After a few weeks of arguing with Andy because he wouldn't end things with Dan, and after all the weirdness with the watching/swapping thing, I decided it was enough. While I was in love with Andy and thought he was incredibly hot, in that time I saw that he really wasn't what I wanted. I've heard that some drug addicts stop maturing emotionally when they become addicted and I think that's him. He's a wonderful guy, but extremely self-centered and sort of out to get what he can. So we decided we should not have this relationship any more. I think he was relieved because I found out that he had already gotten Dan to commit to coming down for a visit the following week and was probably thinking he'd deal with me when he had to. So, long story short, I called up Mark and told him to tell his friend Eliot, who loves to be a matchmaker, to find me a date.

When I first met Eliot at a party for Mark and Steve after they got married, I was single. Eliot kept remarking that he was surprised (I was flattered) and he said he knew of at least two guys who would be 'perfect' for me to meet. Mark told me to call him and we met over at Mark's house. Eliot said he had called each and showed them my Facebook pictures and they were both excited about going out. I had Mark show me each guy from Eliot's profile and they both were fucking hot. Why hadn't I met these two before? Probably because they're like me - not typical!

So Eliot gave Ryan, the first guy, my phone number and he called me up one afternoon - I was working but I had a few minutes so I sat in my truck and we talked. He seemed super interesting. He told me that Eliot said we were into a lot of the same things - turned out Ryan is also a huge electronic music fan and also loves films - although he hadn't seen as many sci-fi/horror things as I had - he was really into noir and old French films and although I've seen a lot of noir, I hadn't seen anything French except for Diabolique so I was interested to get some recommendations. He works as a graphic artist for an ad firm. I loved how he sounded on the phone - he had a deep and soft voice - I tried to picture him from the pics I'd seen while listening to him and I was already starting to think that this would be a super interesting guy to meet.

Ryan is 46 and has been single for about two years. He's 5'9' and has almost black hair down to his shoulders and a nice five-o-clock shadow on his face. He's got green eyes and his ears pierced. Apparently he has a fair number of tattoos of which I couldn't see in the pictures on his profile. One picture I saw of him he had on a Neubauten t-shirt (another favorite band) and he was looking directly at the camera and his eyes really caught me. He had this brooding, smoky kind of look to him in some pictures but then in some he was bright and full of life. He was smiling in a couple of pictures I saw of him at some party and he looked extra sweet, his eyes crinkling up in the corners and his white teeth flashing a sexy smile.

So when he called me we chatted for about fifteen minutes and he asked me out for a drink the following night. He also told me that he was telling a friend of his that he was calling this new guy Rusty for a date and his friend said 'does he have tons of tattoos?' and Ryan said 'yeah,' and his friend said 'Is he a mailman?' and Ryan said 'yeah,' and his friend said 'he delivers the mail to my office - we love Rusty!' So I was glad to have a good review prior to the first date.

So, we met at a British pub for a beer and then we were going to go see a movie. Good date, I thought. He was waiting at a table when I walked in and he was all smiles. Fuck - he was so much hotter in person than in his pictures - and his pictures were pretty hot! He stood up and shook my hand but drew me in for a kiss on the cheek, which I just loved. He was wearing skinny black jeans with motorcycle boots and a black button down shirt. He had a steel-ball chain around his neck and silver hoops in his ears. He was just fucking gorgeous.

We sat down and he ordered us some pints and had a really relaxed conversation about just about anything and everything. We talked about music and seemed to like all the same stuff. He asked me about my tattoos and all the stuff I have and I told him about Steve and he said 'Steve Starr? I've been wanting to see him for something new but when I called recently they said he's all booked up until October!' I told him I could probably get him an appointment whenever he wanted - that Steve was my best friend and Ryan was pretty excited. He told me about some of his work but said maybe he'd show me his back sometime. I had a t-shirt on so he could see a good part of my arms and he was intrigued with my hands and neck. I turned around and he saw the 'I Am Electro' on the back of my neck and laughed and said he loved it.

