I live in a low rent apartment in a seedy part of town. I've been friends

with a single mother who lives across the hall for a long time. I go over

there when I wake up and she makes me coffee. Usually while we were having

our coffee, her son Charlie would walk in, half asleep. When I first met

him, Charlie was 17. Now he's 19, blond, and a still smooth body. He

always walks around in boxers, so I always have the opportunity to look him

over. The last few times he came out of his bedroom, he had a major hardon,

which looked like it was standing straight up, and I was guessing to be

about seven inches. He looked so hot, I had to excuse myself, go back to

my apartment and jerk off imagining him.

Charlie's mom was worried that he didn't have a man in his life, and was

always asking me to spend some time with Charlie. I told her I was planning

to go camping during a three day weekend, and she begged me to take

Charlie. I pointed out that Charlie might not want to go, but Charlie said

he would like it, so I agreed that we would go that weekend. It was a cold

fall weekend. We left early in the morning and drove a few hours to the

woods where I liked to camp. I had borrowed my friend's pop up camper,

which had to have been designed for summer camping, because it was freezing


We collected wood and made a fire. Charlie enjoyed the fire, and outside

cooking, but he did look cold. When it was time to go to bed I explained

about how to conserve body heat, and told him we were going to have to zip

our sleeping bags together to keep warm. He said that was fine. I

stripped down to my underwear and got in the sleeping bag. He watched me

and asked why I was sleeping in my underwear. I explained that if you sleep

in your clothes, you sweat in them, and you will freeze in the morning when

you get up. I said normally when I go camping I sleep nude in my sleeping

bag, but didn't want to make him uncomfortable. He nodded understanding and

stripped down to his boxers and got in the sleeping bag. His teeth were

chattering and he was shivering when he got in the sleeping bag, so I

wrapped my arms around him until he stopped shivering. I pointed out to him

how well this works, and he agreed. He said he guessed it worked as long as

you were bundled with someone you didn't mind rubbing up against. I agreed

and said there aren't many guys who's bodies Id want rubbing against mine.

Charlie got quiet, then he asked if I minded his body against mine. I told

him I really liked feeling him against me, and he said he liked it too. I

asked what he liked about it, and he said he always felt close to me and he

liked the feel of my hairy chest against him.

He asked what I liked about feeling him agaisnt me, and I told him I always

felt close to him, and I like feeling his smoothness, but things could get

embarrassing. He asked what was embarrassing. I said when I feel someone's

bare body against mine, it makes my cock get hard. He laughed and said he

gets hard all the time. I said I know, I've seen him when he wakes up and

comes out in his boxers. He started to get embarrassed, and I told him not

to feel bad. Judging from the size of the bulge in his boxers, his cock is

bigger than mine. We were already feeling each other's chests and legs, so

I reached around him and felt the head of his hard cock pressing against

his boxers. Charlie moaned and slid my hand inside his boxers and felt his

bush and wrapped my hand around his hard thick shaft. As I stroked

Charlie's cock, I said if I could play with his cock, he could play with

mine. We slid off our boxers and threw them out of the sleeping bag.

Charlie got on top of me and I spread my legs so his cock rested against

mine. I wrapped my legs around him and hugged him as he pressed his cock

into mine. He said he loved feeling so close to me. I told him I loved it

too. He asked if I minded our cocks rubbing together. I told him I wanted

to feel his cock for a long time now. He asked if I still wanted to play

with his cock. I told him I did. He said if he could play with me, I

could play with him. I told him we could do anything he wanted to try. He

asked if I was serious, and I told him I was.

We were now laying side by side facing each other, stroking each other's

cocks. I asked Charlie if he really wanted to play with my cock or was just

playing with mine because I was playing with his. He told me he had wanted

to be naked with me for a long time, and jerked off thinking about it. I

asked if he wanted to play now,and he said yes.

I unzipped the sleeping bag and turned on the overhead light. I got between

his legs and held his cock. It was seven and a half inches and surrounded by

a blond bush. I licked the bulging leaking head of his cock. It tasted like

stale cum from previous orgasms. He purred as i sucked him, moving up and

down his thick shaft. I asked if he liked what I was doing. He said if I

don't stop, he was going to cum. I said I wanted to eat his cum. He

started thrusting into my mouth as I sucked him and felt his big smooth

balls. I felt the underside of his cock throbbing and his cum filling my

mouth. I opened my mouth so he could see his cum and then I swallowed it.

He told me how good it felt and that he wanted to do the same to me. He

moved down between my legs and held my five inch cock and started licking

it, and then sucked me. I watched as he moved up and down my shaft and ran

his hands over my hairy body. He played with my balls and tickled my ass

and I started shooting in his mouth. He swallowed it and lay next to me.

He said that since we swapped cum, it was like we were blood brothers now. I

asked what that meant, and he said it was like we were family now, and we

could share our bodies with each other whenever we were horny. I asked if

he was sure that was what he wanted, and he held me tight and said he never

felt so close to a guy. I told him I loved being close to him and hoped we

could be even closer. Charlie asked how we could be closer. I told him

since his cock was a lot bigger than mine, we could be closer if he fucked

me and cummed deep in my ass. His eyes got big and he asked if I'd really

let him fuck me. I said there is no way for two guys to be closer, and I

would love to feel that close to him. I lay on my back and spread my legs.

He got between my legs. His cock was hard. I told him to press it against

my hole. I pushed out and told him to push in. I felt his thick shaft

slide inside me, as we both moaned. He started thrusting in and out of me.

I shook with excitement. Charlie thrust in me for about ten minutes before

shooting his load deep inside me. He collapsed on top of me with his cock

still inside me. I asked if he felt closer to me, and he told me he felt

like we belonged to each other. When his cock got soft and flopped out, I

sucked him clean. He sucked me again and ate my cum. We fell asleep. I

woke up at 3am and found Charlie sucking my cock. I moved into a 69

position and sucked him as well. I was glad he was as into me as i was into


In the morning, I asked Charlie to fuck me again, and it felt better than

the first time. We got dressed, broke camp and drove back home. Charlie

told him mom we had a great time and she thanked me. Charlie's mom worked

second shift, so he started coming over my place after school where we

expressed our closeness for hours.

As Charlie got older, he got hairier and his cock got thicker. Once he

started fucking me, he grew in confidence. He told me that by fucking me, He fall deeply in love with me and wants to stay with me .Both of us ran far far away leaving his mother behind alone! Horray.



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