This story was written at the request of my good friend, Allan, who asked me, twice, to write it! He wants his story told.

I first saw him sitting alone at the bar nursing a beer when I came in, and he gave off such an exciting aura of male sexuality I had to sit next to him. When I was settled, I smiled at him and asked, "Wanna join me for a beer?" He looked me over, smiled back and said, "Sure. Thanks." With that simple question and grateful reply, the ice was broken. I gave the bartender our order.

"I'm Jack," I said extending my hand after we both had sipped our beer.

"Allan," he responded, gripping my hand strongly and smiling at me. The strength of his grip and the radiance of his smile caused a warm feeling to race through my body.

"Wadda ya do, Jack?" he asked in a friendly voice, indicating normal curiosity.

"Our company won a bid to do some work on the Marine Base. I'm in town to oversee that the work gets started and finished on time," I told him matter-of-factly.

"Hmm," was his response.

I smiled. "What does 'Hmm' mean?" I asked.

"Well, it means that I'm in civvies now, but I'm a Marine on that base," he announced, adding,"and it's a coincidence that you're gonna be on the base. That's all."

The strangest feeling came over me. I felt that he was suddenly viewing me with suspicion.

"Ya know," I admitted with an open smile, "nowadays lots of guys wear your hair style, so it didn't cross my mind that you might be a Marine. But I'm impressed. It's a tough and honorable profession."

"Fuck 'em!" he snarled under his breath.

I was so startled by such a peculiar reaction to an obvious compliment that I immediately suggested, "Let's go over to that end booth in the back so we can talk quietly, Okay?" I held my breath. Something was wrong.

He didn't reply, nor did he look at me.

"We don't want to be overheard. Do we?" I asked. I knew he heard concern in my voice and saw it in my facial expression.

He grimaced and said, "Okay." And with that we both got up, took our beer, and slid into that back booth, facing one another.

I leaned in and quietly grunted, "What the fuck's the matter? Why are you so pissed off?"

"I don't want to talk about it. It's too embarrassing," he whispered.

"Perfect!" I sighed with a smile.

"Perfect?" he questioned.

"Absolutely! I'm a stranger. We'll probably never see one another again. I can keep my mouth shut," I told him, adding quietly, "except when I suck cock."

"I'm sorry! What did you say?" he asked dumbfounded.

"Look," I explained, "I'm an Army vet and, yes, I'm a gay man. Before you tell me anything, I thought you should know that. I'm on your side. I think talking over what's gotten you so angry can be very helpful for you, but I want you to know who I am. I figure admitting I'm gay potentially opens me up to trouble because people on the Base won't want to hear that. Since I'm being honest with you, maybe you will realize that I can be trusted. What do you think?" As I spoke, I watched his expression soften.

He looked at me for a long moment. I kept still.

"I got raped," he suddenly whispered, harshly.

"Fuck!" I whispered in surprise.

"I don't know how to handle it. I don't know what to do. I don't know who to talk to. I don't know what I should do," he blurted out in one stream.

"Well, you're talking to me now, aren't you," I said softly, giving him my best smile.

"Yeah, but I can't talk about this, here. Lots of Marines come in here."

"Listen, I've got a suite in the hotel. I've got beer in the fridge and we can order food from room service. Let's go there and talk this over man to man. You know it will be very private," I added.

"Well..." he said hesitantly, thinking it over.

"Don't worry. There won't be any funny stuff. You could probably break my neck and throw me off the balcony, if I tried anything." I laughed at the thought of it.

Happily, he joined in the laughter. "Okay, let's go."

We were out of there and up in my suite in a flash. He watched me hang out the Do Not Disturb sign and carefully lock and bolt the door. I got two bottles of beer from the fridge and opened them, handing one to him. Then, we sat down at opposite ends of a long couch.

"Cheers," I called out, raising my beer.

"Yeah," he replied, taking a long swig of his, but remained silent.

"Talk about embarrassing! I once got caught on my knees in front of a guy when I was in the Army," I admitted.

"Geez!" he sighed.

"Yeah, but fortunately the guy who caught us wanted to join in the fun, not turn us in," I explained.

"My God, you talk about it so casually. Weren't you scared?" he asked, sounding interested.

"Only momentarily," I admitted, "but it turned out fine."

"Uh... What did you guys... uh... do?" he stammered.

"Well," I said hesitantly, not knowing how descriptive I ought to be, "I gave both of them a blowjob and then the intruder gave me one in return."

