My nerves were getting edgy as I waited. I'd been here a number of times before, so I knew this men's room was very active and, with luck, someone would show up at any moment to help me out. I was horny. I mean really horny! I knew I needed a good blowjob to feel better. The wait was aggravating, but anticipation kept me hard and leaking.

The glory hole I was sitting next to was very large, very easy to look through. Remembering the first blowjob I got here, my first blowjob ever, had kept me coming back for more. That first time, I'd barely had a chance to unzip my jeans, slide them down and sit on the commode, when the guy in the next booth began sliding his finger back and forth along the bottom of the glory hole, beckoning enticingly. The boldly printed sign SHOW HARD FOR BLOWJOB above the hole, made his intentions clear. Instantly, I knew what he wanted me to do. Instantly, I became hard as rock.

'Lemme suck it, kid,' he had whispered hoarsely, his mouth right in the big hole. His lips were large and moist, well-formed and masculine. He looked like a very big guy. It intrigued me that he wanted to suck cock. I allowed my erection to display itself.

'Oh! Man! What a cock! And it's uncut! Wow!' he sighed, loudly, excited by the sight of my big erection. 'I like 'em big and uncut, kid. Com'on, shove it through this hole! I'll take care of you, good! You'll see. You'll like it! Lemme suck it! Com'on! I want it! I want to suck it! That's it! Put it through!'

With some hesitation, wanting to do it and yet not wanting to do it at the same time, I stood, turned, aimed my cock for the hole, and slowly poked it through. Before the knob was fully into the hole, it was in his eager mouth. Incredible heat and moisture captured my cockhead in the soft tissues of his mouth and caused me to swell to aching stiffness. His tongue swirled knowingly through my ample foreskin while sucking pressures grew intense. I had not been able to imagine what a blowjob would actually feel like when guys had joked about them, but the sensations I was now experiencing as this expert cocksucker sucked and slowly sank my cock into his throat were mind-boggling.

Pushing to get every inch of it into this incredible heat and suction, I rose up onto the balls of my feet and thrust my hips forward. He hummed and reached out, encircling my big scrotum with a large fist but gentle touch. The touch lifted me to orgasm and, without thinking about whether or not he wanted me to ejaculate into him, I blasted off into the most spectacular series of cum-spurts of my young life. It was so much better than all the jacking off I had done! At eighteen, I was at the peak of potency, so I filled him up as he swallowed spurt after spurt after wonderful spurt, taking every bit of it.

Now, a few weeks later, sitting here on the commode in the empty men's room, I realized that I had been comparing all the other blowjobs I'd been getting here to that first, really spectacular, one. I guess that's normal when the first one is so good. The others were good, too, but I quickly discovered that talent and enthusiasm are not universal characteristics shared by every cocksucker, so I kept hoping I'd run into that first guy again, but, so far, no luck.

A noise interrupted my thoughts. Someone had entered the room. I held my breath. A few times the guy in the next booth, like me, was just there to get a blowjob, not to give one, and I had cleared out. Now, as I watched, the door to the next booth opened and the sturdy frame of an athlete filled my field of vision. He was wearing only skimpy running shorts and a small cut-off tank-top which exposed his washboard midriff. Muscles flashed at me, making me feel flush. Unembarrassed about being spied on, the guy slipped down the shorts and sort of strutted in place, showing off a real surprise package: his amazingly bulging jock pouch, which he displayed proudly, turning and preening, showing my every erotic angle. He then pushed down the jockstrap, too. His very large, well-colored cock dangled over a giant set of balls. This guy was hung! And he faced the glory hole exposing himself to me as I stared in awe.

I felt disappointment mixed with arousal. He probably was here just for a blowjob, himself, I reasoned, just like me. No macho athlete like this guy would suck cock, I figured. But, as he sat down, I was hoping he'd slide a finger along the rim of the glory hole, like the first guy had.

'How're ya doin'?' he whispered in at me as he leaned down to look up at me through the large glory hole. 'Man, that's some prime piece of meat you're playin' with there,' he added, staring at my fist-wrapped cock. I was struck by how handsome he was!

I grinned, not knowing what to say.

He grinned back.

'Want some?' he whispered excitedly.

I nodded, thinking it was an invitation for me to stand and deliver.

