out. Sailor boy seemed to be a little hesitant, so I gave him a good slap to the back of the head. 'Get that god damn tongue in there' I growled and pushed him in hard. He'd been totally obedient up to now, and now that I was beginning to get hot I wasn't about to put up with any shit, but he finally got with the program and started licking my cheek. Jerry of course was going strong, sucking and kissing and working his tongue into my ass crack.

'Work at it god damn it' I snarled at sailor boy and slapped his head again. 'Don't play with it with your tongue. Suck my god damn ass.' Finally, then, he started going to town, still working the cheek because he couldn't get to my crack. But I was going to put the screws to him now. I reached back, grabbed his head and pushed him hard against Jerry's head, pushing Jerry away, and then cramming his nose into my ass crack.

'Get in that hole' I snapped as I slapped him hard on the back of the head. 'Suck it god damn it.' Jerry tried to push back in but sailor boy reached up and pushed him away, keeping his face deep in my crack and started sucking and licking. Oh yeah, this was so cool; two guys fighting over who was going to lick my ass. Jerry then pushed sailor boy away and jammed his face in again. Sailor boy started to set back but I slammed him on the back of the head again, and now he grabbed Jerry by the hair, pushed him aside and held him at arms length as he once more dove in and starting slobbering on my ass. Jerry started whimpering, partly in lust, and partly in fear that I would punish him, but sailor boy was too strong for him and held him away.

'Jerry. Hold my legs up' I ordered, and as I lifted my legs, Jerry stood up and grabbed them, bringing my ass up so sailor boy had even better access. I could feel his tongue trying to force its' way into my crack, so I just let him go at it. Jerry stood there straddling him as he held my legs.

'Look at me slave boy' I ordered, and Jerry looked into my eyes. I gave him a slap across the face; not too hard, but just enough to sting. 'You love your Master slave boy?' I asked.

'Yes Master' he said. I slapped him again, and he grimaced from the pain.

'Tell me who you love, slave boy' I ordered as I grinned at this gorgeous kid who would do anything for me.

'I love you Master' he answered worshipfully.

'Good boy' I said with a grin as I gently rubbed my hand over his face, tweaking his nose and cheeks. 'Good boy' I repeated.

But enough of this. Getting my ass licked was really getting me hot. I was raring to go again. My cock was throbbing and leaking and I could hardly stand it. I quickly stood up, grabbed sailor boy by the hair and headed for the bedroom dragging him behind me. Jerry followed along like a little puppy. Sailor boy was forced to scramble along on hands and knees as I dragged him to the bed, lifted him up, and tossed him onto it on his back. Grabbing him by the hair I jerked him around so his head was hanging off the side of the bed and pushed my cock into his mouth. Just that quick he went from licking ass to sucking cock. He was startled at the change of position, but he knew what to do and started to suck.

However, that was not my main interest. I intended to let him suck me for a bit just to keep him busy while I prepared his ass. With that in mind I pulled his legs up pushing his knees down towards his shoulders giving me total access to his hot ass. I gave him a good hard slap forcing a yelp from him.

'Watch your teeth god damn it' I said as I felt them on my cock. Then I slapped him hard on the other ass cheek. He yelped again but didn't touch my cock with his teeth this time. His ass was right in front of my nose so I spit into the crack and started rubbing it into his crack. Then spitting again, I roughly jammed a finger into him. This time I got a yell out of him and he tried to pull off of my cock.

'Pay attention to what you're doing you little prick' I growled again as I forced my cock about half way back into him, and since his head was hanging off the side of the bed he couldn't get away. He started gagging so I slammed his ass again to give him something else to think about. But now he started to fight back and brought up his hands and tried to push me away. I was simply too far gone to put up with this kind of shit and I couldn't take the time to tie him up, so I pushed his legs under my arm pits, and grabbed both his hands with mine and held on to them. I pushed my cock a little deeper, right to the entrance of his throat, causing him to choke.

Remember I'm a control freak, and definitely a sadist so I enjoyed hearing a guy whimpering while he serviced me. I loved hearing a guy choking on my cock, and since I still had his ass up in the air and was now holding his hands so he couldn't push me away, he had to adjust to it. Continuing to hold his hands I gently pushed my cock in and out of his mouth, only to the entrance to his throat, allowing him to breathe and try to get control of his choking.

After a couple minutes, as he stopped choking, and with me holding his legs and ass up in the air and holding on to his wrists, I started to gently push my cock a little deeper and spit into his ass crack again. Looking down between his legs and seeing my cock slide in and out of his mouth was fucking wonderful. Seeing it was almost as good as feeling it.