We fell into a really relaxed and easy conversation, laughing, sometimes finishing each other's sentences, etc. Then he said 'why aren't you involved with someone right now? I was surprised to hear that you'd be open for a date,' and I said 'I was going to ask you the same question,' and we laughed. I told him just a bit about Andy and what our situation was and how Andy was involved in this long affair with a musician who lived in San Francisco and how he wouldn't stop seeing him and I was getting sick of it. Then I said 'it also bugs me because the guy is super cool and I'm a huge fan of his and we get along pretty well. I met him before Andy and I even started seeing each other and then it quickly got complicated.'

He told me he had been involved with a much younger guy for about two years and it was never a good relationship - mostly because of the age difference. Then he said he never thought there were any guys around that would not only be closer to his age, but also into the same things. 'And here you are!' I think I blushed.

We left the pub and walked to the movie theater about three blocks down and he held my hand while we walked, which was really sweet. We ran into a friend of his out for dinner with his partner and he introduced us and the friend said 'Oh, you're Rusty! I've seen you around before - I immediately recognized you' and I smiled and Ryan seemed to like that people knew me somehow from his circle of friends.

We went to this interesting old theater and saw 'The Big Sleep' which was one of my favorites and his too. He held my hand in the theater and after a while he asked me in a whisper if he could put his arm around me and I said 'of course' and he did and a few minutes later he pulled me in for a kiss and it was fucking powerful and he lit me on fire. We were sitting towards the back and it was really empty so we started making out a bit and I was getting pretty turned on the way he was kissing me. He also had his tongue pierced which was a first for me - even though mine is and we kind of laughed about that.

After the movie let out, we headed back to where our cars were - they were parked pretty close to each other, about a block apart. Along the way, he took my hand and led me between two buildings and pressed me against a wall and started kissing me. He was really hot and had a lot of passion and he was definitely turning up my temperature. I really liked him so far, I'll say!

My car came up first and he loved that I had an old Dart. We stood there talking and I said 'do you want to get in and talk for a bit?' and he went to the other side and got in. I grabbed him and kissed him rather hard and we sat there and made out some more and the windows were even getting fogged up which made us both laugh. He held my face and looked me in the eyes and said 'Rusty, you're fantastic. I really want to take you home with me but I don't want to push on a first date - I'm just hoping you'll let me have a second date with you,' and I said 'I was thinking the very same thing' but I climbed over and sat on him and started kissing him some more and ran my fingers through his hair and he started to moan a little bit.

'I'm sorry, Ryan. You're so hot I just couldn't help it,' I said after it was clearly getting a little too hot.

I climbed off him and he said 'No, don't go - I like what you're doing,' and so I climbed on his lap again and kissed him some more and started biting his neck and then he said 'Rusty, if we're not going to bed right now, I've got to stop this or I'll lose it.'

I climbed off him and he said, 'Can we have another date before I rip all your clothes off and ravage you?' I laughed and said 'I can't wait - when?' and he said 'is tomorrow too long to wait?' and I laughed and said 'a little long, but I think I can do it,' and he smiled broadly at me.

I gave him a ride a block down to his car and the spot in front of him was open so I pulled in and we sat and kissed a little more and I got out to walk him to his car door and we kissed some more, pushed against his car and he grabbed my ass this time while he kissed me and I was getting really heated up. He whispered in my ear 'my god I can't wait to get my hands on this ass' and it made me push against him and I could feel he was just as hard as me and I said 'I'm dying to see what's in here' and I pushed against him a little more and he moaned sort of quietly.

'Okay, this is putting me over the edge - now I won't be able to do anything until I see you again. I just won't be able to concentrate,' he whispered.

I drew back from him and smiled and kissed him a few more times, softly, and he said 'I'll call you tomorrow morning, okay?'

I nodded and gave him one last kiss and said 'thanks for an incredible evening - you are terrific,' and he said 'I am so glad someone thought to connect us,' and I smiled and walked to my car. I drove home and jerked off immediately. My guess is that he did the same.


So the next day, he called - in the middle of the day - and we talked for a few minutes.

'Your kisses were really turning me on,' he whispered to me. Maybe he was around other people.

'You, too, Ryan,' I said. 'I went home and thought about you for a long time.'

'Oh, believe me, I thought about you for a long time. Are you free tonight, then?'


'Dinner and who knows after?' he asked.

'Sounds perfect.'

