By the time i was a senior in high school, I knew i loved sucking cock, as well as all other man sex, and was experienced at what i did.  And since i took after my dad's side of the family, I had no problem for passing as an older young man.  

By seventeen, my chest was fairly hairy, as were my arms.  I could shave my face and i still looked like i had a 'five o'clock shadow'.  When i let my beard  grow a couple of days i  could easily pass for being in my early twenties.  And having a fake drivers license, stating i was twenty-two, i easily got in bars and adult video arcades.

It is in an adult video store that my story begins.

It was mid-week, and i was hungry for a load of cum.  I actually wanted several since i never got enough.  There was only  one pair of booths that had a glory hole between them and i went into one  of them and waited. Knowing it was near time for the men to be headed home after work, i knew i would  score  several cocks to suck.

I had eagery and hungrily sucked four beautiful hard cocks and devoured their creamy loads  and waited for my next sweet load.  Then, i heard  the soundi was  waiting for.  The door to the next booth opened and closed and i heard the lock  being turned.

With my pants hanging on the doorknob of my booth, i slowly stroked my hard cock a moment before leaning over and looking through the hole.   The man in the next booth had his pants and briefs around his knees and was stroking a steadily growing beautiful  thick piece of meat.  i slipped a finger through the hole  and motioned for him to put it through.  As he did, my mouth was  ready and i began swallowing the his hard cock which i judged to be close  to eight hot inches.

Gradully working itin, i soon had the entire toolburied in my throat balls deep as i heard the man moan  ever so softly.  After several minutes of savoring his hot tool, he pulled back and sliped a not to me saying he wanted to suck my cock.

Without hesitation, i slipped my cock through to him as he quickly began swallowing it.  It was very obvious that he was a very experienced cock sucker.  i couldn't remember  when i had experienced a better blow job.  Before i could gain controlof the action, i climaxed and fed him my built up load.  I could feel him eagerly devouring every drop.  Once i was drained, i quickly pulled bach and requested his cock again. 

He slipped his cock back through the hole and into my waiting mouth.  I lovingly began sucking it and relishing the taste of his precum.  After several i could  tell he was beginning tobreath heavily and a moment later i was fed one of the largest and most  delicious cum loads i had ever enjoyed.  After milking every delicious drop  out of it with my mouth, he slowly pulled back.

A moment later, i noticed a slip of  paperwaving through the hole.  I took it and with the light from the movie of a guy sucking  two hot studs, i read the note: 'That was the best blow job i have ever had.  i don't come here often but would like to meet you again. Please write me at  this address' and he provided me an e-mail address.  

In an instant,he was gone,  but i knew that i would definitely be contacting him for more sex.  Notonly did i want his beautiful cock in my mouth again but i also wanted it in my ass.  I could only imagine how awesome it would be  to feel his huge cock filling my hole  with his huge load. 

After sucking a couple  more cocks from what was obviously hard working blue collar  studs by the way they had their cocks through the zipper of their jeans, i headed out, thinking of the hot man and his note.

I got home and called out to my dad  that i was home and starting on my homework, i went to my room and using my gay chat e-mail account. I immediately wrote the man a note telling him how hot i thought his cock was and that i wanted to suckit on a regular basis and also fell it in my ass.  I also told him  that i loved to kiss and make out and was open to anything.  I signed the note 'lovescock'.

The next day i hurried home to see if i had a response.  Anxiously, i logged in to my secret account anf found what i was looking for...a reply.

I saw a message from 'lovesmen'.  He said that he had never had a better cocksucker in his ife and wanted to meet regularly,but he had certain rules  that had to be followed.

'First off,'  he began, 'I am fairly well known, and if it was ever revealed that i am gay , my reputation would be ruined.   I have a place that we can meet that is secluded and boarded up.  There is no electicity and the windows are boarded up.  I insist that we have sex in total darkness.  Also, there will be absolutely no conversation, only sex.  If either wants to be fucked we are to back up tothe others cock.  If we want to be sucked we direct  the others face to our cock.  After sex, I will take my clothes and dress in the front room.  When you hear me leave, there will be a flashlight inthe nightstand.  Use it to get dressed.  Leave it on the night stand for our next meeting. You agree to these terms?'

I wrote back and said that i could agree and that i thought that it would make the sex even hotter.  I said that i too would like my desire for men to be kept secret, and that i awaited further instructions.

The next afternoon, after sucking a few cocks at the video store, i got home and as i checked my private e-mail, dad called said hat he wouldn't be home until close to midnight.  I told him that was cool and i would grab a burger for dinner.

I checked my e-mail and found a letter from 'lovesmen'.  'If you can make  it tonight, drive to the parking lot on Baker Street by the lake. That will be where you will always park.  Go to the southwest corner and follow the trail.  About two hundred  yards down you will find a gate with a 'no tresspassing' sign on it. Go through  the gate and you will find a boarded up house.  Under  the mat  will be a key which  is yours to keep.  Go in and wait for me, and remember our agrreement.'     

Knowing dad wouldn't be home,  i knew i would have a few hours to enjoy my secret lover. I grabbed a powerbar from the pantry and  a cola fromthe fridge and headed out to the park.  It was still daylight as i approached the house. Just as he said, there was a key under the mat. I unlocked the door and stepped in. Even though the windows were boarded over, there was just enough light to see. Every room  was bare except the master  bedroom which had a king bed in it and nothing else,not even sheets.

I stripped and lay on the bed and waited.   Before long the room was in total darkness.  I waited, my mouth watering for the man's cock.  Then i heard it.  There was a squeak as the front door opened.  Footsteps grew closer and a  moment later i  felt him sit on the edge of the  bed.  He felt around and when he found me,his hand began to glide across my nude body and i heard him sigh softly.  

I touched his arm and followed it to his chest and began unbuttoning his shirt. His chest was hairy and muscular.  Moments later he was totally naked, and with our arms around each other we kissed passionately, before engaging in a hot sixty-nine.  After more lovemaking, he directed meto his cock  and i sucked  him dry. After another kiss, he drained my cock with his mouth.  That was followed by a gentle kiss before he rabbed his clothes and left. 

When i heard the door close, I found the flashlight and dressed.  I couldn't wait for our next meeting.

The next day i had a letter saying how much he had  enjoyed our sexual encounter.  i replied that i felt the same way.  

We would meet two to three times a week when possible.  And our love making quickly progressed to eating each others ass both before and after fucking it.  He was the hottest male in bed that i had ever  had.  When he fucked me,  he entered me  gently but once he was in he know what he wanted  an went  after it, and i did the same to him.  

We had hot unrestricted sex for several months, even managing to have sex overnight.  he would always leave before daylight.  Then one day i received a letterthat turned me on.

I began reading his letter  and he said that he had to see the man that he had fallen in love with.  I told him that i had also fallen in love with him.  He said that he would have the electricity turned on and afterour next secret sex session in the dark, we would reveal ourselves to each other.

We met and the sex was hotter than ever.  After sucking each other we had  some hot cumkissing and sharing of the cum.  After fucking  each other, we would bury our face in the ass we had just fucked and suck out our cum and kiss and share.

After we were both drained,  he got up and i heard him walk toward the bedroom door.  Then,he flipped the switch and room became brightly lit.  My eyes adjusted to the light and astonished, i said "Dad?" 

THE END..............




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