But before I could move, he stood. His cock looked completely erect already and, aiming it with a single finger, he slid it through the hole, letting it go as it came through to my side and sprang to rigid attention. It stood there, vibrating lustily, growing even bigger, pointed up at the ceiling. It was inches from my face. It looked magnificent! It looked as good as my own! It throbbed in the soft lighting and looked perfect. The head was extremely fat and puffy, with huge contoured flanges. The shaft had to be as long as mine, at least. And his big balls were up so tight against the wide base of the big weapon that I knew, instinctively from my own experience, he had not had an orgasm in a while. He was ready. This cock was ready!

'Suck it!' he demanded huskily.

Until that moment, until he demanded I 'suck it,' I had never really consciously thought about sucking a cock. My fantasies had always been about 'making out' with guys, but that seemed to mean hugs and kisses, contact, or jacking off together, or jacking each other off, or maybe getting my cock sucked, or something like that, something always somewhat vague. Suddenly, here was the impressive cock of a handsome man standing tall in front of me, demanding attention, and just as suddenly, with a wave of carnal excitement tearing through my groin, I knew I was going to suck it! I discovered I wanted to suck it! I was already sniffing at it as I leaned in close to study it in detail. Its smell was very exciting! It looked fantastic, with the skin of the glans penis now so shiny smooth in arousal I knew he was eager to be sucked off.

'Touch it!' he insisted. 'I can feel your breath on it, man!' he added quietly.

The moment froze in my memory. The warmth of the room; the masculine smells of the place, indicating recent male-to-male sex; the erotic writing and lewd drawings on the walls; and that incredible glory hole now filled with the giant stiff cock and balls of a man as horny as I was.

'Com'on, suck it!' he pleaded. He had a sexy, low voice.

I touched my lips to the inverted 'vee' of the thick cockhead and the whole cock pulsed in response. The masculine smell of the hot flesh acted like an aphrodisiac on me, burning up my nostrils right into my brain. My mouth opened, my tongue surged out and I lapped at the huge cockknob. Its taste was spectacular! Better than anything else! The taste of cock!

'Oh! Yeah! That's it, man!' he sighed contentedly. 'You're so butch I didn't think you'd suck cock, man! But do it! Suck it!'

His comment surprised me and pleased me. But it also produced in me the desire to suck his cock with the same enthusiasm and effort the first guy had used on my cock. I determined to be as good at sucking cock as I could be, ignoring such problems as the humungous size of the cockhead as it filled my mouth pressing into every nook and cranny, and the gagging response I felt when I tried to stuff that big thing down my throat.

My partner seemed not to notice my inexperience as he humped and ground his pelvis against the partition, thrusting cock into me. I loved it! He was eager, hot, and horny, with a super cock and a delightful attitude, vocally telling me what he wanted and urging me to suck him good. It was music to my ears.

'Man! You're good!' he grunted between thrusts. 'I'm gonna explode in a flash! But, if you're jacking off, don't shoot your load. I want to suck that big cock of yours after I cum.'

My eyes had been closed in rapture as I sucked my first cock, but they opened with surprise at his wonderful request, and I saw the hole, his wide cock shaft and his dark pubic hair above a really big, well filled sac. I reached out and encircled the big pair of balls, delighting in the exotic feel of them as they moved erotically in my hand. This guy was going to come! He was going to come in my mouth! Instantly, I knew I wanted him to and I sucked even harder, delighted that he wanted to suck my cock after he came. And his warning had been timely. I found sucking cock was so exciting that I would have blasted off with him without touching myself, had he not cautioned me to hold back.

'That's got it!' he hissed between clenched teeth.

He became steely hard in my mouth. I waited excitedly, not fully knowing what to expect. Suddenly, a gusher of sperm spurted forcefully into my mouth. Some of it went up into the channel to my nose. I immediately loved the heat, smell and taste of the semen's viscous fluids. Reflexively, I swallowed, not wanting to drown. Instantly, another huge spurt overfilled my mouth, forcing me to swallow again. It was followed by another, and another and another! I swirled my tongue, savoring the virile tastes and hot juices I was drinking down with such gusto. I was ecstatic! And very close to orgasmic! I had had absolutely no idea sucking cock could cause such deep-rooted satisfaction and such complete enjoyment. And I sucked him until there was nothing more to come!