'Can I pick you up or do you want to meet?'

'Meeting's probably easier - what time and where?'

'I need to think about it - can I send you a text on this number?'

About a half-hour later I got a text with a restaurant, address and time. He said he 'can't wait' to see me.

I thought I should dress up a little so I put on a vintage suit that I had with a white shirt underneath and my boots that Steve loves and met him. He was in the lobby waiting and he stood up when I walked in. He looked sensational - black jacket, red shirt, black jeans, cool boots. He came over and smiled and took my hand and kissed me on the cheek and gave me a one-armed hug while he still held my hand. We didn't even say hello - well I guess we did...

We got seated and he held my hand across the table and looked at me with those green eyes. 'You look so gorgeous, Rusty, I can't take my eyes off you,' and I felt myself blush and returned the compliment.

We had a fantastic meal and talked about tattoos and movies and music and I asked him who he admires in the music world and among the people he mentioned was Dan. I decided not to say anything about him and Andy - I just agreed with him and said that he was my favorite. So we talked about him for awhile and I had to bite my tongue because I didn't want to reveal too much. I asked him more about his job and he wanted to know all sorts of things about my job, which is fairly typical of anyone I meet who finds out what I do. He said he was lurking on the internet and found Steve's online portfolio and was looking at the work he did on me and he said, 'By the way, you have a fantastic body,' and I blushed again and said 'you're welcome to a personal tour of my ink' and he grinned and said 'I need to schedule that now, don't I?' and we continued to flirt with each other periodically.

He insisted upon paying for me and then we went for a walk outside, the evening was beautiful and he held my hand. There were a bunch of art galleries nearby and we walked by and went in to a few and looked at art together. He kept holding my hand and every so often he'd put his arm around my waist and pull me closer to him. He smelled incredible - his hair, his skin, I don't think there was anything in particular I noticed - he just seemed delicious.

We kept walking around and he pulled me into an alley again and started kissing me pretty passionately. He had his hands on my face and I had my hands around his neck and shoulders.

We came up for air a few times and he finally looked at me and said 'What do you think? I want to see you - will you see me again?' I answered 'I hope I will - I think you're fantastic.'

Then he said in a much lower voice, 'I really want you, badly, but I don't want to come on too strong and scare you away from me. But your kisses are turning me on so much and I don't want to stop. Should we or shouldn't we?'

'You're really sexy and you're turning me on with every look you give me. I don't know what to say - do you tend to like waiting to sleep with someone you're dating or do you jump into things head first?'

Ryan replied, 'Well, both - but I'm so attracted to you that I want to do this right and not be too over the top. I want to get to know you, but I'm already finding it hard to resist taking you home with me. I want to see your body and put my hands and my lips all over it.'

'You're not making this easy for either of us! If you take me home, will you still see me tomorrow?'

'And the next day and the next, if you'll allow me to,' he looked at me seriously.

'Do you live alone?' I asked.

'Yes, I do,' he said.

'There's a wine bar near here. Let's go have a glass and decide.'

He nodded and we went there and had a couple glasses of wine and pretty much held hands under the table and stared at each other. The table was little and round and if I wanted to, I could have reached under and grabbed him but I was trying to be a bit classier and also trying to back off a bit until I could figure out what he wanted.

'I just want to make sure - I really like you and am really attracted to you - but I don't want to get hurt if I sleep with you and then don't hear from you again or you avoid me,' I said.

He took both of my hands in his across the table and looked deep into my eyes, 'Rusty, you'll find it hard to get rid of me. Let me take you home with me. I know it's only our second date but I want you, badly.'

I paid the bill and got up - 'can I follow you?'

He looked extra happy and nodded. He walked me to my car and then I drove him to his around the block and then I followed him. He didn't live too far away from me actually. He lived in a modern loft style building and his apartment was super modern and warehouse-like - really high ceilings, cement floor, exposed ceiling, etc. He had the wall of music and DVDs that I expected and great furniture. I saw a few pictures around, but not many - there were little kids with him in a few, an obvious family photo and a couple with what looked to be friends. He looked gorgeous in every one of them.