"Damn, you talk about it so calmly," he claimed.

"It's only sex with consenting adults. No one was hurt by it. We all enjoyed it, as a matter of fact," I pointed out, adding, "I've always found that sex can be lots of fun, if you have the right attitude. Don't you agree?"

He looked sad, saying, "I guess I used to."

There was a long pause between us. I waited for him to say something. He took a long gulp of beer.

Suddenly, he whispered grimly, "I hate fuckin' docs!"

"Doctors? Why is that?" I asked softly, surprised by his emotional honesty.

"I was ordered to have a physical," Allan whispered angrily. "I didn't know why it was scheduled or who approved it. But, as you well know, you follow orders, so I went to the infirmary. They directed me to a room and told me to strip down to my undershorts and wait for the doctor. It was before noon, and by the time the doctor showed up, I had heard people leaving for lunch and everything had gotten very quiet.

"A handsome, young Doc came in and, looking surprised, said, 'Oh, I know you!'"

"You do?" I asked. I was surprised, too.

'Sure. I've watched you on the soccer field and I've seen you at the swimming pool. You are a very fine athlete and have an excellent physique. I admire you,' the Doc said. It was oddly flattering, but seemed out of place.

"Let's see how everything is working, all right?" he asked with a grin. He was pleasant and very good looking. Even in his lab coat, he was tall and looked strong. He was a Marine Officer, so I assumed he kept himself in good shape.

"I nodded agreement, and he quickly went through the things doctors normally do – you know, pulse, blood pressure, heart beat, breathing, and so on. But, then, he told me to stand and remove my shorts so he could check for hernia and for prostate health. As soon as my shorts were off, he sighed and said something that annoyed me. He said, 'Man, you have a terrific body and a long cock and big balls!'"

"Damn," I interrupted, "he used that kind of language?"

Allan nodded and continued. "He was practically salivating as he stared at my... uh... equipment. Then, he reached out, slid a hand under my balls, and, well, fondled them as he said, 'Turn your head and cough.' I've had plenty of hernia checks in my time, man, and he wasn't checking anything, he was playing with my balls. He switched hands by slowly sliding one hand away and sliding the other in, in what can only be described as an erotic touch. He didn't even bother to say the turn and cough thing."

"Did it cause any reaction, uh... in your... groin?" I had to ask, hesitatingly.

Allan looked at me for a moment, a serious expression on his handsome face. "Fuck, look who I'm telling this to. A self-admitted cocksucker."

"Sorry, it's just that I've had a few doctors come on to me like that and it can cause arousal in even the most puritan of men."

"Oh?" Allan asked.

"You know, it seems that most male sex organs have minds of their own, doing things the brain can't seem to control," I explained. "It's not a straight or gay thing, it's just how our equipment reacts to stimulus," I added. "True, closed-minded, prudish fellows may strain to overcome the stimulus, but the majority of men won't and won't want to. Pleasure is pleasure wherever it comes from."

"Gee," Allan sighed.

"So, what happened?" I asked softly.

Allan looked over, his expression much softer. "While he was massaging my balls, his thumb was rubbing the base of my cock. He kept staring down at my crotch, and when I looked down, my cock had better than doubled in size. I was mortified, but before I could do anything, he told me to hop back up on the table turn over on my left side facing the wall and bend my right leg up to my chest. I waited while I figured he was putting on that little rubber finger cover, you know, and putting some lube on it so he could comfortably check my prostate, but I did think I heard a zipper being opened. I'm sure as I waited I heard a garment fall to the floor. I thought, 'What the fuck is going on?'"

"Good Lord," I sighed quietly, but I realized that I was getting a boner as I listened to his story.

"He slipped a finger roughly into my ass and moved it around and around, doing it very much longer than seemed necessary. Then, he slipped it out and put two fingers very roughly into my ass and was sort of scissoring them against my prostate, causing waves of orgasmic-type feelings to surge through my abdomen and causing precum to leak from my almost hard dick. Then, without removing his fingers, he told me to roll over onto my stomach. I did as I was told, when suddenly, he was up on the table between my legs and pressing a large, hot, greasy cock up against my asshole. I started to cry out, but he stopped me by saying that if I made any noise I'd be dishonorably discharged from the Marines. I gritted my teeth and felt the pain of unwanted intrusion into my rectum."

"The son-of-a-bitch!" I said softly.

