On a Saturday night Jake went out with two good friends for a night on the town. He used his fake ID to get into a bar for drinking and partying. After the guys had several drinks, Jake hooked up with a 26-year-old female college student. He asked her to go for a ride in his new red pickup truck leaving his buddies at the bar to find another way home.

Jake and the young co-ed wound up on a mountain top overlooking a long valley. One thing led to another and soon Jake had his cock deep in the female's pussy. He became so horny and excited that he shot his huge load in her pussy before he could pull out. The female was not on the pill and she became frightened that she would become pregnant. Jake rushed her home and wanted to forget the evening. This was his first sexual experience with either a woman or man.

In a panic and not knowing what to do, he contacted me at my home that weekend desperate to talk. I was his college faculty adviser. I invited him to come over to my place and discuss his problem. What could it be? He sounded desperate on the phone.

When he arrived, i invited him to join me in my bedroom as I was in the middle of folding clothes that I'd just taken out of the dryer. We sat on the bed as I asked him: "Jake, you seem to be in a panic? What has happened?"

"Oh Professor Broadman, I just learned that a co-ed that I fucked thinks she may be pregnant after we had unprotected sex yesterday. We will soon learn if she is. What am I gong to do if she is pregnant? I think my life may be ruined. I'm only a 20-year-old college student."

"Jake tell me what happened."

"Well, Professor, I'd been drinking with my buddies and was horny as hell. I was a virgin and not sure about my sexuality. I asked this cute co-ed my senior by six years and more experienced about sex to take a ride with me in my new pickup. We parked on a lookout and one thing lead to another. I'd never been more horny and she was very cute and aggressive. We began to kiss, she ran her hand down on my rock hard cock in my pants, she unzipped my pants and took out my throbbing cock. The next thing I knew she was giving me a hell of a blowjob. She took off her panties, had me lower my pants and she jumped on top of me and pushed her pussy all the way down on m y rock hard 9-inch cock. She rode me like some wild animal. I'd never felt more pleasure than that moment as I'd only masturbated before she jumped me. Before I could pull out, I shot a huge load into her pussy as she rode me with a hard thrust. Today I found out that she is the campus whore and wild with the guys."

"Well, Jake, if she is pregnant, it might be some other guy's baby that she fucked over the last few days. I guess a DNA test might solve that issue. You can hope."

I began to experience my 9.5 inch dick swell. As a 33-year-old gay man setting next to this hunk of a rugged stud farm boy, I was overcome with lust while he continued to tell me some more details about fucking the whore. Jake was both innocent and beyond handsome as a young guy. His innocence made him even more desirable. He knew more about breeding cattle than he did about human sexuality. He stood 5' 11", weighed around 165 pounds, very light brown hair, sparkling blue eyes, rock hard arms and biceps, tight chest, smooth hairless body, muscled laced legs and thighs, dark tan from his many hours working on the farm and and a big manhood. I'd seen him naked in the shower at the gym. He also smelt so manly and hot. I wanted him so bad.

Lust overtook me. I put my hand on top of his hand to comfort him and said: "Jake, I know a real good attorney that deals with these type of cases. Just relax tonight. We can hire the attorney and you can move on with your life. It will be OK."

Jake was so pleased that he grabbed my hand, squeezed it hard and put his arms around my neck and gave me the most erotic hug. I could feel his hot breath on my neck. My cock went wild as it swelled to a maximum hard on. I lost control as I put his face in my hands and planted a sloppy kiss on his lips. My goodness, what had I just done? Jake not only did not resist but he plunged his hot tongue between my lips and began giving me a deep French kiss. I reached down and took a hold of his crotch. Wow, he was stone hard. Yea, it was happening. This stud was now mine.

"Oh Fuck Professor, lets make love. You are such a hot hunk and you can not get pregnant. I love your ribbed body. You are turning me on. I was just drunk with that whore but with you, I'm really clear headed and lust after your body. You have the most beautiful curly blond hair, sky blue sexy eyes and that cock looks so inviting. Man, I think I'm really gay."

"Jake hell yea, I want you. You have me over heating with lust. Lets get naked and let me start with a massage of your hot body."

"Oh Professor, yea, I bet you give an awesome massage. Make me crazy for sex."

In seconds, we were butt naked. Jake got on his stomach on the bed and spread his sexy legs far apart across the bed. WOW, was he ever hot. I got a bottle of massage oil and poured the oil from his neck to his beautiful feet. I began to rub the oil up and down his smooth body until he was shinny and sparkling. He began to buck his ass up and down as I looked at his pink asshole. Next I took a finger and began to finger fuck his smooth pink ass as he began to beg me to fuck his man pussy. I spent several minute making him horny as hell as I used my tongue to rim his virgin ass. He was about to faint with the desire to be fucked and fuck me. I had him just where I wanted him. Here I was a man in his 30's getting ready to fuck this hot young 20-year-old. Nothing could be more awesome or a turn on.

"Oh Professor, eat my ass. Oh fuck, your tongue feels so great. I love my first rimming. Yea, oh fuck yea, give it to me."

