Runaway Hunk

by Faerynail

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Before we even entered my apartment, we had started the kissing montage on the front porch. It was fiery and passionate. I opened the door without bothering to look, and he closed it behind me. By the time the door slammed shut, I was all over him. My hands had found their way into his shirt, and they were gliding over his hairy flat belly and those hard bumpy abs.

He had his hands in my hair, wildly caressing it while our tongues wrestled intimately between us. The slurpy sounds of our lips together elevated the arousal. He didn't bother taking me to the bedroom. He pinned me on the wall and started stripping my shirt off. My average build was exposed, albeit I had no abs whatsoever. I was just as hairy, although not a lot to be called a bear.

Next were my pants. Without stopping the neck kisses, he unbuckled my belt and pulled down my pants together with my boxers. My hard cock flew free at once, standing tall at six inches. It behaved like it was liberated, but that was simply not enough. I was practically leaking by now.

He knelt down before me and I found myself seeing stars dance before my sight, as his warm mouth swallowed me whole. He was a pro at this. I whispered his name, rather I moaned his name, and it came out as a whisper because I was breathless; literally.

With every swallow, my body shivered with pure ecstasy. He cupped my balls in his huge hand and began fondling with them as he feasted on my rod. I found my hips in sync with the rhythmic dance of his head on my cock.He was enjoying this just as much as I was. I clawed at the wall behind me with my fingers scratching at the dry paint as he picked up his pace.

 Finally, I felt my testes clench and I knew I was yet to release. He must've sensed it since he increased his take on my cock and a wave of euphoria enveloped my body. I felt my cum make its way through the urethra into his mouth. He never stopped until every single drop was swallowed and he licked my tip dry of cum.

I thought that was the end until he stood up and turned me around so that I faced the wall this time,and my hands supported me or tried too.

I felt his callused hand spread my arse cheeks, exposing my puckering hole. I didn't get anytime to relax as I felt something wet and subtly scratchy brush against my anus.

A very strong wave of ecstasy; stronger than before, engulfed me and before I knew it, I was hard again. This time I couldn't stifle the loud moan that escaped my lips. He was using his tongue in the most elusive way. I felt his tongue swirl around my entrance, then I could feel him try to make it enter further into my arse. While taking turns kissing both my butt cheeks and giving each cheek the desired amount of time. He was really having the time of his life eating my manhole.

Then he stopped, stood up and turned me over. He deeply kissed me and he had his hand around my waist to support me. I was weak in my knees because of the release earlier. He closed in to deepen the kiss further and I felt something poke at the skin below my belly button.

I used my hand to feel it only to find that his own cock was pushing through his tight pants he'd put on that evening. I reached over to unzip them but he stopped me, shook his head and stepped back. I was disappointed that maybe this was all I was getting but, apparently, he said that since I had arranged the dinner, he was responsible for dessert. I blushed, and he chuckled at my coloured cheeks.

He unzipped his own trousers and his cock came flying out. My! was he endowed. He was cut and was about (7.5) inches with a thick head. My own cock jumped up and down excited at what was happening next.

He didn't bother to undress his shirt, he pulled down his pants and tossed them aside. I was wondering what was going to happen next, when I felt one of my legs being lifted up and opening my arsehole to one side. He then spit in his hand using his other hand, lubed his own cock and I found his cock fighting it's way into me.

This position was so new to me, just as sex was a new thing to me at that moment. Sure, I had flings, but all I ever did was give a blow job and that was it. I was considered lousy at them too.

It was also a bit tricky to have him enter me, so he had to lift my leg a bit higher than usual. He was doing it all as gently as possible. I felt him enter me, but since his tip was thicker, I had to bear with twice the pain as I felt myself being stretched. He would occasionally guide me by telling me to relax and take some gulps of air. I finally took him whole and that's when it got even better.

He lifted my other leg and I found myself with my back against the wall, my legs spread wide apart with his strong arms supporting them on either side. His cock was now buried deep in me with no resistance at all. It was a tight fit.

As gently as possible, he started thrusting in and out of me at a steady pace. He would slow down, making it intimate as he attacked my eager lips with vigor. His lips would then find the nape of my neck and I would be forced to lean back my head, close my eyes and have it all sink in.

 I put my hands around his neck and he looked into my eyes. His brown eyes bore into mine just as his cock bored deep into my body. His breath was rugged and beastly now.

Before I knew it, my cock spewed more thicker ropes of hot cum all over us. It was like a dam had been opened inside of me. It was wet and sticky. He smiled at what he'd done. Just then, he increased the intensity of his thrusts. By now I heard him breathing quicker and I knew he was out to release. He buried his face in-between my shoulder blades and neck as he let out a guttural sound of release. I could feel his own cum filling me. Painting my anal walls with his love and passion. It was hot and the friction made my walls warmer than usual.

He continued to convulse with every thrust as he released the last drops into me. With every last thrust my body would be forced to jerk up and come down, perfectly sitting on his cock. I was powerless and exhausted now.We stood there silently and he didn't let go of me. He didn't even pull out. Just the two of us breathing heavily; the only sound that filled the room.

I don't know how long it was but he eventually pulled out and along followed his cum, oozing steadily from my arsehole. He whispered the 'L' to me and I was the happiest man alive.

We decided to go and take a shower. Taking turns since he didn't trust himself around me and I was still tired from my last encounter. After taking my shower, I found him behind the shower curtain. He offered to dry me off and he carried me into bed. I guess he'd noticed that I was a bit dizzy and fatigued.

I was hazy and sleepy but I was really happy to have found someone as great as him. Then he also took his shower.

By the time he was done, I was drifting off to sleep, and could barely understand what was going on. But I heard him kiss my cheek and told me something I couldn't quite make out. 

' Maybe I'll ask him in the morning.' I thought to myself, unbeknownst that this was the last time I'd be seeing Connor.

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