Rusty and Darrel - Hayes and Octavia st. San Francisco

I'm Jack. 230 pounds and 6 foot 2 of Irish/Polish hybrid. Luck of the genes of both cultures, built solid and thick, pale Irish skin with black hair and green eyes. 7.5 inches of cock with a bulbous baseball bat shape with big nuts. Big square Irish pecs and biceps and big polish ass and big thighs. Built in paranoia about being a fat old man keeps me working out a lot...that and a bit of fat on the middle. These genes can't last forever but I am gonna try my best. Lots of exercise  = lots of desire all the time. My problem ? Thickness Addiction.

Ray. Former football player and Black Panther. 55 years young and so seasoned and hot in bed that he had a rotation of men. I could only get to him every 3 months or so, but that dick was so wide and long that it was worth the wait, solid thick from base to tip, much wider than a beer can 10 incher. Except this time he refused and gave me a puppy to break in. A man puppy. I didn't want to break in a newly gay man. But he told me if I did I would have access to so many thick men with thick cocks I would never want for more. Quite a statement. Interesting.

Rusty. I was to break him in for Ray. I guess Ray thought my dick was thick enough for a starter dick and I had dildos the size of Ray. While waiting for Rusty to show up I met some other men I knew at the park on Hayes and Octavia. Maybe I was pouting a bit having waited for Ray all that time and not getting pumped by him, but one of the men told me I was doing community service by breaking in Rusty. That I was to instill in him my values of good sex behavior, to love men right and hope for a big cock experience but treat men well even if they are average sized. Well, I did firmly believe in that so I rose to the challenge.

Rusty had made a video that was quite popular. One where he pulled sweats down slowly to let his really hard dick pop up and then kept jacking it for a girl named Nancy. His dick was a nice looking 5 incher that had a good amount of jizz at the end. I, like many men watched and thought that guy would make a great bottom. But chasing straight men is a bore because they just lay there during sex, and seem to only want good head. Now here was one pursuing men. He arrived and I won't bore you with the hey bro frat boy stuff, but that would have to go. He had a military hair cut so short but I suspected that he was going bald and might always have the shaved head look. 6 feet tall with solid muscles all over, thick waisted, thick hips, square pecs and amazingly everything was so hard. Kind of a puppy bull dog with a sweet smile. All short clipped body hair which usually is a turn off for me, but it worked on him. I asked his background and he said mutt, but probably Amish which meant mostly Dutch by the look of him. My impression was that this man, who was 25, was solid testosterone and controlled by it completely. The early balding, the rock hard muscles and the frequently rock hard dick all said it all to me. No wonder he was going gay, only men could satisfy his need.

The training month went by quickly but I have to admit the man wore me out. Fucking his ass three times a night sounds fun, but sometimes I need a day off. An avid natural body builder he considered everything a challenge and was an overachiever. He taught me quite a bit about my own gym routine and shared my fear of being a grossly overweight old man. He was the first man to admit this to me, the first to say yes he had relatives with terrible health issues due to obesity. It was then I felt true friendship for him. He was built for sex, and he loved it. Of course, the magic button in his ass helped quite a bit. He loved the dildos the size of Ray so I knew we were all set.

Darrel. I though maybe we could finish up with a real man instead of all these dildos. Plus I hadn't had any dick in my ass for a month and I kept dreaming of being fucked while fucking Rusty; one of my favorite positions ! Darrel was a gentle giant with a cock that was almost too long for me at 11 inches, only because the head was smaller than I like, but his base was wide. He was 6 foot 4 and built like a tank and the perfect blend of American black and black Puerto Rican. Also I wanted him because he had those Latin pecs with the prominent nipples, like perfect Hersey's kisses on top of big wide fleshy round big as a mountain pecs. He was from a upper middle class family that had some hard issues because of his health as a child. It left him shy and with a stomach scar that I never saw because he always wore a thin strap tank top during sex. You could nurse his pecs forever and stroke that dick, but don't try touch that stomach area. I always wanted to take care of him because clearly he had some Daddy issues.

Rusty knew the parameters and took to pec worship perfectly. Sharing sucking of Darrel's dick and large balls was great also, and meeting his lips and tongue with the taste of cock was so good. Darrel went down on Rusty and went between rimming him and sucking his hard cock. Rusty loved it and came quicker than usual which surprised me. Then I realized something special was happening. Rusty sat ever so slowly on Darrel's big cock while looking deep into his eyes. I knew what he was feeling in his ass but not in his eyes. I greedily wished I was sitting on Darrel, but I knew that was my ass talking to my brain. They fucked slowly and with such passion and I knew that Rusty could do squats on that dick for a long time. Then they started to talk. You are so solid, you are so good at this, I can make you solid - that kind of thing. I was surprised that Rusty had the nerve to say he could make Darrel more solid. I liked his fleshy muscles. The push and pull of Rusty's hole was mesmerizing to me and I went in for a closer look. So beautiful the human body and what it can do. As I said before, Rusty was built for sex. The scent of sweat and the sounds of groaning and gasping wet all I could concentrate on and the pulse and throb seemed to permeate the room. So amazing and hot that I missed the conversation which was turning to the scar issue. I popped my head up because I thought this would spoil everything.

Rusty was leaning back with one hand squeezing Darrel's chest and the other hand on his own cock rubbing it back and forth on Darrel's stomach. Rusty was asking permission to put his cock under the shirt and rub it on the scar saying it turned him on. Well I thought Darrel would protest but he let him put his rock hard sweet dick under the shirt and started fucking him harder and faster. Rusty hugged him and started blowing hot breath into his ear talking softly. When he said he would probably come all over the scar that set Darrel into orbit and came hard and long into Rusty's ass. It was beautiful and kind and hot all at once. And I had an itch in my ass for cock like crazy, but officially I was happy to have witnessed this great sex.

Rusty was meant for men, and his bro frat boy stuff melted into an understanding of masculine men that was perfect. I am not sure if Ray would ever get to fuck him now that he had Darrel, but I had done my part. I guess I should have not set up that threesome but who knows when love will strike.

I wonder what my reward would be....


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