"Well, as that fat cock started pounding into me, I gave in. He had me plugged before I fully realized what he was doing and I had to give him credit for his daring. I should have realized early on what he was up to and stopped him, but I hadn't. After he was completely into me, and had begun a rhythmic fucking motion, he suddenly pulled out and ordered me to turn over onto my back as he helped reposition my legs. His eyes grew very large as my erection, which I couldn't control, came into view. I saw that he was completely naked and had a very muscular build, with a hard cock that was as big as mine. He held my legs up, roughly plunged that big cock back into me and resumed that strong, rhythmic fucking action, all the while staring at my hard, leaking cock. Suddenly, he groaned something like, 'I gotta have that in me,' and pulled out brutally, dropped my legs, grabbed my cock, pointing it straight up, squatted above it, lowered himself down onto to it, and fucked it into himself with a strained look on his face but a powerful determination. I felt my cock force its way into his extreme heat. He looked me in the eye and sighed, 'Man, you are sexy and hot!' Then he raised and lowered himself on my cock, going faster and faster, using his ass muscles to squeeze my erection until, finally, I was unable to keep control myself and an orgasm was drawn out of me by the strength of his hot ass. He kept up working my cock with his ass until I had to reach under his thighs with both hands and stop the movement, push him upwards, and let my cock slip out of him."

"Whew!" I sighed quietly, figuring he was done, my hard-on throbbing in my pants.

"Then he jumped off the table, went over to a sink, washed his cock and balls, dried them with a towel, brought a fresh, wet towel over to me, washed my cock, balls and abdomen, and dried them. He ordered me to stand up. When I stood in front of him, he waggled his large, hard erection at me and demanded in a very military manner, 'Suck my cock, Marine!"

"My God!" I blurted out.

"I felt defeated, humiliated and, yes, compliant. He put a hand on the back of my neck and pulled my face towards his goal, his very big cock. I watched the large crown come closer and closer until I felt its moist tip at my lips. With a sigh to the inevitable, I opened my mouth to let it in and felt it slide in all the way to the back of my mouth. 'Suck it!' he demanded forcefully. I tried to suck. 'You know how to suck, Marine, now SUCK!' he insisted loudly.

"My God," I repeated.

Allan looked over at me for a moment, his face a portrait of a conflicted, lost soul.

"It's Okay, Allan." I whispered.

"I sucked! By damn, I sucked as hard as I could. He even pushed his penis into my throat but I kept sucking. Above me, I heard him groan and say things like, "Yeah, that's it. Yeah, suck it, Marine! Man, you can suck!' and shit like that. It angered me and caused me to suck even more diligently and bob on that long cock and work as hard as I could to bring this fucker to a climax and get it over with. And, finally, finally, he came! As he came, he held my head down on his cock, forcing me to swallow his fuckin' load. I thought, well, at least it's over."

"Fuck!" I sighed. Actually, I thought I might spasm to orgasm myself, but I fought it.

"I was wrong," Allan said quietly.

"What!" I almost shouted.

"That fuckin' Doc let out a deep breath and said, 'Straighten up.' When I did so, he said with a grin, 'I thought so,' as he stared down at my crotch. I looked down at myself and to my amazement, I had an erection! A full erection, not just a weak boner! Before I could react, he bent over and, basically, swallowed my cock down to the very root in one swift move. Well, I will admit that he was a very skilled cocksucker. I'd had a few blowjobs, but nothing at all like this! It amazed me that a man could force a cock into his throat and get it in all the way down to the balls. But he didn't stop at that. He rose and lowered himself on the entire length on my cock, while playing with my balls with one hand, and rubbing my ass with the other. Once again, the sensations on my cock had nothing to do with the annoyance I felt. He was simply too effective in his ability to strongly draw another orgasm out of me, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. The strength of his suction, and the degree of his skill simply wrenched the cum out of me. The spasms of my orgasm were so strong, so forceful and so overwhelming that he didn't stop sucking. At last, I had to use both hands to tug his mouth up off of my now over-sensitized cock."

"Holy Shit! But THAT was the end of it, right?" I needed to know.

"No," he said softly.

"Oh my God!" I sighed. I didn't think I could hear more of this tale without coming. "What else could he have done?" I asked naively.