Then I started pushing it gradually deeper; first to the entrance to his throat, and then gently into his throat. The feeling was awesome. Pushing into a guy's throat and feeling the pressure against my hard cock was terrific. I could actually see his Adams apple bulge as I forced my way in. And since I was going slow and easy, giving him time to breathe between each thrust, he was no longer gagging. As much as I enjoy hearing a guy choking on my big piece of meat, it was definitely more pleasurable if he was handling it. I sure's hell don't want a guy gagging and puking all over me.

Since sailor boy was really getting the hang of it, I pushed deeper and held it slightly longer. And then, finally I felt my balls press tight against his nose; all the fucking way into his throat.

'Oh yeah' I shouted. 'Fuckin fantastic, man.' This time I pulled almost all the way out, and then pushed back in hard, ramming into the back of his throat and slamming my balls into his face. He gave a loud grunt but oh man did it feel good. Since he was doing a super job of handling it I did it twice more; really ramming it into his throat and holding it there and getting that same grunt each time, but also getting the exquisite feeling of the contractions of his throat and his slight panic as he tried to breathe.

But I wanted his hot ass and I had him just about ready.

'Don't you fuckin move those hands' I growled at him as I let go of them and just held his legs as I watched my cock go in deep once more. Then I pulled out completely giving him some recovery time before I fucked him. Spitting into his crack once more, I pushed two fingers into his tight hole and wiggled them around getting him more loosened up.

As I finally let go of him, his legs flopped down on the bed, and with his head dangling off the side of the bed, he was still gasping and getting his breath back. God, he was a gorgeous kid. Beautiful muscular body totally drenched with sweat now, giving him a sheen that made those muscles glisten. And he looked so fucking cute with his pretty face hanging down that I couldn't help but step forward and rub my crotch into his face. There ain't quite nothing like rubbing your big hard-on against a pretty slave boys face.

I pushed him up onto the bed and climbed on, lifting his legs and looking him in the eye. His face was completely covered with sweat and slobber, and his mouth was still open, but he was now looking back at me. The look in his face was that of total submission, with a twinge of fear. I knew I could do anything to him now, and he would take it without a whimper so I took aim at his tiny crack and started to push.

I actually hadn't done a bad job of loosening him up, because without too much effort the head of my prick popped into his tight little hole. He groaned as it pushed its way in. The buildup to this point had been so incredibly hot that my cock was actually aching from being so hard. However, I had pretty good stamina and I'd already cum once so I intended to make this pleasure last and last.

After giving him a minute to adjust, I pushed in some more getting two or three inches in. He was moaning and mumbling something. It sounded like please, please repeated over and over. Six or so more inches to go. Giving him another minute, I then started jacking into him; gradually pulling back an inch or two, and then pressing back in, going deeper each time. He was really tight, so I don't think he got fucked much, and being such a hunky guy anyway, he was probably more often the fucker and not the fuckee. But than again, with such a pretty face, he probably had to fight the guys off with a stick.

I pushed his legs farther apart forcing his hole to open wider for my penetration, and I kept pushing deeper until my nuts were tight against his ass. He kept groaning the whole time, but not crying or screaming, so I figured I probably wasn't hurting him too much.

Now I started to fuck. Long slow thrusts, easing back almost pulling out, and then pushing back in again. The spit I pushed into his hole was just enough to let my dick slide easily, but keeping it super tight just the way I liked it. His whole face was scrunched up and his eyes were closed as he tried to deal with my monster filling him up.

I glanced up and saw Jerry sitting in the corner gently masturbating. 'No' I ordered, and he immediately moved his hands away from his cock. However, I could see it was throbbing, and I wondered if this might be one of those times when he would cum without even touching it.

'Open your eyes baby and talk to me' I said to sailor boy with a grin. 'Tell me you're loving it.' He opened his eyes and looked at me and I noticed they were damp. I guess he was still hurting, but I figured that would pass.

I continued my slow fuck as I grinned down at him. 'Talk to me baby. Tell me you love my big cock up your ass. Speak up man.' I don't think he was even listening to me because he groaned again and closed his eyes. I reached up and slapped him across the face, and his eyes flew open with a shocked look on his face.

'Do what I fuckin tell you babe' I growled. 'Tell me you love having my cock up your ass.. Say it before I really make it hurt.'

'Ahhhh.... man' he whimpered.

'Sir' I yelled.

'Ah... sir' he whispered. 'You're so big sir. It hurts.'

'Bullshit' I growled as I rammed my cock in hard jerking his whole body. 'I'm being real easy on you baby so you got to be loving it by now.' And I was sure he was faking the pain, because my cock was sliding in and out real easy now, and besides, I had to be hitting his prostate. Just for good measure I slammed into him again.

'I want to hear you say you love it babe' I snarled as I gave him another slap to the face. 'And I want to hear it right now, before I get real mad. Before I show you what pain really is.' I held up my hand like I was going to let him have it again.