Eventually, he tugged the still rock hard cock back and I released it with great reluctance. He sat down with a heavy sigh and said 'Whew! That was fantastic, man! You really know what to do with a hot cock.' He leaned down to look at me and flashed a smile of great warmth.

My cock was leaking streaks of lube, pulsating uncontrollably. 'I almost came just now it felt so great to have you come in me!' I admitted.

'Yeah! I know. That's what I want, too! Your load! Lemme do ya,' he insisted. 'That's it, bring that big cock here! Oh, man, it's uncut. What a beauty!' His strong fist encircled my cockshaft as I eased it through the large hole. A deft, masturbatory pumping began and I knew I'd ejaculate in a moment. Then, his hot lips pressed against the crown of my cock and, while pumping the shaft, he sucked in the cockknob, swirling his tongue through the thick foreskin folds. It was spectacular! Immediately, I recognized that while this was no well experienced cocksucker who could take me in to the root, the idea of being sucked by such a handsome, muscular guy who wanted to suck me off just as I'd sucked him off, and who wanted me to blast off into his mouth, was incredible! Reciprocation is extraordinary!

'I'm cumming!' I managed to blurt out, then immediately spasmed to an overwhelming orgasm that felt even better than with that first cocksucker. I felt I was giving a reward to this handsome cocksucker with my load, just as I had been rewarded with his load. And I came, and came and came as he noisily slurped up all of it!

When I was finished, when I was as drained as I had ever been, I plopped down onto the commode, catching my breath. His face was still at the glory hole and looked at me with great affection.

'Wow!' he sighed softly, after wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. I nodded wordlessly.

'That got me so hot I could shoot another load right away!' he announced. Then he looked at me questioningly, longingly.

A surge of lust fired throughout my entire being. He wanted to do it again. He wanted me to suck his cock again.

'Man! I'd love to suck that great cock of yours again,' I admitted truthfully.

'I won't shoot off so quickly, this time,' he cautioned.

'I can handle it,' I assured him, grinning.

He grinned back and then stood, once again displaying that mammoth erection. It was leaking lube and looked redder, hotter, than the first time. I caught it in my eager mouth as it came through the glory hole, and I found that I could relax with a new-found familiarity. I knew what cock tasted like, now. I knew want to expect, what to anticipate. I loved it! I wanted it! I wanted to suck it! But most of all I wanted more of his semen, his great man-juice!

I became animated, rising and falling on that fierce weapon, learning how to control its pressures, and gradually allowing deeper penetration while fighting to conquer gag reflexes. It amazed me how quickly I learned to adapt to handling the saliva-slicked tube. The cum-and-saliva-slicked tube, that is, since semen seemed to coat the tube and my mouth.

'Geez!' he hissed, 'This is better than before, man. I'm really sinking it into you, getting it all in! This is wonderful. Suck my dick, man! That's it. Suck it hard!'

His words carried confirmation that I was doing it right. I recognized that this is what I really wanted to do - suck cock! And I sucked! I felt changes along the long cockshaft and could feel the big cockhead hardening in my throat as it slid along the newly recognized knobby lining, and I knew he was about to reach orgasm again. I wrapped my hand around his big balls, tugging and toying with them.

'Man! You can suck cock!' he announced loudly. Then he stiffened and erupted into me. Thick, viscous fluids seemed to spurt in an even greater outpouring than his first orgasm, as I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed his hot cum. It was delicious! It was incredible!

'Can you be here, tomorrow?' he asked when he withdrew back through the glory hole, 'about the same time?'

I nodded and grinned.

Grinning back, he rose up, pulled his jockstrap and shorts up to mid-thigh and left the booth, flashing a tight, muscular ass at me. As I heard him at the sink, I realized that he was cleaning up, washing off. I liked that. But I immediately had my attention diverted by the booth door opening again and the appearance of another young man, this one wearing jeans and a tee-shirt. Before the booth door closed, I heard the guy at the sink say, 'He's good!' and knew he was talking about my cocksucking skill. It amazed me! It made me feel proud, too!

I hadn't heard this guy enter the men's room, so I didn't know what he had heard, but was sure he had overheard my guy say 'Man! You can suck cock!' it has been said so sincerely and so loudly.