"He grabbed me by the arm up near my armpit, and half-dragged me into a small shower room at the back of the exam room. He held tightly to my hand as he sat on a commode and released the cum his ass had so strongly sucked out of my cock. 'Man,' he sighed as I heard liquid splash into the bowl, 'you really filled me up!' He smiled at me for what was really the first time and seemed to want to be friendly. I scowled back. When he got up he pulled me into the shower, started the water spray, and rinsed us both off. Then, using soap and some kind of somewhat rough cloth, washed my entire body, head to toe, back to front, scrubbing each part with the same pressure: head, face, neck, arms, pits, chest, back, abs, groin, cock, balls, ass, thighs, calves, and feet. Then he rinsed it all off with warm water. He then handed me the soap and cloth. With another sigh to the inevitable, I followed his example and scrubbed him down as effectively, noting that as I washed his genitals his cock reinvigorated and stood tall in the spraying water. As I rinsed him off, I had to admit to myself that, like an athlete, he was very well put together, kept himself in great shape, and wasn't very much older than I was, and probably about your age, Jack. He turned the water to cold and we completely rinsed off together. The cold water seemed surprisingly invigorating. My balls tightened up and I felt my cock expanding, even though I fought the feeling of getting aroused. As we stepped out of the shower he handed me a towel. He did not have one. I thought 'Fuck him!" and started to dry myself off. 'No,' he said quietly, 'dry me off.' I realized I couldn't fight him, so I carefully dried him off, kneeling at one point to dry off his feet while feeling like a goddamn slave, and even drying off his erection, which looked completely recharged. He took the towel and dried me off, spending lots of time on my ass, my balls, and finally, my cock, which to my continuing annoyance got stiff as a board."

"I don't believe it," I sighed. "He was some kind of magician – a Svengali. What did you do?" I was eager to know.

"The fucker said, 'Allan, you're the most remarkable patient I've ever met. You're a perfect specimen of hot male: handsome, well built, extremely well hung, and potent. Your orgasms are spectacular! As you shot off into my mouth, I counted twelve separate, forceful, delicious, hot ropes of cum blast into me, and it was your second orgasm. Amazing! To complete this examination, I want you to suck my cock, while I suck yours. It's called a sixty-nine, and it's mind-blowing. Okay?" Again he flashed a genuine smile. I realized that I was fully capable of yet another orgasm, and I even looked forward to doing it if it meant that this "examination" could finally come to a fucking end. So I nodded my agreement. He spread towels on the floor, and we lied down head to toe. There it was again, his big cock in my face. I felt his mouth suck my cock right down into his throat. 'How can he do that?' I wondered, when suddenly he bumped my nose with his hard-on. I wrapped a hand around the shaft and aimed it at my mouth. I took a good look at it before sucking it in. It was very large, looking surprisingly not unlike my own. He was not jabbing it at me, like before, so I opened my mouth and leaned toward the hard cockhead and sucked it into my mouth. It slid in easily and it was necessary for me to suck more and more of it in, because he was not humping it. I worked my head down, pressing cock into my throat and began, well, sucking cock! Lowering my head to get it in, and raising my head to work for his orgasm, I worked hard. Very hard! I heard him whimper and moan, but his efforts on my cock did not diminish. I rolled him over so that I was on top, driving my cock deeply, deeply into him, and sucking his cock deeply into myself. I humped. He humped. I groaned. He groaned. I hummed, and he hummed, and suddenly we both came, simultaneously. He came so much I was startled by the hot, creamy flow. I came more than I thought possible. Spurting cum filled us both to overflowing. Our cocks stayed hard in our throats for the longest time as we wound down from such overwhelming mutual orgasms. But our breaths came back to normal, our hearts stopped beating so rapidly, and our cocks began to soften. Finally, I thought!"

"Was it finally over?" I asked softly.

"I left, so it was over," he stated, "but it didn't end there."

"Why not?" I asked, "What did he do?"

"It's not him," he sighed, "it's the nights. The nights are tough, and the thoughts that crop up at unexpected times are hard to deal with, and I have a feeling that I should tell my girlfriend. And other things," he added vaguely.

"What other things," I wanted to know.

"Oh, you know," he temporized.

"Well, let me ask you something, Okay?"


"Well, you mentioned you had a few blowjobs, but nothing like his..."

"Did I?" he interrupted quietly.

I nodded and continued. "What were they like and how did you react?" I wanted to know.

"Ha," he chuckled, "I asked my girl to do it and she tried, but neither of us liked it."