'Okay sir. Okay' he yelled. 'I love you fucking me sir.'

'That's more like it' I said with a laugh. 'Fucking slave boy.' Then I started slamming it to him. Not really speeding up, but as I pulled almost all the way out, I slammed it back as hard as I could. The whole bed jerked with each hard thrust.

Then I shoved his legs down hard against his shoulders, grabbed him in a bear hug and rolled over. My cock stayed in his ass for a moment, and then slipped out. But he was not sitting on my stomach. I let go of him and gave him a shove knocking him over backwards. 'Get on your knees boy' I ordered, and he got his knees under him straddling my hips.

'Sit on it' I said. He just looked at me with this startled look. I gave him a slight push getting him centered and said again 'sit on it.' He still had this shocked look on his face. 'Jerry, help him' I shouted. Jerry leaped to his feet, came over and grabbed my cock and aimed it towards sailor boy's ass.

'Sit on it before I kick your ass' I snarled. He finally seemed to understand, and as Jerry held my cock pointed upwards towards his hole, he began to ease down. Obviously this was a new concept for him but he was catching on quick. Then I felt my cock enter his tight ass. His eyes were squeezed closed as he pushed down forcing my cock in deeper. It was obviously hurting him, but his fear made him continue until his ass was pressed against my crotch.

Having a guy fucking himself on my cock was not the greatest way to fuck, but it was really humiliating for a guy to be forced to fuck himself on my big cock. I really loved watching a guy screw his ass onto my prick, particularly a would-be butch stud. It gave me an incredible feeling of superiority and dominance.

'Bounce on it' I ordered. He gradually started moving his ass up and down allowing my big rod to slide in and out slowly. But then he rose too high and it popped out. I reached up without a word and gave him a hard slap, jerking his head around and getting a whimper from him. With Jerry's help he got me back into his ass again, and this time was more careful. Still going slow he started raising his butt up and down, fucking himself on my pole.

By this time I was getting really hot, and as much as I enjoyed watching his mortification as he slavishly worshiped my cock with his ass, I was now ready to go to town. So I pushed him over backwards almost on top of Jerry who scurried out of the way, as I got out of the bed. Then I grabbed him, pulling him to the side of the bed with his legs over my shoulders, took aim, and pushed in all the way. This time he didn't even moan, so I was pretty sure the pain was gone.

Leaving his legs over my shoulders, I grabbed his shoulders and standing at the side of the bed, I started ramming it to him. I mean really, really ramming it. Every half a dozen strokes, I would really crunch against him moving my hips around and getting the ultimate feeling of tightness. But then I'd go back to slamming into him really hard. When I finally started feeling like I was really close, still holding a shoulder with one hand, I grabbed his hair with the other, and jerking hard, I pounded my rod into him with all my strength. I was now out of control with lust and excitement and was yanking him around and back and forth in total ecstasy as he squealed in pain and shock. As I reached my climax I actually lifted him off the bed by his hair and slamming him back down shaking the whole bed as I hammered into him three more times, and started to cum.

'Ssssshhhhhiiiiitttt' I screamed as I shot into him! And I fell on top of him crushing his knees up against his shoulders. He was yelling something, probably me pulling his hair, but I was oblivious as I banged into him a couple more times with all my might as I continued firing my cum into his tight ass. Total rapture.

As I began to relax and come down from my high, still lying mostly on top of him, I heard him sniffling so maybe I was rougher than I realized. But shit, it was the most incredible ejaculation I'd had in days. This boy had a ass that wouldn't quit.

Finally I raised up and let my softening prick pull out of his hole. Then lifting him, I lay him on the bed and lay down beside him. 'Jerry. Jerk him off' I said and Jerry got back on the bottom of the bed and started playing with his cock. It had obviously gone soft while I was yanking him around in a frenzy, but Jerry knew how to get him hard. Getting up on one elbow I looked at him lying there, and saw he seemed to be crying silently and he still had a look of fear on his face. Hell, I was done. I'd had my fun so he had no reason to fear me now.

'That was great babe' I said with a smile. 'You were a great fuck.' Then I leaned over and starting kissing him. After a minute of gentle smooching, I took a light hold of his hair, pulled him in tight and really got into some energetic deep tongue kissing. He seemed to relax a little, but then started panting. I knew Jerry was doing his job and the boy was getting ready to shoot. And then he started moaning through the kisses and I knew he was cuming. I kept the kiss going until he was finished and then lay back. We just lay there for a few minutes, all three of us relaxing. Jerry hadn't cum yet, but I had plans for him later after I got sailor boy back to his ship. And besides, I'd already got a taste of sailor boy's throat, and I wanted to hear him beg me to fuck his face. Hell it was not even midnight, and I could definitely cum a couple more times.



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