This guy stood facing the glory hole for a few moments. I wanted to lean way down to get a look at his face, but waited to see what he'd do. Instead of opening his pants, he tugged the tee-shirt up and stripped it off. His marbled chest was exquisitely chiseled. Unconsciously, I hummed my admiration. The chest expanded in pride, and a hand went into his crotch and hefted the bulk of another surprise package! Then, he leisurely opened the jeans and shucked them and his white jockey shorts, preening in his nudity before the glory hole, his cock growing longer and fatter as I admired the theatrics of his disrobing for me. The cock continued to grow impressively until it was standing at full staff, throbbing at attention over big balls. The cock looked remarkable as he stood there showing it off to me.

Suddenly, I realized that he needed for me to make some invitational move. He wasn't going shove his cock into a hole uninvited. His display and preening would last until I made a move. There were customs and courtesies to be followed, I reasoned. With a sudden inspiration, I hooked my finger on the bottom edge of the hole and moved it back and forth. Instantly, with a small yelp of pleasure, the guy's hard cock bounced against my finger as he quickly fed it through the hole to me. It felt even larger than it looked as it entered my eager mouth. I was ecstatic - again!

The door to my booth pushed open quietly and the athlete poked his head in, grinning. I was actually able to turn sufficiently, cock in mouth, to glimpse him.

'What a sexy sight, seeing you suck cock!' he sighed. 'Tomorrow!' he said insistently, and then withdrew, leaving me with the strange emotion of having been watched sucking cock, enjoying the sucking of that cock, and looking forward to tomorrow's cocksucking adventures, too.

'Do it!' my current partner insisted, 'Suck it hard, man!'

His demand refocused my attention and I applied whatever level of skill I could develop to give him pleasure. His immediate 'Ooh's' and 'Ahh's' assured me that my efforts were appreciated. He humped and jabbed, thrust forward and parried, slammed against the partition noisily, and proceeded to enjoy himself completely. His balls swayed in a heavy sac, looser than mine or the first guy's and I recognized that this guy wasn't going to be a quick comer. Taking advantage of that insight, I worked his meat in as many ways as I could imagine, practicing to improve my very new found skill and delighted when he'd say things like, 'Oh! Yeah, man! Do that!' or 'That feels great, keep doin' that!' or just 'Yes! Suck hard!' I loved it!

He was getting hotter and hotter as his balls climbed higher and higher in their sac, till finally they were clamped tightly at the thick base of his giant cock, and I knew he was readying to ejaculate.

'Take my load, man!' he said huskily, 'I'm cumming!'

His stiffening cock had already prepared me for the explosion of cum that followed, but I was amazed at the overwhelming volume of his orgasm. It seemed impossible that anyone could shoot so much jism at one time. But I kept swallowing, and swallowing and swallowing, relishing the heavy flow of his excellent, viscous, delicious, hot jism - the true nectar of the gods.

These two cocks, the first two I ever sucked, had been spectacular! Huge, stiff, hot and full of cum, they cemented my affinity to cocksucking. I didn't think it could ever get any better than this. But no sooner had the booth been vacated than yet another humpy guy strode in cockily. I couldn't see his face, but something about him seemed familiar. Suddenly, he leaned down - it was Dave, a football star who had graduated a year ahead of me.

'Hey! It's The Hood!' he sputtered excitedly, recognizing me immediately and using the name all the guys called me because of my lengthy foreskin. 'Whatcha doin' here?' he asked naively.

'Guess I doin' the same thing you're doin', Dave,' I responded nonchalantly.

'Sucking cock, huh?' he offered, grinning.

I nodded.

'Me, too,' he confessed, to my exuberant surprise.

'Wow!' I sighed in surprise.

'Fuck,' he erupted. 'Let's you and me get out of this place. Let's go up to my place and get comfortable. Make out. Really enjoy ourselves. Whadda ya say?' His invitation was sincere.

'Make out?' I whispered.

'Yeah, man. You know. Relax. Get naked together. Sixty-nine!'

'What's that?' I asked dumbly.

'Com'on,' he insisted, opening the door to his booth and leaving, 'Trust me. You'll love it!'

I got up, straightened my clothes, and followed the rugged athlete out of the men's room, expectantly, delighted that my nerves had calmed. Completely! Yet, in the back of my mind I knew I'd return, looking for that masculine, skilled cocksucker who gave me my first, great blowjob, and, honestly, conscious of my new-found desire to suck more cock! Lots more!


Jack Sofelot


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