"Any others?" I pried.

"Shit, Jack, you know how it is in the Military. You go out drinking with your buddies. Someone says he knows a gal who'll go down on you. You go along, but, again, it ain't any fun, really."

"Any from men?" I asked, holding my breath.

"Fuck, you are really pushy!" he grunted.


"Oh, all right. A couple... uh... a few," he admitted reluctantly.

"How did they happen?" I pressed softly.

"You must know how it is. You hitch a ride and the guy comes on to you suggesting it's fair payment for his help. You find yourself alone in a toilet booth with a hole in the wall..."

"A glory hole," I interrupted instructively.

"Yeah, yeah, a glory hole. You wanna jack off in private, but the guy begs ya to put it through. You know, that kind of thing. You don't focus on what he's doing, you just pump out some quick relief. Don't you?" He was rather nonchalant about it.

"I agree. I was both on the giving side of glory holes and on the receiving side," I told him.

Allan looked interested.

"From the receiving side point of view, I'd say you are right. The guy I'm blowing is horny and isn't looking for romance, he's just looking for a way to get his rocks off, feels any hot mouth is better than his dry fist, and I was handy. It meant nothing to the guy. And I'm glad you recognize the difference between relief and love."

He nodded but looked like he wondered where this was leading.

"The problem with that fuckin' Doc, is that he gave you the full blown treatment. He was trying to get you to like it. And that's where it went wrong. If he had given you a quick handjob or blowjob, you'da sloughed it off as nothing special. Don't you agree?"

"I guess. Sort of," he responded without enthusiasm.

"When did this happen?" I asked.

"Well, let's see. It was Monday, three days ago," he said as he thought about it.

"I have some friends. Let me know the name of that doctor and we can have him stopped," I suggested.

"Oh, I don't know," he said quietly, pensively. "I don't want to get him into trouble. Anyhow, it would only get me into trouble, too. They'd question him. He'd give them my name. He'd say that I came on to HIM! He's an officer so they'd believe him. It's too risky."

"Think about the other guys that he'd seduce if he isn't stopped," I pointed out.

"Oh, they can take care of themselves," he said softly, as if not really paying attention.

"But you should do something," I persisted, stressing the word "something."

"I don't want to," he admitted.

"Why not?" I demanded.

"Because I..." He stopped. He looked down at the floor.

"What?" I asked quietly, my heart in my throat. A strange feeling came over me again.

Because I..." he hesitated, then looked right at me, and went on, "...because I liked it! Goddamn it! I liked it!"

"Wow!" I said softly.

"Because I can't stop thinking about it," he continued excitedly, as if exhaling one big breath. "Because I keep getting these fuckin' hard-ons all the time, remembering how great it felt getting sucked and fucked, and sucking and fucking. Remembering that big cock in my throat spewing hot cum, and remembering that big cock in my ass fucking me. Listen, for the sixty-nine, while I was having my cock sucked with his fuckin' cock staring me in the face, I came to the realization that I WANTED to suck his fuckin' cock. So I sucked his big fuckin' cock and I did it gladly. I realized that I want my cock sucked and I want to suck cock. I want my ass fucked and I want to fuck ass, too, and, yes, I want to suck your cock and I want to fuck you in the ass, too, man. Since Monday, I've had an almost continual erection that even jacking off hardly seems to relieve. All I've been thinking about is COCK!"

He was looking me straight in the face as he as he made these obviously intense, heartfelt admissions.

"Okay," I said with a nice smile.

"What do you mean, Okay? What's Okay?" he asked aggressively, snarling as if because of some imagined putdown.

"I mean, you know you are talking to a gay man. You know, or at least you assume, I like sucking cock and getting fucked, and having my cock sucked and fucking ass. And I admit that I really do."

"Oh!" he exclaimed.

"So I believe you should make out once more with another man – me or someone that you like – and discover whether the 'rape' of your good nature truly introduced you to a method of sexual pleasure that you really want to pursue. Or was it just such a shock to your system that seeing a hard cock at you lips now, will jolt you back into the conformity of your life that you had before."

"Hmm," he hummed, thinking about it.

I paused and then asked, "What does THAT 'Hmm' mean?" I smiled broadly. The conversation had come back full circle.

"It means I'm thinking about what you said. I'm wondering about things like, 'How old are you? Where are you from? What sports do you play?' You know. Things that round you out as a person someone could get to know. Know what I mean?"