He made us drinks and sat down with me on his couch and we talked some more. He put on some music and talked some more. I loved his apartment and told him so. He had a cat - I love cats - who is black, and he immediately started weaving in and out of my legs. 'That's a great sign - he usually doesn't like anyone,' and I probably blushed.

We kept making more or less small talk and I think we were waiting for the other to make a move. Ryan finally got up and took my glass from me and put our drinks on the coffee table in front of us. Then he sat right next to me and took my face and started kissing me, really passionately. He put his arms around me and laid me back on the couch and climbed on top of me and went back to kissing me, softly and pretty erotically, brushing his lips against my eyelashes and putting his fingers through my hair and softly moaning while he kissed me. I reached with my hands under the back of his shirt and his back felt warm and soft and I ran my hands up and down his silky skin and he pushed his pelvis a little into mine and I said 'Oh, that's nice,' and he went back to kissing me, gently biting my earlobes and putting his tongue in my right ear and breathing in it, which sent chills down me and I found myself pushing my pelvis up into him.

He sat back and unbuttoned my shirt and felt my chest and stomach all over and was surprised to see my nipple rings. He kneeled between my legs and started kissing my chest and my stomach. Then he sat back and unbuttoned his own shirt and he had some nice tattoos on the front of his shoulders next to his collarbone on each side. Then he laid back down on me and his skin felt so soft and warm against mine and he was definitely melting me.

When he started to bite my nipples, his hair was hanging down and brushing my chest, too, and it was really sexy and felt so nice - I ran my hand through it a few times and felt it. He then took one of my rings in his teeth and pulled back a little, pretty gently, and I moaned and arched my back a bit. He did it again to the other one and got a similar reaction from me.

He got off me and smiled and held out his hand and we walked back to his bedroom. It was pretty ultra modern with a really nice big bed and a great big chair and a television on the wall - very minimalist but still looked comfortable.

We took off our boots and he lay back on the bed and motioned for me to come over to him. I crawled up and laid down on him and started biting his neck and he was getting very turned on and even held my head on his neck while I was biting him, like he wanted me to continue or to bite harder. I started kissing his chest and stomach and working my way downwards. He had a thin strip of really soft dark hair leading down from his belly button down to his crotch and it was soft and sexy and I spent a lot of time rubbing my face on him and kissing him there and he was raising his hips up and groaning.

I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down and he was wearing great boxer briefs and his hard on stuck out all the way and he looked pretty big from my vantage point. I wanted to tease him a lot more so I left his boxers on. I took off his jeans and socks and started giving him a foot massage and he was moaning more and I kept rubbing his feet and then started massaging and kissing his legs as I moved upwards. I took my trousers off and kept my shorts on and then went back between his legs and started kissing and lightly sucking on his inner thighs and he had really great legs (he's another runner) and he was moaning and grabbing himself and putting his head back and I took his hand off his own crotch and I started putting my mouth on him through his boxers and he was really moving up there, I could tell. I didn't want to be too much of a tease so I released his cock from his shorts and holy fuck, he had a beautiful, thick, really nice sized cut cock. I gently took it in my hand and squeezed him and he was losing it, saying 'fuck, that feels good, god you're fucking gorgeous' and I licked the pre cum that was coming out of him and then started sucking his cock while squeezing his balls and he threw his head back and then put his hands on the back of my head and was thrusting his hips upwards to fuck my mouth a little.

I took him out of my mouth and started working on his balls, licking them hard so my tongue stud pressed against them and he was moaning more and more. I started putting my hand down towards his ass as much as I could and was stroking his cock with my hand and then I went back and took him in my mouth and started stroking him with my tongue stud pressed against the back of his shaft and he was up there, saying nonsense and I felt him start to stiffen up more and I thought that I'd get him to come because I had a feeling I'd be back doing other things to this cock in a short while. I slid up and down his shaft a little faster, still pressing my stud into it and then backed off and lightly sucked him and he had been moaning and then got silent for a second and then he said 'Oh, shit - I can't take any more' and he exploded into my mouth and I started sucking him more furiously and he bucked his hips into me a bit and he kept saying 'oh oh oh oh' every time he ejaculated and I swallowed every drop.