I licked and sucked his ass for five minutes. His soft pink ass smelt and tasted like some cake. I turned him over and came down on his incredible cock. I slid my tongue up and down the slick oily cock shaft that produced slurping sounds. Soon I was swallowing his heavy pre-cum It was delicious.

Jake was moaning and breathing hard. I had him lusting for my manhood. After several minutes of my hot blowjob on his cock, I pulled off his gorgeous cock and moved my 6-foot frame and 180 pounds up to his face with my throbbing cock. I placed my legs on each side of his shoulders and said: "Jake, Baby, it is time for your first blowjob of a man's cock and it is mine. Take my dripping cock down your throat."

Jake grabbed the base of my stone hard cock, opened his sexy mouth and lips and eagerly took my entire cock down his throat. WOW, what a brave young man. He went wild sucking and licking my dripping cock, as he tasted his first man jizz. I used my hips to pound his young mouth and throat until I was near coming. I pulled my cock out of his wet mouth and began a series of sloppy wet kisses. While we engaged in the wildest rough kissing, I laid down on top of his hot sweaty body and humped wildly feeling our cocks slide over one another. The feeling of the leaking cocks was awesome. We were almost in a trance from the nerve endings all over our crotches. The bed covers were now soaked from the perspiration flowing from our bodies. After 15 minutes or so, I got off Jake and laid down by his side to catch my breath in anticipation of a big fuck.

"Jake, which one of us is going to get fucked first?"

"Oh Professor, let me fuck you first to experience my cock in your ass so I can get ready for your big cock up my ass. After fucking that whore's pussy, I think I know how to fuck your man pussy."

"Go for it Jake. You'll find my ass tighter on your cock than a woman's pussy. It will feel so good."

I got some lube, rubbed it in my ass and poured it on Jake's big hard cock. I got on the bed on my stomach, spread my legs far apart and used my hands to spread my ass cheeks for his big cock. Jake got between my legs, lowered his cock and began inch by inch going deep into my insides. WOW, his cock felt so great as it explored every inch of my ass. He started slowly moving in and out until he felt comfortable then he sped up as he fucked me faster and faster and harder and harder. WOW, he used his cock to fuck me like a pro.

"Oh fuck yea, oh fuck yea, Mmmmm. Aaaaaa, fuck my ass. Your cock feels so great. Harder and faster. Give it to me."

Jake was so turned on by my begging for his cock he became like some wild beast.I'd never experienced such rough sex. This farm boy used ever muscle in his body to drill my ass.

After about 10 minutes of drilling my ass, his cock head swelled once more, his balls tightened up against me and he let out a loud grunt as he exploded a huge load of his young warm semen deep into my ass. He then pulled out, turned me on to my back and stuck his cum covered wet cock down my throat. I sucked that cock dry and swallowed his seed. We kissed and it was now Jake's turn to get fucked.

Jake asked me to began by fucking him missionary style. I had him get on his back, lift his legs over his head, hold them there with his hands and I lubed his ass and my cock. I slowly inserted my big experienced dick into his virgin ass. He took my cock with surprising ease. Soon I began to speed up and drive my wood in and out with harder and harder thrusts. He loved the rough sex and begged me to fuck him hard. It was the roughest fuck I'd ever given a fuck buddy. His ass and youthful looks had me going crazy fucking that man pussy. Nothing is more lustful than fucking a virgin gay ass. I felt his ass muscles pulsating and tightening around my cock. It was beyond the best fuck ever.

After 10 or so minutes, I withdrew and placed Jake on his stomach on the bed and drove my leaking cock back into his wet pussy as I laid down on top of his hot sweaty body. I fucked him while my body was horizontal with his back, butt and legs. It was so fucking hot.

After a long time pounding his pink smooth ass, I went over the edge as my balls released a huge load of semen down this young asshole. The feel of my ejaculation was so pleasurable for me. He bucked as he felt my semen flowing inside him. I pulled out, sucked his ass and turned him over and gave him wild kisses. We enjoyed the taste of man sex.

We laid there, rested and talked for a long time. I knew this would not be our last time to fuck. We were now into each other big time.

"Professor, this was the best sex one could ever experience. Can we become fuck buddies? No more female pussy for me. I just want that big cock of yours. I have switched teams."

"Oh Jake, I would love nothing better. But you must stop calling me professor and use my name, Sean."

"Thanks Sean. I love you and your hot body and of course that incredible cock of your."

In about a week, Jake came to my office wearing a huge smile and said: "Sean, I've great news. I received a call from the whore and she just found out that she is not pregnant and she had her period. I'm free from that whore."

I gave Jake a big hug as our cocks began to grow in our pants and I said: "Jake that is terrific news."

The lust had taken over again. I locked my office door, we unzipped each other's pants, took out the now rock hard cocks and took turns giving each other a blowjob until we shot our loads down our buddies' throat. Once we had milked each other dry, we kissed and planned our next night of sex at my home.


Naughty Eric


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