"Absolutely, and getting to know each other will be great fun. After all, all I know about you is that you're a Marine who got sucked and liked it, and got fucked and liked it. All you need to know me about right now is that knowing you liked it turns me on! Big time!"

"It does?" he asked in wonder like a little boy.

"Of course it does. Listen, I have an idea..."

He watched me expectantly.

"...why don't we go into the other room and take a shower together. See what comes up. Relax and enjoy ourselves. Maybe even lie down and take a nap..." I paused, "...or something." I grinned.

He grinned right back.

I stood up and offered him my hand. He kept grinning, took my hand and let me pull him up. We walked into the bedroom together, holding hands.

One of my biggest thrills in life comes from undressing a man as handsome, strong, well built, and cooperative as this stud of a hung Marine. When I asked Allan to let me undress him, he simply relaxed and smiled. I unbuttoned his shirt and opened it, and had to stifle a gasp. His muscular, hairy chest with hard nipples, his ripped abs, the sheen of healthy skin, all took my breath away. As the shirt fell away, his shoulders and strong arms made me long to hug him. I knelt at his feet and removed his shoes and socks while looking up at this giant of a perfect male with a huge bulge in his pants, and didn't feel like a slave but like a lover. My own erection throbbed in my pants, too. He smiled down on me. My heart throbbed as I reached for his belt buckle, opened his pants and slid them to his feet. He stepped out of the pants as I watched his Marine-issued boxer shorts distort from the movement of his hairy legs, caused by what was obviously a huge, stiff organ inside. A large wet spot colored the shorts at the top of the waistband.

As I reached for the shorts, Allan whispered softly, "Why don't you take your clothes off, first?" At that moment, I believe I could have put my hand in my pants, grabbed my cock and shot off! Standing up, though, distracted my urgency to come, and although wanting to tear off my clothes, I actually slowed down and stripped carefully, letting him enjoy the moment. His eyes grew larger as he watched.

"You're as tall as I am," he observed.

"You're not wearing shoes," I reminded him, "and when mine come off, (I kicked one off) you'll be taller than I am."

He smiled and sort of straightened up, thrusting out his chest, as if to say, "Yeah, I am taller than you." He was a proud Marine and I wanted to do everything I could to keep him that way!

When we were both down to shorts, his boxers, mine briefs, I grinned and said, "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours!"

He laughed loudly, and, surprising me, playfully pulled my briefs out. He looked startled when my cock sprang up from confinement, instantly stiffened to complete erection and throbbed in front of me, leaking lube. He stared at it, leaned forward, and slid my shorts down my thighs.

"My god, Jack!" he announced huskily, "that's bigger than the fuckin' Doc's!"

"Well, let's see yours," I begged, while leaning in and unsnapping his shorts. Like a curtain opening at a play, his amazing erection came into view in all its perfection. It was leaking precum, primed and ready! The instinct to go down on it immediately had to be strongly overcome. My concern had to be for HIS reactions. He had to be the aggressor in order to mature and learn what it was that he really wanted in life. I only had to wait.

"I don't wanna take a shower, Jack," he sighed. "You look so attractive I want to sixty-nine with you right now! Before I shoot my load all over the carpet, you got me so hot!"

I sprang onto my back on the bed, watching him. He moved slowly towards me, his cock so stiff it didn't waver. I believe we were both so turned on that we both wondered if we'd be able to join into the sixty-nine before shooting our loads. But he athletically threw a leg over my head, positioned his cock over my face, and plunged his mouth onto my cock, and began this strong suction. I let him fuck his cock into my throat and sucked like a madman. I was ecstatic, overjoyed with a rapturous feeling of sexual pleasure, and orgasmic!

Immediately, I felt his cock stiffen in orgasm deep, deep in my throat. As I spurted cum into his mouth, I raised his hips with my hands, thereby lifting his spewing cockhead into my mouth, and marveled at the strength, heat, flavor, viscosity and amazing volume of the huge ropes of semen he pumped into my mouth, as I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. I kept coming and coming into his mouth, shuttering with orgasmic pleasure as he swallowed and swallowed, with me. The length of our orgasmic bliss was extraordinary! We couldn't get enough of each other.

Allan seemed to fly as he moved to lie at my side, smiling broadly, white teeth sparkling.

"Perfect!" I sighed.

"Perfect!" he agreed, and moving his face to mine, looking me in the eye, he pressed his lips gently against mine.