He was finally through and I sat back on my heels and he sat up briefly and said 'holy shit was that awesome. Your tongue is so intense on me, wow!' And then he motioned to me to crawl up next to him and he started kissing me and pulled me on him and started squeezing my ass and he said 'that was something - thank you for making me feel so good,' and I said 'you're welcome but if you think I'm through with your cock you've got another thing coming' and he laughed. He kissed me and said stuff in my ear, whispering that I was hot and he was so excited to be with me and then he flipped me over and he crawled between my legs and took my shorts off and exclaimed 'Wow - that's impressive and HOT' and it made me kind of blush. Of course I was rock hard and he sat and looked at me for a moment or two and then took off his unbuttoned shirt and rubbed his face all over my chest and stomach; between his soft hair brushing against me all over and his rough face scratching me like sand paper, I was on fucking fire. His head hung down and he was moving back so he could get in between my legs and his hair brushed by my dick and it felt so nice I asked him to do that again and he smiled and did.

He started licking my cock like it was an ice cream cone and pressing his tongue stud into my shaft as he went up and down. Wow - is that how it felt to him when I did that? I've never been with anyone who also had his tongue pierced. It was fucking incredible and intense, especially when he stopped right before the head of my cock and concentrated right on the ridge below and I was getting really worked up. Then he put his mouth around me and started really going at it and he was so fucking hot and gorgeous I couldn't believe that this guy was available and I was here with him. Christ! He kept going and was squeezing my balls and trying to reach underneath to my ass. He then stopped and rolled me on my side and dove into my ass, giving me the most intense rim job I've ever had and I was clenching my teeth because I didn't want to come just yet but he was working me over so intensely - he was also holding on to my cock at the same time and I took over and started stroking myself and he stopped me, which drove me crazy, too, and he put me on my back again and went after my cock and I fucking exploded into his mouth, slamming into his mouth as hard as I could lift my hips up and it went on and on and I was saying all kinds of nonsense. When he stopped, all I could do was hold on to him and stroke his hair and he moved up towards my face and smiled at me and kissed me softly and I put my arms around him and he lay on my chest for a few minutes and we were silent but content.

We sat up and he said 'How was that, Rusty?' and smiled and I put my head back and said 'that was the greatest and you're so hot!' and he liked that and we sort of sat up next to each other and caught our breath. He asked me if I wanted a drink and I nodded. I watched him walk out of the bedroom to get our drinks and he had the cutest, roundest, sexiest ass and I couldn't wait to get at it.

He came back in and said 'Were you looking at my ass when I walked out?' and smiled.

'I was staring at its magnificence and starting to salivate.' He grinned at me and turned around so I could see it again and turned his head back so he could look at me looking at him and he was clearly enjoying the attention.

He brought over the drinks and I said 'After I finish this drink I think I'll need to get a closer look at that behind of yours. He laughed and said, 'I really didn't get a good hard look at yours but I can see from here that it is spectacular.'

We finished our drinks and started kissing again and I whispered, 'can I fuck you?' and he laughed and said 'sure, as long as I can fuck you, too!' and I said 'I hoped you would.'

He got out some condoms from his bedside table and some lube and we resume kissing and holding each other and kissing more and more and I definitely was starting to get hard again already and I told him to get up on his knees so I could get at his sexy ass and he did and I squeezed it and bit him and he laughed and then I started in on him, licking him and sticking my tongue inside him and he was moaning and he started stroking himself and I kept at it, plunging my tongue in him as far as I could go and he was starting to get pretty worked up. I was already pretty hard so I grabbed a condom and put it on and lubed up and put some lube on my fingers and started playing with his ass that way and he was enjoying that, his head tipped up in the air and he was moaning and saying under his breath 'fuck oh god oh that's nice oh rusty don't stop shit' and I had three fingers inside him and then I said 'how do you want it?' and he said 'go in all at once as far as you can' and I slid my cock inside him all at once like he wanted and he let out a huge groan when I was all the way in and I started thrusting into him kind of slowly and easily and he was clenching his jaw and I started stroking his hair while I was fucking him and I think he dug that a lot. I went on like for a while and then pulled out and said 'get on your back.'