The kiss became inflamed by the tastes of cum in our mouths. Tongues lashed, mouths sucked, and kissing began to enflame us. My cock quickly re-erected, and I could feel his hardening against my hip.

He broke the kiss and sighed, "I wish..." He stopped and laughed.

"What, Allan?" I asked through a chuckle.

"I wish ass fucking could be done like a sixty-nine, so you could fuck me while I fucked you." He smiled, lit up with eroticism.

I smiled back and said gruffly, "I want to fuck your ass, Marine, and pump my cum into you!"

I realized immediately that it was the right thing to say. His eyes grew big. He wanted it! He wanted it bad! Obediently, he rolled over onto his stomach. His asshole was twitching for it. Begging for it. I fuckin' gave it to him! But not like he was expecting. The first thing I did was to bend down to kiss his fine-hair covered muscular ass, while massaging those solid mounds of buttocks. Then I spread those cheeks and pressed my face in between them and began licking everything my tongue could reach including his balls and then focusing on his asshole.

"Geez, Jack," he sighed, lifting his hips and pushing his ass strongly into my face, "what are you doing?"

I lifted my face slightly, and said, like I was talking directly to his asshole, "I'm getting you prepared, Marine, helping to relax your asshole, and getting it lubricated. You'll see. Do you like it?" I asked.

"No..." he grunted, pausing, "I fucking LOVE it!"

My tongue darted into his tight little chute, and he groaned and rolled his hips. I fucked him with my tongue until I felt no resistance whatsoever. He was ready.

Now, I slid up his body until my leaking cock was pressed at his entry. I simply stopped, letting my lube bathe his hole, rubbing the precum around with the head of my cock and the motions of my body.

"Jack, what are you doing now?" he asked with a sigh of pleasure.

"You're ready!" I announced.

"Damn! I really am, man," he agreed huskily, adding, "I want that fucker in me!"

"Relax and let it slip in easily. Don't push, don't panic," I instructed, "and we will melt together." Then, I added, "Man, it feels great to lie on top of you like this," as I whispered in his ear.

"Yeah," he sighed in agreement. "Your strong body feels wonderful on me."

Well it won't surprise you to learn that my cock has a mind of its own, so my cockhead worked its way through the tiny hole, stretching it dramatically. Suddenly, it popped into Allan's ass and was stopped by the clamping sphincter.

He groaned.

"Am I hurting you," I asked with concern.

"No, man, not at all," he replied softly. "Two inches into my rectum and your cockhead feels spectacular! Waves of pleasure are flowing through my entire body. Ahh! You've pushed inward and that hard cockhead just rubbed and pressed against my prostate. It makes me feel like I'm going to come! Man, what a feeling!"

"Relax! Think of something else, like soccer!" I demanded. "You don't want to come before I give you a good fucking, man," I insisted. "And I want to fuck you and fuck you hard."

I began true fucking motions, pushing in slightly and pulling out. He accepted it passively at first but then started counter-movements to my fucking and quickly I was in fully to my balls and then back out to my cockhead, fucking hard!

"Oh, God," Allan sighed, "this is so good!" He was working with me, using his entire body to enhance our pleasure.

"Stop for a moment," I directed. "Let's change your position and have me fuck you from the front." He had told me, of course, that's what the Doc did, so I wasn't surprised that we made the maneuver easily and suddenly I was holding his legs in the air and really pounding his ass. I mean really fucking his ass! It was wonderful. It was like our bodies were working together as one. Perfectly!

We stared at each other with real affection. But I had to say, "Man, you're so hot. Your ass is so incredible it's demanding that I come."

"Yes, Jack, that's just how I feel!" he agreed. "I want you to shoot your cum into me. Now!" And with that he tightened his abs, like sucked in his asshole, moved erotically, and caused me to ejaculate into him.

I humped and jarred him, humped and jarred him, and my orgasm went crazy flooding cum into his heat! I almost passed out with pleasure.

"Man," he sighed, "you're pumping gallons into me. This is spectacular!" His huge erection lay on his hairy belly leaking lube, but neither of us wanted to touch it fearing it would explode, and we both knew what we wanted to do with it after I pulled out of him. I looked at it and then at him. He grinned knowingly. I grinned back.

As I pulled out, I grabbed a cloth from the nightstand and wiped off my cock.

"Man, I loved that, Jack," he sighed. "And, now..." he sighed, grabbing his cock and straightening it up, "...why don't you sit on this!"