I kneeled between him and grabbed his legs and went into him again, this time I was able to look at his incredibly sexy face and hair and his eyes were a little watery but he was smiling at me and he held out his arms and I fell into them while thrusting into him and he reached between us to grab his own cock and continued to stroke himself. I paused while I was inside him to reach down and kiss him a few times and he put both his hands on my face and looked at me tenderly with his big green eyes and gave me just a hint of a smile.

I sat back up and he was moaning again as I held his legs and really fucked him a lot harder. He then looked at me briefly and said 'ohhhh fuckin' a' and he came, shooting his load all over himself and a little on his own face and I watched him and his face while he was coming and he was so sexy and gorgeous and had the most intense look of pleasure on his face it made me thrust into him harder about three or four times and then I came really hard, fucking him more and then I finished and sat there still inside him.

'Wow,' he said. 'That was so nice,' and I pulled out and took off the condom and got up to throw it away in the bathroom and went back with a towel I found and he cleaned up and invited me to lay next to him.

'Do you think I could see you tomorrow night and finish what we started and start again on something else?' He had

his hand on my face.

'I'd love to! I guess we both need to get up for work, huh. I should get going.' I started looking around for my shorts.

'No - wait,' he said. 'Won't you spend the night?'

'Oh, sure,' I said. 'I wasn't sure if that was part of our date and I didn't want to assume...'

'Please come lay with me and hold me - my alarm goes off at 6:30 - does that give you enough time to go home and change?'

'Yes - as long as I could have a chance to shower with you,' and I squeezed him closer to me.

'I'd love that,' he replied.


'What is it, Ryan?'

'Are we on for tomorrow night?'

'You bet we are...let me take you out on a date before we end up here, okay?'

He kissed me over and over. I spooned him and held him really close to me and he kissed my hand and squeezed him and he shut out off the lamp.

We lay there, breathing, laying still for awhile but I wasn't sleepy.



'You are fucking awesome - how come I didn't meet you earlier than yesterday?'

'I was thinking the same thing - where have you been hiding? I think you are really special.'

He kissed my hand again and said 'tell me about your family and where you're from.'

'I grew up here and my mother lives in Orange County now. I have two half sisters, one is 30, the other is 20. Neither have kids or are married. We're pretty close and go see our mom every week or so. Actually had a shitty childhood, which I won't tell you about right now. Went to school and had to be on my own and pay for myself so I ended up working for the postal service and just ended up staying there for fifteen years now. It's crazy, but I really love it.'

'That's nice. It's not crazy - you have to like what you do or you'll go nuts.'

'What about you, Ryan?'

'I was raised in Baltimore, mostly, and went to college and grad school out here. My parents are still out there but are divorced. My father still refuses to believe that I'm gay after all this time. We don't talk much. I have two younger brothers and a younger sister. One brother lives here in LA - I see him pretty frequently. My other brother turned out to be a freak and 'prays' for me that I'll see the light and not be gay anymore, nice, huh? He lives in Maryland still. My sister is kind of a mess with drugs right now and is living in San Diego. I talk to her a lot but try not to see her. '

'That's have a BFA and an MFA, right?'


'So does Steve. He paints some extraordinary stuff but hasn't done it much lately.'

'I'd love to check it out - I did photography and I've been lame lately about doing anything. Maybe I can get inspired and take pictures of you.'

'I'm all yours.'

'What are you doing this weekend?'

'I have no plans - my ex is moving out - although he didn't own anything beyond his music, books and clothes. I'm going to try to not be there much.'

'Was it a bad breakup?'

'Well, no - we just moved too fast and he wouldn't give up his affair I told you about. In fact, the guy is visiting next week and you'll likely see him.'

'I was trying to think about who it might be but I don't know the San Francisco music scene very well.'

'Well, he's bigger than that - in fact it's someone you and I both like a lot.'

He was silent for a minute.


'Dan Peril.'

'No shit?'

'Yeah - long story I'll tell you sometime. Did you have plans for the weekend?'

'I hope I have plans with you,' he said.

'I'll do whatever you want to do - I think I'll be pretty happy to hang out with you wherever and whenever.'

'Me, too.'



'Good night, sweetheart - I'm so glad we met. I think you are pretty special.'

'Good night, Rusty - I feel the same way. Having you next to me here holding me is so great. I feel so warm and safe in your arms.'



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