I needed no further encouragement, but as I squatted over the huge cockhead, it occurred to me that we were replaying the games the fuckin' Doc had attacked him with. That realization didn't stop me. It only made me wonder if I was actually helping him. I felt a twinge of guilt, but he wouldn't notice because my cock wasn't very hard after so explosive an orgasm. I settled down on that great cock and allowed it to enter fully up my ass.

"Man, what a great feeling!" he grunted. "Your ass feels so spectacular on my cock! Umm! You're doing it with such amazing pressures and loving strokes of your ass. Riding the length of my cock from head to balls. This is completely different from that goddamn fuckin' Doc. This is so great that I can't hold back, I'm going to cum."

"Man, I wish you'd come in my mouth, where I can savor your hot, juicy, tasty load," I sighed earnestly.

"Go!" he implored. "Get off and catch it in your mouth. You want it, cocksucker, and I want to give it to you!"

Before he had finished talking, I had popped off of his cock, shifted my position, and gone down on his ass-flavored cock like the grungy cocksucker I know I can be when it's the right thing to do, and this was definitively the right thing to do. Almost immediately, he began pumping his sperm into me. I was able to receive most of it in my mouth, savoring what I still feel was the best and biggest load of cum I have ever received. I felt grateful to be able to swallow it.

Suddenly, I realized that I was on the brink of yet another orgasm. Making love to him was so stupendous that my balls were working overtime and my prostate was keeping up with them.

"I'm gonna come," I exclaimed in amazement as I crawled up towards his head.

"My God, man, give it to me!" he demanded.

I would have come as his hot mouth closed over my cockhead, but I had just enough control to allow him a few moments of cocksucking to enjoy before I blasted off, dramatically! Filling his mouth over and over and over again.

When it was done, I flopped down next to him on the bed.

"Man," I sighed, "I've lost count of how many times I came. I've lost count of how many times YOU came. This has been extraordinary!"

"I agree!" he said with enthusiasm. "But come on now, let's go take that shower!"

"Dude, give me a minute to catch my breath, for fuck's sake."

He giggled, rolled over tightly to me, hugged me to himself, and felt my strong hug in response.

After that, most of the nights and every weekend we spent together. Which meant, we became inseparable. And one night, after enjoying an orgasm together, and feeling very relaxed, Allan quietly admitted that in high school, but particularly in the military, he had realized he liked looking at cocks and asses. He said that in the barracks, he enjoyed catching glimpses of morning erections standing up in marine-issued boxers, or even making erotic bulges down the leg, sometimes even seeing a cockhead peeking out. In the Marine showers, he enjoyed looking at the healthy, strong, muscular asses of his barracks mates. But, he said, these were fleeting glimpses, not leers, and he did not dwell upon the meaning of his enjoyment. Then he told me that maybe the incident with the doctor wasn't really a "rape" after all, but something he had not realized he wanted.

I smiled and told him lots of victims feel that way.

One evening, about three weeks later, Allan came into my suite with an ashen face.

I rushed to him, hugged him closely, and asked, "What's wrong?"

"I received a notice for a follow-up visit for my physical," he stated flatly.

"Oh, my God!" I whispered.

"It said something was overlooked."

"Yeah, right! Like you didn't lick his toes, or some shit. Fuck!" I was angry.

"No, Jack," he said without emotion, "it's all right. I'll go. I'll see what he wants. Maybe it's nothing."

"Nothing, my ass!" I cried. "He wants YOUR ASS!" and, hugging him tightly I lifted him off the floor and shouted, "And it's such a GREAT ASS!"

Allan started to laugh, looking down at me as I held him high. I laughed with him!

As we talked about it in bed that night, we came to an agreement that Allan, the Marine, should keep the Official Appointment and do whatever that fuckin' Doc wants. But to do it with a raw sexual enthusiasm that will startle him - fuck the shit out of him and suck his cock 'til he cries "uncle," and make him suck cock and sixty-nine until he grows weak and feeble, giving him some of his own medicine. We also agreed that the Doc was, in fact, the tutor for Allan's entry into, and acceptance of, genuine adult masculine sexuality, so leave him panting for more! And finally, we agreed Allan should do it because it would be a meaningless fling, and even fun, but it could not disrupt our deepening true love for each other.

So, with that settled, we starting fuckin' around!


Jack Sofelot


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